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A member of our Armed Intelligentsia recently emailed me with news that he’d just received his Karl Lippard-modified 1911 from the Marine Corps gunsmith. I asked him to write up his impressions. This he’s done. We’re working hard on the arranging the mythical 400-yard test. Meanwhile, here are TTAG reader James Cook’s reasons to be cheerful, part 1 . . .


I took some pictures of the pistol today. The difference is pretty remarkable, slide to frame fit is much tighter, and I can tell this is a really big improvement. Anyway, had a late night, I’m shooting the pistol tomorrow, I’ll get some accuracy results and hopefully a video of it getting shot. We’ve got a 400-meter range there, so if it isn’t too windy (and let’s be honest, it’s the Colorado plains so its always at least a little windy), I’ll see how far I can stretch its legs. Here’s a couple shots comparing the A2’ed Gold Cup to my Sig GSR . . .

Photo 941 [above] shows the Sig on the left, the Gold Cup on the right.  You can see how the channel for the link is much wider.

Photo 944 [above] shows the Sig barrel (bottom) compared to the A2 barrel (the barrel is marked “Combat NCO” on the chamber).  You can see that the A2 link is the entire width of the barrel extension, whereas the standard barrel is just what’s in the slot.

Photo 936 [above] shows the A2 barrel and the link in the slide. The link is the biggest change over a standard 1911. I’m withholding judgement until I see how it actually shoots, but I think that is an absolutely brilliant improvement.

I went through with calipers and took measurements of the link, and its oversized and fitted in every way, so it has no side to side play. Whereas the SIG, which is a good shooter, has lots of side to side play.

Other than the link, the barrel is also new, and that’s fairly standard (just a little flared at the end for fitting purposes). The new bushing is well fit, with some interesting grooves near the muzzle allowing for extra lube in the bushing for the barrel, possibly preventing debris from plugging it up.

Anyway, its not the prettiest pistol, I’ve put a lot of rounds through it over the years. It shot about 5″ groups at 25 yards, so we’ll see what I can do with it tomorrow. It’s a real busy weekend, so I’ll send  report on Monday with my results.



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  1. Does Mr. Lippard do any sort of fitting or machining to the locking lugs on the top of the barrel and the corresponding slide recesses?

  2. Great pictures and notes, JC. We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for the range report.

  3. I’m sure the tight bushing and barrel will help accuracy…the rest of it I wonder if it’s really any better for? The fat lug will help the barrel track straighter (maybe), but who cares as it’s out of lock when the link has any control over the barrel anyway.

    Put me in the ‘ye of little faith’ category, too. Also, I want to see some zero-tolerance drawings! ; )

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