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After a long day shooting guns and schmoozing with firearms industry folk, the TTAG team has returned from SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range and SIG SAUER’s massive demo event at the Clark County Shooting Complex. The guys are gathering in the gloaming to sip Bulleit bourbon and generate a stream of shooting impressions and new product news. In anticipation of our carpet bombing coverage, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the steadfast souls providing our Armed Intelligentsia with gun news. Rock and roll! [Left to right: Dan Zimmerman, Tyler Kee, Jon Wayne Taylor (back row), Robert Farago, Nick Leghorn, Joe Grine and Jeremy S.]

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  1. Request: check out the new Patriot Ordinance Factory 338 rifle and find what goodies Primary Weapon Systems brought with.



  2. Here’s to another year of AR accessories. Maybe we can get some more innovative ideas? Maybe I’m just negative.

    • I really like TFB and think it does a great job — but the writing is kinda blah. Not bad, but just blah.

      Guns are exciting and entertaining. Well, some of them are. But TFB, as good as it is, is not entertaining.

      • MY biggest problem with TFB is the awful commenting thing-and saying they ain’t political when they ARE. I can see gun reviews everywhere. “It’s a dandy pocket pistol”. But I only comment here and myriad FB pages FWIW Ralph.

  3. I’m envious, but know you guys will do a great job. You get to shoot other people’s gun for free, and don’t even have to clean them afterwards. Good times.

  4. It’s nice having been around long enough to start recognizing you all by face. Still a couple of you I don’t recognize, though.


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