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Having Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, testify before a Senate committee on stand your ground laws is like asking Meryl Streep to testify about pesticides. Neither one knows the first thing about their subject, but it’s sure to grab a few headlines. And there you have the reason for Ms. Fulton’s appearance before Tricky Dicky Durbin’s dog and pony show on Capitol Hill this morning. “Fulton will argue at the 10 a.m. hearing that the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting of her 17-year-old son and the acquittal of George Zimmerman over the summer shows that the laws are confusing.” Of course, anyone who paid the least bit of attention to the Zimmerman Bonfire of the Vanities-like prosecution and acquittal knows that Florida’s stand your ground law played absolutely no role whatsoever — zero, nada, zilch — in either the charges filed or the trial itself . . .

But that’s completely beside the point of Durbin’s little press event today.

“Whatever the motivations were behind the passage of these laws, it is clear that these laws often go too far in encouraging confrontations to escalate into deadly violence,” Durbin said Tuesday. “They are resulting in unnecessary tragedies, and they are diminishing accountability under the justice system.”

Why drag Trayvon’s mom up to D.C. for a SYG hearing now? Who knows. Maybe it’s because Durbin’s in the tank for America’s new murder capitol, Chicago. That means anything that weakens Illinoisans’ right to keep and bear arms is something to be pursued.

Tuesday’s hearing also puts a congressional spotlight on the issue of guns, which has disappeared from the agenda on Capitol Hill after the Senate failed to advance background check legislation due to opposition from most Senate Republicans and a few Democrats.

Or maybe the headlines grabbed by Ms. Fulton’s testimony will mean a little less attention on the administration’s slow-motion car wreck that is the ObamaCare rollout. Whatever the motivation, when it comes to civilian disarmament, the senior Senator from the Land of Lincoln has never needed much of a reason to get in front of the cameras.

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  1. or maybe it is a distraction from Durbin sticking his own D!ck in his mouth and claiming that a republican rep stated to Obama, and I quote “I cannot even stand to look at you right now” (relating to the gov’t shutdown). . . . . something the WH says never happened.

    • Hell, even if that guy did actually say that, I’d agree. I can’t ever stand to look at Obama. And his voice is like fingernails on chalkboard to me.

      • ironic but the guy who told Dick “Head” Durbin and Harry “Palms” Reid this is Black. Guess who gonna take the fall?

  2. She doesn’t HAVE to know anything. She’s been touched by tragedy. I mean really, look how her son’s life turned out. (Was that too mean?)

    • In the case of Zimmerman/Tray Von, it was NOT STAND YOUR GROUND is was self defence , “Hey just lie there and get yo head smashed on the sidewalk”

  3. What kind of analogy is that?
    Has Meryl Streep’s live been irrevocably and permanently rendered tragic by pesticides?

      • Got it, good point – your analogy stands; you’re right.

        That was my own knee-jerk reaction to the tone that I saw other comments taking. Frankly I get very tired/frustrated/confused by the “blame-the-victim” mentality in any situation. Trayvon shouldn’t have been walking at night, so it was his fault. He smoked marijuana once so it was his fault. He shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie, so it was his fault. His dad’s background is questionable so it’s his fault. He shouldn’t have stood his ground when what he probably thought was a creepy attacker confronted him so it was his fault.

        How the case was adjudicated notwithstanding, I believe that what happened was George Z.’s fault because it was a preponderance of his own actions, overstepped boundaries, and misjudgments that contributed to Trayvon’s death far more than anything that Trayvon himself did.

        • I am suprised that we are still debating this. I suggest you go find the Youtube video of Piers “the organ” Morgan’s interview with Rachel Jentel. She admits to Piers on national TV that she stirred up Trayvon into a homophobic rage by telling him that the person followng him was probably gay looking to rape him or his step brother. Her taunts enraged him and he went after Zimmerman. There was hate crime that night and it was Trayvon’s attack on Zimmerman. The object of your attack doesn’t have to be gay for it be classified as an anti-gay hate crime. You only have to believe your victim is gay.

        • “…it is clear that these laws often go too far in encouraging confrontations to escalate into deadly violence,”

          What does not seem so clear and is therefore often (and I suspect sometimes intentionally) overlooked is that if these laws were universal and well-known and understood they would most definitely DISCOURAGE confrontations because then punks like Treyvon and other petty criminals would think twice before escalating inconsequential social confrontations into violent assaults that result in their being shot to death. The whole point of these laws is to convince bullies and punks to think twice before initiating a confrontation and to allow their victims to protect themselves if they do not.

          To believe otherwise is to believe that everyone out there carrying a concealed pistol is just looking for reason to shoot someone. Zimmerman was, in his mind, protecting his community, not looking to shoot anyone. He did not draw and fire his weapon until he was on the ground and being beaten. Up until that time he posed zero threat to Treyvon Martin and the final confrontation was ALL Trayvon’s initiative.

        • jeff, the Skittle chewer died because he punched the neighborhood watch dude to the ground as he was walking away and was trying to smash his head into pieces. End of story……and Skittle chewer. Heh heh heh.

  4. I have a certain amount of respect for people, even if they’re anti-gun, who do the research and come to a conclusion, whose position on the subject isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction. At least they did the work. This woman has (should have) less-than-zero credibility when talking about guns, and especially when talking about Stand Your Ground laws, because she hasn’t done the basic research (despite living in the basic research) to understand that SYG has nothing whatsoever to do with her son’s death. She is willfully ignorant, and just wants someone to pay for her pain. It’s disgusting.

    • actually, she has a “foundation” set up that collects $$$ and pays her a nice salary all while she is on paid leave from her county job (co-workers all donated their sick leave and vacation (dumba$$es). In other words, double dipping. She needs to be called on the carpet about that!

    • She is a Liberal and a Woman. That explains all of her behavior quite succinctly.

      Protecting their emotions is primary to avoid the pain of an Amygdala hijack. Liberals and women have very small, under developed amygdalas and thus are very suseptible to hijack. Most of their behavior can be attributed to their need to protect a hijack from happening.

      This applies equally well across all Liberal minded folk, to any topic they oppose.

      It is important to understand how your amygdala gets “hijacked” so to speak, and wreaks havoc on our ability to tap into our rational brain (neocortex) to make good decisions. When an event happens that triggers an intense emotional response your amygdala gets activated and starts the whole fight or flight response in your mind/body system. Your body and mind gets caught up in various neuro-chemical processes that make it extremely difficult to think through the situation with a calm and logical approach. It can take anywhere from three to four hours for your mind/body system to begin to calm down after the amygdala is hijacked.

      • Wow!
        Science, with Sherry Collier!!
        And it has to be true, because flowers and big words!!!

        • Some people have poor control over their emotions and reactions to things that scare them. A lot of those people are Liberals because the left is very much about making everyone safe regardless how other people’s liberties are trod upon to do it.

          A lot of women are in fact Liberals and even if they are not, women still have a lot of trouble managing fear, conflict and aggression.

          Thus most of the people who back gun control are Liberals and women.

    • Uhhh no sh!t laws are confusing. That goes for all of them. If they were simple, we wouldn’t need lawyers.

      • In virtually every instance it is lawyers who write the laws and in the courts (former) lawyers who judge the proceedings. Of course the laws are confusing, written to be confusing, filled with confusing language and lawyer-specific jargon (to wit), it’s job security.

        And even when things are written with a specific intention NOT to be confusing (“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”) the lawyers and the judges and even SCOTUS can somehow find a way to pretend it is confusing and twist confused rulings out of it that do not have any basis in reality by wording their conclusions in confusing lawyer-speak.

        • I don’t think its job security. I just think a Lawyer writing a law, knows how a lawyer thinks, and consequently how that lawyer might try to erode, undermine, or circumvent that law. We let lawyers write laws because its lawyers that destroy laws – and it takes one to know one.

    • Gun laws ARE confusing…come to California where DEMOCRATS have been adding piecemeal restrictions and prohibitions for years. I think that is one of the features the Democrats LIKE about their overreaching gun laws since it makes it easier to catch someone running afoul of some statute even when s/he has every intent to comply with the rules. Then they can try to go after their guns.

      Every new shooter, novice, occasional sport shooter and hunter and even the experienced are taking some risk whenever they take their firearms out to play.

      But SYG is relatively clear, and anyone carrying should have the presence of mind to educate themselves on its application before carrying in public just as they should with in-home self defense laws and precedent. Of course the devil is in the details and local law enforcement policy, but one can gauge the basic boundaries with self defense and SYG.

      In any case, other than for distraction, entertainment value and to ameliorate her ostensibly hurt feelings, this lady has nothing to say since SYG was not an issue in her gangster wannabe prowler son’s case.

      • I can’t tell if you guys are reiterating what I said or if you’re replying to some other comment. “Gun laws are confusing” was my entire point.

        I also see zero evidence that Trayvon Martin was prowling, committing a crime when Zimmerman first saw him or planning to commit a crime. All we know is two people got into an altercation and one of them died. There’s really no need to paint him as a career criminal to justify Zimmerman’s actions.

        • maybe we should ask Mom if she can explain the stolen jewelry in TM’s possession at school when he got suspended ?

        • The Miami-Dade Police Department stated they were unable to tie the jewelry in his possession to any thefts. That’s hardly proof of anything.

        • I don’t understand what that has to do with what I said. I’m not saying Trayvon didn’t play a role in his own death; he most certainly did. I said that he wasn’t a thugged out career criminal, and there’s little to no evidence that he was. Teenagers can fight, smoke weed and even steal (if he did) and still end up being productive members of society. Painting him as a crip simply to further justify Zimmerman’s actions and avoid any gray areas in self defense situations reeks to me of a No True Scotsman fallacy.

        • What it says is that Zimmerman did nothing illegal and had the legal right to check things out. According facts put in evidence at his trial Zimmerman heeded the advice (not orders) for him to return to his truck and wait for the police hence he was moving away from Martin’s last known position. However, Martin, who was under influence of drugs, again facts place in evidence at the trial, got egged on by his girl friend to go after the fag-rapist following him. Given the facts put in evidence at the trial and the claims of his girl friend, Martin sought out Zimmerman in fit of homophobic rage. Martin was guility of a hate crime. Let me repeat for emphasis, Martin sought out Zimmerman with the speicfic intention of delivering a severe beating to the assumed gay man.

        • Again, you’re adding things to my statements that aren’t there – I never said anything about Zimmerman’s legal right to be there or to investigate, nor did I say anything about Trayvon’s motives in engaging in an altercation with Zimmerman. I said that there is no proof that Trayvon was violating the law, seeking to violate the law or planning to violate the law when George Zimmerman first saw him. That said, I decided to check out the transcript of the interview you mentioned ( and my take away is that you misrepresented what she said.

          Jeantel twice mentions discussing the possibility that Zimmerman was a rapist with Martin, and neither time seem to be goading or taunting him. Furthermore, the topic of sexuality (or homosexuality) never comes up. How exactly did you deduct that Trayvon flew into a homophobic rage based on (what Jeantel presented as) a real concern that the person following him was a rapist? The purple drank thing? The weed thing? I’ve never had purple drank, but I’ve had codiene cough syrup (prescribed to me), and honestly, I’ve had weed (not so much). Neither drove me into a rage of any sort.

          Again, none of this has to do with my original comment, but it does seem to show that when people want to believe in a side, they’ll fill in evidence where it’s lacking to do so. I’m not really advocating for either party, I’m just not as uncomfortable with gray areas as others seem to be.

        • That’s not the interview that I saw. Jentel went out her way to explain that “nigga” didn’t mean black. She said it meant “queer” as in gay and Zimmerman was after him or his father’s latest girlfriends kid.. Now maybe she was making stuff up but her interview clearly shows that Martin went after Zimmerman. When Martin went back he went with intention of beating Zimmerman. That made Martin the aggressor. Nothing else explains his behavior since he was less than 90 seconds from the safety of his house.

          Eventually someone will right a book about this case which will assign the blame to Martin just as Stephen Jimenez has written the true story behind Mathew Shepherd case.

        • Thank you for citing a trutherist take on the Matthew Sherpard case as an example of justice gone right; it saves me the trouble of continuing to try and talk some sense into you.

          And hell, just because I can’t help myself – You literally acknowledge that “Now maybe she was making stuff up”, but then go on to use that interview as ironclad proof that Trayvon’s motivations were based on homophobia. That’s some logical and critical thinking right there, my friend.

    • Actually, it isn’t that confusing. She probably hasn’t even read Florida 776.013. Section (3) is the so called SYG part. The media and press have a very bad habit of leaving out the “who is attacked” part etc.

      (3) A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

  5. The tragedy is that she and the boys father failed as parents. Harsh? Maybe, but often the truth is.

    • +1.

      She took little if any interest in Trayvon’s upbringing when he was alive. She kicked him out of the house after he got his final suspension. Trayvon was a punk because Mr and Ms. Trayvon didn’t care enough about him to try to keep him straight. Does anybody think that someone like LCOL Alan West would let his children run wild without parental correction? What Ms. Fulton is feeling is guilt. I bet deep down inside she knows she failed her son and is now engaged in self justification. It’s not going to work. All she is doing is leading other kids down the same path as her son because she insists on reinforcing the Saint Trayvon image. Eventually someone will write a book detailing how Trayvon set his own path for self destruciton.

      • Yes, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. And I would suggest it’s more than simple poor parenting. Do you have trouble picturing Sr. mentoring junior on how to work the system for all the loot he can get? Or maybe I have it all wrong and they really don’t understand how immoral they are. If so, that’s even more frightening I think.

    • Maybe she could testify on the “SKMKT” (“Shoulda Kept My Knees Together”) movement. One less punk, one less problem if she can’t be a responsible parent.

  6. I wonder if they talked about the ghetto cocktail called lean. It causes severe liver damage (which the teenage Travon was found to have during autopsy), paranoia and heightened aggression.

    Why? Well Travon was carrying exactly 0% ice-tea (as repeated by the media/Al Sharpton). He was carrying watermelon juice cocktail. Mix that with skittles, and some cough syrup (i.e. codeine) to make your own nasty gangster drink called “lean” or “purple drank”.

    I wonder if anyone has ever been able to publicly ask Mrs. Fulton about that!

    • or ask about her knowledge of her little angel(TM) being involved in a fight club at school. or why he was spending the week with his father instead of being at home. or why he had been suspended several times. or whether she knows about her ex-husband’s gang ties to E. St Louis. or who is bankrolling her foundation. or was that her gun that her little angel(TM) posed with in a photo not shown at trial. or if she knew about his weed smoking.

    • I am so sick of talking about this. Don’t take it personally, it’s not directed at you. But I sighed before I clicked the link. (Still clicked it, so yes, I know I’m a hypocrite.)

      • I am tired of the Martins, Ben Crumped-up & Park and the whole 9 yards. However, they keep getting trotted out by the faux movement and Dream Pretenders. Chris Smith from south Florida and Allen Williams from Tallahassee will keep bringing this shit up next session of the Florida Legislature.

  7. I know this is preaching to the choir but I’m gonna share the link anyway….

    Florida changed it’s SYG laws in 2005. Since then there have been 136 fatal cases that claimed SYG*, an average of 17 per year or a wee bit more than 1 per month. For comparison, Florida has 19 million people and last year had only 1,009 murders. The percentages are so incredibly small… you really do have a better chance of getting hit by lightening here in Florida.

    The Tampa Bay Times has the best presented list of cases:

    And you can even sort the data by Race, County, and Gender.

    The Data is good, the presentation is pretty good, but they still managed to get at least some media bias included. For example, using the child picture of Martin and the Mug Shot of Mr Zimmerman.

    As for Mrs Fulton…… FOAD. You are the worst kind of person, standing on your son’s grave and using it as a soap box to preach your ignorance.

    * Trayvon Martin’s death was not SYG, but it is included because sensationalism!

    • She is currently in it for the money because she, her ex and son are on the payroll of the T.M. Foundation.

      • time to FOIA them and get copies of their 990’s! How much are they paying themselves, much like Sarah Brady pays herself an exorbitant salary for no work (and she bought a gun for protection, no less!)

  8. A few questions I would ask if present at her testimony:

    1.) Where did your son learn the term “crazy ass cracker”?

    2.) Was your son at any time exposed to the message that white people were out to get him? Do you believe that white people are out to get you?

    3.) Why did your son have THC in his system on the night of his death?; do you believe this in any way contributed to his death?; If yes, what have you done since his death to reduce he use of marijuana?

    4.) Did you son bash the head of another human being into a sidewalk?; if yes, what should that human being have done in response? What would you have done if a young man had bashed your head into a sidewalk?; If no, do you understand that the jury found otherwise? Do you understand that if the jury agreed with your version of events, Mr. Zimmerman would have been found guilty regardless of the SYG law? If you don’t know if your son bashed the head of another human being into a sidewalk, then why are you here?

    • Also, do you believe it’s too soon for me to start selling “Crazy Ass Cracka!” tee shirts and bumper stickers?

      • Wheeeell Shyit! I don’t think “Creepy” will sell as well as “Crazy” but the profit margin on tees and stickers is pretty large so we should still do well. 10% cut for editing?

        • Hmmm, I’m thinking ‘The Creepy Ass Crackas’ would be a great name for a band. First gig: Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson’s wedding.

  9. Yes, Sybrina Fulton, becuase your years of experience in firearms, knowledge of the law, and success at raising children make you an exellent subject matter expert worthly of my time.

    GTFO tool….

    • +1

      Nothing of value to add to the discussion other than a case study of why those in favor of a welfare state should legislate to free miscreants of the threat of natural selection.

      • That really is what it’s about! No matter how useless or how detrimental to themselves, their families and the general public no one should ever suffer. It’s not that big a leap from using tax money to feed someone who is too lazy to work so they wont starve (basically legalized theft) to working to ensure that violent criminals aren’t injured in the course of committing their crimes.

        The common thread is that liberals always identify as and with victims. Thus the ‘victim’ in anything is who they support, even if that person is a victim of their own stupidity.

        As it exists today in the US we are actively selecting for stupid lazy people at the evolutionary level. Those on public assistance have more children than those who aren’t. With no hyperbole, liberal policies are harming the entire species.

        Anecdotally I recently had a conversation that nicely illustrates the liberal mindset. The conversation was about the absurd percentage of Americans receiving food stamps. The liberal says ‘So, you’d take away the food stamps so these people wouldn’t be able to feed their kids? Then what, you want to take their kids too?’ thus creating a straw man and attacking my morality simultaneously, which I guess is good form for a liberal. Ignoring the other issues involved in the response I seized on the irrelevance of the statement as an argument against limiting food stamps; ‘Of course take their kids! Should we really leave children to grow up learning from their parents that you don’t have to work and ought to exist on the government dole? That’s exactly why entitlements are bankrupting us in the first place-generational poverty!’

        My response was perhaps a bit over the top, but the presentation from the liberal that it was unthinkable to take children away from arguably unfit parents suggests the mindset. Nothing anyone does is ever their fault or responsibility, including not working to provide for their children. Instead we should support that parent and child with the money we made working. How anyone doesn’t see that this can only end in disaster is beyond me.

  10. Too bad she didn’t teach T.M. that it isn’t acceptable to pound someone’s brains out for asking a question or looking like a “creepasscracker.” She should have also been concerned about hem getting suspended from school multiple times not to mention drug use and dealing.

  11. “…after the Senate failed to advance background check legislation…”

    Oh yes. What a failure. I’m sure. How about:

    “…after the Senate upheld the authority of the Constitution despite the Democrats’ attempts to exploit tragedy after tragedy to further dismantle America…”

    • I read an article today on CNN that was about ‘What Obama knew about the Obamacare and NSA scandals’ (or some similar title). Even in an article that was more critical of Obama than is usually the case over at CNN, the author still wouldn’t come out and say that BO was lying. The closest comment was something about how ‘Obama wasn’t being clear with the public’. It is just another classic example on how journalists progressive media types can’t bring themselves to admit their core views on life might be wrong. It would just be too much for them to bare.

  12. The story that won’t die in the media and with politicians. Maybe it gave them too much of a bump in the ratings? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Zimmerman isn’t a person to hold up as a champion of SYG or CC laws, just as Martin isn’t the ‘Innocent, Doe-Eyed, 12-Year-Old Persecuted Saint™ by the White Hispanic Man’ that the other side tries to portray him as. Was it a good shoot? In the end it was. But as CCW holders, we try to avoid this kind of shoot as much as possible.

  13. Go ahead, Durbin. Keep poking that bear. The Dems are covered in Obamacare, and they have another full year to stew in it. That’s just getting started in earnest. But, by all means Dick, make damn good and sure the single-issue Pro-2A voters stay motivated for 2014 and 2016. See you at the polls.

    • esp now that IL is getting CCW and the people of Chiraq (aka Chicago, the pimple on the ass of Lake Michigan) see crime rates drop . . . . . yes, please keep this issue in the news.

    • Lott rocks!! We should order a bunch of his books and deliver them to women’s shelters as just a “have you considered” this? primer as they transition back to their homes

  14. If only she’d been this committed to the welfare of her son as she is to being a tool in a political game….

    • Ahhh, keyword here.
      She’s possibly upset that she doesn’t get that extra food stamp money or welfare money now that she’s down on kid.
      What the heck, if they can make stuff up, so can I.

  15. The name “Stand Your Ground Law” needs to be changed to what it really is: “Right Not to Be a Victim Law”. Probably get a little more support that way.

  16. That’s it, Mrs. Fulton. You’re doing a great job. Your Democrat “massas” will be very happy with your work on their plantation.
    May your chains rest lightly on your wrists, ma’am.

    • I would pay for a really nice lunch meeting (say Capitol Grille) between her and Col Alan West. They are both in S. Florida and I think over a juicy steak, she might learn how to protect her surviving son and stop being used as a tool by those who seek to enslave her

  17. First, she forgets Zimmerman didn’t use Stand Your Ground as defense…second, even if SYG wasn’t law, Zimmerman could not retreat as her son jumped on top of him and was hitting him in the head. There was no way to retreat. Her son engaged in violence first. Zimmerman ended it. Her son’s death has made the world a better place if you ask me…

    • Holy crap, Taco Ninja. (or should I say “Santa Caca, Taco Ninja”?).
      You said: “Zimmerman could not retreat as her son jumped on top of him and was hitting him in the head. There was no way to retreat. Her son engaged in violence first. Zimmerman ended it. Her son’s death has made the world a better place if you ask me…”

      How did Zimmerman get there IN THE FIRST PLACE? Oh yeah, he put himself in that position.
      Who INITIATED the confrontation? Oh yeah, Zimmerman.

      And that “made the world a better place” comment? Wow. That’s really, really cold. Scary cold. In fact, it saddens me to know that you have that mindset about the death of a teenager who was going about his business.

      • It saddens me to know that there are people such as you who are completely ignorant and refuse to face facts, and that your vote counts as much as mine.

        • +1 I watched the entire trial – gavel to gavel. GZ may have been a dumb ass, but that’s still legal around these parts and nothing he did warranted being physically attacked and assaulted

      • Jeff–

        You’re absolutely right that the lack of regard for Trayvon’s death is uncalled for. All teenagers make stupid decisions, so regardless of what really happened (and I think we’ll never know), it’s a tragedy that he’s dead. Please note that my sentence above does not indicate that I necessarily believe Trayvon was wrong or making a stupid decision here. I’m just saying that, in the WORST case, he made a foolish decision, one that many men have made as teenagers but were lucky enough to live through.

        That said, your willful decision to disregard the actual meaning and use of stand-your-ground laws means you’ll never get any traction here. It’s clear you have an axe to grind and are willing to listen to the MSM’s fabricated story about “SYG laws” regardless of the facts, and so you tip your hand as a low-information citizen. If the lynch-mob prosecution and DOJ realized that SYG had no place in this case, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it was irrelevant.

        We don’t know who struck first, but the fact of the matter is that Zimmerman COULD NOT retreat at the time of the shooting. He was on the ground. It doesn’t matter who started the confrontation. Even in lefty CA, if you start a fight and then ask for it to stop, you are entitled to use self-defense if your victim continues to beat you to a pulp.

        SYG only would have come into effect if Zimmerman had said, “Trayvon started to swing at me, so I shot him.” In that case, since both men would have been standing, the option AT THE TIME OF THE SHOOTING would have existed for Zimmerman to retreat. THEN SYG would have had its time in court.

        Don’t take any of my comments above as taking a stand on the guilt/innocence of George Zimmerman. They are meant only to educate you on the meaning of SYG and why it isn’t relevant here.

        • For Jeff and Citizen both:

          Absurd, completely absurd. First up, if what GZ did wasn’t self defense I misunderstand the meaning of the term. When it’s considered provocative to ask people on the street what they are doing we can reexamine that portion of the event.

          Second, it isn’t a tragedy that Trayvon is dead, it’s justice. Teenagers do make all sorts of silly mistakes. However less than a tenth of a percent of them intentionally attack someone and attempt to cause serious bodily harm. We would do well to kill that entire class of teens (and adults) off so that the other 99.99 percent of us can live in peace.

          It used to be that natural selection took care of such people, they were either killed in combat or executed for their uncivil acts. In this case a violent, dangerous person was killed in combat with another person. If you believe (contrary to all the facts) that GZ did initiate the encounter, then it was mutual combat and the death of neither can be considered a tragedy. If you accept the facts of the case, Trayvon assaulted GZ who was then forced to kill him in an effort to save his own life.

          If I were in a position to make law by fiat, GZ would be entitled to damages from Trayvon’s parents for his injuries, legal expenses, medical care, psychological counseling should he elect it, his damaged clothing, his lost time at trial and with the police and his pain and suffering.

          In other words I firmly believe that if you have a dangerous and violent teenager you are well advised to keep them off the street lest they meet their inevitable fate while you’re still liable for their actions.

          By extension, anyone who legally shoots another in self defense ought to be entitled to such damages in civil court from their attackers estate.

          Stop molly coddling the violent micro minority and start worrying about the upright honest people who simply wish to live their lives offending no one.

      • >>>>
        How did Zimmerman get there IN THE FIRST PLACE? Oh yeah, he put himself in that position.
        Who INITIATED the confrontation? Oh yeah, Zimmerman.
        Really!?! Trying to figure out what a stranger in your neighborhood is doing is now “initiating a confrontation”? I’m glad that I don’t live in YOUR neighborhood.

        Take a look at the video made of Zimmerman’s recreation of the event with local detectives. Check out the interviews of his neighbors. Zimmerman wasn’t looking to start a fight, he was just wondering what the stranger was doing, wandering around his neighborhood in the rain.

        No evidence has been presented to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon Martin was the one who “got physical”.

        In fact, it saddens me to know that you have that mindset about the death of a teenager who was going about his business.

        Martin had ample time to return to his house if he was just “going about his business”. He stopped and confronted Zimmerman, escalating the event into a physical confrontation.

      • jeff, why do you and your fellow libtards (democrats) continue to side with the Skittle chewer? When you try to crush a mans head into the ground while on top of them, you deserve what you get. The little ghetto trash got a lead Skittle. Heh heh heh.

  18. Support Sybrina Fulton — Save a Street Punk!

    ‘Cause if this SYG thing catches on, Street Punks may be in short supply.

  19. Well I oppose the existence of people who don’t give their kids enough of a moral core to stay away from drugs, violence, and B&E.

    Call me out of control if you must. But that’s how I feel.

  20. Durbin’s chief goal is “Look! Over there!”, in order to distract from the violence in Chicago. You don’t see him holding hearings on the 500 that die there annually from street violence in Rahm’s gun control paradise on the lake.

    Stand Your Ground is an easy target that will attract media attention. If he focused on what really mattered, the sand that the antis’ castle is built on in Chiraq will wash away.

    • what Dick “Head” Durbin means to say is that some Black children are more equal than other Black children

  21. Looks like Mrs. “Feel Sorry for Us Were Black” is still trying to make some cash off her dead son with the spot light. Guessing that t-shirt thing didn’t work to well.

  22. It’s true that if GZ were unarmed her son would be alive, and GZ would probably be dead or permanently disabled. And her son would be able to hurt more people as well. And so on.
    As for SYG laws I don’t get it either. GZ didn’t use that as a defense.

  23. “Why drag Trayvon’s mom up to D.C. for a SYG hearing now?”

    Because Jesse and Al have problems of their own and don’t have the time to whip the media into another feeding frenzy. And I guess she needs the money. If she doesn’t get more contributions soon she’ll have to go back to her make-work county job filing paper clips.

    BTW, I noticed ZERO about this in the papers this morning. I guess the professional apologists are too busy with the NSA p1ssing off the world and Obamacare imploding.

  24. I honestly do feel sorry for her. She lost her son. However she didn’t lose her son because of SYG. She lost her son because she chose to have a son with a gang banger, who exposed her son to “Thug Life”. Unfortunately Trayvon embraced the Thug Life, unlike his brother, who is currently in college. A culture of glamorizing drugs, violence, and crime lead directly to Trayvon’s death. If it hadn’t been George Zimmerman when Trayvon was seventeen, it would have been a cop when he was 21 or another thug when he was 23. Trayvon was doomed by his evironment.

    That environment has nothing to do with race or economics. I grew up around white middle class thugs, and my black friends detest the thug culture more than I do.

    • A lot of people have grown up in considerably worse circumstances than Martin and turned out just fine.

      The fact is that St. Trayvon was doomed by his choices.

  25. There is no bigger indicator of someone being a OFWG than ranting about Jesse and Al… 1988 called, it wants it racial meme back…

    • Except both racial hucksters and their tactics are still alive and well in the here and now, and both got themselves tangled up neck deep in this case just a few short months ago.

  26. “Why drag Trayvon’s mom up to D.C. for a SYG hearing now?”

    I think you are giving Durbin too much credit for planning the timing on this. In July he said he was going to do this in September. Then the Navy Yard shooting was he reason for postponing this. My guess is he is frustrated it took so long to hold the hearing. He is just doing what Durbin does over and over again.

  27. Squirting out a kid she didn’t want and kicking him out to live with a dad that also failed to supervise him and left Trayvon with one of his beatches doesn’t seem to qualify her to testify to congress about anything except the lack of morals and parenting going on in her community.
    sorry for the run on sentence I can’t seem to express myself about this without being censored

  28. The messed up thing is, if the tables were turned and Trayvon had killed Zimmerman during their altercation, I would have been 100% behind him using the stand your ground law as a defense.

    Unfortunately we had a situation where two morons ran across each other and one didn’t survive a violent altercation.

    Our government allowing this woman to be trotted out as some kind of postergirl for anti-gun legislation is disgusting. Then again they had no problem dragging Newtown parents (the ones who agreed with their agenda anyway) on a publicity stunt tour either…

  29. Ted Cruz was at the hearing and did a damn good job pointing out the dog and pony show for what it was.

  30. Ok, if they want to divert attention away from Obamacare and back towards guns, let’s do that. Let’s see those Fast & Furious documents gentlemen…

  31. Man, ain’t black people smart. Also of note, the best thing to happen to Sybrina Fulton is the death of the son she hadn’t seen in months and had thrown out of the house for his violence and criminal activity. She is now partayin’ every night and dressing in nice gowns as well.

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