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There’s a huge market out there for personal body armor. A big (and heavy) part of the load-out our boys in the sandbox schlep around every day is a plate carrier. Most of our local boys in blue who patrol a beat wear body armor for obvious reasons. And our friends at Fighter Design have come up with a lightweight vest that stops AK rounds from five feet…and floats. But maybe they’re all over-thinking the whole thing . . .

As reports, a cyclist in Germany may have come across a cheaper, easier way:

(A) 41-year-old tourist was riding across a field with her husband when she unknowingly rolled into a boar hunt, German newspaper Gadebusch-Rehnaer reported Friday. During a break, the woman felt a sudden sharp pain in her chest, soon realizing the underwire from her bra deflected a bullet.

The careless boar hunter’s being investigated for his Rule 4 violation. But as the story notes, the incident isn’t just a one-off.

This isn’t the first report of the undergarment blocking a potentially deadly bullet. In Feb., a Brazilian woman’s life was saved when her black underwire bra stopped a stray round from hitting her in the heart.

So maybe the answer to comfy (and uplifting) personal protection for those who put themselves in harm’s way is something from Playtex or Bali. Maybe if the Dutch army moved that way, they’d save enough euros to buy their soldiers some ammo to train with. The possibilities are endless.

[h/t Pantera V.]

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  1. I wondered where those pictures of my first wife got to. *sigh* It’s a shame she was bat sh*t crazy.

      • Maybe it’s just the story you hear from first husbands.

        Some people who get divorced just married the wrong person. And some people are the wrong person.

  2. I’ve done some up close and personal inspection of a number of 34 DD and 32D bras and haven’t come across anything that would stop a boar hunting round. Deflection is another story, but probably just a tall tale. Then again, I don’t shoot women’s underwear. Well, not with lead, anyways.

  3. I am thinking it grazed her or the hunters are morons; I am proud to say I have seen and squeezed many underwire bras and I wouldn’t see one stopping a full powered rifle cartridge that you would typically use for Boar hunting. Either it was a grazing shot or the hunters were using some stupid small caliber or PERHAPS it was a fragment.

    • Maybe in Germany there are gun control laws that limit citizens to .22 caliber for hog hunts. That would suck! That would also explain the healthy hog population!

      • Well.. also don’t forget minimum 6.5mm and delivering at least 2000Joule at 100 meters.

        At the moment everyone suspects it to have been a fragment of a bullet that hit the ground or a tree and then went off.

        German Hunters almost always use fragmentation or hollow point rounds so it wouldnt be that strange.

  4. thirty eight D ……she looks like she has some some long legs……Oh God there goes my brain again…..if done correctly this could be and add on to the site.

  5. Man, if you can’t tell the difference between a pig and a woman, that’s gotta be a real ugly woman, or you just got out of prison.

    • Let’s not be too quick to judge, Ralph. If you encountered Rosie O’Donnell in dense backwoods brush, you might make the same mistake.

      • Case in point, her new role in the series of “Messin with Sasquatch Jack Link Beef Jerky” ads…cause “messin with Rosie” didn’t do so well in the focus groups.

  6. I call BS on them. Any woman whose breasts were small enough to expose the underwire to a downward angled trajectory doesn’t need an underwire. Any richochet off the ground that was close enough to go up and hit from below would have enough energy to punch into her flesh (whether it punches through the underwire, or slides off it into her).

  7. I’m not sure I buy this either-but it got my attention. I confess to not examining the missus underwire…

  8. It probably has a lot to do with the actual breast tissue as much as the wire in the bra.

    The wire likely distributed the impact to a larger area, while the breast tissue absorbed the force.

  9. Excellent. I’m forwarding this to the county SWAT team with a suggestion on how they can save taxpayer money.

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