Union President: ‘Teachers Want to be Teaching, Not Holstering Firearms…We Need Fewer Guns in Schools’

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    • The school had nothing in place to protect the children left in their care therefore the school is negligent. Add to that the police response and it was a disaster. And to add insult to injury sleazy Gun Control politicians hopped on the coattails of defenseless murdered children to advance their Gun Control rot.

      All in charge f-up big time while everyone exercising a Constitutional Right across America gets a sleazy two bit knee jerk law directed at them.

      This knee jerk lynch mob hurry up and get it done following the act of a criminally insane individual along with jackass Gun Control legislation needs to be Banned forever.

      • IF firearms were not easily available there would be no need to arm School teachers would there.

        • Al
          Your kinda right but……not really
          The world is a dangerous place and here in the USA WE The People heve the right to protect ourselves.
          Unlike you subjects.

        • Albert L J Hall, Remember? This is America not Great Britain where you have murders done with both knives and guns.

        • Let’s make guns illegal just like having them in school zones is illegal, that will help!
          But when guns are gone what about the 31 dead knife slash attack in China? The 1,000 per year acid attacks in the UK? 46 people in London parade ran over with a U-Haul? Yes, get rid of the guns this fixes crime. People be killing each other before guns and will do so if they are gone.

          P.S. Sig owners sit of cucumbers for fun

        • Do criminals get guns in your precious United Kingdom? Kindly urinate up a vertical length of hemp.

        • The largest Massacre of schoolchildren that ever occurred in the United States happened in the 1920s and it was the principal that killed them. He used several bombs.

        • Albert that logic is really poor. With over 150 million firearm owners in this Country if we were all as bad as you think we are there wouldn’t be people like you around to criticize us. Furthermore, you obviously are not aware that on a daily basis armed civilians save lives and prevent crime, but you never see the good side of being armed in your beloved leftist media. Furthermore, in every state that enacted Make My Day and Castle Domain laws home burglaries declined. So before you offer a simplistic solution to a complex problem don’t try to simplify it with a short statement like that.

        • Pretty hard to unring that bell. I can make one with tools I have in my garage. How exactly do you intend to stop that?

        • “it was the principal that killed them“

          Wrong, it was a pissed off old white guy who didn’t get what he wanted.

          The facts of history don’t change.

          “Andrew Philip Kehoe (February 1, 1872 – May 18, 1927) was an American mass murderer. Kehoe was a Michigan farmer who became disgruntled after losing reelection as treasurer of the Bath Township school board. He subsequently murdered his wife and then detonated bombs at the Bath Consolidated School“

          Notice how the pissed off old white guy took his anger out on women and children first? Interesting.

        • You’re a wealthy white landowner, miner. Are you projecting your own personality on all white guys?

          You’re certainly comfortable with depriving folks of their human and civil rights.

        • You just recently claimed you had 200 acres in WV miner.

          Or, like herr dacian, you just like to lie?

        • IF no Mohammadians had been allowed to migrate into Once Great Britain, your murder rate would be a fraction of what it is and it would be a much better nation.

        • Umm, Albert the (stupid) Subject,

          Ever hear of this phenomenon called the “black market”???

          Or are you as stupid as you sound???

          I am actually acquainted with people who have PURCHASE firearms in Britain . . . through the black market. Apparently, your “common sense” gun laws don’t actually prevent people from obtaining firearms . . . except normal, law-abiding subjects.

          Thank God we kicked y’all’s @$$es to the curb back in 1776; you’re too stupid to share a nationality with. Fortunately, I’m mostly Scottish and Irish, so I hated y’all even before 1776. The US needs the “wisdom” and “civilization” of you Euroweenies like we need herpes. Toddle off and ask your queen to tell you what your opinion is, subject. What a gormless, d***less wanker you are.

        • MINOR Miner49er Are you saying this “old disgruntled man” was not mentally ill?

    • I just retired from 12 years behind enemy lines (public schools).
      I can do both.
      Unions and administrators don’t give a crap because and insurance rates.

  1. Your Union made the gun free zones which has cost children and teachers their lives. Think about that union and take responsibility to fix it not evade it . How about educating kids on guns and safety as we had hunter education in school and allow prayer again, withdrawing from God has allowed the devil more opportunity to have his way.

    • So you’re one of those idiots whomthink prayer can stop gun crme? What a load of utter bullshite ‘Prayer’ has never in the histiory of mankind stopped anything being done by the mentally maladjusted. Indeed it’s far more likley to have the opposite effect.

      How many time have we heard the phrase GOD TOLD ME TO DO IT??

      All prayer does is to enable those doing bthe ‘praying’ to feel that they are doing ‘something’ instead of making hard choices and getting off their arses and achieving

      • Actually studies have shown communities who teach traditional Christianity and Christian principles such as the 10 commandments to school students have lower rates of crime. Areas Christianity churches with higher attendance is recorded, so is an overall lower crime rate in that area.
        Schools aren’t allowed to teach morals and parents don’t do so either. Why are the 10 commandments not allowed in a classroom on the wall? Teaching kids not to lie, cheat, steal, and be morally sound is so terrible apparently.

        • You don’t need the bible to teach morals dude. Bible thumpers ranting against an anti gunner… It doesn’t get any more cringe than this. Keep your religion out of the government and to yourselves. And Albert, get a life.

        • Don’t look now, but they’re teaching religion and morals in public schools. It’s the religion of Woke progressivism. Is it making our country better or worse?

        • “studies have shown communities who teach traditional Christianity and Christian principles such as the 10 commandments to school students have lower rates of crime“

          Interesting, would you be kind enough to provide details on these studies you mention, thanks!

        • “Why are the 10 commandments not allowed in a classroom on the wall?”

          Please help me to understand why this wonderful moral code does not contain any commandments against slavery?

          Why are there no commandments against rape?

          Why are there no commandments against domestic violence or child abuse?

          Interestingly, there seem to be no commandments against abortion, why?

          It seems the author may have inadvertently left out several important moral commandments, why is that?

        • lol civilized. That is comedy gold. The hypocrisy is real thick with you neiowa. How many scalps have you collected over the years? Storing pox blankets for the next colonization?

      • Albert / Troll,

        Even if we suppose for the sake of conversation that God doesn’t exist and we’re all just the result of a great number of fortuitous cosmic accidents, the absence of a belief that we’re accountable to a Greater Power logically results in…well…what we’re seeing all around us today. If a person (you?) doesn’t believe in a Divine Creator to whom you’ll one day give account, then you’ll live your life as you please, with yourself as the center of all things, and will do whatever you think you can get away with to please your own wants and wishes.

        I challenge you to compare a congregation of a faithful Bible-believing church to your favorite group of atheists and tell us which of the two communities will thrive.

        • Lol so you admit the only thing making you a good person is the threat of “eternal damnation”? Wow. That must suck.

          And I can think of a lot more atheists that are successful in life and contribute sound moral philosophy than anyone religious… And guess what, they did it without the threat of being punished by a sky daddy. Meanwhile, Christianity and religion is full of war and genocide. Tell me I’m wrong.

        • Montana – thieving lawless rich demtards in Congress, are not admissible in order to prove your idiot theory.

        • @Montana,

          When one of the Pharisees (religious leaders of the day) referred to Jesus as “Good Teacher” upon hailing him to ask a question, Jesus immediately corrected the man and said “Only God is good”. So no, I do not consider myself – or you – as good without God helping me to be so.

          I’m sure any of us are able to cherry-pick a couple of people who proclaim to be Christians but are grouchy or selfish, or a couple of atheists who genuinely attempt to help their fellow Man. I don’t disagree with you there. But my earlier challenge regarded a larger group of Bible-believing Christians in contrast to a comparably larger group of atheists to discover which one would build a more peaceful and healthy society. Still want to argue that fact? I think the mobs of Antifa, BLM, LGBTQ+ militants, and Jane’s Revenge protesters threatening people and destroying property should be ample evidence of what so many who don’t believe in God would like to do with society.

        • Who defines “healthy society”? We’re the natives not fine before we “civilized” them? Were their beliefs unacceptable?

          You keep referring to religion as society based and associating it with civilization. That alone proves my point that it’s not about morality, it’s about domination. Associating those political groups with religion is hypocrisy. They don’t agree with government and you associate it with godlessness. That is fucking sad. By your logic, Christianity is a way to govern. Not instill moral beliefs. And rightly so, because that’s all it’s ever been and ever will be.

        • Montana, all well said. I could go way further but they are deaf as well as blind. With God on your side why bother with politeness, tolerance, reasoning or any other altruistic ideals they claim to own but only practice when forced to. Some like LifeSavor on here I can respect, if his words are true, but the more typical religious bigots, who are legion, need to be placed on an island far the fuck away from civilized society. Forever.

        • So, Montana, you disagree with the concepts of the Ten Commandments? Do not murder? Do not lie or deceive? Do not steal from others? Honor your parents (and by extension, your elders)?

          You disagree with the statement that honoring the sanctity of life, honesty in relationships (both business and personal), and property is not conducive to a “healthier society” than what the groups I mentioned above have been promoting? You believe that killing the most innocent and vulnerable among us, vandalism, looting, disruption, threats, and Marxism is better for that goal?

        • Don’t put words in my mouth or assume what I believe. Those principals and moralities existed long before religion and will be around long after this version of it has passed. Nice try tho. Deflect what I said some more, colonizer.

      • Better than one of those idiots who thinks words on a piece of paper will stop it.

        Let us count the laws violated by any school shooter of your choice. My guess is that number is a minimum…a bare minimum…of 5. Likely far more than that.

        So What’s your plans? More laws?

    • I agree 100% with you Chris, Do not let the other non believers get to you, As the bible says they have no idea what they are doing.

      • Wow, how absolutely and unsurprisingly ‘christian’ of you… samson. You don’t possess ‘morals’ or ‘truth’ much less have a monopoly on them, you are devoid of them and have only fabricated dogma as an excuse for your obvious desire to force your ‘way’ on others. You and your bigoted, arrogant, selfish ilk can 100% kiss my ass.

  2. Pretty sure the scamdemic taught us all that teachers would rather get paid to stay home than teach.

    Maybe we should just get all the welfare folks to pass the Praxis. That way we can just call them “teachers” as they collect from their couches.

    • teachers would rather get paid to stay home than teach.

      Or “phone it in” from a beach in the Bahamas..

  3. So, when the next shooter starts shootin’, just keep on teachin’ and let the cops handle the shooter….when they arrive…..and when they decide to do something.

  4. Personally, I tend to think teachers want to be alive and the Union President is ignoring that reality. So it might be time they start thinking that even if help is only a couple of minutes away, in the imminent of the moment when they have at best a few seconds when they come face to face with the threat that it might be a good idea to have the necessary force to stop that threat so they might start thinking about being armed. I guess they could try throwing books at the shooter, and when he/she finishes laughing … well guess what.

  5. Yeah, even among teachers who shoot recreationally I’m sure that’s what’s on their mind when there is an active shooter…”yes I’m glad I’m teaching and not holstering a firearm…” Like most libs and the POTUS this (Union) president thinks he/she speaks for the rest of the populace.

  6. There was only 1 gun in Robb elementary school in Uvalde. The bad guy brought it with him.

    See how well having no guns to respond with worked out?

    Maybe the teachers could have run out and borrowed a gun from a cop that wasn’t using his.

  7. hey you, Union President, yeah you. I think you should keep your mouth shut as to if a teacher should be armed or not. Don’t pretend you have some sort of authority to decide if a teacher may or may not have the means to defend them self and their students when the time comes in that at best couple of seconds they may have. Even if the police are only a couple of minutes away, these encounters of staff with the shooter take place in few seconds and you want school staff to be defenseless.

    • The teacher union(s) is a large part of what RUINED our education system. They caused a wholly useless federal agency to be created that has never functioned. Teaching needs to be an excepted service.

  8. Well it’s sad that teachers have or should be armed to protect the students.
    Remember the early 70’s and the blomb threat era.
    Some real twisted human that targets children.
    As for myself, if I had kids in a school nowadays I’d want the teachers armed.

    • I’d jut never let my kids darken the doorway of any government funded school. End of those worries.
      And at home I’d be teaching them about revery aspect of firearms,

        • possum, we home schooled John and Katherine until middle school. Then we enrolled them in a private Christian school. They’re my children. I never considered public schools. You make your sacrifices.

        • That’s the sad reality of it too. People cannot afford to home school. This joke of an education system is exactly how they want it – it’s always been like that. Another reason twats like musk are so concerned with work from home. All of you bible thumpers going on about nuclear families should be all for less work and more pay then. Really helps bring a family together when both parents don’t have to juggle schedules to make ends meet.

        • Very few families with kids can afford to have both parents working outside the home. Has been marginally profitable before the chicom flu and even more true today. Lack of daycare and it’s cost makes it a loosing plan. Montana you’re showing your moronic prog side today.

        • Upuranus.

          Go fornicate yourself, vigrously, up the anal sphincter with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice, troll.

  9. A couple of years ago an acquaintance, who was also a retired teacher, told me he could have never carried a gun in school. I was curious and asked him why. He said he didn’t want to get hurt when the cops got there. The only thing I could say was “You’ve got to be f*%cking kidding?”

      • At least he was honest about his cowardice. Rare trait. The honesty, not the cowardice…

    • Common “I carry so I have to be the hero” syndrome. But it does make some sense. Imagine not knowing what’s going on when swat team starts sweeping and encounters someone ready to fire at a threat coming through the door. Split second decisions, seeing someone looking like a soldier clearing that doorway, what would you do to protect yourself and those forced to barricade in the same spot? Same as you would for a no knock raid. Assume the worst. Anyone can yell “police” and such…

      • Montana Actual, NO ONE is forcing any teacher to take firearm “training”. Apparently you have no clue as to the curriculum of the course. I teach two such courses and you would be hard pressed to qualify unless you followed my instruction. You have got NOTHING.
        Anyone who carried a firearm is not looking to be a “hero”. They are looking to defend what is IMPORTANT to them. I’ve carried a firearm all of my adult life. I, thank God have only had to draw once (on a 57 yr old man raping a five year old boy) and as he surrendered, I did not fire. Yell “police” to your heart’s content. By the time they get there, you will be dead.

        • Hey dumbass new guy… I carry daily. You totally misinterpreted what I said. Read it again.

          I said anyone can announce themselves as police when in reality they are the threat. If a teacher is barricaded in a room and 15 minutes go by, someone shouting “police open the door” is a pretty great way to get that shooter inside, isn’t it?

          And maybe you got my reply to Neowa or whatever his name is mixed up with this one, because forcing people to carry was exactly his intention in that comment.

        • Montana Actual, AGAIN Arse wipe, NO ONE is forcing any teacher to become armed or to take the course unless they elect to carry in the school. Is there a part of that you don’t understand?
          And for your edification, just because you “carry” does not mean you are competent.

        • Again, you are replying to the wrong comment. You read another one where they said yes in fact they do want to force people to get “educated” instead of providing them the option andI argued the option was a better solution instead of forcing someone to do something and calling it freedom. And no shit carrying doesn’t make you competent – look at you – you can’t even figure out how to navigate a comment section. I get it tho, the internet is hard for you boomers.

        • Montana Actual ArseWipe, it seems your education was/is sorely neglected.
          I would be happy to stack my quals up against your any day. Just come here to NY and we can have a competition shoot. Pistol and or Rifle.
          Just be prepared to lose.

  10. We need fewer children going to the state run shooting galleries and homeschooling instead.

  11. To be honest, I’d probably hate guns too if all I ever did was holster them. Pretty boring and useless to just repeatedly slide a gun into a holster.

    Of course, one wonders how you can holster repeatedly without interuppting the process by drawing the gun…. we’ll need to get M. C. Escher to investigate this immediately. (Drawing the gun. LOL!)

    • “…we’ll need to get M. C. Escher to investigate this immediately.”

      A good idea, actually –

      All we need is a sign on an outside door at the school labeled “School Shooters Enter *Here*” that leads to an M. C. Escher ‘Infinite Staircase’ :

      • … or a sign panted on the floor that says “School Shooters Stand Here For Targets To Appear” then a one ton Acme anvil drops on them and a road runner goes ‘Beep Beep’ and runs by.

  12. There is no guns in the schools now, that’s why they have the shootings. Please try to learn something only the criminals have the guns..

  13. Unions are trash. Teachers unions are communist trash. For every two or three dedicated teacher there is some faux-shevik nut that’s more interested in indoctrinating your kids into their intersectional cult than actually doing their job. As bad as that is, for some reason the unions always favor the nut jobs before the dedicated teachers.

    Shut those unions down. All of them.

    • Considering all the issues with wages and inflation, unions are a lot of places only hope. I was very anti union until I saw the difference first hand. I made twice as much doing the same job in one place vs. down the street at the non union version. I agree they are far from perfect, but it’s very clear that employers don’t have your best interest at heart.

      • Montana Actual, Sorry Ole Boy, but Unions are one of the reasons for INFLATION. They are pricing the American worker out of the market. Why do you think that many business moved their factories overseas. Unions are in it for the Benjamins they collect in your dues.
        Here in NYS, Correction Officers have their own INDEPENDENT union, independent from the AFL-CIO. It is far better than the AFL-CIO.

      • So Montana is an overpaid moron. And doesn’t have the balls to negotiate with his employer. A sheeple. Got it.

        • That explains it. The idiot that calls someone “sheeple”. You boomer fuck.

          Negotiating for higher wages isnt the same as paying employees what they are worth, you fucking moron. I was making good wage before the union because I worked hard for it and “negotiated” my way to leadership with a higher wage… That doesn’t change how a company values it’s employees. You just exposed yourself. You value life so much that people are only worth slave wages. Great job.

          Again, never said they were perfect but in our “civilized society” with modern slavery – it’s sad to say they are necessary because employers treat people like numbers and slaves. It’s amazing how idiots associate work reform and liveable wages with “anti-patriotism”. Get fucked. You two would own slaves and tell others how much better off they are on your plantation than the one up the road because they get down time and can build a shack to live in.

        • Also, I forgot to mention healthcare, which is just the opposite when you really get into it. Healthcare is how employers hold workers hostage and unions ALWAYS have better healthcare options. Name one that doesn’t. Any workplace that starts out paying employees a super high wage either uses that to say they can afford any healthcare they want and don’t need to offer it, or eventually they cut wages and/or staff as their business grows and start doing the same shit to increase revenue as every other non union employer. Why? No accountability. That’s all it boils down to. Hostages and slaves can’t afford to stop working to fight for better work and healthcare – it has to be tactically carried out and the majority are not going to do it. Enter unions. Now fuck off with your cringe ass facebook comments and don’t ever call someone a sheeple again you bumper proud sticker having fuck.

        • Montana Actual, I know more than a few employers who provide better health insurance than any Union.

        • Sure you do. Name them and the healthcare they provide then. Since you know them so well, go ahead and list deductibles so we can compare.

        • The Oneida Indian Nation for one. They pay the full shot. Without deductibles.

        • lol are you serious rn? Wow. Do you know what an employer is? Thanks, we are done here.

  14. Teachers have proven they will stand in front of a bullet to protect their students. Unfortunately, it’s not really protecting — just a delaying the gunman for a couple seconds. I’m sure there are teachers out there who would be willing to fight back and possibly kill somebody out to murder then and their students. Why not give them the tools.to do so? We’re not asking them to be an impromptu SWAT team, but they need to be able to fight back when the bad guy comes into their room.

    • Those adult school staff in Ohio who have been through the FASTER Saves Lives programme ARE the type that dont want to shot back but WILL NOT HESITATE to do wo when necessary.

      Of course, the criinals are aware of FASTER, too. In all the years since the programme was starated (right after Sandy Hook) there has not been one gun-related incident at any scholl where the programme is in place.

      SO by becoming fully trained and prepared, they have preemptively solved the problem of guns in schools in the hands of criminals. They simply go elsewhere.. just as did the Aurora Colorado theatre massacre perp. He drove 20 miles further from home to a theatre NOT near him precisely BECAUSE he could work his evil on helpless victims and be unopposed in doing so.

    • They will never admit guns can be part of the solution. That would destroy their narrative. They’re willing to put politics over lives. They do it elsewhere, why not schools?

  15. Schools didn’t need their own armed police until after they were taken over by the crowd of lefty progressive enlightened types who would never have been eligible to be hired under the old morality requirements.

  16. I teach high school and legally & safely conceal carry a p365 in a recluse holster. Timed drills are fun for me. I’m not part of any stupid union. No one other than my wife knows I carry. Suck it libtards.

      • You won’t be disappointed. The guy who runs it gives solid recommendations.
        I told him my carry goals and he pointed me to a holster I’ve used almost daily for 4 years.

    • in the past when teacher’s carried…clandestinely, of course…it was for their own protection…and it happened more often than you think…

    • I don’t believe you. You just told tons of people online, so your social media probably has tons of shit on it that says you either carry or own guns. So anyone connected to you knows, and people connected to them can find out very easily and so on.

      At least if I’m going to make a statement about nobody knowing, it’s going to be in the moment and location based. Every one here knows I carry. Nobody at the grocery store does. I don’t have social media and I’m anonymous to all of you, and I’m single – so no wife to rat me out beit on accident or on purpose. Trust nobody and tread carefully.

  17. Hhhmmm

    So what happens when it’s someone teaching firearms? Democrats are always yellin about “no training”. Well, someone has to play the role of ‘teacher’ in that scenario.

    But just who are they to tell people what they want. Maybe there ARE teachers that prefer to holster a weapon. But we can’t have people thinking for themselves now can we?

  18. I spent a little time as an SRO. Arm staff? Good idea. Begin with the janitors. They usually already have firearms experience. Many are veterans and hunters. Yeah, I know, but FUDDS can usually shoot. They also have keys to the entire school. On their person. They are also know more about the campus than anyone. Best of all. They are invisible. My sister has a master’s. She retired from the Cincinnati school system and teaches in Florida now. She grew up in the same home I did. I wouldn’t trust her with a dull pair of safety scissors. Mr. Ford, my shop teacher, on the other hand…

  19. I find it sadly ironic…

    that when a violent criminal is captured alive and arrested they are automatically afforded all their due constitutional rights in context with their intentionally committing a crime. Even when they fully confess, and all the video evidence and witnesses are seen and heard, and even after they are tied and sentenced, they still continue to receive the protections of their constitutional rights in context with their intentionally committing a crime.


    the left anti-gun and the President of the United States want to deny a person their constitutional, natural, right to self defense under the second amendment and basically by doing so would rather that person die than use a gun for self defense.

    • Ever seen the mayor of Halloween town in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas? The one with the head that spins to show one of two possible faces?

      One troll with two identities…

    • dacian, Albert, share some very similar, mostly exact, ‘qualities’ in the grammatical structure of their concepts but not the same arrangement all the time as if trying to be deliberate to avoid it and one follows on the heels of the other with the same concepts of ignorance on subjects. Albert and dacian use the same misapplication of grammar.

      Both share the same misconceptions and misapplication of concepts and use the same beliefs but worded a little different as if being deliberate, and both use the same contrived ‘scenario’ conventions concepts.

      Both expose the same type of deliberate misdirection and ‘cherry picking’ out of context along lack of reading comprehension skills and try the same type of re-interpretation to fit their contrived narrative and both use the same overall false narrative.

      dacian relies a lot on debunked narrative and statistics and studies as an unpinning of his musings and almost 90% of what he posts in his almost coherent periods is copy-n-paste from elsewhere. Albert doesn’t do it like dacian and is more deliberate and ‘original’ in his almost coherent postings periods, both both share the same deliberate attempt to use the same overall false narrative and both have the same ‘sloppiness’ quality in their grammar.

      Both share the same flavor of anti-gun, anti-second amendment, and anti-constitution, and both share the same ignorance of the constitution. Albert claims he is from across the ‘pond’ and claims to have experience in firearms from military service but several times in his poorly constructed musings he has contradicted that without realizing it. dacian also claims firearms experience but without realizing it several times in his poorly constructed musings he has contradicted that. Both, at times, share the same lack of true knowledge of firearms while at the same time trying to claim some sort of experience and in-depth knowledge of firearms, little things give them away the things a person would know if they had the experience and in-depth knowledge these two claim at times. Both share the same pattern of contradiction for firearm experience and other things, not just mistakes or forgetting something or misstatement like normal people do but rather something more deliberate and natural to them. Both indicate the same level of education in their musings, about a fourth grade reading comprehension level overall, neither understand the concept of context. Both frequently share the same type of rambling and incoherent posting styles as if they are either intoxicated of off medication in the same time frames. Both ignore that violent crime is more than a bad guy with a gun while trying to push their contrived narrative. Both share the same concept of self-defense denial and the same tired debunked false concepts that a victim employing DGU against a violent criminal is always doomed to fail and die or be seriously injured and both share the same ignorance for the concept of DGU.

      Overall, they both post like they are the same person.

      • dacian / Albert Hall (AllHail) can best be described as: The the result of relying solely on Psychotropics and antimanic agents such as Lithium to treat the mentally ill patients outside of an in-patient clinical setting. Counting on parental oversight of activities is an unrealistic challenge, especially when they become withdrawn and reclusive in said parent’s basement for extended periods of time.

        • I don’t think AllHail is part of the dacian/Albert/Miner group. AllHail was only an anklebiter who displayed a limited ability to engage in provocative questions. All he did was toss an insult and hope for a reaction.

          AllHail’s quirk was that he retained disturbingly detailed info (dossiers?) on several people here for an extraordinarily long time.

          Almost like a glowie?

      • Both claim to be old geezers with years of firearms experience but more likely are unemployed/unemployable manchild still living in mommy’s basement.

  20. Then when teachers and kids get killed don’t complain. If they have a better solution lets hear it.

    • Apparently, you’ve not been paying attention, their BETTER idea is to BAN all firearms and create MORE free fire, make that, gun free zones.

  21. Has the union president asked any of the teachers who have volunteered for training to fight off mass murderers who attack their schools?

  22. Winy teacher union. Suck it up. “We want to teach not save lives wa wa wa.” Total bullshit. If there was a fire in the hallway the teacher is going to grab the fire extinguisher and try to put it out. No different.

    • True.
      The reality is I genuinely care about my students. Most of my fellow-teachers do too. However most of them simply aren’t gun people and never will be. Asking them to carry would be like asking a fish to teach tap-dancing: it’s not a good fit.
      The best these teachers can do is lock the door, and assist in escape and evade efforts.
      It bugs me that there is so much focus on school shootings because they are particularly rare. A student is 15x more likely to die in a transportation related incident than in a school shooting. But where is the outrage over school buses not having back up cameras and exclusive merging privileges? There is none because the it’s really not about the children. It’s about the agenda. When we are serious about protecting our kids, let’s talk about motor vehicle safety. According to americanhealthrankings.org, motor vehicle accidents account for 20% of the deaths of american youth ages 1 to 19.
      “The odds an American child will die in a mass shooting at school are nearly 10 million to 1, about the odds of being killed by lightning or of dying in an earthquake.” -city-post.org
      Ok, rant over.

      • the “it can’t happen here” syndrome is often the root cause….this never seems to happen in urban schools where they’re cognizant the threat is very real….

      • Why can’t we do al of this at once?

        Risk assessment doesn’t preclude ignoring some risks over others.

    • but you do have to be careful with the gun…buddy of mine, a fellow teacher and part time cop left his gun in his jacket where a kid got ahold of it…luckily we quickly got it back…but it left him a bit shaken…these kids can be sneaky little suckers….

      • When you carry a gun you cannot be irresponsible with it and leave it in your jacket. You carry it on your person at all times. I’ve always carried my gun in my pocket holster or on a belt holster, never in a jacket or in the glove compartment or somewhere that you will forget it. Just as your wallet and your phone and your pocket knife should always be in your pockets. We are imperfect humans and we will always make mistakes, but I have found that method works the best to prevent mistakes from happening.

        • What the fuck does that even mean? Holy shit the GED is barely at passing levels.

        • That she can maintain control of a handgun.

          Words are difficult for you. But it will be good for you to know how to spell “GED” when you go apply.

        • So every teacher is a woman that carries a purse, and that is your logical explanation of their ability to “control” a gun? Yea… words are real fucken hard.

  23. just a simple sign that says “personnel within this building may be armed” would be helpful…whether it’s true or not…

  24. No teacher who does not want to possess or use a firearm should be forced to do so. Period.

    The idea that “we need less guns in school,” however, seems to fairly moronic if given a second of thought beyond the platitude. When some maniac is systematically murdering children in a classroom and the police are outside in the hallway waiting for keys to an unlocked door, how does adding a gun to that equation make things worse?

    I don’t know, more exposure to teachers has made me consider them less and less trustworthy to have any responsibility. Maybe give them to the janitors, I trust them more.

    • @Hannibal

      “No teacher who does not want to possess or use a firearm should be forced to do so. Period.”

      And no one here is actually proposing that a teacher should be forced to be armed.

      “I don’t know, more exposure to teachers has made me consider them less and less trustworthy to have any responsibility. Maybe give them to the janitors, I trust them more.”

      I guess it varies from place to place. Here, we have concealed armed teachers if they wish to be armed and have had it for many years and there has not been a single accident. Although not an officially sanctioned thing it is also not officially prohibited either if the teacher has the enhanced state permit which allows one to carry concealed in a school. Permits are optional here, we are constitutional carry but there are a couple of perks for getting the permit one of which is concealed carry in some areas normally prohibited. Actually though, although we have a lot of teachers here that own and carry guns very few do go armed in the school even if they can, some like some concealed carriers consider it a hassle to be armed everywhere at all times so they are selective as to where they carry and simply choose not to carry at school.

      There has been only one incident in these many years where a teacher had to actually use their weapon in the school, an almost school shooting. About three years ago a guy walked into a school with a sawed off shotgun, wandered up and down halls stopping at various classroom doors but not entering. No one at first realized what was happening and he had the sawed off shotgun concealed under his coat. He claimed to be there to pick up his kid but wanted to urgently use the restroom first so they let him but instead of going to the restroom he started his hunt. So he goes to various classroom doors quickly and picked one to enter, opened the door, starts to bring out the shotgun and the teacher reacted and drew her firearm and fires one round and hits the guy but not wounding enough to put him down. The guy drops the shotgun and runs away and stops down the hallway for a bit screaming that hes been shot then runs out of the school into the arms of the just then arriving police. No kids were endangered by the teacher firing. Well, it turned out the shotgun wasn’t actually loaded but the teacher didn’t know that – I mean if a stranger walks into your classroom and pulls out a gun its a pretty reasonable thing to assume its loaded. The shotgun was stolen, he sawed it off, the guy was off his meds and had been released from the mental health facility, his goal he claimed was just to scare people because Halloween was coming up. Total time from starting hunt to getting shot is one minute and 15 seconds. It took police a little over three minutes to arrive.

      90% of school teachers shot in school shootings come face to face with the shooter and its over in a couple of seconds at most, like this teacher did. But unlike this teacher, those teachers shot did not have the means to react and defend them selves and their students.

      Armed janitors, good idea… but janitors really don’t hang around inside classrooms when they are in use.

        • maybe…. but when that shooter get to the classroom and there is only the teacher between the shooter and the kids …

          The thing missing with this ‘school hardening’ thing is layered defense. Whats being used and proposed is one dimensional and relies on security at entry points (e.g. people, locked doors, etc…) and specific individuals to be armed (e.g. SRO’s) to form the ‘resistance and stopping factor’ and locked doors don’t stop a shooter from shooting those in the open. Its all well and good if the shooter gets stopped by those but what happens when the shooter bypasses all that or defeats it in some way (like what happened in Uvalde with the door that did not lock when it closed) and the shooter can be in the school long enough to shoot people before they are stopped? There is not another layer of defense after those and it becomes just that decided by the shooter for a long time (in terms of before he/she is stopped).

      • “No teacher who does not want to possess or use a firearm should be forced to do so. Period.”
        .40 cal Booger(that’s some big booger) is exactly right. No person should be forced to carry/use a gun. A person forced will be nervous which could easily lead to carelessness and accidents.

      • Armed janitors, good idea…

        Custodians/Maintenance Engineers as they prefer to be addressed.

    • Well, the plain and simple truth is that there is NO ONE in this country that is being forced into owning, using, or carrying firearms against their will. The people (including criminals) that have them, do so because they WANT them. and that is the way it should be.

    • Can REQUIRE them to undergo handgun instruction and biannual qualification. They will lead most to carry. The cause of them not wanting a handgun is the same as the rest of society (but more so) they have NEVER touched a firearm, been trained on/fired one.

      If “we” can refuse religious exemption regarding the BS injection on the chicom flu then then on interest in their phone exemption from firearms training. If they can’t handle the training emotionally then the shouldn’t be teaching my kids.

      • Maybe you should reach your own kids? Do you draw mazes on your walls in the house? You are really saying that you don’t want choice involved, you want armed protection? Too much to just offer people a choice, huh…

        • Are you really as dumb as your Senator Tester?

          REQUIRE them to take the training. Then, perhaps, they will be able to make an informed choice. Vs wetting themselves at the sight of a handgun.

        • So force teachers to take firearm “training” (shooting at paper targets and minimal carry knowledge). Got it.

          How about just giving people a choice? You know… like freedom? If they want to learn they can, if they don’t fuck em. Personal choice. You watch too much Louder With Crowder my friend.

  25. Teachers don’t need to be armed. They need to stop being disarmed.

    What I saw is a huge number of teachers that did NOT want to teach. I saw too many that REFUSED to go back to teaching. Just like I saw doctors that no longer wanted to be doctors anymore.

    There is a growing number of teachers that just want to teach hate, teachers unions that promote anyone that will take up that task, and furious resistance against any parent that objects.

  26. Ahhh the leftist union speaks

    When was the last time the union wanted to do anything?

  27. Minor,

    My mistake. I thought the killer at the Bath School in Michigan was the principal and instead he was the school board treasurer.

    It’s not shocking that he was a white man considering he lived in Michigan as a majority (and still is) of the country was white at the time.

    • Mass/school/criminal shooters read a “gun free zone” sign as …

      “All you can shoot no-resistance-buffet this way”

  28. Fox News reports in 2024:
    Communist Teachers shot 1000th conservative student, today. Be sure to print up extra ballets and stuff the drop off ballet boxes, tonight, for your local Communist Party candidates, to ensure we hit the goal of 2000 by Jan 6th, 2025.

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