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My Glock 19.jpeg

Yakima, Washington 2011. Up to that point I had primarily carried a GLOCK 26. It held 10+1 and the chance of ever needing more than that was about as likely as my credit score increasing without first getting married. It was small, compact, easy to conceal and I shot it fairly well. Coming from a family rich in military tradition, I was always enamored with 1911’s from a young age, but I also remember struggling with them as well. I had grown up in Northern California before moving to Hawaii for 10 years so my experience with firearms had been limited to say the least. Eventually, I ended up in Arizona (2005) and that’s where the fun began . . .

Enjoying my new found firearm freedom, I spent several weeks test firing several makes and models before eventually settling on the G26. Scottsdale Gun Club became my second home as I began my reintroduction to firearms. I carried it daily. Sometimes OWB, sometimes concealed and many times open. I never felt “under-gunned” and I was perfectly content with my choice of protection.

Fast forward to 2011. I’m was Yakima, Washington for a Magpul Precision Rifle Course. My vehicle had snapped a timing belt on the way up and I was in front of a local dealership at 7:00 am waiting for them to open. As I was running on only a couple of hours of sleep, I made the mistake of putting my head down while sitting on a curb outside of the dealership. That seemingly innocent decision led to my now full time carry gun…a GLOCK 19.

Confronted by the commotion of eight males representing some of Yakima’s finest, I picked my head up as the group of thugs were steadily approaching from 40 yards. Profanity-laden language informed me of all the things they were about to do to me and for the first time I wished I had a bigger gun. Actually, I wished I could call in some “danger close” carpet-bombing as that appeared to be the lesser of the two evils at the time. The situation ended up “resolving” itself and aside from my heart attempting to explode out of my chest and possibly a few pairs of soiled pants on the part of some of my acquaintances, we all walked away unscathed.

Because of that experience, I immediately switched to a GLOCK 19. It offered me larger magazine capacity, and I shot it exponentially better in terms of multiple shots, speed, accuracy and distance. Also, because I switched to either appendix or five o’clock carry, I’ve had absolutely no issue with concealment.

My current G19 has a Haley Skimmer Enhanced Trigger (I made this decision because of the shorter reset and smoother trigger),  Tru-Grip Grip Tape (I believe I get a better purchase on the weapon this way over stippling), Trijicon Suppressor Height Night Sights and a Trijicon RMR06. The addition of the RMR happened five years ago and I haven’t looked back since. It’s gives me an increased level of accuracy and extends my effective range beyond 99% of any scenario I can come up with. It takes sight alignment out of the equation and for that I will someday be grateful. I run Hornady 135gr FlexLock Critical Duty and I carry this set-up in a G-Code INCOG IWB Holster with an extra magazine.

I know there’s a common and collective thought that we as law-abiding concealed firearm carriers must “give in order to get,” but I choose to look at my carry decision from another angle. My ultimate carry decisions are based upon what I gain, rather than what I lose. In carrying the 9mm round, I gain the advantage of being able to carry more, while also gaining the benefit of carrying a round that is much easier for me to personally control in terms of recoil mitigation.

In carrying a GLOCK, I gain the confidence in knowing that I shoot it better than any other platform and that its dependability is of no concern to me. In using Grip Tape, I know I have the ability to change the “coarseness” as desired and that even in the most extreme conditions I will be able to maintain a proper firing grip. The RMR gives me the confidence to not only shoot at distances I never dreamed of but to do so accurately. It’s allowed me to be more precise at shorter distances and it will take fading eyesight out of the picture as I age. The INCOG allows me to carry in my preferred appendix position and so I can go about my daily routines. It allows me to present at an incredible speed and it decreases the chance that I’ll ever be made while carrying.

I will be the first to say that my choice isn’t the best firearm out there. I’ll leave that discussion to those far more knowledgeable than myself. But even though it may not be the best, it is the best for me. Stay safe, shoot straight and God Bless our Armed Forces and their families.


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  1. Does the sight auto on? If not, how do you turn it on in a DGU? Not criticizing, I genuinely want to know.

    • My guess is that it’s likely the rmr with the tritium only or the tritium with light-gathering fiber optic (can’t remember actual term for it).

      If I recall some people have had issues with the battery based ones.

    • I have the exact same model RMR on one of my Glocks. While you do have the option of turning it off by pressing both adjustment buttons simultaneously and quickly, I leave mine on at all times. It has an auto brightness setting as well as manual settings. The battery life is incredible but I change it once a year to be safe. If you are interested in a slide mounted RMR, I actually don’t recommend the 06 model. There is an adjustment button on each side of the sight, if one is pressed, the sight will leave auto brightness mode and go into manual. I find that I accidentally do this quite often when doing quick slide manipulation or even IWB carry. The auto brightness only models are a bit cheaper anyway. I figured it would be nice to have the option of manual adjustment but this issue makes it not worth it to me.
      Also, I personally would avoid the dual illumination models for pistol use. The amber color is not as visible and there are certain situations where the collector is not able to receive enough light when aiming at a bright background. For example, standing in a dark doorway and aiming outside on a bright sunny day. For me, the 6.5 moa dot size works well for just about everything, big enough for quick acquisition but small enough for those long shots. There are other RMR type sights out there but right now, Trijicon would be my only choice for serious use. I love having an RMR equipped pistol, it’s like shooting on easy mode. These are just my opinions and observations from 3 years or so of using my 06 as well as shooting other models and brands of sights. If you are interested, I would try to test out the different models before making a decision. Just my 2 cents.

      • Forgot to add, Mark at L and M Precision did the milling on my slide. Highly recommend him, very fast turn around time and just a nice guy.

  2. Yak has a serious gang problem, the ones in blue.. and the criminal.. Lots of shootings there.. so thats why the gang you encountered were so edgy.. Id seriously bet money that all eight have fired their weapon at someone or their dog. oh, and BTW.. Washington Cops are protected by State law from prosecution..

  3. Wait. When you said “Yakima’s finest,” did you mean actual cops? Did you actually draw on them (re: the soiled pants comment)? I understand you may plead the Fifth, but now I’m curious.

    Great rig, BTW. OD makes a Glock slightly less boring.

    • Inquiring minds do want to know details and clarification.
      I currently carry a G26, but am looking for a 19 once Open Carry goes into effect. Don’t have the funds or space for the RMR.

    • I read it as sarcasm, “finest” as in “lowest of the low”. Considering the context I’m 99% sure it was a gang of lowly thugs out for pocket change or a Beat-em-up initiation story.

      • I don’t understand exactly what happened with the “8 of Yakima’s finest”. Did they attack, or even directly threaten him? Or, is this just a case of a guy getting nervous because a few rough looking Hispanic farm workers walked by speaking Spanish?

        Knowing Yakima, he was probably at one of the car dealers on S. 1st street, and Yakima has a very large population of Mexican immigrants (including some thugs, and many decent hardworking folks). Did he actually get threatened or attacked, or just made nervous? Even if the “8 finest” wanted to rob or beat him, I think the Glock 26 would probably deter them nearly as much as the Glock 19. Frankly even a 642 would probably discourage most thugs sufficiently.

        I hope he stopped by Miner’s restaurant and had a “Big Miner Burger” while he was in Yakima. The Miner Burger has been a Yakima tradition for about 70 years now.

  4. Always interested in others’ observations regarding what they carry and why they chose that particular weapon. Which always brings me back to my choice; XDs, 3.3, 45ACP with 2 extra 7-round magazines. Gotta’ love ‘dem XDs 45!

    • AL,

      I went with a full size Smith and Wesson M&P40 for a few reasons:
      (1) I chose full size for maximum possible muzzle velocity and sight radius (accuracy).
      (2) The M&P40 feels really good in my hand and points naturally.
      (3) It is a popular handgun so lots of accessories are available.

      I went with .40 S&W specifically because:
      (1) I get larger and heavier bullets compared to 9mm.
      (2) I get greater magazine capacity versus .45 ACP.
      (3) Ammunition is cheaper than .45 ACP.
      (4) I could always find ammo during the ammo drought.
      (5) Recoil isn’t a big deal for me.

  5. Very sweet G19. Who did the milling on the slide? I would like to find an alternative to the company I most recently used. The RMR seems to be riding a 16th or 2 lower than usual. Are the suppressor sights co-witness?

  6. “…It held 10+1 and the chance of ever needing more than that was about as likely as my credit score increasing without first getting married….”

    Don’t get wrapped up in credit scores, all it means is you borrow money frequently and pay it back with interest.

    Which does not matter when save your money and pay for things in cash.

  7. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the kind words and comments and please accept my apology for not going into more detail as I didn’t want to come across as anything more than the “average-joe” I am. To answer the questions posted thus far, here you go:
    1. Yakima’s finest were a group of gang-bangers that I unfortunately let get to close before I realized the trouble I was in. As they approached, I was forced to act accordingly as I had no other choice and for the first time in my life, I was truly afraid. I’m truly thankful that I didn’t have to fire my weapon that day. I’ve heard stories about people in similar situations having to draw their weapon while bringing it upon the cranium of the thug with the biggest voice. In those occasions, that always seemed to deescalate the potential threat. For me, my lack of awareness allowed them to get within 10-15yds from me before I reacted.

    2. The milling was done by Mark at LandMPrecision.
    He’s done 5 for me and as far as I’m concerned, he’s the best in the business. He was at a well known company that started out doing this before anyone else and he eventually left to be on his own. His work is outstanding and he’s an amazing guy.

    3. The sights are co-witnessed but you can adjust the dot accordingly.

    Hope that helps guys.
    Aloha – Jason

  8. That’s a great looking set up. After studying up on battery life, I just may go red dot for my 17.

  9. First off nice write up big bro. Yes Jason is my big brother before anyone asks. He is the one directly responsible for the fact that I now carry a gun. However my primary firearm of choice is the GLOCK 34. Its all about round count for me. I have seen the videos of complete mag dumps without anyone involved getting hit. I like most of us have the unknown factor that must be taken into serious consideration. That is how will you perform when shots are being fired at you or ones you love. More rounds give me the greatest chance IMO to survive a life and death situation. If I lose my life to those that seek to harm the innocent…let me be found in a pile of brass next to as many scum bags as I can takeout before my end. Believe it or not I carry the G34 OW fully concealed by a unbuttoned light weight dress shirt. This is how I attend church every Sunday and nobody has ever noticed. Trust me they would say something. So my 17rd mag with a plus 6 extension gives me 23+1 and my secondary is a Sig P938 with a 7+1 until I get my G26 a more comfortable holster to carry appendix. Reason for the 26 is so my extra 2 17rd mags will be useable by both firearms. I also have had my G34 milled for a RMR06 which I love.
    Thank you to all of you who have served or are serving in the military to protect this country that I love. My freedom has come at a HUGE cost to many and I will forever be greatful. God Bless You and your families, be safe and enjoy the freedom we have.

  10. This is the best write up of this sort to date. Well done sir and nice firearm. I wish the 19 didn’t bite me so damn bad as I believe it would be the perfect “one gun for every occassion”. I’m hoping to setup my 17 with an RMR during the summer of 2016. Don’t want to send it away until I’m carrying the 26 for summer time.

    • Bob..I never got bit by any of the Glocks however I added a beavertail to my G34 and G17 fir the purpose of attaining the highest grip possible. You might try it and see how it works for you. Just my 2 cents.

    • Hey Bob –

      Thanks Bob. If you ever find yourself in Kentucky let me know as you’re more than welcome to try out the 17 and a few others with an RMR.


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