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Next Post reports that trailer park manager Dihanna McCullock has been trying to clean up her little piece of paradise. I guess someone forgot to tell the push-back perps the old adage “Rob not, lest ye be Judged.”

Another man, wearing some sort of badge on his shirt, had tried to talk to McCullock before she went into her office, but she went inside. Now while she was fighting the man with a butcher knife, that man also burst into her office with a gun, and started shooting. “He shot. And I shot him. Wherever he’s at he’s wounded, somewhere,” McCullock said. McCullock carries ‘the Judge’ in a holster. It’s a pistol that shoots a shotgun shell as well as .45 caliber bullet. McCullock said the robber’s bullet just grazed her right arm. She fired back a shotgun blast at point blank range.

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  1. Nice shot, but she should have used the 45 round and the moron would have assumed room temperture. lmao

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