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After the Sandy Hook Elementary School spree killing, Cheaper Than Dirt! stopped selling firearms. When The People of the Gun slammed the seller for their selling-out to the anti-gun zeitgeist, CTD backtracked. They claimed they’d resume firearms sales after they “updated their process” [as above]. I never like the word “process.” And now I like it even less. Click here for the webpage telling dealers that “Cheaper Than Dirt! doesn’t sell guns.” Click here for the LWRC AR-15 M6A2, displaying the same advisory. Click here the LWRCI M6A2, which also tells buyers to FOAD. Back atcha big guy. So who’s cheaper than that . . .

VA Senator Vogel. She emailed the VCDL to reassure the gun rights group that she’s pro-gun . . . but she has to “remain open minded about how we change the tone and address some of these [gun control] issues.” The VCDL Prez responded. “While having an open mind is not necessarily a bad idea generally, it is important to note that too open of a mind will let a person’s brains spill onto the floor.”

No hidden agenda here: “State Rep. Dan Muhlbauer, D-Manilla, says Iowa lawmakers should ban semi-automatic guns and ‘start taking them’ from owners who refuse to surrender any illegal firearms through a buy-back program.”

I can’t wait to get me my M4. And I am NOT going to jam my finger into the action like that. No sir.

Shooting twenty children is a crime against humanity. So is the situation in Mexico, where a disarmed population remains at the mercy of heavily armed drug thugs and even more heavily armed government stooges.

During the six-year Calderon administration, and as a result of his war against drug trafficking, 25,276 persons acquired the classification of “desaparecidos” (disappeared). They are 25,276 human beings who officially are neither alive nor dead. They simply are not there. They are only statistics, but behind each of them there is a woman, a man, or a child with names, last names and families, and of whom so far nothing is known. This weekly journal gained access to the “Integrated Database of Persons not Found” (Base Integrada de Personas no Localizadas) and  the report from all the attorneys general in the country, which was presented last July 17 (2012). From an analysis of both documents comes the first official count of the “disappeared” in Mexico, a phenomenon that is part of the inheritance that, like it or not, the government of Enrique Pena Nieto received and must confront. [via]

At, former child actor Jeff Cohen uses Einstein to argue for gun control. In his defense, Bedtime for Bonzo. In refutation, mutually assured destruction.

$75,000 Worth of Guns Stolen During Big Gun Armory Burglary A reader reckons this heist smells fishy. I guess it’s hard not to agree.


Doc Thompson wonders if the GOP has already sold gun rights advocates down the river. Ralph called this one: a high-cap mag ban is the “compromise position.”

“He said a man then walked out of the body shop, and the suspect shot him.” Proof that you can do everything right—or nothing very much—and still get shot and die. []

Daughter of top doctor goes into labor after  she and her Occupy Wall Street organizer boyfriend are arrested when police ‘find explosives and weapons’ in their apartment Once again, armed progressive nutjobs fly under the U.S. media’s radar; imagine if they’d been NRA supporters.

Who would be their love child? I say, I say, I say, I have no idea.

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  1. CTD- 1000 rounds of 5.56 for $1000? Nice one, profiteer off some kids deaths. Ill remember that and never shop there again.

    • I am so done with them as well. I usually buy .40 cal in the 500 round bulk boxes. I usually pay $137 or so plus almost $20 in shipping. They are now selling the ammo for $400? Since when is .40 cal ammo this kind of price? Totally Bullshit and they can keep there ammo. I won’t shop with them anymore. Talk about price gouging.

    • So I found out that they are indeed lower than dirt. I made my “OMG I want ammo!” order back on the 18th. I got four emails claiming it shipped…then a couple days later a single email telling me they’re backordered on the items I requested. Of course, substitutions now would subject me to gouging, shipping orders separately (which they have recently in the last two years started charging for) is another quick way to make tons of shipping money so…I’m going to cancel my order and just be happy that I did some of my shopping with Cabelas, who sent exactly what I ordered on time. I can’t even believe how lame a company CTD actually is…

  2. I live just a couple of miles from the store here in Fort Worth TX.

    There is a reason we refer to them as, “Treatcha Like Dirt”.

    Worst gun store ‘tude in the world. AND they’re two faced as well.

  3. Goodbye CTD. I got some nice stuff at decent prices, but I only buy from decent human beings. I can find what I need elsewhere.
    GOP, study the USNews poll and HANG TOUGH!

  4. Everyday I got Tons of mail because cheaper than dirt sold my info. I guess you get what you pay for.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of Lucky Gunner. Never had an issue with them, their website lists what’s in stock and how much they have and they didn’t gouge. Of course the problem with not gouging is that they sold out of some stuff quickly.

  6. Ok cheaper than dirt can kiss my butt.
    I soooo want a Benelli M4… drool
    And as far as love child goes.. Guys guys, this isn’t that kind of site ok… I mean really, there is plenty of other sites out there for that kind of stuff!! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  7. I’ve been a customer of for 25 years for good reason. Family owned company, good prices, reasonable shipping and not once a problem in those 25 years, not even a screwed up order.

    I’ve ordered from CTD a couple times in the past but definitely no more. I’ll keep getting their catalogs since they make good perusing while on the can and at thye same time bleed ’em of a few pennies as a non customer.

  8. I have a question for my fellow AI. Is it enough to support just one gun rights group like the NRA? Who do you (Robert, Ralph, Nick) all support? NRA, GOA, NAGR, SAF?

  9. I don’t know who Doc Thompson is, but that email exchange was fishier than a tuna’s snatch. The original party printed the email chain, used a marker to cover sensitive information, scanned it, forwarded it to another party who then printed it, used the same color marker to cover sensitive information, scanned it and posted it? Either I’m drunk, or that’s highly irregular. Or, I’m drunk and that’s highly irregular. Happy new years!

  10. Screw CTD. They will not get anymore biz from me. All of my buddies that I shoot IDPA feel the same way. Hope they have to shut down.

  11. Jeff Cohen got his ass handed to him in the comments section of his little diatribe against firearms.

  12. My brother told me about CTD a couple years ago so I perused their web site several times. The only thing I saw that was cheap was poor quality stuff. The good stuff could be had at better prices at other places like MidwayUSA. So, I thought their name was a sham to start with. Now, obviously, they are as much a dick as Dick’s.

    They’ve never gotten a penny from me and never will, plus I’ve been telling everyone what treasonous price gouging bastards they are…hoping I can help them out…..of business.

  13. CTD isnt the only online vendor gouging and pulling tricks, CDNN, Budsgunshop, Natchez, and even Ammoman have all repriced in stock goods at much higher prices just to profit from the ridiculousness out of DC.

    Its not illegal to raise your prices on goods already in stock, but maybe they should be BOYCOTTED for having no shame considering the circumstances.

  14. I will forever despise CTD for their 2A betrayal, but for those who bash price gougers, please educate yourself:

    Price gouging saves lives” (YouTube)

    Do a search in YouTube for “price gouging” and see other vids as well. Stossel has some good ones. Economics is a discipline where an intuitive solution often produces the opposite result.

    • Good point, but there’s another way to do it- “limit 2 per customer”. A simple database query can check customer email addresses vs shipping addresses vs billing addresses. Sure you can get your friend to order for you, but it slows down the crazy spending.

      Or check out SKD Tactical and their ‘jerkproof’ PMags. Charged $50/mag and donated everything over their normal price to the NRA/SAF.

  15. When you wrote “gestalt”, did you mean “zeitgeist”? I think this is more of a spirit of the times, and less a quintessential essence.

  16. I think the American Rifleman show (NRA) on the Sportsman’s Channel needs to edit their opening few minutes. The host states that the show is sponsored by CTD, or as Ralph states, LTD!

  17. I had to check out that US News & World Report Poll just to see if it was real…..and sure enough it is VERY real!

    I’m very aware that the main stream media is trumpeting “Anti-Gun” and Gun Control propaganda in full force, but the public just ain’t buying it.

    Gun Sales and Gun Show attendence fully support where the people stand!

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