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“A thief from Moray who ‘unwittingly’ stole a gun from the house of a widow has been jailed for five years,” reports, brandishing air quotes with gay abandon. “Guy Whitelaw, 28, from Forres, told police he discovered the handgun in a cash box he took from the house. Whitelaw admitted having the gun and was given minimum jail term for illegal possession of a firearm. He told the court the victim, a 63-year-old woman who said the gun had belonged to her late husband, should be prosecuted for not having a permit.” And I bet she will be, too. “Judge Lord Woolman told him there were no exceptional circumstances to allow him to escape the minimum jail term of five years for illegal possession of a firearm.”

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  1. Ah, the price of a “civilized” society. Punish the victim and give the criminal the minimum sentence. Let all those who would choose a career of crime that we will prosecute you to the shortest extent of the law.

  2. So the guy stole a cashbox from a 63 year old widow and is getting a minimum 5 years in jail becuase he unknowingly stole a firearm that was inside the box. Glad to hear he’s gonna be in jail for the next five years. I personaly think he should have gotten a longer sentence than 4months for the B&E and robbery. Oh well, he is going to spend the next 5 years re-thinking the decision to bury a firearm in the back yard. He could have avoided the 5 year sentence if he didn’t walk the police out into the garden and dug up the gun for them, but he didn’t and it’s his own fualt he is spending time in jail. As long as they don’t prosecute the widow justice is being done.

  3. 5 years for what he did seems excessive. The guy is probably a low life but the punishment seems excessive. This also goes to show, never talk to the cops if you get in trouble. They aren’t on your side and will try and play nice guy so you implicate yourself.

    A lawyer covers why you shouldn’t talk to them in a little more detail in the link below

  4. British thieves still maintain a sense of honor. During the first Gulf War an RAF staff officer left a briefcase with the air plan for Desert Storm in his car to take a look at a new BMW. Car thier boosts the car and checks what’s in the bag. Oops, State Secrets! He then stops by the local police station and drops off the bag. Wouldn’t want to do something that might get the lads killed now would you?


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