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My family was not anti-gun when growing up but we never had them. When I made the decision to become a  gun owner I started by learning as much about guns as I could from friends, articles on the internet, and my local gun shops. Once you get past the bias and marketing,  the most common advice was to purchase the gun that works for you and the job you want it to perform. That’s what led me to purchase a  Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro G2 in 9mm for pocket carry with a Galco Pocket Protector holster . . .

There are plenty of good reviews out on the PT111 G2. The reviews are almost all positive and based on my testing have proven true.   Gen 2  PT111 are far better than the Gen 1s. The worst part of the gun is the length of pull on the trigger. It is long. Once you get past that the break is clean, the reset is good , and the trigger works the same way every single time. It took a couple magazines worth of practice and the trigger was no longer an issue. Everyone who has fired the pistol agrees is a good gun, and several of my friends have purchased one to add to their collection after firing it.

Some of you may be saying that the PT111 is big for a pocket carry gun.   You would be correct for most people.  However I am a large man. How big…. big enough that I can put a Glock 19 in the front pocket of my summer shorts and you cannot tell I have a gun. The Glock 19 fits in my hand well and I have good accuracy with it. The problem for me is the G19 barrel is to long for most my jeans and slacks. A Glock 26 will fit in any pocket I have.

The issue I have with the Glock 26 is the grip. My hand is so big that even with the extension magazine I can barely get a 2 finger grip on the Glock 26 and this poor grip reduces my accuracy. Here is the interesting thing about the PT111. Its barrel length is nearly the same size as the Glock 26 and the grip length is the same as a Glock 19. The PT111 G2  is exactly the right size for me to pocket carry and I am just as accurate with it as I am with any other pistol I can grip properly.

Like most gun owners it is my sincere hope I never have to draw my pistol  to defend myself. Due to my size (and past experience) I believe it is most likely that if I have to use my pistol it will be against a group of predators.As such capacity is an issue for me. Being able to pocket carry the PT 111 with 12 +1 rounds is good. It is better that the 6+1 in a lot of mouse guns. I have taken the advice of many people so I carry a spare 18 round magazine concealed in  my back pocket.

Those who know the Taurus Line will ask how is the possible? Taurus does not have a 18 round Magazine.They are right,  Taurus does not,  but Mec-Gar makes a 18 round Magazine for the Canik TP9 which feeds the PT 111 g2 like it was made for it. I have several hundred rounds through the PT111 using TP9 magazines and have had no issues. I have heard that Sig 226 magazines work, however I have not found any locally so I have not been able to confirm this yet. So when I carry my PT111 I have 12+1 rounds in the pistol and another 18 ready to go. That’s a lot of rounds for a pocket carried pistol.

Would the PT 111 G2 work as a Carry pistol for you?  Well that something you would have to figure out for yourself as different people have different needs. Is it a good gun? I would not feel comfortable comparing the PT 111’s quality to Glocks, Sig Sauer’s, Smith and Wesson, or 1911s but  it a solid and reliable pistol. What I know is that if something happens where I need a gun mine will be in my pocket and not sitting in my safe. When push comes to shove the most important feature of a carry gun is will you carry it , not  the name etched onto the gun in your safe.

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      • I hate Taurus’ resale value. Pt92 was awesome, judge was great. Lost money on both when moved on to different ccw guns.

        • I agree about resale but when you pay next to nothing for a pretty good gun I sure don’t lose any sleep over it. I regret selling every gun I’ve ever sold-except a Hipoint. They sure don’t price used Taurus’ low enough around here(IL and NW Indiana) to buy anything but new…

  1. On Tuesday I may be picking up one these, the price is so low I can’t pass it up, after rebate $195+tax. I love an inexpensive gun that just works.

    • Brazilian economy is tanking, the Real is collapsing against the dollar, and their socialist president is about to be impeached. Great deals on Taurus!!!!

  2. Great gun-great choice. Man you must be huge-I could never see pocket carry. Probably my next gun as I’ve had 4(2 mil pro’s that were perfect) Taurus’ that never malfunctioned. Amazing the love for Taurus lately-still lots of haters but for not much more than a Hi-point I can have a good gun,NRA membership and pizz off the gun snobs…BTW I WOULD compare it to S & W-SD VE,sigma and 9c compact-I’d rather have the Taurus for less…

  3. Thank you for your comments on the Millenium G2. It has been on my short list for my next purchase. I have, I am sure, researched hundreds of hours on the net. What I hate seeing in the case of Taurus and some other brands is comments stating, more or less, “My third cousin’s brother had a Taurus 20 years ago and it was a POS so I have to warn the world they shouldn’t buy one” Hell I had a Ford back in the 60s that was terrible. Does that mean that a new Expedition is still a bad car?” Maybe, maybe not. Not for me to judge. (I drive an old Jeep). Bottom line is I appreciate an honest review from a person that actually has the pistol as well as info like you mentioned about the 18 round mag option. Thanks again for your review.

  4. I owned 2 of these at one time and was my workday EDC until I got my M&P9c. Once I got used to the trigger and the manual safety, I had no problem keeping minute of bad guy at 10 yards. I carried the Mecgar Sig P226 mag as a backup and it worked fine and locked the slide back on the last round.

  5. The PT111 G2 are a great value and under appreciated by many. I have two, one stays in the car and the other in my backpack. Also directly influenced 3 of my buddies to buy one. They make for great truck/camp/bob guns.

  6. I am expecting some Taurus haters. To be fair given the hard eveidence, the dislike for certian models to Taursus guns is well deserved. Del Reeds point “My third cousin’s brother had a Taurus 20 years ago…” is spot on. I would not carry a Gen1 PT111 as there a know and verifiable issues with the gun ( although Taurus say they are going ot fix these issues) . The Gen 2s are nearly 2 years old and have a completely different data set that shows most (if not all) of the Taurus gen 2s are significantly better.

    Point in case- A friend of mine bought the Taurus 24/7 G2 when I got the PT 111g2. When at the range we switched guns for about 200 rounds. The 24/7 is a fine gun as well and we both shot it well. We both felt the grip was better on the PT111 g2 was a better pistol because the grip was better. Would I want to carry the gen 1 24/7 – no its got most of the same issues the gen 1 pt111 has. Would I carry the Gen 2, I would not hesitate. If I ever do decide to get a mouse gun my first choice would be a TCP 738 which has a good and growing reupation. Bottom line, Taurus does have some pistols which are good based on hard facts.

    Based on what my experience i think you can easily expect this pistol to get half the life expectancy you would expect with current Glocks, Sigs, or Smith and Wessons. With proper care I am sure you can exceed that easily. Since you can find these guns at half the cost ( often even lower than that) I think the build qautily matches the price point well.

    • How is a rock better than a Taurus?

      A rock won’t AD if you drop it and shoot you in the ass.

      How is a sharp stick better than a Taurus?

      The stick is free but the Taurus cost 200.00 for a pile of ill fitting pieces of pot metal that was assembled by illiterate Brazilian children.

      If your life isn’t worth more than 200.00 you should just forget carrying a gun. Submit to the mugger rather than make them laugh when you pull a POS Taurus out that just goes click instead of bang. Even the biggest dirtbag dope pusher on the corner carries a better quality gun than a damn POS Taurus.

      • Wow, I’m glad you think that anybody who can’t afford a Sig or Kimber doesn’t deserve the right to self defense. It doesn’t matter what you carry or how expensive it is. Furthermore, your presumption that Taurus firearms are deficient is disheartening. I have used Taurus brand firearms for years, multiple models over a long time, never have I ever had a ND, AD, FTF, FTE, or other catastrophic failure. I’ve also had a firearm that showed early signs of internal slide corrosion and Taurus overnighted me a package to have it repaired or replaced. Lifetime warranty BRO!

        So I suggest you take a step back, eat that crow, and wash it down with a tall glass of chill.

  7. I have two PT145s. They’ve been broken for 10 years, and I can neither buy after market parts, nor get Taurus to send me the correct parts. Six years ago, after pestering Taurus weekly for almost a year they sent me one part, but it was for the wrong pistol. POS pistols, with POS customer service. I hate to come in here and just be a hater, but they’ve earned it, and I just can’t let any mention of Taurus pass without mentioning what a terrible company they are.

  8. I frequently carry both Taurus 24/7 G2 and S&W Sigma as my sidearm when working in Afghanistan, and have found them both to be great pistols.

    I have a personal preference for the Taurus, corporate issues notwithstanding, as it points more naturally (for me), and I’m a firm believer in “whatever works best for you”.

    I’ve put many hundreds (probably thousands, I’m not counting) of rounds through it on the range and with the exception of some MilSurp steel cased 9mm which suffered occasional FTE I’ve had precisely zero problems with it, even when torturing it with high round count in dusty and hot conditions. That’s good enough for me to say I’m happy carrying it, subject to quality ammunition.

    As a Brit my ability to own / use pistols at home is pretty much non-existent so my range of comparison is considerably more limited than most folks on TTAG… but that’s just my two cents weighing in for Taurus as perfectly good for me.

  9. Let the haters hate. I got one of these for my wife in October. After shooting a couple hundred rounds through it, I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and one for myself. I like it better than my 24/7 g2 9mm, which has close to 1700 down the pipe.

  10. Probably the single best choice for someone on a tight budget. I carried a PT709 for a while and it functioned perfectly. There’s a lot of Taurus haters but I seriously wonder if very many of them have ever owned one.

  11. I’ve had zero failures using older (1980s) and more recent Sig 226 magazines, both factory and aftermarket, with the PT111G2. Even the 30-rounders work.

    The PT111G2 is a fantastic bargain. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with Taurus over the last few decades, but they’ve really hit a home run with this one.

  12. I have one of these, and it’s been perfectly reliable. I would dare say that it’s a near-perfect carry gun for vast majority of people who don’t really have any specific needs or preferences – it is compact (but still holds 12 rounds, which is plenty, and more than many other subcompacts), reliable, easy to disassemble and clean, has an external safety, and is super cheap for what it is. It’s also comfortable enough to regularly shoot at the range for practice purposes. If you read online reviews and feedback on the forums, it’s overall very positive, especially so for Taurus (indeed, many people express surprise about how well it works given their negative experience with revolvers).

    The only problem is with magazines. You get two with the gun itself, but if you want extra, that’s like $40 per mag last I priced it, and they’re proprietary. You probably don’t need more than two for a carry piece, though.

    • If you’re a “get one and be done with it” and intend on carrying it for a number of years, might make sense to load up on clipazines while it’s still legal to do so, or 40$ will sound like a bargain to your future self.

  13. Love my g2. Never an issue and the ergos on it work perfectly for me. Most accurate double-stack pistol I have. Things change, and Taurus upped its game with the g2 line.

  14. My everyday carry is a PT111 G2 in an IWB holster, and it’s been a completely reliable shooter and fits my hand like a glove. Packs 13 rounds and is barely larger than a Shield. So nice a friend of mine bought one also.

  15. I too have one of these and have not had a single issue after several hundred rounds. I would trust it with my life. Thanks for your article.

  16. I’ve got 2..last one came in under $180 with the rebate. It’s my EDC as well. I think they’re terrific little guns.

  17. My EDC is a PT111 G2 as well. Off topic — anyone else not getting TTAG notifiers in email, or did I do something to make someone angry?

  18. Taurus and Ruger fall into a category of guns I can’t understand. I recognize fully that the gun is pointed toward Joe “Put a box of bullets and a bunch of clips through her every other month”, but I just have a hard time accepting a platform that can’t be used to good effect in competition or is not issued as a duty weapon. Yeah, Jessie Duff is a Taurus sponsored shooter but from what I understand that’s really the name on the jersey more than anything. I’m also a cork sniffing snob who turns up his nose at plastic framed pistols. They could be freaking brilliant but I’d never know.

    I did see a dude at a BBQ restaurant OC’ing this very pistol yesterday.

  19. “The worst part of the gun is the length of pull on the trigger.”(?) are you sure thats what you meant to say? when this pistol has a round in the chamber and the magazine is in and loaded the first shot requires that you pull the trigger nearly to the end of its travel but there is no resistence to the pull till the last quarter inch or so then the weapon fires. and that pull is very light. when the action re-sets the trigger is only about three-eights foward of its most rear-ward position. in other words when you use the action in a business like manner you can clear out a full magazine very rapidly. if a round fails to fire the action automatically reverts to a double action pull which entails a short take-up then a rather short pull .but slightly longer than single action. when the double strike fires,as they almost always do, the action returns to single action by the action of the slide and your banging again. maybe you just didnt notice the short trigger reset and was allowing the trigger to return full travel befor pulling again. hope this helps somebody. i really like the weapon. actually if it was dao i would still like it just as much.

  20. I carried the Canik as well for a year as my first cc. I am a smaller guy and did print when I wasn’t paying due diligence. I now Carry the Taurus pt111 g2. The print is no longer an issue. And as a father of 5, it works for the budget. There are plenty of haters on both the Taurus and the Canik and just to get your goat, my wife bought a Ruger!

  21. Response to the earlier comment of the drop safety problem, the millennium G2 series is not affected by that issue.
    I know that glocks are good, reliable & proven I won’t argue that, but if their product is so “far superior” why do they only offer a one year warranty to the original owner?

  22. I have a PT111G2 for an IWB belt gun, a Glock G43 for a pocket gun, and a Ruger LCP for when my pocket is too small for the G43. All 3 have 100% reliability since being unboxed, all three are great guns and a pleasure to carry. I love my Colt M1911A1 but I need suspenders to hold my pants up when I carry it in my pancake holster so there’s a purpose for everything.
    Great review on a great little pistol. I love mine.

  23. You said you carry yours in a Galco Pocket Protector. I’m big and would like to pocket carry, too. What size did you get? I don’t find one specifically made for the PT-111 G2 Pro.

  24. I bought one PT111 based on the reviews as my first 9mm to complement my Ruger LCP. I love this pistol. Once I had the sights properly aligned by the gun shop where I purchased it, we have had a loving relationship. So much so that my partner also likes it. I went back to the LGS and purchased a used G2C, which are our two favorite pistols. No issues at all. I would buy one for my daughter, too, if she ever got her PTC here in MN. Same ammo; same magazines, less to forget when it is time to BO.

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