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Anette Wachter is the 30calgal: gun blogger, jewelry designer, and successful competitor in the challenging world of long-range rifle competitions. She’s the 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (that’s British Columbia, not Baja California) and 2011 Washington State 300 Yard Champion, and a civilian national record holder at 300 yards. Just like our man Foghorn, she auditioned for Top Shot but didn’t make the final cast. What were the producers thinking?

Farago and I met her over some very greasy hamburgers in the lunch tent at Media Day At The Range. We knew instantly she was the real deal. So genuine that we’re working hard to put a sniper rifle (to die for) into her expert hands for testing: Remington, AI, McMillan, Blaser, whatever we can find.

As an added bonus for me (and my neighbor Joe Grine) Anette and several other gun bloggers live in the Seattle area, which is now a prime destination for a TTAG Road Trip. But enough prose: here’s 30calgal’s SHOT show wrapup, in verse:

Twas the night after Shot Show and all through The Sands
Not an exhibitor or attendee with a gun in their hands.
All 60,000 people home and tucked in their beds
with overloads of thoughts of cool toys in their heads.
Bloggers like me don’t know where to begin
to promote all the vendors we cherish from within.
My fellow network walking miles and miles
to interview and promote new products with smiles.
On Blade-Tech, On Browning, On Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson,
On Glock and Kahr Arms and HK and Crimson (Trace)
Kudos to Kimber and Ruger, CZ and Colt
We owe you shout outs on The Net for a promotional jolt.
From Flash Bangs to designer concealment purses for ladies with guns
there are cool new carry pistols to make concealment very fun.
The Kimber Micro CDP and the beautiful Ultra II Saphhire
The revived Colt Mustang and CZ ProTek
and the Sig P938 gives us all much to desire.
Now for my own personal bragging I have much to be proud
of the awesome sponsors I received that will surely draw a crowd.
My ESS Suppressor Eyeshields will protect me from blindness
Bullets from Nosler will win me long range matches. What kindness!
Thank you to PNW Arms for having faith in my skills
your ammo will surge me ahead in pistol and 3 Gun thrills.
I mostly wait impatiently for my new rifle to be built
This could only be done by the greatJP Enterprises
And asking for the best I have no guilt.
To all of the other vendors and people I met for the first time
I hardly have enough space to add you to my rhyme.
It does not mean I don’t love you or think you are not worthy
that would be absurdly. (I know, pushing it there)
I thank NSSF for a Shot Show to be remembered
Until next year to you all, may success be tendered.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………..”

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    • I think we can do that. Joe Grine, want to see what your Blaser can really do? I think one-hole groups at 100 yards are just the beginning…

  1. she auditioned for Top Shot but didn’t make the final cast. What were the producers thinking?

    Is she rational? Sane? Mature? A person who handles conflict in a reasonable and adult manner? I’m guessing she is all of those things which automatically disqualify her from most “reality” shows.

    Now, if she was a self-centered, histrionic drama queen with a desperate need to seek the approval of others, and/or an immature, gossipy, bad-natured back-stabber, she’d go to the head of the line.

    This actually makes sense, if you think about it. Drama comes from conflict, so “reality” shows have to build in conflict by casting people who are likely to create conflict.

    A television program about people who work their problems out in a reasonable and mature fashion would be a ratings disaster.

    • You pegged it: they’re intelligent, polite, and professional and they’re unlikely to engage in the sort of Middle-School bullying and pouting that the producers crave.

      Other Top Shot winners like Iain and Dustin have personally impressed us as genuinely decent people, but apparently there’s a strict quota on the number of grown-ups allowed on the show.


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