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An email blast from Unique-ARs:

If you’ve ever designed a custom handguard from us, you more than likely worked with our designer, Rich. He’s a huge part of our team, and our family here at Unique.

Rich has been with Unique-ARs since the beginning of 2015 working as the head designer. He has been responsible for much of the new product development, roughly 3,000 custom handguard designs, and 27,000 email correspondences.

A few months back, Rich started to feel ill and originally attributed it to food allergies. After weeding out different foods, he was still in pain. Rich endured many tests and doctor visits to finally receive the shocking diagnosis – stage 4 cancer.

Richard is the ultimate “I can take care of it myself” kind of guy, but has acknowledged that the upcoming hospital bills are beyond his means. He is on the precipice of 3 months of chemotherapy followed by liver surgery, 6 weeks of radiation, colon surgery, and another round of chemo. Treatment will take place at MSTI in Boise which is over 100 miles away from his beloved home of McCall, Idaho.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe for Rich – any contributions will be used for medical expenses, travel and lodging.

Even with his diagnosis, Rich is still an active, strong and good-humored member of our community.

Richard, or as the local kids call him “Coach Rich”, is otherwise the figure of good health. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and playing every sport out there. He helps run the local “Old Man” basketball league and is an assistant basketball coach at McCall-Donnelly High School. We are asking for your support to help get Richard back on his feet, and back out to the community that he loves.

Any outreach, well wishes, or new design ideas can be sent to [email protected].


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  1. Had a unique AR hand guard with a cool spider and web design. Total gun magic machined perfectly.

    Support your local artisans!

  2. As someone who has seen first hand, through my mother in law, what these ‘treatments’ actually do TO (not for) you and the utterly staggering costs associated with them, I for one will be telling the Drs. to let it ‘run it’s course’s when it comes my way (we’re all gonna get SOME form of cancer, right?). Any extra time they MAY give you is complete, utter and agonizing misery.

    The medical professional advertises all the time about ‘beating’ cancer but the truth is we’re losing BADLY to it. For every one they fine a REASONABLE treatment for (chemo is a crude and barbaric treatment on par with drilling holes in ones head for a migraine) 10 new types pop up.

    • Maybe, maybe not. The concept of chemo is crude but the modern implementations can be amazing. Someone close to me has stage 4 cancer and chemo has improved their quality of life by a literally incredible amount.

  3. ” Treatment will take place at MSTI in Boise which is over 100 miles away from his beloved home of McCall, Idaho.”

    Contact ‘Angel Flight’ and see if they can assist with transportation needs.


    ‘Angel Flight’ is a volunteer medical ‘ride share’ service…

  4. My wife and mother of my two sons died at 36 with cancer, chemo sucks. Well wishes your way Rich.

  5. Our country needs serious healthcare reforms. I’ll leave it to smarter men than me but something needs to change. The $50,000 they’re trying to raise is the top foot of the iceberg

    • If there weren’t a million .gov regulations in the healthcare field and people could purchase their healthcare services/drugs on a truly free market we would see prices go down.

      • Unless you regulate what hospitals are allowed to charge changing Gov’t. regulations is meaningless.

        • There’s no ‘free market’ for terminal cancer treatment. That’s precisely why regulation is necessary.

        • Someone sounds triggered… did Brett kavanaugh touch you too sweetie?

          Do you have any idea how long it takes to actually bring a cancer drug to market? Let me give you a hint, it’s not the free market that is holding things up.

  6. Prayers for you Rich! Get better and keep your head up. Attitude helps in these matters. Someone mentioned healthcare reforms. We have the best health care in the world. What we need is INSURANCE reform. Them stop robbing us, writing their own rules and robbing us. When will the idiots in Washington understand that? Never, they are bring bought and pair for by insurance. But I said it and it is the truth!!!!

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