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First off, I like that Brazil’s new president (their version of Donald Trump!) has worked to liberalize that nation’s laws on civilian ownership and carry.  It’s about time.  After all, Mexican-style gun control leads not to a violence-free utopia, but instead a complete slaughter.

And today, from Vinicius, a “logistics technician” in Brazil, we have something titled “Urban Survival.

Nice.  Nice.  Nice.

He builds on a GLOCK 25.  Yes, a G25.  Not a typo.  .380 Auto caliber.  (Do want!)  With two spare mags of unknown capacity, but obviously he’s got his share of love to share with bad boys.  And a spare gun too!

The Beretta 950 .25 Auto (do not want).  With a spare mag for that.  Jesus.  Is this guy a one-man squad?

With a pair of hand-made (allegedly) holsters.  I write allegedly because those look like very high-quality and marginally complex kydex rigs to make in one’s garage (or kitchen).

Throw in a made in China S&W blade, a better LED Lenser light and a Leatherman multitool, he’s got what he needs.

Well, except for the wallet, phone and keys.






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  1. In Brazil it is illegal for citizens to own military caliber pistols, hence the G25 380 and Beretta 25.
    Take it from there choir boys.

    • There have been militaries that adopted .380 (aka 9mm Browning or 9mm short/corto/Kurz), such as the Italian military, which issued a .380 Beretta to officers during WW2. I guess it depends on how the relevant law defines “military calibers.”

      That being said, if I ever wanted an ultra-compact back up pistol, I’d get the Beretta .32 Tomcat.

    • BREAKING NEWS: Not anymore. Now the “regular” citizen is able to buy a .40, a .45, a .357 usw after passing all the so-called “probations = exams (psichological, background & handling/firing accordingly.

  2. I guess .380 ACP and .25 ACP were martial calibers in Europe, but I didn’t know they were banned in Brazil. Although, not a suprise. Welcome to 38 Super and 22 LR.

  3. A straight blowback Glock? Never knew that such a critter existed (until now).

    As far as .25’s go, one could do worse than a 950, IMHO.

    Interesting that he has no Taurus products in his EDC.

      • John Boch,

        Anything is better than nothing. I’d never use a .25 ACP “mousegun” as my primary if I had a better choice available, but as a backup it’s a good bet. Don’t know why you hate on it so much.

    • I’m not sure how you would classify the G25, maybe ‘sorta delayed blowback’. It uses a standard Glock barrel, except it doesn’t have a 90 degree locking shoulder where it locks into the top of the ejection port. Instead it has a sharply angled ramp. So the barrel still tilts when it unlocks, but the ramp allows a gun (G19) originally designed to fire 9mm to function with .380. The G26 sized .380 they offer (G28) works the same way. If you look on the Glock .EU website you can look at a 3D view of the gun. Rotate the picture so you can look at the top of the slide.

      Usually when these guns are brought up people complain of Glocks LE only sales policy regarding these like it’s some conspiracy to keep a wonder weapon out of the hands of us proles. In reality no one other than collectors would buy them. Why buy a G19 or a G26 in .380 when you can have one in 9mm?

      I’m not that familiar with foreign gun laws. I’ve always been surprised they don’t just chamber these for 9×21 which some makers like Beretta do for European countries that outlaw military calibers for civilians.

      • It’s not just a lack of market demand that’s keeping the .380 Glocks out of Americans’ safes and holsters. The ATF’s pistol import laws have a kind of rubric, or scoring. A pistol has to score a certain number of points to be allowed for import, and one of those things is caliber size. 9mm and up gets points, whereas .380 and down does not. Weight is also a scorable area, the heavier the gun the more points it gets. I even believe that barrel length is a factor. Glocks being made of plastic are already at a disadvantage due to their reduced weight. Putting one in .380 cuts it’s score so low that it cannot be legally imported, even with the bonus points from a textured “target” trigger.

        The above is rendered null & void with the opening of Glock’s Smyrna, Georgia production facility, though I imagine that place’s production is at capacity with the G42, G43, G19X, G45, G48, etc…

    • Apparently Brazil has recently loosened their restrictions on importing firearms as well as other gun laws. I have a feeling Taurus isn’t happy about it.

  4. Have to wonder how he caries the 4 mags, flashlight, multitool, wallet, phone and keys. Maybe Batman utility belt or purse pants.

  5. Those are very well made holsters but they certainly are molded from an actual pistol and not a blue gun. The clips etc are easily available online (at least here in the U.S.) I’ve made several myself and while most of mine are not as well finished I think that says more about me than anything… 🙂

    I use an old toaster oven to heat the kydex and some memory foam from an old camp mat to press it. Originally, I had a fancy hinged press, but i found it easier to fold the kydex around the gun and then fold the foam around the kydex and press down for 30 seconds or so. Then I would run some tap water over it to set the kydex once molded.

  6. That’s pretty much the same as my EDC, (Glock 29 10mm and an SCCY 9mm) I carry the Glock IWB either appendix or back or in a shoulder rig when out on the motorcycle, the SCCY rides inside my left ankle with an extra mag for each (10 rounds for the 9mm and 16 for the Glock) along with a 3 1/2 inch lockblade in my pocket. No multi-tool on person but I keep one on both motorcycles and in all cars and trucks, flashlight as necessary… My holsters are all store bought…….

    • You sound ready for a ballistic party…

      Then again, I carry 53 rounds and two guns as well. But not a fearsome 10mm. That’s a lot of f****** gun.

      • I used to carry a 357 or a 45 depending on how lucky I felt that day, but the G29 is the best of both worlds, car killer capable with 16 + 1 capacity (w/G20 mags and extended floor plates) I figure too much gun for some pansy ass Govt agent snowflakes would be just right for me… 225 grain hard cast lead or 185 grain hollow points it suits me just fine and dead on accurate at 0 to 50+ yards.. So yeah 33 rounds for the Glock and 21 for the SCCY and more available in whatever I am driving or riding at the time with several different types and sizes of blades and a long gun in the car/truck…. It’s a whole different world today than it was when I was a kid…..

  7. Strangely I too have an affinity for that Glock 25. The double stack 380 doesn’t really fit a niche for me but I want one anyway.

  8. My daughters company sent her to Argentina some years back. Most folks there had a gun even though most couldn’t by law. There was quite a black market in everything from hand guns to military grade weapons.

    People will not be helpless. It just doesn’t happen.

    • No government should ever be endowed with the authority to deny any human being the God given right to their own self defense method of choice….

  9. Some time back I did some research on Brazil’s gun laws. From what I remember you could only have a maximum of six guns. Reloading equipment outlawed, the ONLY centerfire rifle permitted was a 1873 Winchester in 44-40 because the farmers all used that caliber and they needed it to protect the farm animals from predators. Next thing to Hell on Earth to a gun enthusiast.

    • One more thing, the maximum size caliber you could own was either .38 special or .380 auto. So no .357, .44 special or 9mm P let alone any big gun caliber.

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