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Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s ­assassination-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.” This had to happen. Eventually. Preach that all cops are racists long enough and someone – in this case 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who had murdered his girlfriend earlier in the day — will believe it. “’I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,’ a person believed to be the gunman wrote on Instagram in a message posted just three hours before the officers were shot” . . .


“‘They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,’ the post continued, signing off with, ‘This May Be My Final Post.’”

At least Brinsley had the decency to blow his own brains out not long after executing the unsuspecting cops, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. The only question is, will these be the last cops targeted?

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  1. “The only question is, will this be the last cops targeted?”

    Nope. And don’t forget the ISIS threat to military and police. We are at war (or people are just starting to figure this out). And we can thank the NY governor for contributing to their murders by further spreading this racist garbage. A sad day for America. Prayers to the two officer’s families.

    Officer Wenjian Liu – married two months and leaves behind his new wife.
    Officer Rafael Ramos – leaves behind his wife and 13 year old son.

    Thank you for your service.

    • America has been in a holy war for about 20 years. Some deny that but jihad was declared, but there was ineptitude for years but they were given time to learn ,organize and grow.

      • We haven’t been at war for twenty years. It has been thirty five years since Iran (using mobs for deniability) invaded our embassy and held fifty Americans hostage for 444 days. The next major act of war was the bombing of the barracks in Beirut, 1983 or 84 I believe. (I lost a high school classmate in that attack.)

      • The color of their skin wasn’t the issue. This isn’t black or white. The color that got them killed was BLUE. It could have just as easily been a black cop sitting next to a white cop in that car and they’d both still be just as dead. This thug wasn’t shooting men, he was shooting some perceived wrong he thought existed. The old “Man be keepin’ us down…” bullshit. I wonder where he got that silly idea from?

    • The problem is, we aren’t really at war. No war has been declared. The notion of a “war on terror” has been used for over a decade now to try and intimidate the population into giving up their civil rights.

  2. Posted on dailykos hours ago;

    “The NRA fought and worked so hard to bring into being, a world where everyone is afraid of everyone else and gun sales increase, and cops are ambushed, and women are shot by their abusers, and people of color are killed by police at rates approaching the era of lynchings.

    I am ashamed of my county, and of so many of my fellow citizens, for buying into this deliberate attempt to polarize the nation, and to make gun violence a daily news story in every media market. I am ashamed at everyone who has contributed to letting the NRA and its fellow travelers on the right get away with inciting death, murder, the militarization of the police and the continual sale of firearms to people who have no need for them, but buy them only out of fear.”

    -Steven D

    Denying entirely their own obvious “incitements” to death and murder that resulted in todays tragedy. They have been churning away all day, putting up these strawmen everywhere they can. I am so ashamed of and furious at these limp wristed little weenies right now, you have no idea.

    • I use DailyKOS as a tool to dissuade people from becoming liberal. just read the “white privilege” posts and try to make your brain work like that.

      • You mean work in such a way it acknowledges the reality that some people ARE born into better situations and DO have the priviledge of an advantage. Hmmm.

        • Yes tony, a white homeless guy, is more powerful than obama, thank you for your wisdom.

          P.S. Still trolling reason?

        • “White privilege” is just frustration at class separation heaped all on one race, the belief of which is another reminder that critical thought is not the norm these days.

        • Some people are born into a better situation. A two parent family, that emphasizes a good education, that teaches their children respect for the law, that teaches their children to take responsibility for their actions and will want them to be punished if they break the law.

          Yep, the Asians, (the Vietnamese and the Chinese immigrants) do this; which is why they have a higher percentage of their ethnic group with advanced degrees and entrepreneurship than even the white population here in the USA.

        • Not directed at you Tony.

          Yes, some people are born into better situations than others and have different advantages. If you come from a wealthy family that was able to put you through private education, that is an advantage many in the country don’t have.

          To say that race has nothing to do with advantage is being blind to the truth. Whether you are racist or not doesn’t change the fact that there are still a lot of racists that are in controlling positions of power. Whether it be law enforcement, business owners, execs, or admissions offices. Take a look at twitter to see how racist and ignorant parts of the population is. Look up the articles of people in power getting caught saying their racist comments on video or email or Twitter. Now tell me it is a stretch to think they didn’t give their own race an advantage over those they hated simply for the color of their skin. Look at some of the racist policies that existed to keep blacks from owning homes. A policy that made it harder to pass down wealth in a family.

          White privilege does exist. I am not saying all others are doomed and can’t rise to the occasion. I am saying white people have had an advantage in most aspects of life for a long time.

        • @JustAMan, a lot of people are born privileged. They’re privileged to know the identity of their fathers. That’s a big privilege. They’re privileged to know that it takes hard work to get ahead. They’re privileged to believe that they can only blame themselves for failure.

          There’s no white privilege. There is only the privilege that racial arsonists have to blame everybody else for a situation that they created for themselves.

        • @Ralph

          You couldn’t have read my post. How could you say their is no white privilege when there were explicit laws giving them an advantage for decades after slavery. How could you say there is no white privilege when every survey/study done shows people of color are arrested at 9-10x the rate of white people for drugs even though they use and sell drugs at equal or higher rates than people of color? How could you say there is no white privilege when even when white people are arrested they are able to plea bargain to lesser crimes far more often than people of color? How could you say there is no white privilege when white people convicted of the same crimes as people of color are given far lighter sentences under the same conditions?

          I am not saying hard work is not required/demanded of everyone. I am saying the system is easier for white people.

          • Bullshit. And when those statistics are rebutted it turns into “the inner city areas they live in create the environment that turns them to crime” or “it is the lack of father figures” or any number of other excuses. They all are excuses.
            The reason drug offenses are more prosecuted among minorities is because that is often part of the plea deals. Yep, plea bargains are not just for white folks. But, since the urban minorities are much more represented in crime in general, the pleas get tougher after 3 or 4 raps on the sheet.
            Like I said, you are full of it. There is more truth in the lack of parenting being problematic, period, than in anything else. Minorities that are taught responsibility tend to thrive, even when raised in the urban environs.

    • Reading some of the comments from CSGV about Wayne LePierre it seems that one side is happy to encourage murder. And it isn’t the NRA.

      Rest in Peace Officers, my thoughts and prayers are with your families this Christmas.

    • I have honestly never heard of that site, but at least I know to avoid it now.

      While I am not usually one to assume someone’s position I will do so now and assume that whomever wrote that regurgitates the same rhetoric I see from the echo chamber of the leftist media. If that is indeed the case I could probably and easily find an article on my first try written by the same author that portrays his hypocrisy.

      After all, this is apparently the NRA’s fault. When fly-by-night legislation gets introduced and passed to make New York state a pinnacle of gun control it’s still the NRA’s fault. The NRA that is composed of nothing but old, fat, Bible-thumping white men, it’s their fault that this happened.

      They must be exhausted from all this back-flipping in their brains to come to that conclusion.

    • Whenever I try to explain to someone that the downfall of America will come from within, that the true enemy of freedom and civilization is our fellow Americans, and that hatred, violence, and bigotry are born in the minds of leftists, I point them to the DailyKOS.

      Works every time. I don’t need to make an argument. I just let them peek into the insanity of the left.

      The irony of KOS type people is that they sell more guns than anyone. Simply knowing that people like them exist, people of such unfathomable evil and stupidity, makes any intelligent person desire the means for defense.

      The NRA doesn’t spread fear. The right doesn’t spread fear. The left spreads fear simply by being themselves, showing us the sub-human monsters they are.

      • “The irony of KOS type people is that they sell more guns than anyone. Simply knowing that people like them exist, people of such unfathomable evil and stupidity, makes any intelligent person desire the means for defense.”

        I personally know 2 people who were leftist-fence sitters who have converted to pro-2A based on the vile spewings of the left blogosphere.

        Sad thing is, tho, they still vote left. They can’t seem to grasp what pulling that lever for ‘D’ means for their liberty.

        I’m convinced there is a sizable group of leftists who are closet gun owners. They don’t want to risk being outcasts their leftist world. They justify it I believe with the “rules for thee and not for me’ mind-set.

  3. Sounds like he was prohibited from gun possession. Let’s hope this is the end of it. Yes we knew it was coming, everyone knew it was coming. He’s was a crook with a gun and all the universal background checks didn’t stop it nor will it ever. It appears to be another soft on crime situation where this clown should have been flushed into the system and forgotten long ago.

    • De Blasio is the perfect mayor for the Big Apple. He is exactly what New York deserves.

      Earlier this seek, the NYPD patrolman’s union (an unpleasant group if there ever was one) circulated a petition urging Mayor Warren Wilhelm — his real name — to stay away from police funerals. Given that there were so few officers KIA last year, I never expected that petition to come into play so soon.

      • I’m not always a huge fan of the PBA’s moves either but they’re doing the right thing now… they’re going to show NYC what it’s like to be back in the days where cops didn’t do anything but take reports.

      • Well put, Ralph.

        Those that want Leftist policy should live with it. The real failings of the west coast and the northeast are that the non-Megalopolis areas have elected enough people with a little common since. The sad reality is that those with any since or concept of reality should pull out of these areas and let the leftist wallow in there own shat.

      • Actually you are right

        I hope NY rots like the big apple that it is. More like big rotten apple. Hollowed out from the inside.

        Elections have consequences…

  4. Ismaaiyl Brinsley was a POS, a coward who shot a woman and then ambushed two cops. The blood of all three of them are on the hands of every left-wing scumbag in America.

    But one thing’s for sure — there will be a reckoning. And it’s going to get ugly. It’s about time.

      • Hold on. I understood that the “killed” was inaccurate, but now you say the “shot” may also be inaccurate? Good grief, either the woman was shot or she wasn’t! How screwed up is our news reporting if we can’t even get the straight story on that? Are we sure that the gang-banger wasn’t actually the third innocent victim of the real assassin?

    • Another of the Religion of Peace. Surprise! Farrakhan, Sharpton, and the nitwits at the National Bar Association stoking Michael Browns parents rage, and incting black protesters to ‘take action’ all have bloody hands here too.

  5. Oh, great, just great.

    Next thing that’ll happen, some cop who’s paranoid in light of this event, will shoot some black guy reaching for the wallet thinking it has to be a gun.

    And then some other moron from Nation of Islam or the New Black Panthers or some such will decide to make a bid for glory by killing more cops.

  6. Condolences to the families of both officers. RIP. I hesitate to point out that this was yet another tragic shooting in a substantially gun free zone only because the focus should be on the tragic loss of two admirable public servants. What an awful day.

  7. This is the end result of the liberal/progressive sickness.

    It is a belief system of self-hate and self-loathing that is projected as a victim blaming everyone and everything other than themselves.

    It is a cult of death; dedicated to destroying everything that a civilization is based upon.

    It is dedicated to the destruction of the family, of morality, of respect for the law, of personal responsibility.

    This is the result.

    And It will get much worse.

    • “It [Liberal/Progressive sickness] is dedicated to the destruction of the family, of morality, of respect for the law, of personal responsibility.”

      ^ This !!!!!!!!!

  8. Hopefully the widows and kids will be taken care of.
    My guess is, this will create a bit of tension on the streets.

      • What? I’d rather he not have done it at all, but to make things worse he used a nice chrome taurus with wood grips that’s probably going to be destroyed. So we lose two cops, get another gun violence story plastered all over the news, AND a really nice Taurus is now gone forever.

        • Definitely a Taurus, not sure if it’s a “nice” one or not though – the shame of this is that two police officers lost their lives because some idiot got sucked in by the fabricated-from-whole-cloth fiction perpetrated on the public by the MSM and their pandering to the likes of that emaciated buffoon in a cheap suit (you know, I wonder if karma is catching up with the rev – everytime I see him I think he’s lost a few more pounds – maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll just dry the hell up and blow away?)

        • “So you morn for an inanimate object? Nice.”

          Actually, when a particularly rare War Bird crashes, i do mourn a bit. Mostly for the pilot, but yes, some for the airframe.

    • Chill out – the gun in the photo that accompanies this story was probably a stock picture the author used to get the story out. I cannot believe that the police would release such details, like the gun used, so soon unless it were an AR-15 or AK-47. If one of these were used, then Katy bar the door.

  9. So how does one go about making certain the instigators of this crap are correctly targeted? You know what I’m talking about – Rev Al and his ilk – because if they weren’t constantly stirring the pot, the two morons who got taken out by the police wouldn’t have made the LOCAL news for more than a few days, let alone the months & months & months that we’ve seen.

  10. The fact that a Baltimore scumbag utilized this PT92 Cocked and Locked should be a sign-whatever you carry, do not assume your attacker is untrained because theyre criminals.

      • Yep. It was a “this life sucks, i’m going to end it, and i’m going to end it by performing an action that I think will benefit the remainder of the populace” move.

        This is going to occur more and more as the US decays from the destruction of the family, morality, respect for the law, and personal responsibility.

  11. This double murder say exactly as much about liberals as the double murder carried out by Jerad and Amanda Miller says about conservatives. Some people are stupid and easily swayed by propaganda that re-enforces their own twisted views of the world to the point that they do outrageous acts of violence. Liberals and conservatives should share an abhorrence for homicidal acts like these, even as they may share a distrust of authority. Do not look at this as a liberal/conservative world-view difference–look at it as an example of some people being very f’ed up. Instead, let us all mourn the death of these officers.

  12. Just the beginning…maybe it was “for” Brown and Garner. Or maybe it was for Akai Gurley, shot in a stairwell and left to die by the NYPD who instead of calling medics IMMEDIATELY texted their union reps instead.

    Or maybe this was because of John Crawford….executed in a Walmart by cop the INSTANCE the guns sights
    were on him for holding a BB gun.

    Or perhaps this is retribution for Tamir Rice who was shot virtually the instant the cops squad car came to a halt.

    Or maybe the shooter is a PETAphile and this is payback for the hundreds of innocent dogs killed by cops every year…….in Buffalo NY alone nearly 100 in 3 years with 25 of those by ONE SINGLE OFFICER…..( a dead giveaway that this cop is a sociopath who loves killing).

    Regardless…..this is the pushback from years of official abuse by people who are NEVER held accountable for their crimes and misconduct. A lot of people have been stating for a long time that when those in power keep pushing eventually those they push will shove back……and this is it. The problem is that those who hold the leashes of LEO….the ones for who order the badges to dole out the violence…..are not the ones being shot….and they should be.

    • Perhaps…maybe…

      or, it could just be an unhinged nut that rationalized his homicidal urgings – lack of evidence aside, I find that more plausible. I expect the pushback you speak of would be organized and not end in the suicide of the disgruntled perpetrator.

      • I agree. If you even slightly believe your action is in the right, there is no reason to off yourself. Stand up and brag about it, explain your decision! Of course, here I am again, attributing some manner of reasoning to a murderous pig.

    • Dude, I’m sorry but you live in a complete fantasy world. Just when in your blessed American life have you ever been truly fearful of being shot by the police? Is it maybe because you didn’t break the law, fight the cops, wave guns (toy or not) around in public? All of the incidents you mention didn’t just fall out of the sky like you infer, except for the walmart incident which was a clear cut case of MDA swatting. If you are saying that criminals should be allowed to crime, and we are supposed to let them, no. Never. I would rather watch you and your stupid social justice movement burn in hell before I would let our society descend into that sort of lawlessness. It is in these times I wonder just how different you liberal social justice warriors actually are from ISIS…

  13. Hmmm… you’d think he’d have the decency to target the murderer of Garner. Or those of Dorismond. Or Gurley. Aut mille alii…

    • Why are you hoping that this mental midget went after the arresting officer of garner? garner was a criminal and the cop used the necessary amount of force to arrest a 350lb. criminal. Massive criminals like garner and brown are why I carry forty fives as a taser or mace would just enrage their criminal actions further.
      I happen to be a not so forgiving Christian, more trade in your robes for swords kind, and relate to the old testament sometimes in certain arenas. There is no excuse for executing two innocent cops over blacks being upset that their communities are highly dysfunctional in comparison to civilized populations. The two cops only crime was to show up to work that day and willingly place themselves in the front of high crime projects to try and stem the black on all violence.
      The officer’s families should have told the mayor where to go.

      • Yeah. Why not take your views along their path and just advocate wiping out all black people from dysfunctional communities.

        Given you are from South Dakota and have those views, I bet you have never been to a big city and are confused by all the lights, and possibly never seen a black person in the flesh.

        • I use logic that is not tied to politically correct excuses for the failings of certain cultures that tend to over all provide the greater communities more burden, but especially more crime. I wouldn’t advocate for genocide of black people that is just ignorant like your statement about South Dakotans not being well traveled or afraid of meeting new folks. When you are broken down on a road in the middle of where the nations food is grown, any car that drives by will pull over and lend a hand not rob you. We also don’t confuse the smell of liberal white-guilt B.S. for that of daisies as you apparently do, by not being honest with yourself about the cultural failings and blaming from majority black communities. An example, the east coast city I resided in with some great Americans who happen to be black for some learnin, is as big as mine here in free America but in N.Y. there were murders, vice crimes, and shootings everyday. In S.D. maybe ten murders and not many robberies unless you are a criminal, but the difference is the homogeneous culture based on goodness not based on materialism and blame. My city was much better like most regions when it was predominately white that had some minorities, but that has changed from the invasion of liberals and their accompanying desire to distribute others money to subsidize their control over the weak.
          Main difference here is you don’t have to be afraid of getting shot for just looking at some thugs and inducing their homicidal rage over a perception of their pride being hurt, or if someone is that dumb to try and act hard they find out criminals are not the only ones allowed guns.

        • Spent a few years in SD back in the early 80s. Don’t recall any particular discrimination or prejudice against blacks, there. Cannot say the same about Indians. Many people, including blacks (!) were very quick to condemn them.

      • It would appear that some of us ’round here are precisely what they accuse us all of being.

        Wonder if Sheriff Clarke is hiring?

  14. Probely a CS that beat up women and children, good ridence to this shit. Just hope he failed to hit the right spot and he suffered some. God bless the blue and there brave duties. There maybe some blue out there that doesn’t get it right, but that’s a damn few of them. We are heading down a path that is not for us to travel, thx. Obama.

  15. While the violent protestors, race baiters, and mayor share a lot of the blame, perhaps the police should instead be angry at their fascist overlords who have turned the NYPD into brownshirts. After all, Garner was killed for daring to sell cigarettes without giving the lords of New York their unearned pound of flesh. The NYPD are enforcers of unconstitutional laws and it’s difficult to muster sympathy for those who willingly make a living out of illegally oppressing American citizens.

    Am I saying these cops deserved this? No. I’m saying the anger is misdirected, as it always is, since the truth harms government credibility and the leftist agenda.

    And good luck convincing these hopelessly brainwashed leftists all over the country. Good luck trying to show them the chains they lug around daily. So attached are these pathetic slaves to their chains, they’re terrified of living without them, and will kill you to hold on to their fantasies.

    • +1.

      The tragic heroes were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill in Bedford-Stuyvesant

      I really can’t muster much, if any, sympathy for the officers. They wear the uniform of a government that has oppressed individual rights to the point that many are going to push back. I’m not glad about the murder of these two cops but I can’t seem to bring myself to really give that much of a damn about them. What is the favorite saying around here? Oh yeah… Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      • Well, the governing overloads will give their fallen soldiers a parade, a 21 gun salute, folded flags with stars and stripes, everyone clad in their most pompous, vain outfits they can imagine all so they can let everyone else know how grand, great, and worthy those who fell were. After all, they are so much more “important” than regular people.

      • I really can’t muster much, if any, sympathy for the officers.

        What a truly sickening thing to say. Such sentiment is no better than the actions of the bastard who murdered these officers.

        I stand with these innocent police officers who were summarily executed. It would be an honor to be called a “boot-licker” by the likes of anyone who would condone or attempt to justify their murder.

        • I’m neither right or left minded. I am liberty minded. I feel for the individual officers and their families. I condemn the murder and suffering of innocents. However, they were wearing the uniform of what some perceive as the enemy. They weren’t completely innocent. Government likes to declare “war” on this and that (alcohol, drugs, poverty, terrorism, etc). Government may have just witnessed a segment of the population declaring “war” on it… or maybe not. Regardless, I feel for the two murdered men and at the same time I bristle at the current government they were paid to and chose to wear the uniform of.

          If it helps you out any, I didn’t condemn or condone the OKC bombing either.

  16. I think another dumb, fatherless POS who couldn’t even spell his own name right (it’s Ishmael, you illiterate turd, not Ismaaiyl) finally at least got something right: he saved the rest of America from having to pay his legal and medical expenses, not to mention his room and board, for the next 50-60 years.

  17. This could lead to things getting very bad in the area.

    It could also have a different effect. It could shut up the dumb hipsters who walk in the street with their hands up like it’s a party. It could shut the mayor down from his idiocy. It could bring some semblance of sanity back to the whole situation.

    I hope it’s the latter, but if so it came at too high a cost- the sacrifice of the lives of two police officers upon the alter of race politics.

  18. Murderers like this have no better role models than the state and the police themselves. One police officer manslaughters a businessman and so this guy goes and murders two relatively innocent cops. What sick logic. In like manner, the police regularly enforce mala prohibita on innocent people because other persons at one time may have abused their liberties. What sick logic.

  19. I lived in New York City for 57 years, I moved to Texas a little over a year ago. I grew up in Brooklyn, in the projects and drove a bus in Manhattan for the city. I know the mean streets and I am hyper aware of my surroundings because of it. I had to leave NYC, I could not take it anymore, it slowly turned into a hell hole a little at a time, neighborhood by neighborhood. The liberal political views are misguided and dangerous. I’m no right winger but they are more grounded in reality. Guns are very cool, fun and educational. For young people it teaches discipline and responsibility, that’s something many adults can also learn these days. The worst thing they ever did was end the draft. Many young men and now women made the transition from teenager to adulthood the right way partly because of service and that is gone now. What we have is way too many children growing up without a solid foundation from a proper home environment. Who will teach these children how to become responsible adults since their own parents are not capable of that, they themselves are not? So they grow up ignorant, angry, uneducated, expecting entitlements, zero work ethic and no foundation in their upbringing to change that. This is reinforced by the media, liberal politics and more government handouts. Obama is part of the problem, instead of being a leader of the people he has sided with the people who are eroding the fabric of what this country stands for. Being poor is not a crime, bringing up your children to stay that way is. Unfortunately the police are part of the problem, they have to go back to being the right hand of the law abiding citizen and not the right hand of the special interest corrupt governmental oppression. The government right now is oppressing the people, taking away their freedoms and destroying the middle class. They use the police as their enforcement of these crimes. I feel bad for the police, they are trying to do their jobs, they did not join the force to be the right hand of corruption. People must take back their government, their streets, their neighborhoods and go back to the concept of the police being the friend of the law abiding citizen. Do not take away our ability to protect ourselves, our families and our property. The police were never meant to do that, they cannot do that, they arrest criminals, they are not meant to protect us from them 24/7, that is impossible and not even a rational thought. It is every citizen’s right and responsibility to police themselves and follow the laws of this land. You are either part of the problem or part of the cure, there is no sideline to sit on.

    • I agree with a lot of your post. I would suggest, however, that once individual officers figure out that they are being the right arm of an oppressive government (with an agenda to destroy our constitutional republic), then it is time to consider a line of work in the private sector. I’ve dissuaded more than a few younger people from pursuing careers in law enforcement or the military. Some of the law enforcement officers that I’ve spoken frankly with over the years have expressed that they are glad to be retiring soon (most already have by now) as they see what’s happening as a no-win situation for individual officers. Their job calls for them to enforce unconstitutional laws and they become potential targets. If I were an officer today, I’d be getting out of that line of work ASAP.

      • Their job calls for them to enforce unconstitutional laws and they become potential targets.

        The remedy for enforcement of unconstitutional laws is not vigilante execution of police officers. The remedy for unconstitutional laws is to elect better politicians who will enact and enforce constitutional laws, and for those injured by unconstitutional laws to challenge them via the courts.

        Wearing a badge confers not one iota of justification for criminal acts targeting police officers.

        • (Again, I’m not condemning or condoning the recent murder of two police officers.)

          When a long chain of abuses with no redress of grievance becomes intolerable, a people may very well push back with deadly force. IMHO, the officers didn’t deserve to be murdered. However, I’m not about to go overboard and proclaim them innocent lambs and “heroes”. They were murder victims. They also wore the uniform of a government that is oppressing its own people and people around the globe. Voting has become a joke in parts of our nation. Political offerings are no solution. Although the courts have shown some spark of positive solution, I don’t hold much hope for that venue in the long run. When it becomes obvious to a large enough part of this country that their vote rarely matters and the courts are FUBAR, they might very well seek redress in violence. When other courses are ineffective, violence is not an unusual result. The race baiters are pushing things along for their own agenda which I believe is nothing short of a full blown communist state. That’s making the situation worse.

          • When a long chain of abuses with no redress of grievance becomes intolerable, a people may very well push back with deadly force.

            No, they very well may not. We are civilized human adults, not animals unable to control our urges.

        • It’s also known as armed rebellion. 😉

          When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

          However, I don’t consider this particular incident in NYC part of a rebellion. I consider it murder fueled in large part by the half-truths of progressive race baiters. The murder isn’t getting much of my sympathy and neither are the officers. Both sides played a role, IMHO.

          Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  20. The murder of these two Police Officers is tragic and inexcusable. Their blood is on many hands. My Sympathies to the Officer’s Families and NYPD.

    No doubt other people will try this kind of thing. I expect major PD’s will go on High Alert and would not be surprised if overly anxious Officers shoot a Citizen or several in overreaction. Just to make matters worse.

    Ironic that we POTG decry wanton killing (the vast majority of us, anyway), while the Anti-Gun Left advocates for it (in apparently vastly increasing numbers).

    Abraham Lincoln’s “Lyceum Address” in 1838 is worth considering. In it Linclon warns:

    “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

    I think we are at a point where the Extreme Left is trying to force that suicide. Advocating the wholesale slaughter of the first line of Law Enforcement is just so much rhetoric, but actually carrying out those exhortations is the first step to Revolution. Those in the streets in the “Hands Up/I Can’t Breathe” movement are flat saying they want a “Communist Revolution”. They failed in “Occupy Wall Street”, now they have found a new tack, which has led directly to murder.

    There may have been murder in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement amongst the “Protestors” and there was rape, robbery, assault, drug use and other violence for certain. See the “Rap Sheet” at this link:—occupywallstreet–the-rap-sheet–so-far

    In the desperate final two years of the Obama Reign we might want to start pushing on the Republican controlled Congress to do whatever it takes to preserve the Republic, or start discreetly organizing The Militia to preserve it ourselves.

  21. Some people are born into a good family with both parents?

    Some people do really well regardless of their family situation. Some people do poorly when they have everything and two parents.
    These people are every color. The minute you mentioned some types of people you went to the old argument. Every Asian isn’t special! The ones who would move their families 6-9000 miles and start over are. There are plenty of slackers back at home.
    Leave race out of it. There are slackers and there are people who work hard. You know some “white low life’s” on welfare.

    If you blame Sharpton “the opportunist”, then blame Limbaugh Bachman etc. for fueling the same hatred in their audience. Poor people have a hard time in this country. Better than other countries? Oh yeah!

    But to bait their angst by blaming other groups is a time honored tactic.

    Nichols and McVeigh stated their aim was to avenge Waco and Ruby Ridge. How outraged are you about that? If these instances seem different to you than you have some soul searching to do. Be honest in your own thoughts and ask yourself why do I see them differently.

  22. I believe “What the world needs is Love!”. Too much killing, violence, and hate! I write love songs, sheet music which can be printed out free on my website: The two cops never seen it coming an never had a chance to defend themselves. I agree with former Mayor Rudolph Guiliani instigators like Al Sharpton, and the Mayor sent the wrong message “it’s open season on cops”. Everyone has the right to protest peacefully, however, the trigger point is when some nut gets inspired to go out and shoot some New York City Cops based on instigation and hate for police by a few individuals. My deepest sympathy for those 2 police officers who protect the public everyday, exposing themselves to criminals and drug dealers posing a risk to their own safety. Cops are human beings too and want to come home to their loved ones after a days work. It is a thankless job! Cop killers deserve death by electrocution-not lethal injection. I hope New York City brings back stop and frisk, and takes New York back from thugs!

    • who protect the public everyday, exposing themselves to criminals and drug dealers posing a risk to their own safety.

      They are paid to take those risks. They chose the profession. Some of those duties they perform include infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms (among other rights). 😉

      Cops are human beings too and want to come home to their loved ones after a days work.

      Not this line again. That excuse has been justification for a plethora of criminal behavior by officers.

      It is a thankless job!

      They get plenty of “thanks”. They also get paid. I’ve seen cops called “heroes” when they drop over from a heart attack off duty. The term is over used in general and certainly when it comes to law enforcement.

      Cop killers deserve death by electrocution-not lethal injection.

      Why just “cop killers” and not all murderers? Is it because blue is more equal than all others?

      I hope New York City brings back stop and frisk, and takes New York back from thugs!

      So you actually hope that government continues to violate the supreme law of the land; the Constitution?!?! 🙁

      • “Stop and frisk” was clearly and unrepentantly unconstitutional, everybody knew it, and everybody liked it, because it worked. Guys, lots of things work, and help out very much as we travel faster and faster down the slippery slope. If we desire to depart from the constitution, the answer is to AMEND it, not ignore it. That allows other, calmer voices to report the undesired effects which may ensue.

        • The Bill of Rights was a group of amendments, however none of them gave anyone any rights. They concerned themselves with enumerating the existence of certain natural, inherent, or God-given (your choice of terms) rights. Likewise, removing those rights or altering them does not change their existence.

  23. Revenge? Incited by the Left? No…why would anyone think that? Those were peaceful protesters.

    Civil servants:

    Unino Members:

    and their peaceful organizers, SEIU where the cockroaches from ACORN fled, for pay. Obama’s former clients and fellow community organizers…

    • oh, wait…they are trolling at WAPO comments, Daily Kos, and Huffpo….blaming it all on the EVIIILLLL NRA….

      How come those strict NYC gun laws didnt stop this criminal?

      I think NYC needs stricter gun laws applied to the law abiding.

      That will surely stop those criminals.


  24. Is it over? Not hardly. A police officer was shot in his (personal) car yesterday in St. Louis, and apparently there was another police officer shooting somewhere today (I could probably dig up links, if needed).

    This will not end well for the lawless thugs. Law-abiding, gun-owning Americans will support police officers over lawless, murdering thugs. Are there corrupt, power-abusing police officers? Certainly. But they pale in comparison to the danger posed by lawless thugs.

  25. Its too bad that it has come to this unfortunate and sad time….
    however, governments have been put on notice for many years now and have ignored the abuse law enforcement has displayed for many many years and excuse after excuse, sweeping unlawful shootings under the carpet, framing suspects, lying to grand juries, writing inaccurate police reports, abusing authority, tolerating bigoted administrations and most of all, not protecting and servicing the people that pay their salaries! I am now proud to say that I no longer have anything to do with law enforcement and can now move on with my life!

    • There’s no “but” involved here. Those things you mentioned have absolutely nothing to do with the summary-execution murder of two police officers. And even if those officers had been involved in such things, we still live under the rule of law in a Constitutional Republic, that precludes vigilante justice that would otherwise deprive citizens of their constitutionally protected rights, including due process, and cruel and unusual punishment for crimes.

        • The Constitution limits government.

          Indeed, but in the context of this discussion, what is your point? The Constitution also enumerates specific authority to the government, including the authority to pass laws against murder.

        • Protection of constitutional rights pertains to government. Since you were referring to individuals respecting rights, I would think that natural rights would be more accurate. Individuals aren’t called to directly protect constitutional rights. They are individually compelled by morality and ethics (and sometimes law, i.e. prohibitions on murder) to respect the natural rights of another.

      • Chip, in theory you are right, but in no way can you say with any realism that we are living in a Constitutional republic. We are no longer a nation of laws, the rules only apply to the little people.

        • Chip, in theory you are right, but in no way can you say with any realism that we are living in a Constitutional republic.

          Sadly, I cannot argue otherwise. We lost the republic when we changed the rules to elect Senators by popular vote, and to allow the federal government to tax individuals. It’s all been downhill from there.

          Are we living in a post-constitutional-republic? Almost. I don’t know if we’re yet past the point of no return.

    • +1.

      I was thinking something similar. Government has been warned for a long while now that if it continues to push there will be a backlash. Government has been pissing off the liberty movement, the anarchists, the anarcho-capitalists, libertarians, etc. I didn’t include the race baiters and hardcore progressives in general because I truly believe that they, by and large, are exploiting the justified ire of many diverse groups. The most visible, day-to-day people representative of government are law enforcement officers. I think that murders of this nature will be increasing in the coming months.

  26. Here’s a thought I haven’t seen here; I don’t personally do all this “social media” stuff, so I’m not sure how it would work, but shouldn’t someone check into the people this dirtbag was sending his announcements of hate and murder to? I mean, anybody he thought needed to know his motivations should have someone keeping an eye on them, shouldn’t they? Sort of as though they might be dangerous?

    • It’s already covered. NSA is keeping an eye on all of us, nationwide. Gives me the warm fuzzies knowing .gov has my back.


    But the scene outside Woodhull Hospital wasn’t entirely supportive. “You’re a bunch of killers,” a passerby told cops standing sentry there, according to one police source. And short distance from the crime scene—where a crowd was backed up by the police tape—a few members of the crowd repeated “fuck the cops” within earshot of a Daily Beast reporter.

    One 30-year-old local who gave his first name only as Carlos, didn’t hear the fatal gunfire but saw the hysteria aftewards and walked to the police tape.

    “A lot of people were clapping and laughing,” he said.

    “Some were saying, ‘They deserved it,’ and another was shouting at the cops, ‘Serves them right because you mistreat people!’” he said.

  28. To all those (not necessarily in here but if the shoe fits…) who blame the killings on privilege, let me just say Bullshirt. I was born in to a family of 6. My dad who was the only one working made less than two dollars per hour. He drove a truck, worked as a mechanic and finally became a police officer at the beginning of the hippie movement. His first paycheck for a month’s work was 387.00 after taxes. We lived on a farm and worked from can til can’t every day of the week 52 weeks per year. My mother was crippled from a botched surgery when she was a young girl and the doctors told her that she would never be able to bear children. She had 4 strong fine boys.

    Dad was gone most all the time as I was growing up with either being on the road driving the trucks or when a Cop, he was working weird hours and lots of them. My Brothers and I worked the farm hours before school and then hours after school every day of the school year. We raised our own vegetables and meat and we hunted to offset the cost of raising the meat. Then my oldest Brother was shot and killed by a friend as they were getting ready to go hunting. It was an accident but, you know what, beside the obvious emotional scars of losing a Brother and Son, we didn’t grow in to hating guns. We doubled down on overcoming the obstacles and hurdles that life threw at us. About a year after losing our Brother, Dad had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for several weeks. No insurance at that time either but we got the bills paid and Dad got well. That’s when he became a Cop.

    20 years after Dad became a Cop I followed in his steps and swore the oath to serve and protect. In the vast majority of the cases that I worked in 22 years involved the criminal being black. But, I never abused one single one of them. Kicked some butt for sure but never abused a single suspect. Most all the Officers I worked with, around and for, followed the same mindset. Abuse only leads to troubles down the road if not immediate.

    Sure there were always bad apples in every barrel and sometimes they wind up tainting the whole barrel until someone can clean it out. When we had a dirty Cop, we weeded him out. If he managed to slip through the cracks, he would eventually burn out, kill himself or get prosecuted for wrongs. One of the most violent thugettes in our region and I got along famously after I arrested her late one night. You know why? Because even though I had to get rather forceful and aggressive with her in order to get her under control, when she weakened or slackened her fight, I backed off as well. When she escalated I met her rise in aggression with equal and greater force. After I finally got her cuffed and stuffed and booked, the next day, she called my office and asked to speak to me. She apologized for being such a bi**h.

    Years later one of her Son’s were following in her footsteps and when he got sent to Prison, she told him to find me if he needed anything because of wrongs by the Prison. The NRA had nothing to do with her or her Son’s gun crimes. The NRA fights hard to promote common sense handling and use of firearms AND they support and lobby for much tougher punishment for crimes involving a gun.

    There are NO more black people being killed by cops today than they were in the 80s or 90s or even the 70s. Is there a race issue in this nation? Not really, we are fed that line of bullshirt by the media in order to get agendas passed by the liberal hate mongers. Do the Republicans involve us in more White Cop v Black Suspect issues? That’s laughable in itself, of course not. Do Republicans bring more law and justice to the books and courts? Formally yes but, not so much anymore. The Republicans and Democrats are virtually the same thugs now days.

    Was Michael Brown murdered? NO he was not. He was killed by a police officer BECAUSE of HIS choices leaving the Officer NO other choice. Was Eric Garner murdered? NO he was not. Was too much force used on him, I think that for the crimes of which the Cops were there, yes. However, had HE NOT resisted and CONTINUED to struggle and fight, he would not have gotten dead…….Were the three Police Officers that were murdered in NY and Fl this weekend the results of Race Baiting by Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and Holder et al? AB SO FREAKIN LUTELY!!!!!!!

  29. Since all the unrest is for the unfair treatment of blacks; (Garner, Brown, NYPD killing suspect), how coincidentally is that each of the perpetrators and/or criminal suspects are all black. Sounds like all non-blacks should be legally required to be armed with a firearm and mandated to shoot at any and all potential threats from any blacks. That might solve this current dilemma imo.

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