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From TriStar . . .

TriStar Arms, America’s favorite importer of high-value shotguns and pistols, is proud to announce the release of the LR94 line of lever-action .410 shotguns, combining a fun and versatile cartridge with a fun and versatile classic action.

The versatility of a shotgun is undisputed, and the reliability and control of the mechanical lever action is hard to beat. It only makes sense to combine these two to make a spectacular field gun that can run virtually any load that fits a 2 1/2″ chamber.

The TriStar LR 94 is available in three finishes, all with walnut furniture:

    • Classic matte black
    • Handsome color-case gloss finish
    • Weather-resistant matte nickel

All three models of the LR94 offer a 14 1/4″ length of pull, 5+1 capacity, and use Beretta Mobil chokes. Barrel lengths are 22″ or 24″ depending on model to ensure you get the most out of your .410 load of choice. MSRP ranges from $990-$1,100. For full specifications and to check availability visit


Gauge: .410
Barrel Length: 22 inches matte and nickel, case color 24″
Weight 6.3 lbs.
Length of Pull: 14.25 inches
– Matte black = $990
– Nickel = $1070
– Case color = $1100

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  1. I like it. But I kind of wonder why not make the magazine tube longer. I’m going to guess maybe so it might get sold in kalifornia. Maybe the aftermarket could fix that.

  2. “TriStar Arms, America’s favorite importer of high-value shotguns and pistols, is proud to announce the release of the…”

    Imported from where?

    Will it tingle Deborah’s tender bits? 🙂

    • LOL, you beat me to it. I scrolled down here to say “hmm…I like how TriStar calls itself ‘America’s favorite importer’…”

      Gleaned from a poll of all TriStar employees.

      BTW, it’s another Turkish distributor.

      • “BTW, it’s another Turkish distributor.”

        The answer to my question is *yes*.

        Perhaps we’ll hear from someone after she has a cigarette… 😉

        Uh, oh-


        Alex Baldwin’s murder charge has been dropped.

        That POS is gonna beat the rap… 🙁

        • America is led by a corrupt crime family that has weaponized the court system. baldwin is one of the chosen ones that support that crime family.

          Did you have any doubt as to the outcome?

        • “Did you have any doubt as to the outcome?”

          Not really, JWM.

          And –

          I’m just jealous I’m not someone’s hubby… 🙂

        • *Baldwin Update*

          “Alec Baldwin Criminal Charges To Be Dropped In Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting”

          “Recently appointed special prosecutors Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis are expected to file paperwork soon, perhaps even today, to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter claims against the multi-Emmy-winning actor without prejudice, we hear. That means, as they are set to investigate further into what actually went down that terrible day on the Bonanza Creek Ranch set near Santa Fe, this case could be resurrected in the future.”

          Simply sickening when someone famous ducks accountability.

          Well, the armorer will likely do some time, and she does bear a big chunk responsibility for what happened, by her criminally-irresponsible management of lethal weapons on that set … 🙁

  3. That’s a lot of money for a 2n1/2 chambered shotgunm.
    I suppose you could use it as a smooth bore .45LC.

    • To let you know you got shorted when you paid $1000 for a 2n1/2inch chambered .410 made in a turkey.

  4. No thank you. Except for a very old Winchester, no lever action should be chambered for a shotgun shell. I’ve heard from those that know that it wasn’t a really good idea. Anyway. A .410 lever action? Too what purpose? You’d be laughed off a dove field. Show op with that on a quail plantation. See what happens next
    I suppose it could take care of the odd viper. If you are confused about what handguns are for. Or, the handy stick. The stick saves a round and a hide.

    • Sometimes “giggle factor” is more than enough to push sales. But $1000+ for a Turkish gun, now? They can kiss my ass.

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