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Earlier this week I fisked an editorial by Salem Virginia Doctor Scott Mange. To “bring the gun industry to its knees,” Dr. Mange wrote, like-minded gun control advocates should “ask the local pizza shops to refuse any orders that require delivery to a gun store.”

I thought that was well out of order. I suggested that we should heretofore chastise gun control advocates with the phrase “no pizza for you!” And then I read Dan the Man’s post about the Fort Myers’ Shoot Straight gun range:

“Shoot Straight, a Fort Myers gun dealer and firing range, gave the unidentified bystander who shot and killed a man assaulting a deputy on I-75 Monday a replacement handgun Tuesday. ‘We reached out to the Lee County Sheriff,’ said Mark Williams, who has managed the Fort Myers Shoot Straight location since it opened in 2010 off Colonial Boulevard. ‘He had to impound the gun for evidence. We wanted to donate a gun so this man’s not unarmed.’”

I figure it’s not good enough to deny pizza to gun grabbers. We should reward pro-gunners with pie! So I called-up Bella’s Pizzeria and ordered a 20″ pie for the straight-shooting Shoot Straight guys. As for anti-gunners and the perp assaulting the cop on I-75, no pizza for you! In the latter case at least, ever. Obviously.

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  1. Hahahah! I love it! You just stuck it right up the Mangey Doctor’s, uh, nose.

    Pizza For You should be a recurring feature on TTAG.

  2. I’ve purchased a couple firearms from them and took my concealed carry class there. It’s a real nice place with a nice range too. I have nothing but good things to say about this place and people after this even more so!

    This whole story really is a good guy with a gun saved the day. An African American saving a white cop. The race of either of these two men shouldn’t matter, but unfortunately we live in a time when it seems to.

    • Shooter being black makes him an even gooder guy. So many seem to expect different/worse treatment from police, it would make it even harder to risk your own freedom and safety by producing a gun when you, yourself, are not in immediate danger. He should get a pizza, too! Probably not 20″, he won’t be able to carry IWB any more.

      • “Shooter being black makes him an even gooder guy.”

        Let’s not play the “bonus-points-for-being-a-minority” game. It’s reprehensible in hiring practices, university admissions, contract awarding, candidate selections, etc.

        Just because this is an exciting, positive story, it doesn’t make judging individuals, whether positively or negatively, on the basis of their group identification any more moral.

        • This isn’t bonus points for a minority. It’s telling the truth. The relationship between the police and the black community is strained, at best. For a black man to pull a gun in the presence of a cop, even to help the cop, shows real courage. And moral strength.

          What if another cop had pulled up at that moment and saw a black man with a gun drawn? Will this man face a backlash from his own community for helping a cop? I’m reasonably sure that if I, an ofwg, had helped a cop I would get the support of my community, not the disdain.

          I do fully agree with your hiring practices statement. People should get jobs and school slots based solely on merit.

  3. Grabbers are loons. Even every pizza place in the country refused to deliver to a gun range the net effect would be zero.

    Carry out would still be an option and deliveries of Chinese and other food would rise.

    Does this retard really believe that gun store workers eat nothing but pizza and would starve if it wasn’t being delivered? And the guy’s a doctor? He needs a swift kick in the balls and a visit to a urologist.

  4. I just sent money with an explanatory note today. Didn’t think about researching a local shop.

  5. Zoom in. Enhance.
    Ah, looks like you’ve chosen the Meat Lovers Special, sir. Excellent choice. Canadian bacon and pepperoni.

  6. “What? If we keep our guns it’ll mean no more Crazy Bread?! Well shit, folks; they got us by the nads. Guess we’d better turn ’em all in.”

    If Dr. Mange is in any way serious, then I’m assuming medical insurers pay him out in bananas, because he’s most likely a chimpanzee in a lab coat.

  7. Perfect reminder to have more than one gun, preferably more than one of the SAME gun. If you shoot well with an Acme Wonder9 whatever, buy two. Because if you get in a shootout, in the aftermath the cops WILL take your gun “for evidence” 9 out of 10 times, leaving you disarmed against retaliation if you were a cheapskate and only bought one gun. And, if you get charged by a goofus DA, you WILL NOT be allowed to LEGALLY buy another gun while the charges hang over you. So stock up ahead of time with an extra carry gun and mags for it, preferably kept in a secondary location, so you dont end up like this guy needing a handout gun from a benevolent gunstore.

    • ^ This !!!

      Fred Frendly is right on the mark.

      Even if you cannot afford to purchase an identical second handgun, purchase something. If you are into revolvers and cannot afford a full-price backup, consider a Taurus or Rossi which you can purchase used for around $300. If you only go with semi-auto pistols, consider a Ruger 9e in 9mm. You can purchase them new for around $350 on sale and used for probably $300.

      Of course other options abound. In the absolute worst case, you can purchase a used “mouse gun” in .380 ACP for around $220. While not ideal, it is certainly better than nothing.

    • Boy, I’d have to be really good, and really lucky to boot, to survive enough gunfights that I run out of handguns, but I only have a pair of my EDC. Got stupid enough that I duplicated the laser and the holster, too. Practice with spare only, every year or so shoot up carry load and spare mag to note gun still works, clean and reload. Creates confidence, plus provides the spare you advocate.

    • I keep guns and ammo at a secure off site location. Even if the cops clean out my safes I have the ability to tool up again.

      I refuse to be defenseless in a violent world cause of some over reaching DA.

  8. You can ban pizza. You can restrict slice sizes. You can place the whole basket of deplorables on the No-Buy List, for all I care. Pie will find a way. You cannot stop the bubbly, cheesey, steamy oregano signal.

  9. I’m reminded of Rich Davis, the founder of Second Chance Body Armor. Rich was a pizza delivery driver that shot three armed robbers in self defense. He was also shot in the encounter.

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