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By Scott L.

On my retirement from 20 years of driving trucks for Uncle Sam I acquired a CDL and went into the civilian truck transportation industry.  If ever an industry and class of citizens had their Second Amendment rights discriminated against, it is professional interstate truck drivers.  Truckers travel the nation and constantly spend the night in their trucks in sketchy industrial areas and among people who see them as secluded vagabonds and easy targets . . .

Many truckers want to be able to carry for self-defense, but the nature of their business makes it a legal minefield. They have the same legal rights as any other citizen but they often travel throughout the lower 48 states in a matter of days and weeks. They may have a carry permit in one state, but no state has 48-state reciprocity. We also know how widely one state’s laws can vary from another’s.

There is also the complication that truckers are constantly going onto the property of multiple shippers and receivers. All of those industrial customers have anti-gun and workplace violence policies that forbid, (in many jurisdictions by force of law), these hard-working citizens from being on the customer’s property while armed. As another complication, most trucking companies have anti-gun policies that forbid their drivers from carrying weapons in their company-owned trucks.

As a result of this discrimination, many in the trucking industry are introducing “Mike’s Law.” It’s a call for a nationwide federal firearms reciprocity for those who are professionally engaged in interstate commerce. It’s named for Michael Boeglin who was shot and his body was found in the sleeper of his burned-out truck.

By the way, another driver was found shot in the face this week after an attempted robbery. Current laws and company policies left him defenseless and dead. Disarmament isn’t the answer.

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  1. Universal carry for everyone legal. Reciprocity. No special exemptions. I go from Illinois to Indiana nearly every day. And it sucks to be a 2nd class Illinois resident.

    • I drive from PA to NJ every day and it sucks to have to leave the United States behind me as I cross the Delaware River to go to work.

    • Hey, anybody here remember when LEAA was pushing for nationwide carry for present-day and retired cops “and then we’ll push for nationwide carry for everyone else”?

      Remember how they went strangely silent after cops got nationwide carry?

      No special classes; truckers aren’t the only ones that do interstate travel on a regular basis.


      • Craig, the problem with this is that you then become a criminal when you defend yourself. And probably a felony conviction. After that you can no longer legally own or carry a firearm anywhere. I see your point in that you will do what you can to protect yourself and I understand your position. But, long term, nationwide carry would be a far better solution than breaking the law.

        • [q]After that you can no longer legally own or carry a firearm anywhere.[/q]

          That doesn’t seem to stop criminals…

          The real downside is being unemployable with a felony conviction. :-/

        • I totally agree. In fact, “Castle Law” should apply to all travelers that live in their vehicles while traveling, I.E. Truck drivers and also RVs. No different than defending your home from intruders.

      • In a court of law you will need to testify that you shot to stop,. Death was only a side effect

    • Truckers are not he only people that are engaged in interstate commerce so if the law is written to allow anyone that is engaged in commerce to be able to carry legally in all 48 states that could technically apply to many people besides truck drivers such as but not limited to business executives that must travel while engaged in interstate commerce.

      • The US Government uses the “commerce clause” to claim power over just about everything. “That gas that powers your car came through interstate commerce so you’re engaged in interstate commerce.”

      • Executive traveling do not stay in the areas that truck drivers do, and if they did they would be begging for a gun. But our drivers are not aloud to carry to keep themselves safe or what they are hauling.

      • I have a KY permit and an older VA-non resident. IL honors only IL permits and won’t give one to me. So, when my dispatched route goes through IL that’s a problem.

        • Illinois does have the pass thru law saying that if you have a concealed permit from your home state you can drive thru illinois still carrying you just can’t get out of vehicle with it concealed

        • Of course they will. You just have to pay them money and pay more money to the people they’ve sanctioned as trainers.

          For about $500, you can get an out of state carry care in Illinois. After you pay your money and take your classes, you get to wait a month for the card to come in the mail.

          I can’t say this is sarcastic. I’m pointing out the insanity that is Illinois law.

          I don’t think most cops would give you grief for carrying if you’re just going about your business, especially if you have an out of state permit. BUT, all that’s needed for a really lousy day, week, month, year… is one rookie cop with a hard on for GUNS!

    • Long guns like shot guns are not governd by state law makers so you should use as defence unlike hand guns that have many restrictions

  2. My dad was a Chicago local area drivet for over 30 years. On occasion he drove a trailor full of Hart, Schaffner & Matx suits to the rail terminal and he always haf a shotgun armed guard when he did it.

  3. If you could organize enough truckers to refuse to haul in or out of CA, NY, etc., that would get some major attention.

      • Good idea. Dolly down the trailers at the first weigh station you see. If you move quickly enough, and if enough truckers DO it, they won’t even try to catch you. Make instate drivers come get the loads to their terminals.

        Good luck getting paid without signatures, but politically, it might make you feel good.

    • That’s what the libtards mean about “jobs Americans won’t do.” If Americans boycott something, the big companies will just hire Mexicans or Arabs, and for lower wages, patting themselves on the back as they fire the Americans.

  4. As the son of a former long haul trucker, i think this is a great idea, then after this fails to cause blood to run in the highways we can say truckers are no better or worse than the rest of us, why can’t we all carry nationwide?

    • Ah but this WILL cause blood to run down the highways, since Shannon, DiFi, Hickenpooper, Bloomberg, et. endless al. will bleed out their eyeballs at the thought.

  5. Workplace violence policies that prohibit weapons without a guarantee of personal security are a violation of the natural right to self defense, aside from the fact that it is neither practical nor possible for any company to make such a guarantee. Shippers and receivers should at least be required to have a suitable storage facility to secure truckers weapons.

    • But when the violence does occur, they can point to the policy and say, “see, we prohibit firearms on our premises, so you can’t sue us.”

      • Actually, the ban on weapons should be used to prove financial liability because, after disarming employees and leaving them vulnerable, they failed to then provide adequate security for the disarmed employee.

        • Anyone who seeks to disarm employees or customers should be held responsible for providing for their security. If a criminal act occurs then the establishment/owner that disarmed the people should be held responsible for damages in a civil court along with the perpetrator. The establishment/owner can escape liability by making a good faith effort to provide for security (no disarming every law abiding person doesn’t count).

    • No… Employment is a voluntary contract that you, as an employee can break at any time…

      National reciprocity? Yes. Dictating how people behave in/on private property? Shit, no.

    • Workplace violence policies that prohibit weapons without a guarantee of personal security are a violation of the natural right to self defense

      Why do you hate capitalism?

  6. The truckers could shut everything down. Get them good and pissed off and things will happen.

    • The places that are the most in favor of disarming people don’t grow anything. All the food has to be trucked in from the fly over places…

      It wouldn’t take long to bring them to their knees.

      • All you have to do is shut down t hr e major produce hubs like az,tx,ca,and fl. Then w h end nobody has any fresh veggies for say two weeks things might change. You won’t win by punishing the one you have to punish all states at one time.

    • 48 state reciprocity would be a good thing , NY mass,mich,commiefornia and Jersey will never go for it ! That being said I guess they don’t need freight. A plus I have not seen here is that a permit is proof of non fealon status ,this could help our reputation!. As far as truck drivers “striking ” for any reason it will never happen. It’s is tried about once a year for various reasons and there is never any solidarity!!!!!!!!

  7. My grandfather drove trucks for the post office and he carried a .38 in his boot.

    Never had use it though, I imagine the postal truck is not a hot target.

    • The post office in Ben Franklin’s home in Philadelphia had a display of mail carrier dolls showing how the USPS uniforms changed over time. I got a kick out of pointing out to tourists, students, and the USPS clerks at the counter that some of the dolls depicted had gun belts and pistols b/c the mail had cash that needed defended.

      • Yes. I’ve got a couple of leather .38 snubby-sized holsters labeled “U.S. Post Office.” Supposedly, they were required to carry while sorting mail on trains. Something like airline pilots were required to be armed if they had any mail in the baggage compartment.

    • Sorry, a vehicle involved in Interstate Commerce is legally ‘Public Domain’ and can be legally searched by any state police agency and the Secretary of State Police in Illinois and New York.

      • I don’t get what that is a response to, nobody said anything about the cops not being able to search trucks. Only that a truck may be considered a residence and thus a driver would not require a permit to be armed when in the truck.

  8. Coach guns exist for a reason. It should have never been deemed abnormal for transporters of goods or people to arm themselves wherever they may be. How did that happen? It was perfectly reasonable and expected for transporters to be armed since the beginning of civilization then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

    Even the paranoid nanny staters with their constant fear of the Al Kaders should be for this bill. Isnt the semi-as-a-WMD thing one the DHS’ listed concerns?

    Maybe every trucker will get their very own cab Marshall.

  9. Sorry, no more Special Laws for Special People.
    Truckers might NEED their rights more than many others do, but it’s a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs.
    We should insist that every traveler enjoy the same rights.

    • +1

      I’m very sensitive to the needs of truckers, but I don’t think that creating yet another class of “special” people is what the Founders had in mind. Reciprocity for all or reciprocity for none.

        • We do, but there are nine states that refuse to honor any other states’ CCW permits, or issue non-resident permits, or some combination thereof.

          And +1 to what FedUp says. It might be painful now, but refusal for Special Person carveouts will eventually bring more people onto the nationwide carry bandwagon.

      • Then let’s get an (R) for the next President and shoot for National 2A preemption laws…

        “I’m very sensitive to the needs of truckers,”

        Oh, I could have so, so much fun with that… 🙂

        But I won’t.

        • It’s going to take more than just an (R) after the name to move the needle in our direction on gun rights. If the Republicans keep offering up pathetic RINO statists like Romney and McCain, it won’t make much difference (on this issue) which party controls the White House. If you want a rollback of RKBA limitations, the Republican candidate is going to have to be a true liberty-minded person, not just another rich asshole who dresses up in an Elmer Fudd costume for a photo op.

        • “Then let’s get an (R) for the next President and shoot for National 2A preemption laws…”

          Because that worked so well in the past.

        • R or D, I have a hard time imagining a main stream presidential candidate promoting, mentioning, or even hinting at reciprocity.

    • Regardless of our zip codes or method of transportation or occupation we’re all covered by the BOR. Constitutional carry for all is the only legit way to go.

      As for private property rights. The owners of the companies have every right to forbid guns in the privacy of their own homes. But on their company premises, unless they can positively guarantee 100% protection of their employees they have not. Either they accept full responsibility for their employees protection or they butt out and let the worker bees protect themselves.

  10. Another argument for federal reciprocity is the fact that criminals know to target out of state drivers in at least 14 states because they are virtually guaranteed to be disarmed. This then has a negative impact on people visiting from other states and therefore can be said to impact interstate commerce. (the same argument was made for the violence against women act.)

  11. Presumably, the truckers belong to the Teamsters. A labor strike, even as a demonstration, will bring the country to its knees. Getting truckers the right to carry is a foot in the door for the rest of us. Let them strike and then have Congress vote for national reciprocity.

    • “Presumably, the truckers belong to the Teamsters.”

      I highly doubt that. Big cities, maybe, but not most.

      And when the economy is in the crapper and unemployment is high is NOT the time to go on strike.

      • I can’t think of any of the major carriers that are unionized. Drove for Schneider and Rhoel myself and their both pretty rabidly anti union. A good close associate of mine drove for Swift, Stevens, and Werner and reported the same thing.

      • There are a very few junky old teamster companies left. They have a hard time competing in the free market these days.

    • The only unionized companies left these days (teamsters) are ups and for the most part some large grocery stores . The rest of us are not.

    • Unions suck, but they can’t get their foot in the door with truck companies, because those companies operate just below the thresh-hold of sustainable wages (turnover is high!). People making crap wages and living in a cage don’t want to pay a big chunk of their money to some goon who does nothing for them, and truck companies sure don’t want striking workers.

  12. Attack from multiple fronts. Push for Mike’s Law, and federal reciprocity, yes. But also: sue the pants off of the truck companies and businesses involved in the two referenced incidents. Make it too painful and expensive for companies to set policies that violate basic, natural human rights.

    • If police have no duty to protect truckers (or anyone else), what makes you think that trucking companies do?

      • They don’t have a duty to protect. But when they enact policies that prevent truck drivers from protecting themselves, then they need to be forced to assume liability for those policies.

        • No no no! The truckers contract through the carriers voluntarily. They know the risks ahead of time, their safety is their responsibility.

          All these “liberty minded” people looking for government solutions to individual problems… C’mon guys

          • The only “government solution” here is the Second Amendment.

            Driving long-haul trucks incurs inherent risks – risks that are exacerbated by company policies that prohibit drivers from arming themselves for their own protection. Drivers harmed by those policies absolutely have grounds to hold those companies liable for those policies.

            Companies make such policies because the bean-counters believe that doing so incurs less liability for the company. Thus, drivers injured by those policies need to correct that miscalculation, by asserting that the companies are liable.

            There is no “government solution” here.

        • They don’t have a duty to protect. But when they enact policies that prevent truck drivers from protecting themselves, then they need to be forced to assume liability for those policies.

          Yes, you’re proposing a government solution…

          In your first sentence you say the company does NOT have a duty protect. The last part of your second sentence specifically says they (the company) needs to be forced to assume liability… Who is doing the forcing? With what authority?

          Keep it simple and tell the truckers to find a job or a company that does NOT require them to behave in a way they are not comfortable with. Otherwise we expand the authority of a body that already has and exerts entirely too much authority over our day-to-day lives in the first place

          You and I have had the private property argument in the past, and I seem to remember you saying that I was right in regards to private property. What changed?

        • Matt, the truckers wish to do their jobs, feed their families and assume responsibility for their own safety. It’s the company and their policies that inhibit the protection bit. It’s not always possible or desireable for an employee to simply run from company A to solve the issue.

          Unless we go back to the old days of no safety and health standards, company goons and slave wages then there’s going to have to be some .gov involvement.

          The freedom to starve or be abused by the big wallets of big business is no freedom.

        • Unless we go back to the old days of no safety and health standards, company goons and slave wages

          Sounds like the Libertarian Party and Republican Party dream.

          then there’s going to have to be some .gov involvement.

          The freedom to starve or be abused by the big wallets of big business is no freedom.

          That’s sounds like Communist-speak.

        • If the communists spoke the truth, in my experience they did not, you would have a valid point. I’m not a communist. I just try to tell the truth. It’s easier that way, I don’t have to remember all the lies.

        • I agree! The companies that prohibit weapons in site or in their trucks have compromised the trucker’s 2nd Amendment rights. Therefore, they should provide 100% protection themselves or STOP these ridiculous prohibitions. It is their right to do what they want on their property. But, it is not their right to disarm their employees but do nothing to protect them when they do that IMO.

        • The company also has the concern that when the driver is carrying illegally in a jurisdiction or customer property then they are also subject to having the truck and cargo impounded. That puts the company in a legal bind. Mike’s law should free companies from that problem also.

  13. It would take just 1 day in the Just-in-time delivery nightmare, for the entire nation to take notice.. especially during the holidays.. one little hiccup in the delivery of goods would be worse then a week of flight delays

  14. I drove a truck up until I got diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. And I’ve also had to pull out my handgun more than once on someone while I was over the road. And I can only say that idea is one that’s LONG overdue!

  15. A better choice is nationwide Constitutional carry. Abolish ALL restrictions on guns. Respect our civil rights.

  16. I’ve had a CDL since ’89 and have had a handgun with me about 98% of the time.

    Chicago at all hours. Bronx, LA and much of Canada. All 48 states.

    FYI the FMCSA [Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.] They regulate the trucking industry, have no wording at all about weapons of any kind on the books. I’ve had a lengthy conversation with them.

    The cops know you probably have some sort of illegal protection. Act the part of the Professional Driver and you will have no problem…unless you need to use it….

    • But if you ever need to use it you then become a criminal. Better to have legal protection with some kind of statute IMO.

  17. When I drive trucks for Dunbar Armored, I carried every minute I was on duty. There were times we had about 10 million in cash during the holidays. Usually we only had a couple million in cash, and the rest in checks or jewelry. That’s a lot of money.

    Commercial truck loads can carry multi-million dollars loads as well, but they don’t have armored doors or windshields capable of stopping handgun rounds. That makes them easy targets for thieves and excellent candidates for reciprocity. Pushing for Mikes laws sounds like an excellent idea, with nationwide reciprocity to follow.

    • The problem being that when the special interest group (in this case truck drivers) get what they want they stop supporting the rights of everyone else. Police got their carry, and the rest of us still don’t have it.

      No more special rights, if truck drivers can carry, then he rest of us law abiding citizens should be able to do so.

  18. As a libertarian I don’t get the complaint that people are asking for government intervention. Isn’t protecting our individual rights what government is FR?!!!

    It’s the government’s job to tell companies that they can’t infringe on their employees’ rights. Were I president, I do this with an executive order: no company forbidding its employees to exercise their Second Amendment-protected rights may make use of either the interstates or any US Highway.

    • As a libertarian I don’t get the complaint that people are asking for government intervention. Isn’t protecting our individual rights what government is FR?!!!

      You must be one of those Glenn Beck libertarians…

      Governments are the single greatest threat to individual liberties. The thought that they would protect our freedoms is pleasant but contrary to every example history provides.

      • So you’re an anarchist. I’m a Jeffersonian libertarian.

        The essence of libertarianism is self-ownership. Governments are instituted for the protection of self-ownership. If they abuse that, we have both the right and the duty to overthrow them. But the fact that governments inevitably end up doing things which tread on our rights does not mean we should neglect to insist that they protect our rights.

  19. better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6 and i do not drive but it applies in life all over!

  20. Define interstate driver. If I drive interstate once a year would I have the right to carry in all states to protect myself? This is bullshit. Another type of potentially having to show just cause for a permit. Carry should be allowed in all fifty states. No exceptions or special requirements other than if you’ve been adjudicated a nutjob or have been convicted of a violent felony involving gun charges.

    • We are talking about CDL drivers subject to the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

      “If you perform trade, traffic, or transportation exclusively in your business’s domicile state, this is considered intrastate commerce. If your trade, traffic, or transportation is between a place in a state and a place outside of such state (including a place outside of the United States); between two places in a state through another state or a place outside of the United States; or between two places in a state as part of trade, traffic, or transportation originating or terminating outside the state or the United States, this is considered interstate commerce. Source: 49 CFR 390.5.”

      Yes, everyone needs the same rights but let’s eat the elephant one bite at a time.

  21. Chip Bennet: I don’t get your comment about a truck not being real property. Seems to me that it is. Just like a mobile home in many regards. Just because it is not permanently fixed to the ground why do you think it is not real property ? The Real Estate industry and legal definitions of “real property” should have nothing to do with being able to protect yourself in your own “home”. And, in many cases these trucks are homes to the truckers when they are on the road. Should have the same rights as they do in their own homes IMO.

    • I agree. Truck drivers retain their second amendment rights while driving, even in a company-owned vehicle. Matt is (apparently) the one who didagrees, by asserting the company’s “property rights”.

    • It also makes it easier to have courts rule in our favor for a national right to carry on the grounds that not ruling in that way would be a violation of equal protection.

  22. Just took the CCH class yesterday with the GF and thats all it takes to become legal guys.
    Spoke to the instructor a week before the class and he became interested in my question so he had the answer for me yesterday when we arrived.
    Trucks are not deemed our homes, their for the gun has to be in plain sight of the LEO like on the dash when he walked up to the truck. Most truckers that are found with guns stash them in the back, making them fall under the CCH or CCW law depends on what your state calls it. IN NC, its CCH. Your only allowed to carry the hand gun, not a shot gun or pepper spray. Those can also be considered a weapon.
    From VA to Fla, all the way out to TX its 100% legal now for me to carry inside the truck … Same rules apply you should tell the LEO you have a CCH and have a gun when he comes to the truck. They can take your gun and check it out.. In NC you have to have the gun on file to CCH but they have to give it back if your in one of the 38 states that recognize NC CCH
    Of course MD is not, but Del is, then it skips all the way to NH.. Up north its not so friendly but its a start and
    according to the instructor things are changing daily now, and everyone needs to check with their state to see what states allow their CC..
    Lot of companies will not allow it. Like the guy said yesterday they better hope you don’t have anything happen to you cause they are lible for a civil law suit if it does.
    Best friend drives for Wal Mart. They catch you on the property with a gun your fired. Your also one rich son of a gun of anything ever happens you can prove having a gun would of changed the altercation when you needed it.
    Its not so much the states as it is the compaines we drive for. States seem to be working with us after acquiring the CC but getting your own company to go with the program seems to be the issue.
    Good luck on that one.

    • The last thing I would do is tell a police officer I have a gun if I get stopped unless they ask. Have you ever seen a cop jump back and draw their weapon when you mention the word GUN ? The only thing they will hear is the word GUN and they are on full self protection. They won’t hear another word till they have you out of that truck and on the ground to search the truck. If they ask, then tell them. Also why leave a weapon out on the dash where everyone can see it including the criminals. That just puts you at more of a risk for problems. I think the person you took your class from better go back and rethink what they teach. They will get someone killed and probably it will be one of their students.

      • What would happen if one of his students had to brake suddenly with an unsecured gun on the dash? I suspect that the gun would go flying possibly even causing damage and/or injury to 1 or more people. What would happen if there was an unavoidable collision at 50mph or higher? I suspect the gun could potentially become a projectile after the sudden stop due to the crash. Either way an unsecured gun on the dash is not good especially since the person that has the carry license would not be able to maintain control of the gun due to it being able to freely all over the dash with normal driving. If someone want to put it on the dash they had better mount an active retention holster such as a Serpa to the dash to ensure that they are able to maintain control over their gun.

      • I wouldn’t just come out with “hey, I got a gun.” I would be a little more subtle. “Officer, I just wanted to inform you that I do have my concealed handgun permit, and that there is a firearm in the vehicle.” Hands on the steering wheel where he can see them, and absolutely no sudden movements. Once they see you’re calm and not a threat, you’re good. Been in that situation numerous times, because in NC, you have to announce to an officer if you have a concealed handgun permit, whether you’re carrying or not.

    • good luck with that one cause the instructor which is a cop said even he had to comply with the laws. Said he had to stop in northern VA and put the gun in the trunk, unloaded if he was traveling through MD.
      No different that NC not having pre pass. Yes there a dick but they are allowed to make their own rules and you have to have a NC pass. Point is, its the law. You know the results if you try and slide it.

      Is not directed to you Tim but if you guys would realize they are not singling us out and we’re having to follow the laws that everyone else does its shed’s a whole different light on the issue.

      Ever head the term cry babies. Quit crying about it and go do something in the right direction that will change things for you. You guys up north have limitations. We don’t in the south. Its just the facts, Jack. LOL.

      And while your at it, might better ask your company why they don’t allow it. Then you have a choice. Quit or comply.

    • Yeah, but truckers travel through multiple states a day. Most states allow you to drive with your firearm. I doubt very highly you’re going to be traveling to an area that doesn’t reciprocate your state’s permit.Truckers can travel 1,000 miles in two days… That’s more than the average driver does in numerous months.

      • I’ll translate what Richard C. said:

        “We can’t have Universal Carry because we don’t have Universal Carry”.

  23. Evert American should be able to defend their castle whether it be a house or their truck which is their home on the road.

  24. Strap it on your hip in plain sight and go about your business. If your employer refuses to or can’t guarantee your workplace safety, no matter where that is, then you have an inherent right to protect yourself. Either by a show of force or by the use of force itself.

  25. ruckers are also the number one profession for serial killers so why not make it legal to carry another weapon of destruction for these awipes

    • Do you have statistics to prove this or is it just your personal bias based in stereotype and ignorance?

    • You’re joking right? You are an ignorant pos. And what is YOUR profession, exactly? Internet idiot?

    • Tell me this: Do you believe a law making it illagal to possess a gun actually stops any serial killers from committing murder?

  26. If you live out of your truck, your truck is your home and that in and of itself should cancel out all else, as per Heller. A Judge could fix this in a heart-beat.

  27. Simply put and without adding any melodramatics in to it. I carry period. End of report. I consider myself a law abiding citizen right up until those laws interfere with my personal safety and well being. When the laws cross that point, they can kiss my fuzzy white butt. Nor doo I believe in asking the government for permission to exercise a Right guaranteed by the Constitution through the Boll of Rights. To do so, in my mind, turns that Right in to a Privilege. Unlike a Right, which requires due process to be taken away. A privilege does not. So essentially by asking for permission, you are declaring your Right to be a meaningless privilege. If many of you have not yet realized, many states have turned towards constitutional carry. CA is one step closer to that. Here is the reason why I refuse to obey laws that interfere with my personal safety. As per the US Supreme Court in the case of Desheyney v. Winnebago County Dept. of Social Services, It is NOT the obligation of local of state governments to provide its citizens safety and security. That obligation is the responsibility of the private citizen. Do the research and see for yourself.

    • I heard on the news that many employers of truckers force the truckers to violate the federal regulations that require them to properly log their sleep times with the threat of losing their jobs. So essentially the employers are making chose between being unable to support themselves due to job loss and violating those federal regulations. It is hard to live if you lose your livelihood.

  28. It is really sad that they don’t treat being hijacked like a home invasion, you should have the right to defend yourself, there is a lot of ground between you and the police when you are on the open road and it is hard to wait minutes when a split second may be all you have. It isn’t fare to take away a persons ability to provide for there family because they had to save there own life. I am a responsible gun owner and I know the difference between a AR15 and an assault rifle, I also don’t believe that you should be punished for minding your own business and having to use a weapon to save yourself from a person hell bent on taking your life so they can take the things you work hard for. I am not a trucker but my job takes me into some real bad areas across the country, I have had a CCW permit for years and we had to take a class to obtain it and we had to take classes to keep it, the other states should take that into consideration, I believe that crime goes down when the bad guys are not sure if you are a victim or someone who might drop them with one of the rounds you paid for with some of the wages you earned….

  29. I am new to the field of trucking, after spending a few years as a regional manager with a large company and eight years of public safety experience. I think that Mike’s Law is a great step in the right direction.

    That being said, there is a lot of misinformation and prejudice in the comments about the little adventure I’m currently employed in. Most of the drivers I’ve met so far are good, hardworking folk who do a great job supporting their families. We all try to find ways to protect ourselves, which is our right. I would much rather have the best tool for that job.

  30. “Universal carry for everyone legal. Reciprocity. No special exemptions.” It’s called the 2nd Amendment!!! If we don’t start exercising or Rights of Our Constitution, they we disappear. It is slowly being eroded as I type this message. I carry or maybe I don’t, wherever I go. I’m not saying, because that’s my RIGHT! It’s MY RIGHT to arm myself… and NO ONE is going to deny (refuse) me of MY RIGHTS! Wake up America!

  31. Vote for Donald Trump. He’s the only Candidate who has come out for CC licenses to be recognized and reciprocated in all 50 States.

  32. I live in ca and a ccw would be great but CA makes it impossible to obtain a ccw unless you have had a death threat against you recorded to police, own your own business that deals with high value merchandise etc, and the classes and wait time are expensive and take forever, so to make it nationwide, the restrictions on ccw permits being issued need to not be made impossible for law abiding citizens. There shouldnt have to be laws on being able to defend your life or property or life of another needing help. Its a human right that should never be denied in any state, city, or country. Even convicted felons have a right to use a firearm in a case where someone who had one attempted to kill or cause serious injury to him/her and the convict was able to obtain the firearm from the attacker and use it to defend him/herself within reason. I believe its called the imminent danger clause or something similar. Regardless america needs to remember that we placed the government in power. The second we give up our right to protect ourselves and just believe the government will defend us is the true day we lose all freedoms.. The 2nd amendment is what protects all of our other amendmants and rights. We are the one of few if not only nation where we are fortunate enough to be able to defend ourselves and own firearms. Lets not be the one who hands over our freedoms and right of self defense to someone else on a silver platter. Crimes ad shootings suck… But that will happen no matter what.. Take away guns then yes maybe shootings go down, but garuntee we see an increase in stabbings or bombings even worse. The police hardly can ever arrive in time to protect you from a crime especially life threatening. They will arrive in time to clean up the mess and deliver bad news to someones family members.. 99.99% of the time garunteed. I personally believe that a rally should be held, in mass where as many law abiding citizens show up an protest while open carrying.. Show that we will not give up our right to defend ourselves until we are incapable of doing so. Obviously carry and just act normally, peacefully, show that we arent criminals we are still normal people who just want to be able to decide for ourselves when ad how we defend ourselves if need be. We shouldnt he afraid to be arrested or anything either because we are just doing what the constitution and supreme law of the land garuntees to be forever our right. No government agency or politician is above the law or the constitution.

    • Btw, the rally thing is not being mentioned for someone to actually do but to get a point across. And the fact that doing something like that sounds crazy to many of us is because we as a nation have been scared into not accerting our rights and not standing up against unconstitutional laws, we fear punishment for defending our rights.. Imagine what it will be like if anti gun people win.. We have no leg to stand on, no way to stop any thing being taken away because our ability to say no was given up.. When we become afraid of doing something that we have a basic han right to do, that right in itself should show how bad of a situation we are in.

  33. And honestly, it shouldnt matter what race or age or religion you are or come from.. If you are a law abiding citizen no matter where you live foreign or domestic, and in purpose of self defense or defense of others, every single human being has (not should have) the right to defend they’re right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that right should not be stopped by any government or any border. You have the right to live and defend that life and your families life in any way need be. Some may say oh well what about if some people harm others maliciously.. Well that isnt self defense and we need to recognize the difference. We need to understand that if someone wants to harm/kill another he/she will do it as best as they can with or without a gun because the gun isnt the weapon, the gun is the tool and one of many options of tools. The weapon is the mind and intention period. People raped, robbed, murdered etc long before guns existed and if guns cease to exist it will not stop, the methods will just change and we still have our natural human right to defend ourselves.

    And when i mention age i think there is a big issue with children and guns.. My opinion.. Educate your children.. That is your absolute best defense and the reason i say that is because parents are the ones that are responsible.. They need to lead by example. Teach right from wrong, my mom and her two sisters and three brothers learned to shoot when they were 7-8 and never once touched a gun unless for hunting or practice with supervision but even later on they didnt need it. When you tell a child no, they are curious and try to find out why they cant have it or touch it. I always picture this scenario in my head.. Me and my wife go out to dinner, we have two kids a daughter and son or two daughters or two sons regardless. One older then the other and babysitting the other. Someone tries to break in or harm them etc. who here honestly believes that even if the one sitting called the cops that they would arrive in time to PREVENT tragedy? But instead to show up AFTER the fact.. Who honestly can see a positive outcome from that?? I dont because the criminal breaking in does not care how old your kids are, he/she came to steal or commit harm and remove any possible threat to them in anyway be it physical or witness.. Regardless your childs safety and life is left in the criminals hands and only there hands. My children i would like to be knowledgeable enough and educated enough to defend themselves because yes they are young but there right to defend themselves and each other is as great as our own. Its best to own a gun and never have to use it for defensie purpose yes. But always better to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    My point is education and safety are the keys to safety more so above a lock or whatever.

    Yes my views are out of the ordinary and maybe strong but thats because we as americans have lived so long believing alot of hat anti gun rights people have been saying wether we realize it or not because if we didnt believe them, half the restrictions and crazy laws in effect today would never have passed. We can blame government and politics for half the stuff being passed, but 75% of the blame falls on our own shoulders. Many of us arent educated enough to defend our rights and just let others decide for us. We vote for the people in office who pass these laws and restrictions. We allow laws to pass that infringe on our constitutional rights, we as americans have grown ignorant. We complain but hope someone else will do something about it for us, we watch results and complain but the only way to turn things around is doing things ourselves. Actions over words.

    And no i am not promoting any kind of violent protest, or insighting riots or anything like that nor am i anarchist or communist. Im a human being who believes all should be able to defend him/herself and i believe we need to stop letting others decide for us wether we can or not.

    P.S this being for truck drivers, i have a semi related topic id like to bring up especially for any uber/lyft drivers or those who know of them and other rideshare companies. I think it is absurd that they refuse to allow drivers to pack as well and we are also driving in sketchy areas etc and we have more contact with dangerous potential threats then truck drivers because we only transport people that we know nothing about and majority of whom are drunk. These companies deny our right to defend ourselves yet offer 0 protection garuntee for us because they just cant. And the vehicle is our property not theirs. Id love to hear opinions on this topic or if anyone has found any loop holes around it etc.

    Oh and i suggest that not only should truck drivers strike, they should all join the NRA too, i recently have and encourage everyone too wether you own a gun or not because again that 2nd amendment is our only method of defending our other rights and freedoms.

    Oh for any cops or feds etc reading this and thinkin im crazy or should be checked on etc. this whole spiel was written using my first amendment rights to free speech and i know how you love censoring people. I have commited no crime and these are just my opinions and beliefs and thoughts.

  34. since most over the road truckers have beds in their truck it should be considered ur home and u should have the right to defend your self at least while u are in ur inside the truck at least.

  35. The only way to really push this issue is to hold a nationwide work stoppage for two days. This would have such an impact on the economy that maybe the government and the fools in congress will do something.

  36. Posted Today, 10:59 AM…web13158191.htm

    EVERYONE: Please listen to the following XM Radio program today, thank you and God Bless!

    TRUCKERS: We will continue the MATTER-OF-LIFE-AND-DEATH discussion about the “Michael’s Law Amendment” to 18 U.S. Code 926A and truckers’ right to carry firearms for personal protection interstate on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 at 2PM Eastern time on Road Dog Trucking News with Mark Willis. We at SBTC are leading the gun control/gun rights debate within the trucking industry and taking our case to America’s voters. Mark your calendars to tune into Road Dog Trucking on Sirius/XM Channel 146. We will be discussing the Jerry Matson incident.

    My name is Christy Matson and my Dad, Lloyd Jerry Matson, Sr. , age 72, is a long haul truck driver. He had a delivery for the Oakland Oracle Coliseum for the next morning on December 15th, 2015, but the guard would not let him park overnight on the property, but told him to park at a nearby secluded area. My Dad was sleeping in his Semi when a man “rocked the cab” of his truck to see if an alarm would go off before breaking out the driver’s side window. My Dad then woke and jumped up and the man shot him in the stomach with a .45 caliber gun. After several hours of surgery that night to repair the damage, my Dad has had two other surgeries due to complications. We live in Indiana, this happened in California. My Mom has been out there with him since. Please help no matter how small to ease the financial pressure this is causing my parents as rehabilitation will be needed once he is released and we still have to get them back home. My Dad means the WORLD to me and I love both my parents very much. I am very thankful that he is alive! Thank you for your prayers and God Bless each and everyone of you!

  37. I have driven all states except Alaska and Maine. There are places where it would be nice if I could utilize my carry conceal. Woman on her own out there, I wish I could have my level of personal security on hand.

  38. As a driver both OTR and local as of now truly agree that we drivers should be allowed to carry a fire arm. I understand not each state shares the same gun laws. I currently hold a concealed permit in the state of Florida. Know that there is only a few states that my permit is not work in. For sure New York is one of those states. Truly feel that they can make just for truckers a special license to carry a fire arm, that can meet any state needs. A 38 special revolver or even a single stack 6 round semi auto 380 or 9mm such as a kel-tec or many other compact pistols. I would feel safer and my family would as well knowing I had protection aside from knives I kept with me at all times.

  39. I own a trucking company where I look at all of my drivers as family. Those trucks are their home away from home spending many nights in shady areas. I support the 2nd amendment and allow my guys to carry as long as they are properly educated and licensed. I want them to be able to protect not only themselves but also their fellow citizens.

  40. In 2005 my truck broke down on a Sunday afternoon in downtown Memphis,TN.. I was robbed at gunpoint…raped and left for dead…If I would of had a weapon things could have been different…it’s not right that we are sitting ducks

  41. A suggestion for most of you. I am an O/O so my situation is a bit different than company drivers. I carry on my truck at all times. I don’t carry outside of my truck. I have a gun safe/lock box. If I am pulled over they can search all they like. That safe is not subject to search without a warrant, even by DOT. To avoid possible repercussion if ever served with a legal signed by judge search warrant, I refuse to go to the state of NY,NJ, and CA. CA strictly due to their bullshit regulations. NY because of their magazine limit, and NJ restricts hollow point ammunition. Hollow point is safer, since it is less likely to travel thru the would be criminal, or elsewhere and hurt an innocent bystander. Regardless, as stated by several above, I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Boycott states that attack the 2nd. And I do not have a concealed. My reasoning is, all with concealed are admitting the govt has a say in who is covered by the 2nd amendment. A license is not needed for an inalienable right that shall not be infringed. Not to mention, it puts you on the gun grabbers radar. Truck safely.

  42. Now that Trump was elected President, please sign the new gun rights petition to NRA… Please encourage your friends to ask the NRA to support the new Michael’s Law Amendment that will be introduced into the Senate in January. No registration. No special carve outs. Just an amendment to existing law that will allow a right to carry nationwide for ALL AMERICANS in accordance with the 2nd Amendment. Please direct your friends to sign here: The NRA gets an email from you when you sign.

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