TTAG Project Gun: Otto Carter Aesthetic Style Takes Shape

Otto Carter design (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


Master Engraver Otto Carter is hard at work creating a new design for the TTAG Project Gun. He’s got the naked Cabot S-Class 1911 frame, upon which he’ll engrave in the Victorian Aesthetic style. As with all Otto’s projects, this job begins with a sketch. Notice the 3D effect of the olive leaves wrapping around the banner (to be filled in). Also note the dark areas to the left of the image. That’s where Cabot (and other 1911 makers) put striations so that owners can grip the side for racking. Otto’s design provides a visual marker; the design will be etched deep into the metal to afford a strong grip. The 55-year-old engraver will be doing this job as all members of his craft do: with a hammer and a chisel. No computers. No lasers. Just a steady hand and an artful eye. Watch this space for updates.


  1. avatar Sgt Frank says:

    What no Naked woman? Bummer…..

  2. avatar KingSarc48625 says:

    I think calling Mr. Carter a master at his craft is selling his talent short. Some seriously beautiful work on his site.

  3. avatar CM says:

    Hammer and chisel? I believe he uses pneumatic engravers. Lindsay to be exact.

  4. avatar Rog Uinta says:

    Mr Carter does indeed appear to be a master of his craft, but I personally find the Victorian Aesthetic style to be an eyesore at best. And a 1911, of all things, has no connection to the Victorian Aesthetic whatsoever. I’d rather see even boring old American Scroll engraving.

    And for God’s sake, man, get rid of that abomination of a trigger. PLEASE!

  5. avatar John L. says:

    Your gun your choice on how to dress it.

    It looks to be good work … but it has little appeal to me, aesthetically speaking.

  6. avatar BDub says:

    I wonder how much it would cost to get my PC 627 Engraved at this level?

  7. avatar BDub says:

    Robert, I would have figured you for an Art Nouveau/Jugenstil kind guy (which would have been my personal choice, especially for a 1911).

  8. avatar Old Enough says:

    As long as you like it.
    Not anything I would put on a firearm.

  9. avatar Bobing says:

    Will there be a dinosaur like on that one famous CZ pistol? I request dinosaurs. Tasteful, Victorian aesthetic dinosaurs.

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