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Thanks to Maryland’s anti-gun fervor, Beretta has bailed on The Free State, opening a new factory in Gallatin, Tennessee. A shotgun seller in the UK celebrates the news — although I doubt there’s much of a market for 3-Gun shorties in The Land of Hope and Glory. Just sayin’. Press release [via SBWIRE] . . .

Gunmaker Beretta has recently unveiled a new manufacturing and research facility as a huge $45milliion investment which is set to create over 300 jobs. The new manufacturing facility is over 150,000 square feet and here it will be that employees produce up to eight different models of firearms, including the companies’ famous M-99 mm pistol.

This facility has no doubt been created to cater for the recent surge in shotguns, not only in the States, but also all over the world and in particular the UK. It is thought that the popularity is set to increase further, with more and more people opting to purchase shotguns – especially ones offering leading qualities such as the Beretta guns.

Solware are a company which commentate frequently on industry news and a spokesperson had this to say:

“This can only been seen as positive news as Beretta is a gun brand that continuously produces durable and efficient guns in which incorporate the best technical features. Here at Solware we have a leading range of Beretta guns available for purchase and take pride in being able to supply people with such fine items.”

About Solware
Solware are a leading provider of shotguns of the best quality. Stocking guns from over twenty large manufacturers including Fabarm, Hatsan, Akkar, Franchi and many more – whatever your needs and requirements may be, they will definitely hold an option suitable for you.

For further information on this company and to browse their ranges you can visit their website:

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  1. 3-Gun shorties?
    That’s what female 3-gun competitors wear under their ammo belts, right?

  2. the companies’ famous M-99 mm pistol

    Dayum. I’ll bet that 99mm pistol kicks like a mule.

  3. A full choke in 3 gun for what? The targets don’t move. You need IC at most. If you can break targets shooting FITASC at 80 yards with a mod/mod setup on a MOVING target, no need for anything else. Always laugh when they show the shotgun portion, make them shoot moving clays….

    • I’ve seen some 3-gun competitions on TV that used some kind of fancy clay flipper. You shoot a stationary target that activates the flipper that sends another target straight up, you gotta hit it in the air. Looks like fun.

  4. I hope Beretta’s move works out well. I was really impressed by the Wilson Combat 92 FS I shot a few weeks ago. I’d be happy to own a couple of Berettas but other purchases are higher up on my priority list.

  5. I’d like to get a barrel for my berretta that says Gallatin TN instead of Accokeek Md

  6. Kudos to Beretta for moving out of a less-than-free state.

    I would also imagine a lot of Europeans are now re-thinking their draconian gun laws.

    A hostile invasion will do that, I guess.

    A shotgun would not be my first choice but at least it is workable.

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