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In this, the second to last podcast of the year, I spend some time discussing our recent cold snap, the effect it’s had on my sausage closet, and the birth of a child. I also talk through some new AR barrels that arrive this week, what it feels like to be the prettiest girl at the bar around SHOT Show time, and the ideal pig hunting rifle.

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  1. I have to admit I don’t know what a “podcast” is… but I did get a perverse chuckle out of the phrase “sausage closet” and hope like hell it does NOT refer to what popped into my dirty little mind.

  2. Cold snap? Only because it got down the low 20s after more than a week in the high 30s and even the low 40s. CENTIGRADE!

  3. Thanks for the breakdown on pig rifles.

    I generally agree with your sentiments on the blackout. If go with a 16″ barrel you are pretty much comiting yourself to a “supers only” setup as very few factory subsonic loads will stay subsonic in a 16″ barrel, and at that point there are much better tools for the job that won’t be dropping like a rock past 150yds. This probably won’t win me any friends but 16″ blackouts pretty much only exist for people who want to tell their friends they shoot 300 Blackout but are too cheap to register an SBR.

    If you want to hunt with something better than a 556 and refuse to go the NFA route then build a 16 to18″ 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SP. The special mags and different bolt face are things to consider, but it’s a one time expense in my mind. The mags are cheap, and I have never met someone who has a separate upper and yet swaps bolt carriers between rifles so I have never seen that as a valid mark against those two. If you build/buy an upper for the 6.5 or 6.8 you are likely buying a new bolt too, plenty of manufacturers out their make 6.8/6.5 bolts that aren’t any more expensive than a 556 bolt.

    Great podcast, I think you are really hitting your stride, I have enjoyed the variety of content so far.

  4. Tyler,
    If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at the .25-45 Sharps for an alternate pig caliber in an AR platform.
    Basically, it’s like a blackout in that it’s just a barrel swap.
    I’m liking the ballistics and as a reloader, you can convert excess 5.56 brass.


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