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Dean Winslow (above) is (was?) the Trump administration’s nominee for the post of Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Health Affairs. Testifying before the Senate’s Armed Services committee, the retired Air Force colonel felt compelled — compelled I tell you! — to address Americans’ ability to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms by keeping and bearing an AR-15-style rifle . . .

I’d also like to, and I may get in trouble with other members of the committee, just say how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a fully auto, or a semi-automatic assault rifle like an AR-15, which apparently was the weapon that was used [in the Texas attack].

As you know, Americans can’t just “go out and buy” a fully automatic rifle (more’s the pity). Which a rifle would have to be if it was, indeed, an “assault rifle.”

Anyway, facts aside, wrong answer. As the AR-15-equipped gentleman who shot the Sutherland Springs spree killer would tell you. But not the civilian disarmament industrial complex, who’ve seized on Mr. Winslow’s comments with all the glee the bloody shirt wavers can manage. Which is a lot.

In fact, for giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United State Constitution’s Second Amendment, we award Mr. Winslow our Gun Zero of the Day award, hoping he’s properly upbraided and sent back into obscurity, without a government position of any kind.

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    • Yeah I have some assault rocks in my front yard so if I have a handful that means I have a fully automatic assault weapon, cuz I can throw em all at the same time with one arm swing.

  1. “…just say how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a ______”

    Darn that pesky freedom!

  2. Love how this whole “draining the swamp” thing is working out…

    No change for America until we realize that no political figure, whether they have an “R” or a “D” in front of their name is going to come in a be a white knight and save the country…

    Time to either peacefully divorce or just let the thing die of natural causes, which is the more likely outcome at this point. Economics are a b word…

    • We also have a problem trusting the military and police not to be anti-freedom when giving them political appointments and putting them on a pedestal. The farther you get up in the brass during the Obama and Clinton admins and in city and Blue State police departments, the more fascistic they tend to be. There are also a lot of Democrat zealots in the Air Force and the Intelligence Community. You can’t trust the likes of Petraeus, McChrystal, or even Mattis to not want to take our rights away.

  3. Just another carrier soldier who never carried a weapon. Let alone probably never even fired one in the last 30 years
    With that in mind. He should follow that other general and just fade far far away….. .

      • I was trying to be nice. This isnt how I feel about people like him. Carrier military like this person are not fit to be a town dogcatcher. I hope that Trump has enough common sense to boot him.

    • He’s not even that. He’s an infectious disease researcher and med school professor at Stanford, primarily. He did serve six tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Delaware National Guard, serving as a doctor and earning a lot of medals.

      No doubt he saw the effects of combat daily, but I’m not seeing anything in his bio about him having been directly in combat himself. For example, his Iraq time was in the Baghdad green zone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to get killed there, too, or at least on your way there or back. Still, it’s not the same thing as walking point on some craggy ledge in Tora Bora.

      He seems like just another establishment, know-it-all, elitist to me.

    • This twit is NOT and never was a SOLDIER. Not even a zoomie but a DOCTOR. An extreme REMF in a PC REMF sorority.

  4. What strikes me as insane is that some of these people didnt burst into flames upon swearing their oath to protect the constitution

  5. Dr. Winslow is an Air Force lifer. Which service branch royally screwed up by not reporting the criminal conviction and involuntary commitment of the Texas church shooter to the FBI?

    Somehow I doubt that he had any opinion on civilian ownership of AR’s a week ago, until it became necessary to mount a bureaucratic CYA.

    • Sure he did. The AirFarce on average is little different than the demtard part. The most PC by far of any of the 4 branches.

  6. I don’t expect members of the ruling class to be comfortable with the idea that the people have the ability to effectively withdraw their consent to be governed. Indeed, I expect them to be fairly horrified by the idea. That’s precisely why we weren’t asking their opinion.

    • Assault rifles being banned are yet another example of tyranny in America, AR-15 are simply not deadly enough, just look at the paltry numbers of unarmed civilians killed, when the government moves on us to transform the US into a slave labor camp we will need assault rifles to defend freedom like the real American hero patriot warriors that we are…

      We need to lift ban/end any regulation of fertilizer, nyquil, opioids, drivers licenses, background checks for sensitive positions, TNT, yellow cake, shoulder-fired SAMs and hydrochloric acid among others… I mean shootfire, I was threatened by agents of the state that they would put me in a cage like an animal just for defending me and mines with some mines, buried Claymores around the perimeter, dont have a HISSY FIT!

      We wont stand for these infringements of our Constitutional freedumbs no loonger : D

    • That White American terrorist used the favored gun of mass shooters, the AR 15. It aint as deadly as assault rifles but clearly it gets the job done…

      And how on earth could we carry on with our current SOL and level of culture etc if we were deprived of or have stringent regulations put on who could own this favored weapon of mass shooters… I reckon Western Civilization would crumble without nearly unrestricted access to ARs…

      So obviously you are DEAD right, we are on the absolutely best possible path, doing everything right regarding ARs, the results speak for themselves : D

      • When considering America’s gun rights, sometimes what you don’t see is just as important as what you do.

        You don’t see government-sponsored mass murder.

        You don’t see an entire population dependent on the government as its sole protector against criminal predation and terrorism.

        You don’t see Americans kow-towing to statists who demand their subservience. Oh wait . . . Make that ALL Americans . . .

        But most of all you don’t see the tens of thousands of defensive gun uses per year. Some of which are accomplished by non-LEOs armed with an AR-15, as it was in Sutherland Springs.

      • “That White American terrorist used the favored gun of mass shooters, the AR 15.”

        Whitey was capping Whitey.

        What’s your problem?

    • I was making the point that if were being fair then its irrelevant to highlight the shooters ethnicity and nationality. But yall are hyper ethnocentric and jingoistic so you assume that its normal to be white and American and so you never mention that ethnicity and nationality, only when someone is other than white and american does it become for you a significant and relevant issue, and this is unfair…

      For example it would not tell us anything to note that Ayman al Zawahiri (remember him Al Qaedas #2 man) was Egyptian and Muslim and Brown. It would tell us something though to note that he grew up under a dictatorship that the US lavished a billion dollars annually on for three decades largely for internal repression, and so at age 15 when Zawahiri protested he was locked away in a MENs prison for three years (you can imagine the hell on earth this was, endless terror and abuse). You see his ethnicity and religion and nationality woud tell us nothing about his motivations for retaliating against the US military HQ and symbols of global economic exploitation.

      Im sure you dont understand the point though, being so ignorantly committed to smearing folks who are not white and american and in the cult of jesus corpse as terrorists…

      • Nowhere in this article or in this comment section has anyone brought up the subject of race — except for you.

        In the last week, I’ve seen you bring up race (generally to denigrate my race) more often than all of TTAG’s writers and commentators combined. Maybe you should get some professional help for this fixation.

        • Another racist ethnocentric jingoist pointlessly identified a terrorist by his ethicity and I simply did you blighted bigots the favor of explaining the concept of normativity, which of course you stupidly misunderstood, not being able to tolerate any attention being drawn to the fact that you are White and American… you see having been so intensely programmed to reflexively tear anyone to bits who raises the issue of racism youve now moved on to tearing anyone to bits who says ANYTHING about white americans

        • Well my buddy Professor Manque showed me how he was constantly the victim of racist slurs on this racist site, being repeatedly degraded as a monkey, dehumanized as a macacaque, and told that he speaks Ebonics…

          And in the few days Ive been here Ive also been repeatedly denigrated for my perceived race most shockingly by a guy who claimed that all underdeveloped countries were comprised of black folks, and that those black folks are inherently criminal, and that black folks in America are inherently criminal, AND he claimed he was courageous to say this because “politically correct” folks would barrage him with hateful responses…

          So you see this is the level of discourse regarding the ongoing history of race and racism in America, you have countless overt racist posters constantly slurring folks, the mods never correct and chastize them, and no other posters ever criticize these racists, in fact as your post evinces, just the opposite, you support those folks and in your case give us your riff on the tedious old am radio tactic of shouting that Im the racist and/or imagining racism…

          These are the values of this site

        • I think you and your “friend” Professor Manque are sock puppets. In any event, you’re not very bright. Tell me, have you looked up the definition of manque yet?

        • So you clearly dont understand what “race-baiting” means… typically this results from imbibing its constant misuse on am radio and Faux News where whenever a decent person broaches the issue of racism some retrograde fool who cant tolerate anyone who fails to pretend racism is insignificant has a tantrum and keeps bleating “race-baiter”…

          In fact race-baiting means baiting someone with race, making prejudicial remarks about race to manipulate folks into doing something; most commonly regarding a racist politician like when Bush I used Willie Hortons black face and talk of raping a white woman to bait voters into ignoring the issues and instead vote based on racist impulse that “nniiigrrra are criminals.”

          Or when Reagan said “welfare queens” were getting rich to bait voters into voting based on the racist delusion that “knee grows are lazy”

          You use it the way the ignorant liars you admire on Faux News and am radio do as if it means legitimately discussing documented instances of racism.

          So this is the extent of your ignorance, you go your whole life regularly misusing a word because as with most words and ideas and issues you dont learn from legitimate sources, theres no nuance and no critical faculties, you are only able to imbibe nonsense from charlatans and dingbats

        • RE: Rob Williams, you must be the brightest turd in th toilet. “In fact race-baiting means baiting someone with race”… Damn. Only a hardcore stoner could top that.


        I don’t care if you are purple, you’re just an asshole.

        • Yeah, Robbie Boy is just another brainwashed, mindless liberal idiot who is on the wrong website, we all like guns here Robbie, and we believe in our Constitution, you know, our LAWS, shall not be infringed and all that stuff. Look it up, this is America, we don’t want to live under socialist rule. People who don’t like America need to leave. You’re all just interfering with our freedom !!!!!

  7. An elitist ex military politician seeking a job as leader of an armed force thinking it is a bad idea of civilians having weapons that would be effective in fighting back against them if they get tyrannical? Sounds like the 2nd Amendment is working as intended.

    • “military politician” eh… actually he has never held political office, hes both a medical doctor and a flight surgeon, a researcher focused on helping folks with AIDS, a teacher, won a humanitarian award for helping Iraqi civilians devastated by the war, been in the Guard for decades… in other words a guy whose done lots of good work and yet because he states the obvious namely that staying the course and continuing to allow mass shooters to get their hands on their preferred weapon is insane, now you have to rip him a new one, and typical of the jokers on this site you do it by lying, smearing him as a politician…

      AND their is no evidence for your smear that he is an “elitist”, in fact just the opposite is true (according to folks who actually know him, folks who actually know what they are talking about unlike you : D) his men affectionately called him Doc Winslow and appreciated that he wasnt afraid to get dirty for example loading supplies onto cargo plains, AND Winslow understood this irritated some of the other officers who took a different attitude but Winslow did it anyway… so thats the kind of guy he is, and again this isnt according to me or some donkey like you who has no idea what he is talking about…

      You are the typical am radio bully liar just like President Stump, evidence matters not all, if anyone says anything to challenge your silly delusions then spew endless baseless attacks like spoiled children, you are pathetic, not men

      • If you are going to Spoonerize, do it correctly, please. It should be: “NazyCRegroWithAGun”. You left out the first R, but I fixed it for you. Now, TROLL, why should we take you seriously when you can’t even do THAT correctly?!

      • I’m sure the Native Americans at Wounded Knee would have liked some partiy with the Union Army that went there to slaughter the lot of them. I’m also sure they would have liked some partity with the Union Army when they were force-marched along The Trail of Tears. Oh, and let’s not forget Kent State, either.

        You racist piece of shit.

        Also, why on Earth would you bury a Claymore? Oh, wait. You don’t know what one is or how its used. Same goes for literally anything else you’ve bothered to prattle on about, too, for that matter. As well, at least we can agree that we should end the “War on (Some) Drugs” with your little quip about NyQuil and the like. So, there’s that.

        Or, is even that too much “freedumb” for you? :]

        Oh, and it’s actually handguns that are still the favored tool of mass shooters. Not that you know that, naturally. And it’s an AR-15 that helped drive away the latest scumbag before he could hurt anyone else. But, I guess that little detail zipped right over your empty little head.

        Anyway, it’s actually the democratization of the means to commit violence — both for defense and offense — that helped bring the levels of criminal violence (both individual and state) down to where they are today. Western civilization would look quite different without it.

        So, obviously you are dead wrong. The results of whatever gun-grabbing lunacy you favor speak for themselves: 262 million dead from democide in the last century alone.

        But, your point was actually to castigate all white people and supporters of the natural right to keep and bear arms (but I repeat myself in your case) as evil terrorists just because they’re white, and that’s because you actually believe that. Otherwise you wouldn’t have fucking said it. But, you’re every bit as ethnocentric and jingoistic as you desperately want to pretend we are AND can find exactly zero examples of where any of us have been, so you assume its normal for white people to be inherently evil and racist, and you project this racism onto everyone who disagrees with you. You inject race into literally every single solitary little thing because race is always first and foremost in your mind, but only when someone is white and American. THAT is what’s actually unfair.

        It would actually tell us something to note that Ayman Zawahiri killed innocent people for no good reason whatsoever, instead of targeting the people he thought were actually responsible. No, his Muslim beliefs lead him to visit a collective punishment as did and still does the regime that is currently in power in Egypt — which has little if any connection to the U.S. whatsoever. So, no, nothing really changes with or without Western malfeasance in the Middle East.

        I’m sure you don’t understand the point, though, being so ignorantly committed to smearing folks who are white and American and not in the cult of cild-rapist Muhammad corpse as terrorists.

        You are the typical NPR radio bully and liar, just like Shillary RottenKKKlam KKKlinton. Evidence matters not at all to you. If anyone says anything to challenge your racist delusions, then you spew endless and knowingly baseless attacks like spoilt children. You are not a man. You’re barely even Human, if even that.

        • What it is about Kent State we should remember and whats your point about that?

        • Please refrain from and NEVER, EVER portray the violent Leftists “taken out” at Kent State as any sort of “victim” as they were in fact agitators and aggressors even such noted experts on the tactics involved like the late Col Jeff Cooper in “To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth” recognized THAT confirming their timely demise saved countless lives that day.

        • The entirety of your post is incomprehensible or bullsheet, you write like the ignorant child you are and you typically make too many false claims to correct, Im not getting email notifications when you dunces post your BS responses AND I cant find my way back to the page the next day so… this site is terrible if the goal were to have serious discourse (which of course it isnt, its to generate traffic with a bunch BS articles designed to rev up you dunces so the owner can boost ad revenue)

          If there is some way to get notified when you post more BS let me know and Ill work through your BS one at a time, otherwise I cant refind you…

      • What a maroon “men affectionately called him Doc Winslow and appreciated that he wasnt afraid to get dirty for example loading supplies onto cargo plains I’ve never seen the AirFarce load a cargo “plain” with anything other than a K loader of a forklift. Certainly not going to let some idiot doctor run one/get in the way (unload same way unless an air drop).

        I suppose that the AF does land their “PLANES” on the plains. Idiot troll.

        • Well neiowa folks who actually knew and worked with Doc Winslow corroborate not your smear version but my reality version:

          “Fondly referred to as Doc Winslow by the airmen with whom he had flown missions aboard C-130s, the flight surgeon’s willingness to load cargo planes in the Middle East alongside enlisted service members at times bristled other officers.

          “He would take the colonel, the full birds off of his sleeve, and he would get right in the dirt with us,” Chief Master Sgt. Jeff Springsteen said. “There’s actually some people in the leadership positions who didn’t like that part of him … ‘Oh, you’re too important to be down there throwing bags, what are you doing?’ ”

          Winslow’s ability to “lead from all sides” made him unique among officers, not to mention Colonel flight surgeons, Springsteen said.”

          And let me save you the trouble, Im already aware that anything and everything in the media that fails to corroborate your smears and nonsense and lies is by definition “Fake news” as your hero Gump has proclaimed…

          But anyway its good to see our two posts juxtaposed, yours a baseless smear, unfounded imaginings desperately trying to criticize a decent guy who challenges your delusion, and my post corroborated by other US military enlisted men as reported in a mainstream paper (and again dont bother Im aware that “mainstream is all lies” and Brietbart and Washington Times and Gateway Pundit and World Net Daily, these are the real news : D )

          Seriously though, its good for you to see here what a liar and an ignoramus and a jerk you are, OK!? Hows that donkey!!

    • You nasty ignorant child bullies dont seem to take my point. You make yourselves look VERY bad and dumb attacking the character of a guy like this whose character is stellar, his record is impressive, his work has helped people who desperately need help from Iraqi victims of the US attack to folks with AIDS, his academic and work record make clear he is one of the most intelligent guys on earth and yet humble, extremely accomplished yet down-to-earth.

      Its a lame jerks am radio tactic to begin with to spew ad hominems instead of engaging the substance, but when the guys a good guy like this its also pointless, you sound ridiculous thinking you can repeat bullsheet and magically turn a good guy into what you smear him as…

      And the real point is GROW UP dunces and engage the substance of what he said… he thinks in a sane world folks shouldnt be able to buy such deadly weapons that can kill so many people so quickly, weapons that are used again and again as the preferred weapon of the mass shooters… theres plenty there Im sure you could find to criticize… youll look bad still but certainly not as loathsome as you do stupidly attacking him personally…

      • “Its a lame jerks am radio tactic to begin with to spew ad hominems instead of engaging the substance“

        Pot calling the kettle black much? Whenever anyone says anything even slightly contradictory to one of your poorly constructed statements you just jump to the “you’re white, racist, and stupid” without knowing a single thing about the person, or race being even remotely relevant to the subject.

        I’ll wait patiently for you to call me a racist now.

  8. Read this guy’s resume. Truly a wothless POS. Whatever the White House PTO is paying attention to, it sure as hell isn’t recruiting and nominating qualified personnel.

    • Hes both a medical doctor and a flight surgeon, a researcher focused on helping folks with AIDS, a teacher, won a humanitarian award for helping Iraqi civilians devastated by the war, been in the Guard for decades… in other words a guy whose done lots of good work and yet because he states the obvious namely that staying the course and continuing to allow mass shooters to get their hands on their preferred weapon is insane, now you have to rip him a new one, and typical of the jokers on this site you do it by lying, smearing him as a politician…

      AND he is down-to-earth. His men affectionately called him Doc Winslow and appreciated that he wasnt afraid to get dirty for example loading supplies onto cargo plains, AND Winslow understood this irritated some of the other officers who took a different attitude but Winslow did it anyway… so thats the kind of guy he is, and this isnt according to me or some donkey like you who has no idea what he is talking about…

      You are the typical am radio bully liar just like President Stump, evidence matters not all, if anyone says anything to challenge your silly delusions then you spew endless baseless attacks like spoiled children, you are pathetic, not men

    • And as far as the many donkeys your hero Hump has appointed, what did you expect, look at how he acts and talks, like a spoiled bullying 13-year-old… you thought he was magically going to transmogrify into a big boy… ?
      Best nominee is black Ben Carson to HUD, and why… ? Because Gump the clueless racist figured all black guys are born experts on anything “Urban” : D (good one, huh, did I make you laugh?) …
      I like Stumps nominee of another clueless racist as Secretary of Education namely Betsy Devos who spent her whole working life trying to eliminate public schools (!) and inanely claims HBCUs were created to give black students more choices (!), she has no understanding of racism in education and dares to use the Bethune-Cookman graduation as a photo-op to manipulate folks into thinking otherwise!!
      Again what do you expect from a Dump who thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive!!!

  9. Australia, Europe, Canada and Japan seem to be doing fine without the NRA calling for genocide against innocent people.

    After the massacre in Australia caused by a deranged gun lover, PM Howard saved Australians from the tyranny of the gun lobby by passing stringent laws that kept criminals and those with mental health issues from owning a firearm. They’ve had no mass shootings since then. He even had to wear a bulletproof vest to protect himself when the psychotic gun nuts were threatening him.

    There was a not a single good guy that actually stopped the psychotic gun-obsessed monster that attacked the church. You can claim a “good guy with a gun” stopped the shooter all you want. But 26 innocent people are still dead. Which again proves the “good guy with a gun” is a MYTH.

    The elusive “good guy with the gun” is ineffective. People like everyone on this website have yet to learn this, so they have astronomically higher rates of gun violence, but can’t figure out why.

    Don’t confuse NRA’s America with the rest of the world. Shootings are uncommon in any other developed Western country.

    More random shootings in America … who would have thought? Where’s the polite society the NRA and TTAG promised?

      • ‘Male Enhancement’ claims (Bob enjoys working with wood!) are infinitely more legitimate than anything that fuckwit “RealAmericanPatriots (yada-yada)” has ever said…

        • Here are some facts from our FBI and Center for Disease Control (CDC) ave figures for 2013. Number of gun deaths 32k. Those from suicide (which is not really gun violence, it’s just suicide) = 21k. Of the remaining 11k, 1k are justified self defense shootings, and 8k (80%) are gang related. Leaving 2k murders in a country with a population of 330 million with over 400million guns. 86% of US murders occur in less than 5% of our counties, those with large urban cities with gang problems. So America does not have a gun problem it has a GANG problem. Questions? Your facts? Oh, also from FBI, less than 3% of US gun deaths are from “assault rifles”.

        • Apparently DUG suicides are the highest in decades, AND among the BEST possible group of folks : D

          “The data analysis provided fresh evidence of suffering among white Americans. Recent research has highlighted the plight of less educated whites, showing surges in deaths from drug overdoses, suicides, liver disease and alcohol poisoning, particularly among those with a high school education or less.” (this is gold, it fills me with glee : ))

          It was a hard eight years for you dumb white guys waking up every day living under a black president, took a lot out of you racist dunces… I predict this trend will continue as you realize Gump told you a lot of BS ie manufacturing jobs coming back with better trade deals, Mexico paying for the wall, black criminals will get their butts kicked, Muslims will be banned, and foreign policy is definitely going to be a disaster (the bungled moves in Yemen and Niger getting US ground forces killed in countries where we are not even legally allowed to be is just a bit of foreplay… Gump will oversee a huge foreign policy blunder that wrecks the economy, mark my words 😀 maybe even tactical nukes destroying North Korea… its just that bad)

          So do your yoga stretches so you can reach the trigger of your shotty when the big barrel is in yaw big mouth… you wont be missed, you were always the worst of America, you just kept it semi-hidden before you started nuzzling Humps crotch : D

        • ^ Re: The racsit POS above this: Since you fit almost squarely in that demographic, why don’t you join the trend and OD on heroin. No one will miss you and it will be almost as fun as eating glue (your favorite pastime)!

    • The truly hilarious thing is that I (and likely many of us here) don’t give a flying F what works or doesn’t work in any other country. Nor, really, should we. What we do care about is that for the very first time in human history a nation was born of the People, for the People, and by the People. A nation where we saw fit to enshrine rights so readily trampled upon by all other countries. Our little experiment has had its hiccups. Somehow we seem to muddle through and yet there it is. Our Constitution. Standing strong. So you can take your anti-American bullshit and shove it.

      Robert – Can we have a MUTE button please?

      • Typically angry gun-nut response. All emotion and no facts.

        So how do other countries maintain democracies without the ongoing slaughter of civilians that America is known for?

        Gun-nuts never had a grip on reality.

        Or Is this an example of the freedoms guns bring to America?

        “Thank God we live in Australia,” Labor leader Bill Shorten said on Tuesday.
        “Thank God for our gun laws and heaven help anyone who wants to weaken these gun laws because they will have to come through me and the Labor Party.
        “There is a lot of very good things about America but we don’t want their gun laws.”

        • France has gun laws you adore but still hundreds dead from mass shootings recently. Btw Australia defines mass shooting differently than the US does in order to clean up their image. They also hand out lifetime publishing bans, but i guess your ilk is cool with that.

        • This is not a Democracy here. It is a Republic. You want your way. Get someone who thinks somewhat as you do elected. Then we can have another civil war here and see what happens.

          OK even now I’m getting feed up with these adds here on my phone… Robert what would it take by way of a “Tax Free” donation to get rid of them???


        • Im thankful you live in Australia too, we don’t give a rat’s ass what you Australian’s think, it’s none of your business. You’re just another brainwashed mindless liberal idiot. Concern yourself about what goes on in you’re cesspool county don’t worry about what we do here in America. Criminals and crazy people don’t follow laws. last time I checked you’re gun free crime rates are nothing to be proud of. We are allowed to have guns, it’s OUR LAW, you’re not allowed to have guns, it’s you’re law. We don’t give a shit what you think. You can’t fix everything and bad things will always happen, even with our approx 24,000 “common sense gun laws” Federal, State, and Local already on the books bad things still happen. We just can’t seem to educate all the brainwashed fools and idiots that surround us.

        • It’s a fake hate news website? Is that why you have been reading it for, what, about five years and posting under many names?

        • Then why are you here?

          I assume you understand that nothing you type will change anyones mind, yet you keep typing.

          How does that quote go again about repetitive insanity…

          Maybe you could see a professional about your issues..just a thought

        • “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
          ― Samuel Adams

    • And how’s the weather on your troll farm? I understand the winter’s can be rather pleasant in Macedonia.

    • You continually talk about all of the shootings in the United States, all of the people being murdered. Well I have to agree with you, this is a dangerous place. You’ve won the argument. America is a dangerous, violent place.
      Now, convince me why I, as an individual, would not protect myself in this hotbed of violence you have observed.
      If anything, you have only convinced me more of the need to always have a firearm present.

    • So you are given real numbers from government studies, then resort to calling people names like a little child, while saying they don’t know what they are talking about or are just reciting a mantra. And on top of that you are doing exactly what everyone says nutjobs liberals do, which is pick out things in other people that you don’t like about yourself (peck, people of the lie). You have no facts to back up your statements, and again, shutdown conversation like a child when challenged. I actually teach my children how to deal with fools like you, so that they don’t further contribute to the problem which is your existence. I also don’t hide behind a made up screen name. I choose to be responsible and accountable for what I say.

  10. Gun Ban Hearing scheduled in Judiciary Cmte . 11-14-17 ( Chuck Grassley )
    Fox radio news said Finestine is pushing new AWB bans as well.
    HR- 3947 , S – 1916 are the new & improved ‘ bump stock ‘ ban.

    • She pushes for an AWB every time she wakes up in the AM…. The only way she won’t is if sge dies in her sleep…

  11. “…a civilian can go out and buy a fully auto, or a semi-automatic assault rifle like an AR-15…”

    No shit! They should be standard issue for citizens (see: Switzerland).

  12. This is in fact insane. I coul’ve just gone out and buy a full-auto ar-15 all this time and nobody told me?
    I always believed there were some laws that did not allow this, not since 1934 or especially 1986. But apparently i was wrong. No nfa tax stamps, no class 3 licenses, no ban on anything post ’86? Damn, if only i would’ve known that before.
    /sarc off
    I wish we could hold this imbeciles legally responsible for what they say. Just manufacture a machinegun and then tell the atf that politician x said it was allowed so all charges should be brought against them as they allowed me to build a nfa item. Now THAT would be fun. A world without lying politicians. One with full prisons and few government officials. Very few.

  13. He’s right. How CAN government be expected to protect itself from an onslaught of citizens wishing to enforce the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence with their 2nd Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution) Rights?




  15. “hoping he’s properly upbraided and sent back into obscurity, without a government position of any kind.”

    He already serves as the (D)ipshitocrat’s mascot donkey.

  16. Yeah, this clown missed his moment when Obama was Preezy. He’s way out of his wheelhouse here to begin with and offered the wrong answer to a question that wasn’t even friggin asked. Trump needs to withdraw this nomination ASAP, so maybe he can get a job as a Mom.

  17. “…hoping he’s properly upbraided and sent back into obscurity, without a government position of any kind.”

  18. The problem is that if you say something enough, like the new media does, then people start to believe that it is true. Like saying a semi-auto is an assault weapon. I guess a Ruger 10/22 could be an assault weapon. Not hardly.

  19. Looks like the retired officer is as stupid as most liberals. A semi-automatic AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon! But then he would have to use his brains to figure that out. Seems to be why there are more enlisted than officers, to keep the stupid ones in line!

    • You are correct, an AR is a semi automatic RIFLE, you can’t educate brainwashed liberal idiots, just like when they say CLIPS and not magazines, just shows what fools they are.

  20. “Trump Department of Defense Nominee Dean Winslow to Senate: “It’s Insane that Americans Can Buy An AR-15””

    I’m guessin’ that his nomination will be rescinded, soon…

  21. Queue panic buying price increase in 3, 2, 1…
    Also, who wants to bet the guy owns stock in DPMS, ANDERSON and/or DD?

  22. This ivory-towered elitist is teaching at Stanford so could we expect any less than him being an anti-gunner?

    Here’s his FB page:

    Send him a PM (private message) as his page is “closed” to comments.

    Have at him boys, exercise YOUR 1st Amendment Rights, encourage him to withdraw his name from consideration and don’t forget to include a pro- AR-15/pro-2nd Amendment meme. Google “AR15 meme” or “pro-2nd Amendment meme” and check the results for images, there are dozens upon dozens to choose from.

    Contact your senator if they are a Republican, remind them that we will remember how they voted on this nomination when Primary Election Day rolls around.

  23. From what I read in, this opinionated POS was immediately rebuked by Sen McCain after he made his anti-gun rant at the hearing, and was told that he was outside his area of competence. So apparently his opinion was nipped in the bud, but he got his headline.

    • “From what I read in, this opinionated POS was immediately rebuked by Sen McCain after he made his anti-gun rant at the hearing”

      Surprisingly, yes, mccain read him off…

      • Ol’ Sen. Bloodstain (of his 137 murdered shipmates from the USS Forrestal) is feeling the hand of Satan tugging at his pant leg, he’s attempting to repent before being taken “down below”.

  24. Old song. Elite/ fed says disarm the commoners.
    It’s what the wealthy and powerful have often said.

    By the way, as a USAF vet, he ought to, but tellingly does not, have a soupçon of humility that the USAF f’d up so badly in the Kelley case. But apparently not one ounce of “sorry.”

  25. Winslow to Senate: “It’s Insane that Americans Can Buy An AR-15”…. exactly what the British thought about American Colonists owning flintlock muskets rifles and pistols…too bad you are such a hoplophobe… that AR-15 has no more special powers than the flintlock musket until a person picks it up and uses it…. You have to wonder if he fears the AR-15 or the American that can buy it?

  26. Bill of Rights
    Amendment II
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Think about what this really means….

    • A militia (depending on political views of the organization itself can have the heart of a country in mind) in retrospect the American War of Independence (with a revolutionionary collection of ideals) were able to defeat the crown. As to the right of the people bearing arms, it was remarked by the French to one of the founding fathers about travel, the French would often travel in the company of at least a few due to highway men (while in America you would rarely encounter a highway man, with good reason) and could reasonably travel safely. Also Madison remarked that countries such as France and England don’t trust their citizens and with good reason.

  27. That’s actually spectacular. In that one short statement, “run your defense”-guy demonstrates that he is unfamiliar with constitutional, or subsidiary laws in place, misidentifies “assault” rifles, wrong about impact of gun use, and potentially violating requirements that acting military stay out of politics.

    Aside from that, that’s a quality candidate.

  28. “Insane” to trust citizens with the capability to protect themselves effectively. He doesn’t think much of us, does he? Somehow, I keep recalling the 5 ways anti-gunners hate you.
    – You are not to be trusted with anything so dangerous. (You are an idiot.)
    – You aren’t worth protecting. (You are literally worthless, so vs. their lives or feels expendable.)
    – This isn’t how we do things. (It’s the system, stupid. Everything not compulsory is forbidden.)
    – You are no one to decide what’s better or worse. (We, meaning you, have them for that.)
    – No agency for you! (So, no guns, obvs.)

    However benevolent they claim to be, farms aren’t run for the benefit of the cattle.

  29. He can have what ever option he wants, but He must not be considered for a Pro 2A administration position… Who nominated him? They also, SHOULD NOT BE PART OF A PRO 2A Administration… Contact your representative and let them KNOW ->

    Their voting record is a PUBLIC RECORD and will be remembered the next time they come looking for votes.

  30. “When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  31. There was once a time when an American could buy a fighter plane with Browning M2 guns installed. There was also a time, prior to 1986 when an American could order and buy a brand new fully automatic firearm.
    In 1939 the Supreme Court only knew that the people could be assembled as a force called a militia and they were expected to appear bearing their private arms of current type.
    The USAF Secretary has no voice in civil matters, his opinion is completely as important as some cowboy in Hawaii.
    Here is the question and answer.
    A well regulated militia being necessary to [maintaining] the security of a free state? [Well yes, therefore]
    “The right of the people [of all races and skin tones] to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

  32. Aside from security forces, CCTs and Pararescue and basic marksmanship qualification what use has the Air Force for use of a rifle hell, their booger hooks get more action with a pen, joystick or just hooking boogers.

  33. It’s cute the way this page misquotes Winslow. He didn’t say anything about buying a full auto weapon. That’s according to any of the news services on the web.

    If he wants to call the AR15 an assault weapon, he’s in good company with several army generals and police chiefs. If you don’t want to call it an assault rifle, fine, we’ll call it a froobgun. See if a froobgun kills people any less dead.

    • Foobgun kills people just like any other gun, but in the interest of semantics would you call all German people of WWII nazis denoting any resistance with in the German border, or would you call all Fatwas a decree for ‘Jihad’ (which even jihad is inaccurately used by daesh and other extremists groups)? Would you call all supporters of Israel Zionists? It is the breakdown of language being used and replacement of defined words with vague terms that sets the stage to keep people ignorant. Ignorant enough to believe everyone can buy a Class III firearm at Walmart or outfit and AR15 (with a chainsaw bayonet) or how about said dipstick who liked CoD Ghosts so much he mentioned a mysterious AR15 that can travel through metal detectors or polosie who claims a rifle can derail trains and shoot planes out of the sky.

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