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Al Gore recently claimed that global warming caused Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. This despite data establishing both last year and the last decade as relatively hurricane-free (lowest activity level since the 70s). Big Al and his adherents would rather pass carbon taxes—ignoring the damage that would cause—than strengthen our defenses and responses to a hurricane. See where I’m going with this? Advocates of civilian disarmament (a.k.a., gun control) would rather restrict firearms sales—ignoring the damage that would cause—than strengthen our defenses and responses to violent crime. Why’s that then? Because admitting something bad is going to happen no matter what is scary! Violence is violent! Disarming people is so much . . . nicer. As Miss America said last night, “I don’t think the proper way to fight violence is with violence.” Like hell it isn’t. Make the jump for more common sense common sense control . . .

Salon gets it exactly backwards with Gun rights activists who cite the dictator as a reason against gun control have their history dangerously wrong. jpfo sets them straight.

“The [new TCM 22 Bolt Action] is engineered, designed and chambered to harness the power of the Armscor TCM .22 bullet that is exclusive to Armscor.” And that’s a good thing because “the bullet that travels at over 2800 feet per second and features a 40 grain jacketed hollow point for maximum stopping power.” There’s a pistol, too.

The M4 is not reliable enough for desert environments no matter how much you clean it, provided you have the time to do so. The M4’s replacement is on its way. Again. Still. But I don’t like the way this is going . . .

One’s first reaction upon seeing the proposed testing regimen was to compare it very unfavorably with the regimen Delta Force put the HK416 through, firing it day after day without maintenance for thousands of rounds. Or even the testing HK itself uses for its HK416s. Indeed, it seems on its face to be a test designed to minimize the very weaknesses in the M4 incumbent that have triggered this controversy. Those who believe the cycle is reasonable cite 300 rounds as the soldier’s 1-day load, and say that under sand storm conditions, a once a day wipedown is the bare minimum for any weapon. Every 600 rounds is thus a safety factor of 2 against the worst possible conditions. Of course, sandstorms have a way of lasting more than one day, and when they do – as in the initial portion of Operation Iraqi Freedom – even vehicle interiors may feature a fine particulate haze.

The USA M4 Carbine Controversy

Because it isn’t strange enough as is. “Genesis Pattern Technologies LLC, today announces the new Triple Crown patented tri-barrel shotgun from Chiappa Firearms will be available with KLOAK Cryptic Camouflage 3D patterns such as KonBat Desert, KonBat Canyon and StrutKon Spring.”

Next up: Gun issues divide sports fans.

Cognitive dissonance: NBC Sports — the same NBC sports that employs Bobby Costas and cancelled all of their shooting-related programming post-Sandy Hook — is listed as one of the SHOT Show’s “leading sponsors.”

Keith Morgan of the WVCDL talks “high action military with big clips.” And maintains a straight face. Look:

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  1. “As Miss America said last night, “I don’t think…” ”

    She should have stopped there. Fortunately, she isn’t being paid to think.

    • I really like the second part of Tony Perkins’ statement, “Instead of having a policeman in every school our policy should be focusing on getting a dad in every home”. I believe we should dissolve gun-free “murder zones”(in which 60 of the last 61 “mass shootings” have occurred) and have some kind of active defense that is clearly known to deter such incidents and respond to them far more quickly than off-site LEOs, but the reasons for these incidents (which involve many laws and regulations being broken and ignored) are usually anchored in cultural, mental health, and economic issues. Of course those issues aren’t easy to fix, can be extremely costly, and don’t progress political policy.

      Passing more regulation that only limits the effectiveness in a DGU and ability to train for the average Joe will not do any good. I do think this is the goal, though, to inhibit and divide the gun culture throughout the country, pass marginal new controls, wait for the next inevitable incident and shout “it wasn’t far enough!” and rally for further anti-gun measures.

      What we really need is more gun owners to help the development of a stronger positive gun culture throughout the country to directly combat crime we all know exists and will continue to exist. Funding cultural, mental health, and economic progress would help as well, but I highly doubt those even rank on the list of supported social policies.

      • “I believe we should dissolve gun-free “murder zones”(in which 60 of the last 61 “mass shootings” have occurred) and have some kind of active defense that is clearly known to deter such incidents and respond to them far more quickly than off-site LEOs, ”

        Like, oh, I don’t know, armed dads? My children are not in school yet, so it might not apply to me per se. However, the local elementary school is close enough that this MAFdtaG* could run there faster than the police could respond and bring considerable firepower to bear on Sandy Hook (or even Belsan) type threat.

        For the children schools at least, at the PTA meeting anyone willing to respond to a Sandy Hook situation could stand up and declare their willingness to do so-and their willingness to possibly get shot by the police or the other dads. I know I would.

        *middle-aged, fat, decline to answer guy

      • +1 for teaching morals. Laws just tell the people they can’t be trusted with liberty. Liberal do good er politicians need to learn you cannot regulate a society into “morality”

    • She is a Bloomberg plant. Simple enough. and when her boyfriend cannot protect her from an armed mugger or rapist, I say we get to ask the question again.

  2. once Armscor gives us the reloading data, THEN we will buy their pistol. Duh. .22TCM doesn’t even have a wikipedia page yet. I’m sure the margins are good on selling ammo, but that strategy hasn’t worked well in the past.

  3. IMO, offering an ‘exclusive’ bullet is nothing to brag about. I don’t like the idea of being dependent on one gun maker as the source to get my ammo.

  4. “And call no man your [BOSS] upon the earth…” ~Jesus (verse 9, chapter 13, The Jefferson Bible)

    Of course the verse really says πατέρα, or “patron,” a person in authority above you whom you served in the Roman hierarchy. /wiki/Patronage_in_ancient_Rome

    Screw hierarchy, in other words. No Bosses.

    It’s the way we evolved biologically (or were “created” by “God” if one prefers teleological myth, as do I.) Humans are naturally evolved egalitarian social animals.

    Egalitarian means no hierarchy. No hierarchy means, in the vernacular, NOBODY LORDING-IT-OVER OTHERS.

    And that is, from a social sciences viewpoint, what the 2A is all about. Nobody Lording-It-Over Others. “All men are created equal” as Jefferson wrote in the DoI.

    Anybody who bows to hierarchy is flouting his creator, biological evolution (or “God” if you will, in teleological terms.)

    Anthropology documents well pre-Neolithic society (or the Garden of Eden, in literary terms):

    “Historically, people in non-state societies are relatively autonomous and sovereign. They generate their own subsistence with little or no assistance from outside sources. They bow to no external political leaders. Nor are they routinely exploited by outsiders.”

    ~Elman R. Service (1975), Origins of the State and Civilization: The Process of Cultural Evolution. New York: Norton.

    online excerpt here: NON-STATE AND STATE SOCIETIES

  5. that pastor is wrong. the Bible does not say “to love our neighbors more than our guns.” it says “to love our neighbors as ourself.” you can do that by owning a 30 rd mag. if i was committing crimes i would think it acceptable for me to be punished, so i treat everyone how i would think it right for myself to be treated in the situation.

  6. She’s from New Yawk. Did you really expect her to be supportive of gun rights? She probably has to make a P.R. thing with Screamin’ Andy Coumo.

    • No, I have not spoken with a manager at WM. However, I was there yesterday and the sales clerk did not mention anything out of the ordinary. I took this from the link: ““Corporate headquarters notified all local managers that we can not order any more ammo until further notice.” Yet, what does that really mean? I’ve seen notices today on ammo sites that back orders are stretched out to the late Fall 2013. The statement could mean many things with how the managers order ammo: do they order it from company warehouses or directly from wholesalers? Are they going through a re-organization? Are the regional centers distributing the ammo as they see fit and ignoring managers? Does it mean Biden has convinced WM to avoid ordering ammo?

        • Wait. Breathe. This is not confirmed.

          The ammo supply chain is virtually dry right now. It is entirely possible that WM is telling their stores not to bother requisitioning ammo because all of their suppliers are back-ordered.

          Alternate theory: WM is notoriously stingy with suppliers. It’s entirely possible that their ammo suppliers told them to fsck off, they had plenty of buyers for 100% of available production capacity at pricing well above WM’s negotiated rates.

          It seems extraordinarily unlikely (but possible) that they’ve suspended ammo sales after their meeting at the White House. I just don’t see how that would serve their interests.

  7. Look at the type of people who are typically on the leftists’ side: college-age people (inexperienced misguided morons), celebrities (out-of-touch opportunists), and now we can add dolled-up airheads to the list. Can anyone really take the leftist mindset seriously when it doesn’t contain a single respectable demographic?

  8. I don’t know what any of you naysayers are talking about, THIS LADY KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! She’s the first and so far the ONLY one to answer the question that’s been at the heart of this whole thing, and that is,”WHY did they do it?” I couldn’t figure it out either until she said it. She said the answer is to teach people about gun safety! EUREKA! I didn’t make the connection until just now, but if you think about all the gun murders in this country, they pretty much all contain one common element: the shooters involved broke all four of the cardinal rules of gun safety! They pointed weapons at people, they didn’t check their backstops, they weren’t sure of their targets and they didn’t keep their fingers off of the triggers! If they’d paid heed to even one of these cardinal rules…PROBLEM SOLVED! Oh Miss America, your parents are right to be proud, what an amazing young woman you are!

  9. Keith Morgan is not the clueless news anchorette – that would be Bray Cary. Keith Morgan is with the West Virginia Citizens Defense League. The NRA needs to hire this guy as its’ spokesperson ASAP. He absolutely destroyed the anchorette – best responses I have seen yet hands down. Please send Bray Cary vaseline ASAP – he needs it after that interview.

    • I’d say it’s a little late for Vaseline. Preparation H might be the kinder choice.

      What? I thought it was OK to make jokes like that after 2200PT,

  10. I met this officer once, in the middle of a Sh$#T Storm, never saw him again after that night, I asked What The Bleep should I do?
    He said “Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where It Is Needed.”
    In this case that means “If you have to save match heads and build a zip-gun then that’s what you do.”

  11. The comments in that salon article are disheartening.

    Cliff notes: Just give up and roll over to tyrants. As long as it stops mass shootings.

    Where are you, zombie Jefferson?

  12. “You dont fight violence with violence”…huh…so what WW1 and WW2 was fought the wrong way? Yes lets all hug Hitler to surrender. Id say this is more liberal crap but she probably doesnt know what a liberal is.

    I dont like HK nor do I like a gun (416) thats repuatation is based on people who watched Future Weapons
    The problem isnt the M4 its the cartrage IMO

  13. Robert Farago – Why did you denigrate Keith Morgan?? He demonstrated how to argue against a media anti-gunner better than anyone I’ve seen. It deserves its own separate post IMO.

    He made the best response to each of the interviewer’s attacks.

    • I agree, the Keith Morgan video needs its’ own separate post. This needs to be disseminated as a primer for all gun rights supporters on how to confront clueless grabbers. Robert Farago, what say you?

  14. Interviewer
    “Guns scare me. I don’t think the average Joe should own guns.”

    Keith Morgan
    “If I put an AK 47 on the table in front of you, would you shoot me, or go to a school and shoot kids?”


    Keith Morgan
    “So you think you’r better than the average Joe?”

    Keith Morgan demonstrated that anti-gunners who are afraid of the average person having a gun are elitists.

  15. “I don’t think the proper way to fight violence is with violence.”

    What she believes is of no matter. Humans, since the beginning of our existence, have demonstrated that violence is THE way we respond to violence. Period. Hippie it up all you want but when it comes to the talks being over fists are thrown, someone is hurt, someone is subdued and then we talk ‘peace’. And that will never, ever change.

  16. WOW. Keith Morgan was obviously well prepared for that interview because he wiped the floor with that guy and made him look like a total buffoon. For bonus points you could see him put the interviewer’s panties in a wad when he said, “yes I AM armed…. You’re not???”


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