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Michael Bloomberg is the deep pocketed former New York Mayor spending tens of millions promoting civilian disarmament. Hizzoner owns Business Insider. Business Insider has some negative opinions about Eric and Donald Jr.’s hunting habits . . .

 Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. own a massive private hunting preserve in upstate New York — and neighbors say it sounds like a ‘war zone’ is carefully crafted to make readers believe that the hunting preserve located in Wingdale, N.Y. is actually the Koresh Compound. An implication aided and abetted by their use of the charming photo above . . .

President Donald Trump’s two grown sons arrived at this tranquil, rural upstate New York hamlet with a bang.

A company tied to Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump owns a 171-acre hunting preserve that is being used as a private shooting range, where the sound of rifle fire from a wooden tower and exploding targets has riled nearby residents, neighbors told The Associated Press.

One neighbor complained that it rattles the windows of his home; another said it ruins the serenity of the surrounding woods. A third confronted the property’s representative over the summer.

“It’s like you’re in a war zone,” said Elisabetta Berghold, who lives on 42 acres down the road from the Trumps’ land.

Just like “a war zone” — said the neighbor that has clearly never been in a war. If you want peace and tranquility you should move to the country . . . just not the country that is located down the road from the Trump’s.

Neighbors said that while they knew there would be occasional rifle fire from deer hunting on the property, the thunderous noise from target practice on a stretch of land closest to other neighbors was unexpected and unwelcome.

“It’s bad. It shakes the windows,” said neighbor Mike Dougherty.

Has it become less frequent now that the Trumps’ are busy making America great again? Yes. Yes it has!

Four neighbors interviewed by the AP described the shooting. All said it had become less frequent in recent months but peaked on summer weekends.

The de facto shooting range is located on a strip of land on the easternmost border of the Trumps’ property, an easement that was cleared of trees years ago for an AT&T Inc. cable. A wooden tower on that stretch is visible from the public road.

The Business Insider is good at paper trails, apparently. They want you to know they traced the property back to Trumps’ through various legit LLCs.

The Trumps appear to have acquired the property via limited liability companies that contain some version of the property’s address in their names but do not reveal the Trumps’ connections. LLCs are often used to buy property or conduct business in ways that obscure the people behind the transactions.

The entity that purchased the land in 2013, Leather Hill Preserve LLC, lists its agent as a Manhattan company that provides registration services to LLCs across the country.

Incorporation records filed with the state show that the LLC’s articles of organization were filed by a Trump Organization executive based out of Trump Tower and that Trump Jr. designated himself in July 2013 as the company’s authorized person. In disclosure reports filed with New York City and obtained by the AP under a public records request, Trump Jr. lists himself as the owner of “DT Leather Hill Road LLC” and Eric Trump lists himself as the owner of “194 Leather Hill Road LLC.”

A money manager from Connecticut, Jeffrey Ferraro, is listed as the company’s organizer and in sales records as a representative for the LLC. He was a state delegate at the Republican National Convention in July 2016 and appears with Eric Trump in a photo posted on his Facebook page.

Neither the Trump Organization’s spokeswoman nor its general counsel acknowledged requests to discuss the property. An email to Trump Jr. about the property was not returned.

The Trumps love guns. It’s no secret. But it is a blessing.

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  1. “It shakes the windows”

    I think that someone is exaggerating. Which is a polite was of saying that they are FOS.

    • Rifles would not shake the windows. Someone mentioned that they were using exploding targets which definitely could shake windows.

      • I can relate. We have country property next to a neighbor with a shooting area. Just a couple targets at various distances with a uphill forest backdrop. All was well for the first decade but then city friends (of the neighbor) started showing up with their AKs and AR15s. Mostly just .22s, bolts and muzzleloaders before that.

        We put up with it for a while, but then the targets included signs, phone poles, trees, rocks and any squirrel in sight, and ultimately another neighbor’s horse. That was the last straw.

        The neighbor with the shooting range was actually thankful when we complained because they felt pressured not to say anything or catch the wrath from their friends by requesting some restraint with their friends and guns. Now he could blame us.

        In the end some rules were laid down. Semi autos are ok but with a slow rate of fire and only at the designated targets. One shooter at a time. No exploding anything. No shooting at garbage for targets. And no early morning, late evening or night shooting, and no shooting sessions longer than one continuous hour without an hour break. Hardly draconian, but it was actually enough that their city friends don’t drop by very often now. Guess they moved their bullet party somewhere else.

        What people don’t realize is that for the visitor it’s a short-time thing while there. But the neighbors have it all day long every day.

        • All I got from that wall of text was:

          “Wah wah wah… I can’t stand other people having fun with their property. Wah wah wah….”

          How about you harden the fuck up and get some good sound insulation on your house cupcake?

        • If you had bothered reading the text instead of making up arguments in your own head you would have seen that the BULLETS from idiots having fun on their property were making their way onto other people’s property.

        • “Hannibal says:
          February 17, 2018 at 14:32
          If you had bothered reading the text instead of making up arguments in your own head you would have seen that the BULLETS from idiots having fun on their property were making their way onto other people’s property.”

          So they say along with the other hype. The local range had similar, when the whiner showed up in court with his BULLET, it had no rifling marks.

        • Any of my neighbors shoots my horses, cattle or other livestock, they’re in for a world of hurt. Fortunately all my neighbors have been too polite and sensible for that.

        • Cloud, the neighbors were polite. It was the “friends” who weren’t satisfied with paper and steel. However, it could also have been a ricochet since any nearby object became fair game and there were plenty of large rocks. Either way it’s unacceptable.

          When shooters have no vested interest in the area, it’s easy to abuse the privileged. Add some beer, ARs, AKs, and city wits with Call of Duty experience, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Spice it up with a steaming pile of Come and take it, and someone is going to get upset about their “rights.”

          Oh, the horse lived. Thanks for asking.

        • I got the same damn problem. Peaceful out here for the longest time, occasionally people come out to shoot for the weekend, the smell of camp fires, blah blah! Exploding targets and full auto only came out on new years and the fourth of July so freedom can ring. It was all good, people having fun and I couldn’t have cared any less.

          In recent years, the assholes have been setting off 1-2Lb tannerite targets with increasing frequency, and upping the full auto fire. I’m pretty sure they shoot at any animal that moves, just for the shits and giggles. I only know of one deer blind and its right on the property border. Its every other week, shooting shooting shooting now! I may have to wear my IMTV (body armor) when going to the north side of the farm just so I don’t get shot by some assclown thinking hes going to get a deer out of season.

          For as tight as money is and as poor as they are, they sure find money for ammo. Oh, they will also help themselves to shovels if they get stuck in the mud.

          To top it off, a small ghetto just moved in next door. Within two weeks, MAG DUMP YO!!! WHA SUP!!! 50 meters from my doorstep. Although that was the one and only time I heard them blasting away.

          Until there is property damage or injuries, there isn’t much that can be done about all the racket. I simply make my own racket now, taking my time deconstructing an old house, running the chainsaw half the day, using an impact driver rather than a drill. Passive aggressive. I know its pissed off someone up stream because I hear them shooting now too when I’m making all my noise.

        • I should also add that I used to not run powertools during the extremely short deer season, just as a neighborly courtesy. Yeah, not happening. I don’t really hunt deer much and definitely don’t allow others, this causes all the local deer to huddle around my place now, because its relatively safe. Karma.

        • OMG I so agree, those AR’s sound like CANNONS, they are so LOUD. What a load of BULL$HIT. Don’t like the noise, then support the use of suppressors. As for shooting anything other than a target on the range, that is just flat out WRONG but I’ve got a feeling there is a touch of exaggeration going on. Now excuse me, I need to get ready to get ready to clean out some ground squirrels on my friends ranch tomorrow before one of her horses gets hurt.

        • In this thread, suburban pansies judge their experiences living in exurbs, by the propaganda they learned from Country Life, and pulp Westerns.

          If you can see your neighbors’ houses without glass, in the “country”, lemme help ya cupcake. It’s not going to be quiet, idyllic, peaceful, or any of that nonsense you fantasized about when you took your inheritance and bought something less than a hour from a WalMart. It wasn’t 40 years ago, and it ain’t now.

      • Had a neighbor set a few very large ones off and those exploding targets will shake windows, but that was within 400 to 600 yards away. Also, it was only a little. Now I had no problem with that or what I suspect was a .50BMG being shot at around the same distance away. The neighbors always do it during the day and never at night. They could do it all day for all I care. The gas well that moved in is more of a problem as the sounds are just as loud with odd frequencies.

        We had a neighbor down the road that just moved in start lighting off while myself and the other neighbors were out mowing. The rounds were coming through the trees and one went through my front window and hit a chair I’d just been sitting in went 20 minutes before I went out to mow, it probably would have killed me. I kept my dander down as best I could and called the sheriff, who couldn’t tell what kind of bullet it was (7.62×39 from length even though it was slightly folded over) and told me he thought “It’s a niner I think?”.

        He went to the new neighbors house (they had just moved in and were from “the city”) and they said they were shooting at a pop can on the ground but the bullet had traveled 600 yards. He noted they had some stuff that looked “foreign” with “big clips”. The sheriff is an old man so I gave him a pass on the ignorance and he said they were willing to pay for the damage. I went to meet with the shooters and found out they knew little about guns except that in the country it was legal to shoot.

        They agreed to and paid for the window and chair (thank the Lord for steel framed chairs as that stopped the bullet from travelling any further into the house) and I helped them pick a proper direction to shoot and install a large mound of dirt for a backstop. I also gave them the card I carry in my wallet with the 4 rules of gun safety. No one went to jail and they were horrified when they found out what they’d done. I hear them shoot from time to time but haven’t had a single round strike any more houses in our area.

        This is the way any interaction between decent human beings should go, as specially including how the sheriff handled it. Maybe him being an older guy made him less likely to go SWAT Operator on them and treat them like people that had made a mistake (while it was a dangerous mistake no one was hurt) instead of potential notches on his AR stock. Either way it’s still less dangerous than living in just about any large city!

  2. They lost me at “sounds like a war zone.” I highly doubt any of those who use that phrase have been anywhere near one.

    • Sometimes my backyard sounds like a 400series range. Full auto fire and exploding targets. Locally, its gone from shooting every other month, with exploding targets and full auto being 1-2 times a year, to shooting every other week, including week days, and exploding targets several times a year.

      Spending a weekend a month shooting it up in an old lake isn’t going to annoy most reasonable people (I.E me), but 1-2 weeks?! It gets old, fast. So far its just noise, have made it clear numerous times that they aren’t allowed to shoot in this direction. I’ve seen the target setup from a distance and as far as I can tell, they respect the shooting directions (including the road).

      I have however seen groups of roaming teens following the fence line, which is not cool. I usually hang around on my side for awhile to make sure they don’t get any stupid ideas about vandalism or ransacking one of the sheds.

      I’m not one to go tell them to lighten up on the shooting, I just let Karma take its course. Ammo isn’t cheap so the more they shoot, the poorer they get. I also just make my own noise with a chainsaw, I have plenty of acres that need clearing, no shortage of noise I can make between mowing, building stuff, cutting stuff down, mowing stuff again (grass cutting season is upon us!)

    • Only moral cowards like jwm have been in war zones since WWII, every war since has been the US ATTACKING NEARLY DEFENSELESS PEOPLE.

      I would only fight to DEFEND THE UNITED STATES

      I have the MORAL COURAGE yall lack, so I would refuse to obey illegal immoral orders to attack nearly defenseless folks who pose no threat to the United States

    • As far as warzones go, my time in Afghanistan was pretty quiet. The best explosions were usually old propane canisters that found their way into the burn pit. Sometimes a controlled explosion from EOD at some distant place.

      All was quiet, the only shooting was BZOs, playing with AK47s, and cunts who wanted to shoot the locals’ dogs. Oh, we set off a pin flare as a fake IED to scare locals but it didn’t work. The only guy to see it was kind of ‘wtf’ and kept driving along with his tractor.

      Last grunt unit to get a ‘combat deployment’ to Afghanistan. Seven months of boredom.

  3. The Trumps could own a cemetery and someone would claim that they’re encouraging death. Give me a break!

      • That sounds like the news report on the terrible crash of an airplane into an Irish cemetery.

        “Ireland’s worst air disaster occurred early this morning when a small two-seater Cessna crashed into a local cemetery.
        Irish search and rescue workers have recovered 1826 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the night.”

        • Arkansas is abbreviated AR. I believe John is in Alaska. And we Arkansans in no way take responsibility for the treasonous duo.

  4. Artillery? Air strikes? Mad minutes? Choppers coming in hot?

    This is why nobody takes these leftist twits seriously anymore. When a ‘reporter’ claims to have suffered ptsd from shooting an ar15 once, even the hysterical have to admit these folks are full of shit.

    • jwmMoralCoward I was upset by the only two shots I ever fired, and only from a small handgun, the recoil twisted my wrist, the noise scared the jwm out of me and deafened me with ringing ears, it was scary… now Im a hard man (obviously) so I fought off the PTSD : ) but I would never want to shoot again, except maybe paint ball game (not against buttwipes like yall though, against fun thoughtful folks), that might be fun

    • And are you feeling brave enough now to detail shamefully attacking nearly defenseless folks because they government told you to?

      How about taking personal moral responsibility instead of these embarrassing rambling excuses:

      “Everything we did in those faraway lands, good or bad, we did in the name of folks like ehren, rob and comrade more dead soldiers. We did it in their names and under their orders. The American military is under the leadership of the American pols and people.

      We did nothing without their approval beforehand. And if they did not approve then they should have had the moral courage to try to stop what they thought was wrong. Refuse to pay your taxes. Renounce your citizenship and move to another country.

      Until they have taken actual steps to remedy what they see as wrong they do not have the right to judge others.

      My service was over 4 decades ago and I’m still proud of the men I served alongside.”

  5. In my whole life the only fire that has rattled windows was tanks, close to Fort Riley. Firearms rattling windows. I call BS. What liars and pansies…

  6. Oh no! My neighbor is doing something legal that I don’t like! Better complain about it.

    This wouldn’t even be a story if the land owner was anybody else but Trump.

    • Most people don’t care if their neighbors are shooting on the weekend. Its when they are setting off exploding targets every other week, dragging out full auto or bump firing, and otherwise detracting from other peoples’ enjoyment of their own property and degrading their quality of life, that it becomes a problem.

      Enjoying 2-3 beers on the weekend vs the shitfaced drunk who has never seen a sober day since high school.

      • 1. Buy more land
        2. Move to a remote part of AK, WY, MT, etc
        3. Move back to suburbia where you apparently belong

        As a current suburbanite, I have to listen to the rather nearby fire house dispatching it’s noisy trucks at all hours of the day and night, which intrudes on my enjoying my property and degrades my quality of life. How dare those people….

        Get the F over yourself and your gentleman farmer country fantasies. If you don’t have to drive at least an hour to a Wallyworld, you’re living somewhere far too populated for the idyllic lifestyle you apparently believe you’re entitled to.

  7. If the idiot neighbors were nice instead of being Whitney pansies, maybe they’d get invited over to hunt and shoot.

  8. I cannot understand why Don Jr. and Eric do not have suppressors for everything. First of all, they can easily afford $1,000 suppressors and the $200 tax stamp for each one. Second of all, I am quite confident that Don Sr. (our President) could have an aid walk his son’s suppressor forms over to the ATF and have them approved same day.

    If money were no object and I could have suppressor forms approved the same day, even I would probably jump through the hoops and acquire them.

      • They have plenty enough money to relocate their state of residence and dump this property. They would save money on their taxes (especially since state and local taxes are no longer deductible) and no longer contribute to the tax base of evil blue state politicians. Hell, even my dad saved money by changing his state of residence and he was no where near as wealthy as these guys.

    • What Jay says. NY State law disallows them, no matter how many ATF forms you fill out, unless you’re packing for the government.

  9. In other news… Nobody that matters actually cares. If these scumbags don’t like it, they can move. Might I recommend Venezuela?

  10. Maybe I’m the only one that’s surprised they ONLY have 171 acres.

    Now I’m far from being able to afford such, especially in New York, but I’m not privy to Trump-money either.

    I’d like to see these window rattling guns though lol

  11. I thought the part about them trying to get the price reduced because it wasn’t certified as not haunted was amusing.

  12. I shoot my guns and blow up my tannerite when I damn well please. It does rattle windows, but this is within a few miles of Ft Knox so it’s going to happen. I don’t have many neighbors within a mile, but they all have made noise, asked for and received favors, or generally been asses. I would stop shooting for a period of someone asked and gave a reason like outdoor wedding or whatever.

    Yet we all manage to live together without crying to the police or media. Bunch of queen Hillary supporters mad at Trump. Harden the f up or move to the desert or Northern Canada and still harden the f up.

  13. Shooting the horse was dumb. That would piss me off and I’d probably wind up in trouble. …:: Man wearing tinfoil hat kicks Donald Trump the testicles,,,,,twice,

  14. Doubt many full autos involved – most folks cannot distinguish between rapid semi-auto fire and full . Most places have noise ordinances, so many decibels at the property line.
    I’m on 80 acres and have had complaints passed on to me from others – I told ”em to tell the whiners to come over, I’d let ’em bust a few steel plates. I do not shoot during Sunday AM. Other than that, anytime I feel like it.
    The Trump boys could start their own security firm – even in NY those may be able to acquire suppressors in the company name. But I’d expect they already have safe(and noise reflecting) berms and the complainers are Dems !

  15. After I got married we moved to Long Beach, Ca. to be close to my work. We lived 1/2 from a refinery, which got loud at times. The rail yard was next door to the refinery and we could hear the hump of the connecting cars also. On the weekends, the trep shooting club started in at 6:00 am. My wife loves to sleep in and that bothered her a little, but it wasn’t so bad. When she mentioned it to a neighbor, he just broke up in laughter, because 3 years before, they tore down Lions Drag Strip, 4 blks away – now THAT was loud!
    Just remember, it can always be worse – like people that move in to the flight path of an international airport and expect the noise to get better.

  16. The same crybaby behavior that has closed so many public sandpits in so many states. Where the general public could access and target shoot for free…Then the same crybabies, Anti-Freedom Politicians, and STASI Law Enforcement community killed access to sportsman in the general public for Off-Road -SUVs, Trucks 🚚, Dirt 🚲 Bikes, ATVs, etc…Of they added these folks along with Hunters….Or suspicious persons like day hikers (or in other words…Just another reason for Paramilitarized Law Enforcement to perform a “Stop ✋ and Search 🚫” on any citizens for perceived contraband of the day…)

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