This week’s podcast was recorded at Kevin Brittingham’s Camp Awesome in the hills outside Atlanta. Besides Kevin, I was joined by Robby Johnson¬†and Jessica Gauvin. We discuss hunting 700 lb pigs, the Fox Body Ford Mustang, shooting tips, and WWII snipers. Next week, we’ll be at SHOT so expect content appropriate to guns and Vegas.


  1. God, that was incredible, you should have guests more often. Those Q guys are working on some pretty cool stuff, and just hearing the thought process and passion they are putting into this venture is refreshing.

    Also, for what it is worth, I feel like I flinch less/ shoot more consistently from the bench when shooting with my thumb on the same side of the rifle as my hand. I am definitely guilty of “driving the rifle” when I cross my thumb over as Robby was explaining.

  2. I NEVER do podcasts, hat ’em so much. If y’all can’t put it into text then I am not interested. I come here for information in print; simple man that I am. But off my soapbox about this. Please give us a textual version guys..’BTW, nice”State of the Union” by the impostor…All he wanted was to insure his legacy. Thankfully Jimmy Carter nailed it beforehand.

    What an attention grabbing POS who has embarrassed the USA for 8 years! Don’t let the white doors hitcha in the ass Barry!!


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