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I always carry an extra magazine in my left front pocket. Problems? I can’t put anything else in the pocket, and I’ve got a LOT of clobber to carry (e.g., flashlight, phone, keys, tactical pen, wallet, two knives). Also, the sharp bottom end of the mag tears a hole in my pants pocket. So I really like the look of the SNAGMAG. It uses the same pocket snagging system that makes my Emerson wave knife the fastest opening knife on planet earth. We’ve already reviewed it, and Nick seemed to like it, so I’m agitating to get one for myself as well Meanwhile, I found Ultimate Concealed Carry’s Prayer on their website. Which I’ll share with you (afta da jump). Do you say a prayer when you tool-up? I do. I pray that I won’t have to use my firearm. But God knows I’m ready if I have to . . .


Heavenly Father, Protector, Shepherd, In You we trust.

It was Your hand that guided the authors of the Constitution as each amendment was penned.

And it is with that heart, born out of a desire to protect your flock against the evil of a fallen world

That I have chosen to exercise my God-given right to carry a gun.

And I pray with every waking breath, with every essence of my being,

That I am not called to use it.

But if I’m called to protect the flock,

Let my reaction be swift,

My training be true,

And my aim precise.

And if it is my day to return to you,

Oh, Father,

Before I go,

May innocents be saved and the evil destroyed.


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  1. Not a church going man. Not a lot of faith. But this I know and swear by. If I never have to do violence to another man again so long as I live I’ll be a happy camper.

    But, as I said before, I don’t have a lot of faith. So I’ll keep the gun handy, just in case.

    • Don’t worry, jwm. God is sometimes found in churches, but can be found everywhere all the time.

    • jwm….you are not alone. I do carry on a daily basis-for my work and for self defense when not at work. I am not a person of religious faith, nor do I look forward to the day when I have to actually pull the trigger or use the blade, but I am trained and ready if that time should come.

    • You don’t need to believe in a god for “faith”…. it is humankind that has taught me about faith: in that you can’t have a lot in them.

    • My first revision for the non-religious…

      Ultimate Concealed Carry’s Atheist/Agnostic Affirmation

      As the authors of the Constitution desired freedom and liberty for all men, so too I desire to be able to protect myself, my loved ones, and other innocents against the evil that exists in the world.

      I have chosen to exercise my natural right of self-defense, with the best weapon for that purpose: a gun.

      I fervently desire that I never be called on to use it,
      but if I am forced to protect the innocent from evil,
      let my reaction be swift,
      my training be true,
      and my aim be precise.

      And if today is my day to die, I mean to destroy the evil before me, and save any innocents from harm.

  2. Variously called the gunfighters, patriots, snipers prayer, this might be a candidate to weld onto the end of the above prayer:

    Lord, make me fast and accurate
    let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me.
    Grant me victory over my foes, and those that wish to do harm to me and mine.
    Let NOT my last thought be, if I only had a gun,
    and Lord if today is truly the day that you call me home, let me die in a pile of empty brass.

    • “let me die in a pile of empty brass.”- That’s the best part of that, at the end I’d probably add,

      “And if I am so fortunate to die in this way, I will surely go to Valhalla, where the Brave live Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • ..let me die in a pile of empty brass and surrounded by the broken bodies of my enemies.

      There, fixed that for you!

    • I have also seen this, “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, and I am perfectly happy to go out the same way.”

  3. Two knives? A phone AND a flashlight? A tactical pen? I’m seeing a little bit of overkill. Either ditch the light or the pen. If you have a light you don’t need the pen, and if you have a phone you don’t need a light.

    My prayer starts with my hand on the slide and ends with a round in the chamber.

    • ALWAYS have a light. A phone is not a light. And why the hell isn’t your gun already chambered and in a quality holster? Do you really think you’ll have time to rack one into the pipe when a mongoloid is on top of you beating your face in?

        • I’m not on a “side” with anyone. I’m on “my side”… other people on here just happen to own guns too.

        • That’s just political correctness nonsense, just like mandating use of “Native American” or banning use of “Oriental.” Use the word you want, which conveys the meaning you intend, and ignore the self-appointed PC police.

      • At no point in time did I say or even imply that I did not carry with one in the chamber. My “prayer” happens before I walk out the door in the morning.

        You know that saying about assuming?

        • @ hoots. Even in Iraq we didn’t sleep with our guns on red. “one in the chamber”, unless we were sleeping outside the wire. When sleeping in your house, door locked, you can clam down a bit. Sleeping with the gun on amber, “mag in, no chamber” is preferential.

        • Yo, brotherhood. In Vietnam I did. Hanging over the bedpost. With a reloaded mag, no less, although that still only gave me 21, we didn’t get any 30-rd mags.
          At home, your method has me repeatedly handling the gun with one in the pipe and the safety off, albeit momentarily, several times a day. No thanks, I reevaluate the effectiveness of my safeties each time I clean the gun, and then I trust them. The gun is not going to “go off”, why not have it fully loaded?

      • I mention this, because I didn’t know it myself until maybe just a couple of years ago, so maybe you or others don’t know it, either. There are apps for your smart phone that will utilize the phone’s camera flash as a flashlight by keeping it turned on. True, it’s not as good as an actual flashlight, especially some of the high lumen tactical flashlights.

        However, it is pretty good, by far superior to using simply the phone’s display as a makeshift flashlight, and more than adequate to typical on-the-go lighting tasks. Perhaps that’s what he meant by a phone replacing a flashlight? At least on your body, anyway. In your vehicle you should have a high power rechargeable spot light.

        • Draining the battery on your primary commo in order to generate light is a terrible way to “plan”. Being able to do so in exigent circumstances is goodness. Carry a light.

    • “and if you have a phone you don’t need a light.”

      Yeah, that will function just perfectly to blind intruders. LMAO!!!

      • Intruders to the… sidewalk? Parking lot?

        I think there are some people here confusing what you keep in your home with what you keep in your pocket when you’re at the grocery store.

        • Are you never in public when it’s dark out? Do you really think a smart phone light will be better at deterring a criminal than a 500 lumen surefire blast to the retinas? Or are you just gonna pray and rack your slide and have a shoot out like Jason Statham?

  4. I pray before I drive. I’m WAY more concerned about what other drivers might do around me, than worrying about having to clear leather. But I should pray for that too.

  5. A prayer? Really? Because god cares about that, and who wins the football game, and don’t forget about Timmy’s math test on Thursday.

    • Yes. Really.
      I don’t know about football games, but God cares about each one of us, and the struggle of good vs. evil.

      God put each and every one of us on this earth for a purpose. We never truly know what that purpose is, at least not completely. But there is no doubt in my mind that some of us were put here to fight against evil and to preserve the lives of the righteous.

      And if I am called for such a purpose, I pray that I will be ready.

      • The thing you don’t understand is that you are praying to the same god they are praying to. So does that mean you will win because you are more righteous? The other side is telling me that they are more righteous than you, that you are evil – so what does that mean??

        Personally, I don’t leave the outcome of my fights up to an imaginary man in the sky. I don’t believe such nonsense that the world will end because the sky is red or the river is green, or because there was lots of thunder. And one or the other side does not win because one side is good and the other evil. It’s not clear cut with rules dictating “who wins.” It’s not that black and white, and our world does not function because of magic.

        • The thing you fail to consider is that the victor writes the history, and therefore the righteous always prevail! (Snort.)

        • The way I see it, the enemy is praying to a peacefull weak god.

          You know, “islam”- Peace, “Christianity”- Turn the other cheek, “Buhddism”- avoid conflict, ect….

          Blah blah blah…. Weakness.

          I give thanks and sacrifice to the true Great God Odin, and his son Thor, who will surely conquer the enemies weak Gods, which will help force the enemy to submit to me.

        • Yes, that’s exactly what it means. I’m more righteous. As the good guy with a gun, it’s up to me to avoid reckless, dangerous evil doers when I can. When I cannot, and should they attack, it’s my responsibility to defend myself and my family. And God is watching.

        • “Personally, I don’t leave the outcome of my fights up to an imaginary man in the sky. I don’t believe such nonsense that the world will end because the sky is red or the river is green, or because there was lots of thunder.”

          If your prayer is to humble yourself to the outcome, you are not asking God to pick you.

          “Thy Will Be Done.”

          Surrender to that which is greater than you, which the outcome of life and death struggles really are, lies at the root of a lot of people’s faith.

          Being insulting and pompous about another man’s faith is not humble. At all.

        • Abraham Lincoln, in his second inaugural address, referred to the two sides of the civil war with these words: “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invokes His aid against the other.”

          And so I pray with the assumption that if conflict ensues between good and evil, I will be on the side of good. And if I’m wrong about that assumption, may God provide me the wisdom to see my error.

        • TBOS, I don’t know about you, but the God that created everything you see in 7 days, the God that freely allowed himself to be killed for our salvation, the God that created man that made up other Gods because they were weak willed and short sighted, doesn’t sound weak at all to me. Of course maybe our definitions of weak are different…

    • Funny thing is that in the movie Siberian Education (that I mentioned below), there is a scene where the main character, a soldier, talks about that to a prisoner he is in charge of watching:

      The prisoner tells him how they have Allah(God) on their side. The soldier says, “That’s funny, ’cause I’m pretty sure he’s on my side.”

    • God certainly cares when the Packers win the football game. Greatest team to ever play the game.

      • Nonsense. If the packers were the greatest team to every play, then the Bears wouldn’t be leading the series 93-89 (with 6 ties)

        • Message from God’s Executive Assistant:

          “God would like to let you know that he wasn’t feeling well, and would like to apologize for the colossal F***-up. To make up for it, the weather will be sunny for the remainder of the day.”

  6. You ever think of carrying less…you know…stuff?

    Pack light, move quick, and all that.

    Maybe leave the flashlight and one of the knives in the car.

  7. I vehemently disagree! Especially since the Founders, Jefferson (author of The Declaration) and Madison (primary author of The Constitution) were Deists and did not believe in an interceding god that concerned itself with the day to day of mankind. That is when they even acknowledged the existence of a god because they often expressed a strong skepticism. They were men of reason and products of The Enlightenment. The same Enlightenment that swiped from the hands of the church and superstition the freedoms that we enjoy today. It is not a “God given right”. It is a right that is in accord with reason. It cannot be a God given right, as they knew very well despite the language of some, because a god given right (from an all powerful god) couldn’t possibly be taken away. Yet we all know that they can. We decide our rights. We take *personal* responsibility to defend those rights because no one, not even an all powerful god whether it exists or not, is going to do it for us. I know this will offend the sensibilities of the religious and I know they will take issue with the meaning of a “god given right”. Especially those who insist that the Founders were just like them. Well, just like the Founders, I couldn’t care less about your sensibilities. I used to love the idea that they were devoutly religious men. That is until I valued objective evidence and truth above my own desires. Yes they wrote religious words at times but they were anything but devout in those beliefs. *Reason* was their guide. The same reason that guided Jefferson to take his razor and slice out all of the supernatural claims in the New Testament and publish his own bible. My point is don’t for a second think that any invisible being is going to watch out for you while you are out in the world. It is *YOUR* responsibility alone to do so. It is *our* responsibility alone to protect these rights. Pray all you want but it will do no good. Cry all you want, those who are offended.

      • While that’s sort of true, it will not bring understanding, because we’ll be dead at the time. Discovering that dead means dead, isn’t really discovering anything, is it?!

    • You mean Thomas Jefferson?

      The man who wrote, in the Declaration of Independence…
      “the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s GOD entitle them…”
      “that they are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain unalienable Rights…”

      THAT Thomas Jefferson?

      • Yup! Speaking in the vernacular of the day. I often mention the word “god”, normally in the course of cursing, but that does not mean I believe such an abomination exists or existed.

    • It is also why, in The Constitution, there is absolutely no mention of a god. This comes as a dismay to the devout at the time aa well as today but there is a very good reason why a god is not mentioned.

  8. Seeing the list of Farago’s pocket detritus and seeing the snag mag video makes me kind of queasy. How much crap can one man carry in his pockets? And why?

    And the next-level-operator snag mag rapid reload thing? Queasy again – every time I turn around there’s a new piece of Wonder Gear(TM). If I listened to all these guys flogging the latest ‘must have’ I be drowning in even more crap I don’t use. Realistically, It seems unlikely that I’ll need an operator-quick mag change cleverly disguised as a massive knife. In fact, in years of faithfully reading about DGU’s and Armed Citizens and the rest, I don’t recall I’ve seen a single non-police shooting where the parties needed a 2 second reload…

    We spend way too much time and psychic overhead worrying about wildly implausible scenarios. We spend way too much time (and money!) trying to get the optimal piece of kit for the Zombie Apocalypse(TM). We spend way too much time in shooting competitions engaging a million targets, using multiple guns with multiple mag changes all around.

    I’ll stick to my reliable pistol with 9 or 10 rounds, a spare mag on my hip or in a kydex sleeve in my pocket, a sharp knife that didn’t cost $400, my wallet, and my cell phone. If I’m feeling frisky, I might even carry my old school Colt Cobra and a speed-strip!

    Seriously – we’ve got to get a grip and simply enjoy shooting again. It’s a GOOD thing to walk without clanking…

  9. Sure why not. I always end my prayer with “in the name of JESUS”. Sorry if that offended some of you. Oh wait-I’m not…

  10. Wow! I am glad I am not the only gun owner who also struggles with faith judging by all the above comments.

  11. Here’s my prayer advice:

    -Keep your gun loaded and nearby
    -keep your gun clean
    -keep your powder dry
    -stay vigilant
    -and practice

    ….. and you will never need to pray to some imaginary deity who may or may not feel like helping you that day!

    BTW, when you find out that prayer had no effect for you: You’re kinda f@#ked!

    • I’m happy for you that you have figured out all the secrets of the universe unknown to the rest of us mere mortals.

      As a terminally degreed scientist in a ‘hard science’ field, I cannot fathom how you can possibly know if prayer worked or not.

      • Pretty obvious. Also, if no one ever shoved that silliness at you, you would have never dreamed it up by yourself. For thousands of years, the answer has been “follow the money (power).

  12. “Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom… so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!”

  13. That prayer was corny. Plenty of people who’ve read the bible would argue that Jesus would rather die than kill. This is why people make fun of gun owners as simplistic, backwards rednecks. I award you no points.

    • Jesus may have been willing to die, but if you actually READ the New Testament, it’s pretty clear he expected his disciples to be willing and able to defend themselves after his crucifixion. So while there are certainly more than a few people who misinterpret ‘turning the other cheek’ and ignore the part about Jesus commanding his followers to buy and gird on a sword (even if it meant selling their cloaks to do so), I don’t feel a need to be overly concerned by what they think of my choice to carry a firearm for personal defense.

      • HD video of Jesus wielding some well formed lightning bolts might convince me, given a date-time stamp in the correct vicinity. Why not? He can do that, right? How silly.

      • Exactly! Don’t go looking for trouble, don’t respond to hate with hate. Pursue peace where possible and prudent to do so, but remember that life is sacred, including your own. If someone tries to rob you of that sacred gift, you have a right and a duty to defend it.

  14. Pocket space is exactly why I don’t pocket carry my spare mag. Wallet, business card holder, folding knife, flashlight, iPhone…

    I use a right-hand MagHolder ( on my left side and love it. It’s easy to conceal, doesn’t jab me in the side when I sit down or bend over, and is crazy fast to deploy. All without eating up space in my pockets.

    • Saber, thanks for that tip. Gonna give it a try.
      Looks much better than back pocket carry for spare mags, or as another “brick” to IWB for the G23.
      Maybe faster reload from front side, too, than reach back, flinging vest or sweatshit, or groping under shirttail to get at them, in back.

      • The guy who makes them recommends having the mag pointed to the rear for weak side carry, but I found that to be problematic. It’s harder to draw in general and if you are in any kind of confined space or if you have your back to a wall, there is no way to draw the mag. Getting the ‘wrong’ hand version so the mag points forward makes it to were it is always accessible. You do have to change how you reload slightly, but it’s pretty intuitive with a little practice. What I found works is grabbing the mag so my thumb is on the baseplate and using the blade of my hand to guide it into the well.

  15. Kind of a poor post mixing prayer and products. Please split them up next time. I guess I’m the only one more interested in the products.

  16. I’ve nicknamed my home defense shotgun Gentle Mother after the prayer in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books (I.E. Game of Thrones).

    “Gentle Mother, font of mercy,
    Save our sons from war, we pray.
    Stay the swords and stay the arrows,
    Let them know a better day.

    Gentle Mother, strength of women,
    Help our daughters through this fray.
    Soothe the wrath and tame the fury,
    Teach us all a kinder way.

    Gentle Mother, font of mercy,
    Save our sons from war, we pray.
    Stay the swords and stay the arrows,
    Let them know a better day.”

    It fits my hope and prayers that my guns are never needed for anything other than to destroy a mass of Gatorade bottles and paper targets. I’d love nothing more than for our guns to be not needed (but still owned, obviously) but I’m not naive enough to think that hope alone would ever keep me safe. So I hope and pray for the best, while I prepare for the worst.

  17. Odin Allfather, guide my hands and make my enemies cower before your wrath. Let the blood I shed be mead to your lips and the cries of the dying a prayer to your ears. And if today is the day I shall join you in Valhalla, let me make an end that men will sing of until the end of time.

  18. Man, I carry more stuff than RF, with no problems. I like having the tools I need with me instead of in the car or someplace. Kinda figured most gun carrying folks were the same way. Go figure.

  19. Wow… SnagMag thinks a lot of their product… $35 for kydex? Gun gear is kind of like the supplement market. Overpriced products that are unproven and provide little benefit. But, who am I to criticize. It says it right in the title of the video, “…recommended by top tactical experts!” Who could argue with that? Kind of like saying 9 out of 10 dentist recommend…

  20. this article starts with a commercial for snag mag, and ends up with a prayer meeting filled with too many non believers. snag mag appears to be way overpriced for me. I went to walmart and picked up a plastic eye glass case for $1.99, and my spare mag fits in it just fine, also can hold a strip of .38specs. when i carry a j-frame., the glass case fits perfectly in a cargo pocket, with the j-frame or pm9 in the other cargo pocket.

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