US Military to Carry Their SIG P320 (XM17) Pistols in Safariland Holsters

The military will use the Safariland 7TS holster for its new XM17 and XM18 pistols.

courtesy Fox News and Safariland

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If you consider yourself a gun guy or girl at all, you’re already well aware that the US Army will be trading out their Beretta M9 handguns for modular SIG Sauer P320’s. Or, as the military will call them, the XM17 (full-size) and XM18 (compact version). But how will our men and women in uniform carry their new sidearms?

They’ll be using a military version of Safariland’s 7TS rig. As Fox News reports,

The Safariland 7TS holsters are lightweight, but rugged. Made from called DuPont nylon blend called SafariSeven, they can even perform in ultra-challenging environments, ranging from the Arctic to the desert. The holsters withstand extreme cold down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit and extreme heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and still perform.

Rain, snow or fog? Not a problem. These holsters can be submerged in water for weeks and will still perform.

The military will use the Safariland 7TS holster for its new XM17 and XM18 pistols.

As for retention . . .

When a shooter holsters the XM17 in the 7TS, the pistol is secured with Safariland’s Self-Locking System (SLS) and the ALS Automatic Locking System (ALS)

Providing enhanced safety, the design incorporates this dual locking system: both the ALS and SLS locking systems.

When a shooter unholsters the XM17, both locking systems can be released quickly with a single motion of the thumb of the firing hand.

When a shooter reholsters, the ALS locking lever helps to ensure the XM17 is secured. The lever automatically engages.

The XM17 is kept firmly in the 7TS holster with the thumb break locking lever. This also helps prevent snatching.

Read the whole thing.


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  1. avatar Gman says:

    I use the Model 578 GLS for my TP9SF Elite. I love the adjustability for tightness and the release lever is very natural. It also fits all my Caniks and full size Glocks with minor adjustment.

  2. avatar WadeJ says:

    It appears that most news outlets including Fox News are reporting that the XM17 and XM18 pistols are reaching the first Army units. However, they have missed that the ‘X’ stands for eXperimental and only used for the pistols during acceptance testing. Once qualified and accepted for production, the X is dropped. So the fielded pistols are models M17 and M18. The same nomenclature is used for planes.

  3. avatar Joe R. says:

    I like the Safariland holsters ALS models, not sure how the new-ish system is better, but I hope, for the “good guys” it is. The ALS holsters will make you feel like a gun-fighter with how easily you can draw from it, you can beat most other brands off the line, or in a draw down. Again, hope the new system is as good to better. Our Uncle always tries to get us some good kit.

  4. avatar anonymoose says:

    Saw this story on TFB over a week ago. This is not the final design. They’re supposed to get holsters that have space for a light/laser.

  5. avatar SurfGW says:

    Don’t hold your breath for military SIGS. Both the Marines and the Army have recent orders for the Glock 19M:
    The above is from 2nd MarDiv

    Gunner Wade (Marine Gunner in charge of weapons development) states that he is working on a new requirement for Glock 19M:

    1. avatar Ton E says:

      The 2nd Division requested 19Ms for a coming deployment doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get them HMX one and Marine Corps CID did get a hold of 19Ms by piggybacking off the FBIs most recent handgun contract. The Marine Corps Times article clearly speaks of the USMC evaluating the M18 for duty use.

    2. avatar Ton E says:

      Citing the MCT article you posted the link to

      “The Marine Corps Combat Development Command has previously stated that it will partner with the Army to purchase and field the XM18, a compact version of the XM17.”

      1. avatar George says:

        Follow the money: USMC is evaluating the XM18 for future use but currently has an indefinite number contract to buy Glock19Ms (from which it bought Glocks for CID, MARSOC, and some deployments). No commander can buy SIGs, but they can buy Glocks if they need pistols for deployment. With all of those brand new Glocks in holsters, it will be a long to me before those Glocks wear out to be replaced by SIGs.

        1. avatar Ton E says:

          Look at the quantities all the Glock DOD contracts weren’t competitive contracts. For a contract large enough to replace all the M9 in the USMC that likely wouldn’t be legal.

          The M17 contract was a fully competitive contract which means that there probably would be no issue for the USMC to purchase pistols off that contract. Similar to how other Federal agencies can purchase guns off of the ATF or FBI contracts. The official USMC stance is they will end up with the M18 as their standard issue handgun.

  6. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Wouldn’t it just have been easier to give our US military folks something better…Like a Ruger P345, or a Glock 20 in .45 acp !?!? Or even a sig-sauer P220 in the same….?

    1. avatar anonymoose says:


  7. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    .. Who cares about satisfying NATO utility in equipment. We’re Americans, NOT Europeans! …and we all know 9mm hardball is pathetic in terms of stopping power…As compared to a .45 acp…and that would by visual assessment from the actual gunfights…Who dropped first, in how many shots fired…… .45acp wins in acp in hardball, jhp, and in limited magazine arrangements! Long live the .45 acp, American history!

    1. avatar ai338 says:

      Good thing the new game time ammo is a jhp then. It’s only 1/10 of an inch smaller when expanded. For 50% more ammo, less cost, less recoil, less weight.

    2. avatar Jack Gordon says:

      Myths die harder than jihadis. The 9mm Luger has proven itself to be far more flexible than other cartridges time and again. Other than a lightweight S&W .38, I have nothing else in my possession but pistols chambered for this dependable round and won’t because it makes no economic or practical sense to do so.

      1. avatar raptor jesus says:

        .45s are fun to shoot.

        1911s are fun to own.

  8. avatar kim jon hung says:

    I don’t think I feel safe with all these young kids running around with military grade weapons and such poor retention systems that can easily be defeated with just a finger or thumb.

    1. avatar wyantry says:

      Well Kim, if you wish to troll here to get a comment, you have succeeded.

      You do not “feel safe” with a holster that has, essentially, Level II safety retention capability? What WOULD you feel safe with, a key-locked metal safe to be lugged around?

      I really doubt you will ever be in a deployment where you might have to “worry” about someone else with a secure sidearm holster.

      1. avatar Kim Jon SR (north korea dummy) says:

        Well, I thought it was funny…

  9. avatar ghostdirewolf says:

    Am I seriously the only one that noticed that the picture is a Glock?

    1. avatar bob says:

      The article is about the type of holster, probably too early to have a lot of stock photos of Sigs in those holsters.

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