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The British love their cooked breakfasts, which can include blood pudding (don’t ask, don’t eat), beans and fried toast. I mean they really love their cooked breakfasts. You could almost say it’s something of a national obsession. [Trivia: Writer and Islamic fatwa recipient Salman Rushdie wrote the famous U.K. ad slogan “Go to work on an egg.”] So when the U.K. press read a story of a Kentucky trailer park resident who went postal (one of our obsessions), killing five people and then himself, this is what caught The Independent’s eye . . .

Man in gun rampage over breakfast row

A man facing eviction over his hostile temper became enraged by how his wife cooked his eggs and killed her, his stepdaughter and three neighbours with a shotgun before shooting himself . . .

Sherri Anne Robinson, a relative of two of the victims, said witnesses told her that Neace became enraged when his wife, Sandra, did not cook his breakfast to his liking,¬†When she fled to a neighbour’s trailer, Neace followed and shot her and the others.

The Scottish Record weren’t quite as¬†taciturn as their only-slightly-less-liberal colleagues to the south.

Maniac kills five people in trailer park gun rampage because ‘wife didn’t cook his eggs properly’

A SHOTGUN killer blasted five people to death at a Kentucky trailer park – over the way his wife cooked his eggs.
Survivors said Stanley Neace, 47, flew into a rage when wife Sandra, 54, served him his breakfast.

He grabbed a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun and chased her out of the trailer, firing repeatedly as she screamed in terror.

Sandra ran into a neighbour’s trailer, where Neace cornered and shot her.

First, no one knows what Stanley had for breakfast that second morning. Second, no other new report mentions screaming. The Mirror goes one better, actually making shit up.

“She tried to run to tell my family and he shot them too because they found out about it.

Ms Robinson added “Over eggs? I thought that was crazy. I mean just because his eggs weren’t hot.”

In contrast, CNN’s account makes no mention of food whatsoever. The United States and the United Kingdom. Two countries separated by a common breakfast.

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