During last summer’s London riots looters and malcontents preyed on an unarmed populace. Rather than restore British subjects’ right to keep and bear arms (from whence our own rights sprang) the Land of Hope and Glory has redoubled its efforts to transform itself into a thoroughly modern police state. At the Police Federation conference in Bournemouth, the the org’s firearms specialist called on Her Majesty’s government to provide 36k police officers with TASERs. The telegraph.co.uk reports that Paul Davis also wants three water cannons. Where? “I don’t care where they are, I think they should be strategically placed around the country to support our members.” Yes, “I’ve seen too many of our members being assaulted in the line of duty.” Hang on; what about the general public? Not a dickie bird.


  1. Did I hear someone shout ‘Allah Akbar’ as they were charging towards the mob down the street? I’m less concerned with the tasers being issued to the police as I am passing laws limiting the rights of a person in self-defense. As I understand it in England, people cannot legally use any weapon to defend themselves. I am referring to knives, clubs, antique swords, cast-iron frying pans, mace, tasers, golf clubs, hammers, etc and all other tools.

  2. Police higher ups take the protection of their monopoly of the ability to commit violence very seriously and a dim view of the public attempting to protect themselves. Rank and file are more sympathetic but sadly the UK police force since the 60’s has become more interested in wholly headed targets and protecting their paymasters (government) than helping the Public. There is still a lot of bad feeling in many communities about how the police were used for strike breaking during the 70’s and 80’s. All this and more explains why I support directly elected police commissioners, let the people decide not the Home Secretary.

  3. The cops in that video really showed them who’s boss, driving their vans with lights and wailers on back and forth. I bet the looters were scared to death by that display of force and courage.

  4. i remember amazon seeing a rush on baseball bats purchased from the uk.

    their answer to someone threatening you is to lay down and take it. Not in America.

    Not yet at least.

    • And I think the people of the UK need to have the right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves against ALL criminals.


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