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Another gunmaker joins the parade of people producing pink pistols. How great is that? Thanks for the image go to the indefatigable Laura Burgess of Laura Burgess Marketing, who provided even greater insight into the hue (and cry) surrounding the new-for-2011 “blush” colored ISSC M22 pistol. “It’s kinda bright,” the Divine Mrs. B told TTAG. “Pepto-Bismol pink.” When I asked if the gun was specifically aimed at the female market, there was a long, politically correct pause. “I’m sure if a guy likes pink he can have one. We won’t stop them.” God bless America.

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  1. I have nothing inherently against a pink gun, for a woman or a man, if that is your color preference. My issue is that a glaring pink gun is that much harder to conceal.

  2. Does anybody know anything about this particular pistol, regardless of hue? I have a Walther P-22 that I shoot with a TEC-65 silencer, and I’m not overjoyed with its reliability. The slide frequently fails to return to battery. Anybody know much about this, or any other .22 pistol that really shoots every time?
    I like the look of this one, because my carry gun is a Glock 19 and it would be good to practice with a gun that feels somewhat similar. But not if it’s a stinker.

  3. I have an ISSC 22 pistol (in black), but have not put enough rounds through it yet to give you an educated answer. I do know that 22 AR conversion kits seem to be ammo sensitive and I know there are a fair amount of manufacturing issues with 22s so I would suggest that you try different brands if you have not already done so.

    Do you have the same issues without the TEC-65?

    I don’t consider the ISSC to be an exact copy of a glock in terms of grip shape. Another difference is that the ISSC has a decocker. If you are looking for an identical training tool, I would suggest a Glock 22 conversion since they allow use of the same frame.

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