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On this evening’s podcast, I talk about tuning fork muzzle devices, the allure of an all-steel pistol, and my wife’s aversion to a sausage closet. I also say the phrase “If I’m being honest” and the f-word a lot. I made a lot of references to things you can check out online (links below).

Temperature Controller

Humidity Controller

Hank Shaw’s Landjaeger Sausage

Your Rye is a Lie!

Ruger Gunsite Scout

CZ 75 B Ω Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready

The Official Q Instagram Page

Thanks for listening and leave a comment/question below!

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  1. Tyler, I was wondering what the suppressor make and model is that you use on your .243?

    When I took my .243 to the range to sight-in I got a comment from someone there that “it sounds like a 30-06”.
    Having recently shot a suppressed bolt-action .223 (first time hearing a suppressed gun in person), I’ve got to get a suppressor for the .243!

    • It’s a thunderbeast ultra 7 that I’m long overdue to review. I was really shocked at how much it tamed the already mild recoil and reduced to the noise to hearing safe.

      Thunderbeast makes an ultra 7 with a 6.5 aperature that might be worth a few fewer dB over the .30 cal.

      • Thanks, man. I’d definitely go with a 6.5mm suppressor.

        It’ll be a while before I can get a suppressor as I”m not 21 yet, on a positive note the HPA should be law-of-the-land by the time I’d be able buy one.

  2. I see the pic you put up and I’m instantly reminded of those damn “Fix your ED if you do this trick once daily” ads TTAG puts at the right-hand side of the screen…

  3. I feel like 45 and change is an appropriate length for a podcast. Time much better spent than watching some garbage on tv.

  4. Finally listened to this at work today. First I cracked up at “sausage closet”. Then I cracked up when you found out about the rye.
    ” *#€£ing conspiracy ”

    I am enjoying some awesome bear summer sausage as I write this.

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