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SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I just posted an article about a “responsible’ gun owner who started a hashtag campaign #ONELESSGUN. This affront to guns and gun owners everywhere must not go unchallenged! Please send us a picture of the last gun you purchased to [email protected]. ID the gun and put #ONEMOREGUN (all caps) in the subject bar. We’ll post the best pics here and all of them in a Facebook photo gallery. Do it for the children! And yes, I bought the SIG. OMG.

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  1. The last gun i bought may or may not have been an X-Products Can Cannon, so I can neither confirm nor deny what my last gun was for fear of possible self-incrimination.

    • My most recent gun purchase was a Hi-Point 4095 carbine. I like it. It is a fun plinker, and I hope to use it as a stepping stone for my gun shy wife. All she likes to shoot are .22s.

      The gun seems reliable and accurate. It can also double as a cheap beater/truck/trunk gun.

      That said, I’m feeling a bit sheepish/embarrassed about buying a lowly Hi-Point and likely won’t be sending a photo of it.

      • Why not? Few people actually knock the carbines, the antis don’t know the difference, and even the snobs would likely admit that a C9 is better than wishes and hope.

      • Why? In reviews the Hi-Point has excellent accuracy and can take hits that would destroy something more delicate. And if you get the snobby types coming around (who seem to be keeping you from sending a picture), you can ask them to try a sideways fit through a tight hole.

        • I have an S&W 686 stainless, an S&W 642 that is silver(ish), an SR9c that is silver on top and black on the bottom, and now my new LC9s that is all black. We’re an integrated family and do believe that #allgunsmatter.

      • Not sure about feeding a_ _book a free pic of your gun, but Hi-Point is definitely a keeper. If you ever part with it you’ll only have regret.

      • I’ve had the opportunity to help people disassemble their Hi-Point carbines to assist them in cleaning them.

        They’re not a “nice” gun, but they’re a thoroughly competent and functional gun, and for a pistol-caliber carbine, they work and work well. I think they’re a heck of a good deal for a gun that’s going to see some hard use or ride around in a farm tractor or in a pickup.

        • So…would you be willing to write an honest, good-bad-and-ugly review of one for TTAG? None of the staff seem to have the time.

      • As an Internet gun snob who refuses to own any gun the internets won’t approve of, ain’t no shame in liking a cheap gun that goes bang. The shame is in buying over-hyped and over-priced guns that are worth a fraction of the asking price, kinda like every HK pistol up until the VP series. A hi-point carbine is an excellent gun for the money.

        • I know I’m late to the party here, but this is my $0.02 worth: The HiPoint carbine I owned a few years ago was magazine sensitive. What I mean is, if the mag’s lips were not in perfect “tune,” the thing would misfeed. I had several magazines and only a few of them were reliable. Now, that is the ONLY thing bad I will say about them and it is specific to the gun I owned. YMMVAIHID (Your Mileage May Vary, And I Hope It Does)

      • You will NOT have buyers remorse. I thought I might – but no mas. And I already own a SAO Elite and Scorpion Elite with SRT. The trigger on this thing — like what Colion Noir said about it being “like a kid on a swingset”, it’s hard to describe, but it IS that good.

        • Oh I cannot wait to pick it up. I already have a P226, M11-A1, P320, and just picked up an Emperor Scorpion Fastback so the last thing I really needed to do was pick up another SIG lol! The upgrades on that thing look absolutely amazing on it and well worth the money. I cannot wait to get some trigger time on it, the sights look amazing. I run Trijicon HD Yellow FO on all my SIGS and absolutely love them.

      • The domestcally manufactured beloved firearm, is erroneously labled an assault weapon in a few pissant broke-di<k states, that are seeking their own eradication.

        There, fixed ya.

  2. Just remember that almost all of these “responsible” gun owners who give up their guns are phonies who never owned a gun.

    • I find it highly suspect that the “responsible gun owner” from the previous article had such close relationships with a mass shooting victim and an accidental (negligent) shooting victim. Someone experiencing all that loss and “gun violence” suicide strains belief. Badly.

  3. I think we need to start a “sponsor a gun control advocate” campaign. For every gun they destroy, the benevolent sponsor will build or buy two! This way, the ignominious fate of the anti’s firearm will be offset, and we have a reason to buy another gun!

    Both parties spend some money, but at least the benevolent sponsor has something to show for it. The antis will soon get tired of sending their dollars to the smelter. We’ll never get ahead just replacing guns on a one-for-one basis.

  4. If I submit the 1858 Remington (Pietta) I just bought, should I also mention the .45 Colt cylinder and what I **didn’t** have to do? Or would the antis lose their collective mind?

  5. M1 Garand from the CMP. Bougt over the internet, and delivered straight to my door.

    Of course the CMP processed the 4473 at their end, but don’t tell the grabbers that.

    • Our file is up-to-date on what you have, ‘Ralph’…

      How about cleaning out that litter-box, willya? Are you trying to gas us out here? Geeze.

      Have a nice day!

  6. Most recent was a Uberti Taylor’s Smoke Wagon Deluxe .45 Colt (4109DE) 4.75 inch barrel, factory tuned.
    It has the finest trigger of any firearm I’ve ever owned.

  7. Make sure to print out the serial number in large block letters on a seperate piece of paper so the ATF won’t have to digitally enhance. TIA, your pals at the ATF (burning churches since 1993.)

  8. Purchased? I rarely purchase them. Often make them. I’d send a picture of the last gun I MADE, but it’s an AR-15, and that’s too scary…

    #OneMoreGun seems like it should be broader than merely buying guns… Anyone can pay the gun fairy to give them a gun… It’s almost like welfare. You haven’t really earned it if you can’t make it.

    • Is buying parts and putting them together more of an accomplishment than just buying a pre-assembled AR? That’s “making” a gun like paint-by-numbers is making art. If you’re machining your own parts, then you can say you’ve “earned” it. Otherwise, is there really much difference?

  9. I’ve reached a point where I’m forgetting the details of the “last gun purchased.” Oh, I know where all my guns are, I just honestly don’t remember which is the most recent one I purchased, especially if I purchased more than one at a time in some “buy more, save more!” deal in the used gun market.

    The last nice rifle I purchased was a Mauser, and the last nice handgun I purchased was another revolver. I think. Can’t be sure. I’m pretty sure that the last shotgun I purchased was a Parker. Pretty sure.

    Technically, the last purchase on my books is a Caspian Commander frame I’m going to build up into a carry piece this winter. But that’s not a working gun, yet, so it doesn’t really count. The last gun assembled from parts into a working gun was yet another AR this past summer. It’ll get a EOTech sight at some point. Probably there will be two more AR’s slapped together this winter, then I should choose my pick of the litter and sell the rest of them. At some point, there’s such a think as “too many AR’s in one’s safe.” I think that number is almost certainly between six and 10.

    This state of affairs, in the eyes of The Boss around here, means I have “too many.” I tend to disagree, but what’s a man to do?

      • Exactly. And if I ever want to incur that wrath? Merely use that appellation in her presence – especially in front of another man, and there is wrath of an Old Testament variety coming down upon my head.

        Yet, in private, that’s the truth, and she agrees with the the term.

        And women wonder why I’m starting a campaign to repeal the 19th Amendment.

        So now, I increasingly use the term “The Management.”

        • I’m in my 60s, married more than 38 years to the same wonderful woman, and find these Pearls of Wisdom in a gun website (of all places) from someone named “Dyspeptic Gunsmith”. No wonder I keep coming back here, never know whatcher gonna learn.

          This Grasshopper is in your debt, DG. “The Management” it is, from now on.

  10. And keep your serial number out of the picture! We don’t need nor want ATF money grubbing fruitcakes running numbers here.

  11. I’m going to send a picture of a firearm that’s photo-shopped to look like the serial number is ground off with a dremel. Is that allowed? LOL.

  12. Great stuff. Nothing like turning the work of idiots and fascists against them. I only wish it wasn’t so boringly easy.

  13. I *finally* acquired a Glock after having fired an acquaintances G17, what, 25+ years ago and not caring for the “snappy” recoil impulse compared to another acquaintances Beretta 92FS. Rented a Gen 4 and tried it out, and LO! it felt no different to me than any of the other polymer framed guns in the collection. Guess my grip technique has evolved in that quarter century, eh? 😀
    Picked up a near-as-makes-no-difference-to-new Glock 21 with a ZEV spring kit and extended slide release @ my local Cabelas, and a couple of weeks prior a similarly minty Tristar C-100 in .40 S&W.


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