The Sun is a populist paper in The Land of Hope and Glory. It belongs to the same Aussie magnate who owns The Wall Street Journal (who served as a role model for the evil media mogul in the James Bond non-thriller Tomorrow Never Dies). So whether it’s tits and ass (Google “Page three girls”) or stocks and bonds, Murdoch’s minions have got you covered. When your picture appears in a Murdoch publication either you’ve got great lungs, you’ve committed a heinous crime, you’re making or losing a lot of money, or you’re a star. Often it’s a combination thereof. British actress Carey Mulligan reckons she’s got a better criteria for knowing when her time has arrived: shotguns. Can you say size queen? “And talking about her big night in the spotlight on Sunday – where she was beaten to the Best Actress gong by SANDRA BULLOCK – Carey said: “There were guys with enormous shotguns as I came in. ‘That is when I thought, [I should really use contractions when I speak because it makes me sound a lot less pretentious] ‘This is major’. That is when I got really excited because it felt really big. I thought it must be huge if the men have guns that big!'” Truer words have never been spoken—except for the fact that a bigger shotgun is not necessarily a better shotgun. Miss fire?


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