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Tonight marks the first debate for the Democratic primary race for president of the United States. One of the very first topics discussed was the issue of gun control, and not surprisingly every single person on the stage believed that further restrictions on the rights of American citizens is the only acceptable solution. The following is the full transcript of that section of the debate, but first a couple notes . . .

Bernie Sanders presented a somewhat pragmatic approach, and argued that gun dealers shouldn’t be held liable for crimes committed with a legally purchased firearm. Hillary Clinton immediately pounced on that answer, demanding that gun dealers be held liable for the actions of their customers.

Martin O’Malley tried to use his passage of gun control laws in Maryland to prove his anti-gun bona fides, and pointed to the case of the blatantly frivolous lawsuit against Lucky Gunner as proof that the evil NRA has hijacked the legal system. And as always, something must be done.

Lincoln Chaffee basically blamed the NRA for all of the ills of the world and didn’t go much further, but it doesn’t really matter because it was Lincoln Chaffee. Finally, Jim Webb came across as the least insane human on the stage by going out on a limb and stating we need to keep guns out of the hands of bad people.

Minutes later, Moms Demand Action (a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety) issued a statement proclaiming victory because gun control was mentioned during the debate.

The following is a full transcript of that section of the debate, courtesy of WaPo:


COOPER: […] Let’s move on to some of the most pressing issues facing our country right now, some of the biggest issues right now in the headlines today. We’re going to start with guns. The shooting in Oregon earlier this month, once again it brought the issue of guns into the national conversation. Over the last week, guns have been the most discussed political topic on Facebook by two to one.

Senator Sanders, you voted against the Brady bill that mandated background checks and a waiting period. You also supported allowing riders to bring guns in checked bags on Amtrak trains. For a decade, you said that holding gun manufacturers legally responsible for mass shootings is a bad idea. Now, you say you’re reconsidering that. Which is it: shield the gun companies from lawsuits or not?

SANDERS: Let’s begin, Anderson, by understanding that Bernie Sanders has a D-minus voting rating (ph) from the NRA. Let’s also understand that back in 1988 when I first ran for the United States Congress, way back then, I told the gun owners of the state of Vermont and I told the people of the state of Vermont, a state which has virtually no gun control, that I supported a ban on assault weapons. And over the years, I have strongly avoided instant background checks, doing away with this terrible gun show loophole. And I think we’ve got to move aggressively at the federal level in dealing with the straw man purchasers.

Also I believe, and I’ve fought for, to understand that there are thousands of people in this country today who are suicidal, who are homicidal, but can’t get the healthcare that they need, the mental healthcare, because they don’t have insurance or they’re too poor. I believe that everybody in this country who has a mental crisis has got to get mental health counseling immediately.

COOPER: Do you want to shield gun companies from lawsuits?

SANDERS: Of course not. This was a large and complicated bill. There were provisions in it that I think made sense. For example, do I think that a gun shop in the state of Vermont that sells legally a gun to somebody, and that somebody goes out and does something crazy, that that gun shop owner should be held responsible? I don’t.

On the other hand, where you have manufacturers and where you have gun shops knowingly giving guns to criminals or aiding and abetting that, of course we should take action.

COOPER: Secretary Clinton, is Bernie Sanders tough enough on guns?

CLINTON: No, not at all. I think that we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. This has gone on too long and it’s time the entire country stood up against the NRA. The majority of our country…


… supports background checks, and even the majority of gun owners do.

Senator Sanders did vote five times against the Brady bill. Since it was passed, more than 2 million prohibited purchases have been prevented. He also did vote, as he said, for this immunity provision. I voted against it. I was in the Senate at the same time. It wasn’t that complicated to me. It was pretty straightforward to me that he was going to give immunity to the only industry in America. Everybody else has to be accountable, but not the gun manufacturers. And we need to stand up and say: Enough of that. We’re not going to let it continue.


COOPER: We’re going to bring you all in on this. But, Senator Sanders, you have to give a response.

SANDERS: As a senator from a rural state, what I can tell Secretary Clinton, that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing.

I believe that there is a consensus in this country. A consensus has said we need to strengthen and expand instant background checks, do away with this gun show loophole, that we have to address the issue of mental health, that we have to deal with the strawman purchasing issue, and that when we develop that consensus, we can finally, finally do something to address this issue.

COOPER: Governor O’Malley, you passed gun legislation as governor of Maryland, but you had a Democratic-controlled legislature. President Obama couldn’t convince Congress to pass gun legislation after the massacres in Aurora, in Newtown, and Charleston. How can you?

O’MALLEY: And, Anderson, I also had to overcome a lot of opposition in the leadership of my own party to get this done. Look, it’s fine to talk about all of these things — and I’m glad we’re talking about these things — but I’ve actually done them.

We passed comprehensive gun safety legislation, not by looking at the pollings or looking at what the polls said. We actually did it. And, Anderson, here tonight in our audience are two people that make this issue very, very real. Sandy and Lonnie Phillips are here from Colorado. And their daughter, Jessie, was one of those who lost their lives in that awful mass shooting in Aurora.

Now, to try to transform their grief, they went to court, where sometimes progress does happen when you file in court, but in this case, you want to talk about a — a rigged game, Senator? The game was rigged. A man had sold 4,000 rounds of military ammunition to this — this person that killed their daughter, riddled her body with five bullets, and he didn’t even ask where it was going.

And not only did their case get thrown out of court, they were slapped with $200,000 in court fees because of the way that the NRA gets its way in our Congress and we take a backseat. It’s time to stand up and pass comprehensive gun safety legislation as a nation.


COOPER: Senator Sanders, I want you to be able to respond, 30 seconds.

SANDERS: I think the governor gave a very good example about the weaknesses in that law and I think we have to take another look at it. But here is the point, Governor. We can raise our voices, but I come from a rural state, and the views on gun control in rural states are different than in urban states, whether we like it or not.

Our job is to bring people together around strong, commonsense gun legislation. I think there is a vast majority in this country who want to do the right thing, and I intend to lead the country in bringing our people together.

O’MALLEY: Senator — Senator, excuse me.


O’MALLEY: Senator, it is not about rural — Senator, it was not about rural and urban.

SANDERS: It’s exactly about rural.

O’MALLEY: Have you ever been to the Eastern Shore? Have you ever been to Western Maryland? We were able to pass this and still respect the hunting traditions of people who live in our rural areas.

SANDERS: Governor…

O’MALLEY: And we did it by leading with principle, not by pandering to the NRA and backing down to the NRA.

SANDERS: Well, as somebody who has a D-minus voting record…


O’MALLEY: And I have an F from the NRA, Senator.

SANDERS: I don’t think I am pandering. But you have not been in the United States Congress.

O’MALLEY: Well, maybe that’s a healthy thing.


SANDERS: And when you want to, check it out. And if you think — if you think that we can simply go forward and pass something tomorrow without bringing people together, you are sorely mistaken.

COOPER: Let me bring in somebody who has a different viewpoint. Senator Webb, your rating from the NRA, you once had an A rating from the NRA. You’ve said gun violence goes down when more people are allowed to carry guns. Would encouraging more people to be armed be part of your response to a mass shooting?

WEBB: Look, there are two fundamental issues that are involved in this discussion. We need to pay respect to both of them. The first is the issue of who should be kept from having guns and using firearms. And we have done not a good job on that.

A lot of them are criminals. And a lot of the people are getting killed are members of gangs inside our urban areas. And a lot of them are mentally incapacitated. And the shooting in Virginia Tech in ’07, this individual had received medical care for mental illness from three different professionals who were not allowed to share the information.

WEBB: So we do need background checks. We need to keep the people who should not have guns away from them. But we have to respect the tradition in this country of people who want to defend themselves and their family from violence.

COOPER: Senator…

WEBB: May I? People are going back and forth here for 10 minutes here. There are people at high levels in this government who have bodyguards 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The average American does not have that, and deserves the right to be able to protect their family.

COOPER: Senator — Governor Chafee, you have an F rating from the NRA, what do you think about what Senator Webb just said?

CHAFEE: Yes, I have a good record of voting for gun commonsense safety legislation, but the reality is, despite these tragedies that happen time and time again, when legislators step up to pass commonsense gun safety legislation, the gun lobby moves in and tells the people they’re coming to take away your guns.

And, they’re successful at it, in Colorado and others states, the legislators that vote for commonsense gun safety measures then get defeated. I even saw in Rhode Island. So, I would bring the gun lobby in and say we’ve got to change this. Where can we find common ground? Wayne Lapierre from the NRA, whoever it is, the leaders. Come one, we’ve go to change this. We’re not coming to take away your guns, we believe in the Second Amendment, but let’s find common ground here.

COOPER: I want to…

O’MALLEY: …Anderson, when the NRA wrote to everyone in our state — when the NRA wrote to members in our state and told people with hunting traditions lies about what our comprehensive gun safety legislation is, I wrote right back to them and laid out what it actually did. And that’s why, not only did we pass it, but the NRA didn’t…

SANDERS: …Excuse me…

O’MALLEY: …dare to petition a referendum…

SANDERS: …I want to make…

O’MALLEY: …Because we built a public consensus…

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    • Especially when the slip up like some of them and start to say gun control. Than half way through correct themselves. Although Chaffee did make a comment right now the only way gun control will pass. That is invite the NRA to the table and negotiate. I think they could get universal back ground check if they got rid of some of the really stupid laws.

    • Remember on poltergeist when the little girl put her hands on the TV screen and said , ” THERE HERE ” , I walked over to the screen last night and stood there until I got my wife’s attention ( she wasn’t interested ) , and I put my hands on the screen and said ” THERE HERE ” , and then I promptly turned it off .

  1. When morons get together to talk stupidity, does any one listen?

    If I go to the sporting goods store, buy a baseball bat, and go home and beat my neighbors to death, tell me who is responsible? The sporting goods store, the Louisville slugger manufacturer, or me?
    Then tell me how that responsibility is suddenly different when it’s a legally purchased firearm?

    • But, but, guns are different… because of the children! WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN!?!

      • They even love the little babies that they’re chopping up for science projects .These jokers are really scary stupid Communist and the whacky part is the applauding audience . YEA ! YEA ! , more government , YEA ! YEA ! , gun control , YEA ! YEA ! planned parenthood , kill babies , love babies , quote non meaningful statistics , ignore real statistics . These people are so much smarter than me . WOW !

    • Well that is the thing that these people that want to hold gun shops/manufacturers liable don’t realize…. the legal precedent that would set. It would make it possible in the long run for the sporting goods store, Louisville Slugger, etc. to be sued in your scenario. It would signal one more reason for the manufacturing sector to move offshore.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Reform advocates’ constant and loud ‘waiving of the bloody shirt’ only gives those with psychological or moral issues the impetus to use firearms in high visibility crimes. It’s their path to (to paraphrase) fifteen minutes of infamy.

      Disarmers are doing more to promote mass murder events than anything or anyone else (to include the NRA). If they REALLY wanted to stop mass shootings, they’d stop focusing on the method and start looking at the root causes.

      At least Bernie (“the big red dinosaur”) Sanders did mention mental health in his response to the gun control question.

      By the way he’s NOT “from” Vermont; “Sanders was born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 1964.” ( He’s a socialist opportunist who couldn’t make it in his, or BHO’s, home state so he came here to muck things up. Sanders spent all of about ten years in Vermont before getting elected to a national level office (his original goal) and hasn’t been back since (except to bilk money from the more affluent Vermonters). He doesn’t give one red ruble about Vermont or his constituency.

        • Thank goodness there isn’t a damn ‘thumbs up’ button to click.

          That just encourages the egomaniacs to write anything for an ‘up’ vote to stroke their not so little egos more.

          Let the commentator’s writing stand (or collapse) on its own merits (or lack thereof).

          Don’t turn TTAG into an even bigger bunch of screeching chimps with a vote button.

          Damn. Now I’m hungry for a banana. I wonder why…


      • Yep, I don’t like the Dems, but Webb seems better than some Republicans.

        Which is why he won’t get within a mile of the nomination, unfortunately. The Democrats will nominate a whacked-out, gun-grabbing Commie.

      • Here comes the bs avalanche regarding how republicans are just as bad so why don’t you give a different (D)head a chance…?

        Why? Because they’re all broken at least 75% of how bad the worthless POS (D) voters are. Every problem we argue here comes from you, and if there’s one or two examples where I’m wrong, it’s only because your F’d policies, people, and party platform foster them.

      • Webb historically was a Republican. He only became a Democrat for political expediency because he would have been unable to win his Senate seat as a Republican.

        While he was better on guns than the Democratic candidates, I wouldn’t trust him on issues like universal background checks, magazine limitations, and assault weapons bans.

        • Your history of Webb is wrong on several accounts. He started breaking with the Republicans during the early 1990s and Gulf War I. The Republican slide into the NeoCon fever swamps just cemented his changing parties.

          Webb is the only

        • I think part of your post got cut off there. And not all of neoconservatives are bad. I’ll take a lot of neoconservatives any day over many of the so-called “true” conservatives.

      • @ rethin–Yeah, right up till the moment he takes office (which won’t happen, thankfully). I’ve got a flash–Repubs who don’t particularly care about gun rights simply don’t go out on any limbs to advance them. They don’t buck the party line in order to reverse them (yes, I know about RR–there are always anomalies and exceptions). Dems who personally favor gun rights might not go out on any limbs to reverse them, but they won’t go out on any limbs to advance them either, and they most certainly won’t buck the party line to reverse them. They are exactly like “pro-life” Dems, they fold like a chair when push comes to shove.

    • Same here. He’s an old school rural and working class Dem. They’re almost extinct and he has zero chance of getting the nomination. Today’s Dems hate working class people unless they belong to a big donor union, and they look down their noses on rural people.

      I’m laughing about how Kerry in ’04 and Clinton in ’08 faked solidarity with hunters. I think this time Clinton will just go with oogabooga NRA.

      • I’m not sad at all. The only difference between “blue dogs” and other Dems was what they said to home-town audiences. In DC, they all sang the same tune. Webb would be just as good on guns as “pro-life” Stupak was on Obamacare funding abortions–no good at all.

  2. “…A man had sold 4,000 rounds of military ammunition to this — this person that killed their daughter, riddled her body with five bullets, and he didn’t even ask where it was going.
    And not only did their case get thrown out of court, they were slapped with $200,000 in court fees …”

    Started yelling at the TV at that point. What a dumb-ass.

    • You didn’t expect logic and rational thought from a liberal, did you? In O’Malley’s mystical world where Baltimore burning in riots is a good thing, of course he believe that the ammo seller should be either omnipresent or the killer will confess that he wants the ammo to commit a massacre. Feeling over common sense.

    • Wait, a man sold 4,000 bullet to the guy who killed his daughter? Now THAT’S Christian compassion.

  3. I think Bernie is a kook. .. . . how the hell does he keep saying her would tax the 1%?? I already pay 25% effective tax rate and I already tithe 10% to church. . . . dumb ass commie.

      • My wife became republican when she found out our top bracket was 39.6 + obaamacare tax.

        Actually, i prefer Bernie. He is such a kook, nothing will get done and no dangerous laws will get done passed on his watch. Hitlery at least will watch out for rich people

        • “…He is such a kook, nothing will get done and no dangerous laws will get …passed …”

          Normally I’d agree but we’re now entering what may be the new norm of Presidential executive action. The precedent has been set and the Republicans are more afraid of being called racists than to challenge most of these actions (and more to come by the end of his term) to uphold the Constitution.

        • I said something to that effect when Obama was first elected in 2008. I still believe that he got less done than Hillary would have if she had won, but he still did some damage.

          I didn’t watch the debate but what I have gathered from sound bites is that the whole thing was a race to the bottom. Here I thought after 7 years people were done with the whole “progressive thought experiment, but here are the candidates sprinting out into left field and tripping each other trying to get there first.

      • Hopefully the rest of TTAG is savvy enough to see that point. Although I must once again mention that Obama being anti-gun in the 2012 coating was completely obvious. Yet many couldn’t see that.

        • (D)ems can’t see past the POS they are to see the POS that their candidates are.

          F ALL OF U for even debating whatever merit you thought any of last nights contrived event had.
          (D)s could be called a worthless scourge if they were not more deleterious than that.

      • I think Hillary is still more dangerous than Bernie. Bernie at least has some principles he appears to believe in (I profoundly disagree with them, but he has them), and occasionally says something honest. That makes him at least somewhat predictable. Hillary is a raging egomaniac who will do or say anything to advance her own personal agenda. The Clintons are like rabid dogs, you can’t turn your back on them for even a second.

    • You could save 10% here, I’m just saying. You can’t buy your way into the heaven, but not paying you taxes will get you waterboarded.

        • You wouldn’t be robbing God, at most you’d be robbing one of the 300,000 churches in America.

          I doubt God has any need of little colorful rectangles of engraving if He really wants something done.

          The entirely mortal people running your church, on the other hand…

        • NB and clarification: Yes, I am one of the atheists here. But what I said, I would say even if I stipulated that God exists.

        • Wouldn’t be surprised to find my 10% to the church does more for people in need than my 20-someodd% going to the feds.

        • @model31

          Too bad the church doesn’t fill out a form 990 (as all other non profits are required to do) so you can find out how much goes to needy and how much goes to overhead. You may well be right, but there’s just no way to know.

        • There isn’t a way to know for sure, but I have no reason to doubt. I don’t go around assuming that everyone that asks for monetary help for the poor will instead use it to line their own pockets, especially when my family’s been on the receiving end of said help. I definitely have more faith in my church using the money wisely than I do in our government ($2 billion+ for a website? Seriously.).

          As for the topic, this mess doesn’t surprise me. O’Malley’s “public consensus” kills me. Let him ask CT and NY citizens what they think of their states’ “public consensus”.

        • @model and Ben

          Fair enough. I missed that you were comparing your church(es) to the government. That’s a pretty low bar.

          Still, it would be nice if churches had to fill out a 990 just like other non-profits. It would certainly cut down on abuses that do happen.

        • Eh, maybe, but it looks like the 990 form is purely for organizations who’s primary purpose is to generate revenue. Spin it how you like, but a church’s primary purpose is to teach doctrine. I look at the 990 form in a similar way as I do an AWB. I’m not in favor of enacting legislation based on hunches or personal prejudices. Proof before action instead of action to possibly obtain proof. Are the abuses that do happen “widespread”? Who gets to define “widespread”? Since “assault weapons” have a very small presence in criminal activities, a ban on such would do very little to curb the violence.

          Also, speaking from a purely Mormon perspective, our tithing is technically 10% of one’s increase, whether that be monetary or material.

        • @SteveInCO – “it would be nice if churches had to fill out a 990 just like other non-profits. It would certainly cut down on abuses that do happen.”
          The church at which I worship has a yearly budget with line item allotments to county, state and international organizations that support and provide the poor with assistance -food, clothing, housing, water and yes sometimes money. These allotments each range from 5-10% of the budget which is set based on several factors including tithe and offerings. Monthly budget reports are available and budget changes happen during a regular business meeting of the congregation present. Its easy enough to track.
          A good deal of local help for people comes directly from the church pantry or help with medical bills or gas money for travelers passing through..etc. There are those that do abuse our generosity, but that is on them and someday I expect they’ll have to answer for it…or they won’t. We do far more good for those in need than we get ripped off.

          “Fair enough. I missed that you were comparing your church(es) to the government. That’s a pretty low bar.”

          The bar that is the tax rate seems pretty high and government is the only entity in my life that compels me to do anything -including confiscation of money in order to give it those the government has deemed “needy” under the guise of fairness in its attempt to grow the welfare voting block.

        • The last two churches I’ve gone to publish their budget for the congregation to see. That may be SOP for most churches but I’m not sure.

        • “Model” –

          What churches don’t have to fill out a 990 (that aren’t filling out some form of full-blown tax return)?

          We know you really don’t give an F about fiscal responsibility however, since you don’t give a flying turd where the last two TARPs went, billions in foreign aid to terrorist organizations and rogue governments, ‘walk-around’ $ to current and former ACORN groups, $ to planned parenthood, $ planned parenthood took for body parts, Solyndra $, Tesla $, Obastardcare website blackhole, $ to friends of O(D)head pres to transplant GITMO detainees, $ to get Bergdahl back (and stipend to each of the families of the 5 top terrorists released from GITMO in exchange) . . .

        • The all powerful creator of the universe has special place to torture you for all eternity after you doe if you don’t toe the line.

          But he loves you.

          And he needs money.

    • Only 25%?!?!?! Why, you’re clearly not paying your “fair share”**….

      ** As determined by the Closeted Communist/Socialist Party (i.e. Democratic Party)

      • +

        Fair Share = What is the Bill? (evil blue house of (D) Congress didn’t comply with the law in the last 11 cycles to produce an annual budget, Repubs did first year). DIVIDED BY: What is the HEADCOUNT????

        Don’t play open borders so you can tax me more by the sh_t you drag home mf.

      • effective rate is 25%. I currently occupy a good chunk of the top rate of 39.6% and am trying to defer income

  4. And exactly zero of the issues discussed by any of them had any bearing on any recent highly publicized shooting. If every type of ban they went on a rant was current law exactly zero less people would have been killed. Who cares if the nut in the movie theater bought 4000 or 400 rounds? He fired less than 100. None of the guns used came from gun shows. None were obtained because of failures to do a background check. Let the left keep screaming more gun control. I can’t think of a better vote killing platform for them to run on.

  5. Nick I don’t know what you are smoking tonite. Please quote Webb where he “blamed the evil NRA ” ???? Maybe political comentary isn’t your forte ? Webb happens to be pretty pro gun.

  6. I cannot believe that they’ve had two Republican debates and have been absolutely silent on guns, but they didn’t make it 13 minutes into the democratic debate and CNN started in with the “GUNZ R BAD” crap.

    I’m more than a bit mad about it.

    • That’s actually good, people haven’t fallen asleep or are too drunk from drinking games. People know exactly where the nutjobs stand. At least Webb sounds more rational and educated on guns than the others.

  7. Senator Webb~the only one to mention self defense. And gets cut off by Cooper. Pro 2A in any way? Anathema to the CNN agenda.

    • Cooper was outed today by one news source as being a member of Clintons global initiative thing. So it’s likely he’s as much an anti as Hitlery.

        • Historically speaking , the ones who lose on this stage , will face firing squad or beheading or hanging , so Hillary better hope she wins the nomination , Communist usually execute their opposition . We are talking about the Communist Socialist Progressive debate last night , aren’t we ?

  8. Hillary brayed the same nonsense one would expect. Sanders toed the line. He knows gun control is still a third rail issue and he needs all the support he can get to clinch the nod. If it means going moderately pro-2A to get some of the fence-sitters, he’s going to do it.

    They all fear the NRA. Good.

  9. Watching five jackalopes standing around on a stage — and the one asking the questions — OBSCENITY DELETED America, we can do better. Hell, Venezuela can do better then these clowns.

  10. If you want to end mass shootings you need to get rid of defenseless victim zones. Period. The rest is just anti-constitution agitprop.

    BTW, does anyone know a good way to clean vomit off a keyboard? And Nick, please refrain from posting such large high definition photos of the former first lady, senator and secretary of state. My god, if I were married to that I’d be seeking out chubby interns myself.

  11. Hillary’s comments on ” immunity and accountability” are so far off base even for a socialist. The minute Williams & Sonoma is indicted for the Boston Marathon Bombing, Ford is sued for negligent homicide for selling a car to a perpetual drunk, etc… The gun industry is not ” the only industry with immunity”. You can not reasonably expect a company/manufacturer/retailer to be 100% liable for the actions of ALL of their customers who partake in their product or service. She must be smoking some of Bills goat weed.
    Governor Martin “rain tax” O’malley is a close second for asinine ideology. His gun control law is the most restrictive in the history of MD. At least Bernie sanders admits he’s a genocidal anti-semite (socialist).

    • He’s the only one of the Dems who is willing to denounce the Obamaconomy for the train wreck that it is.

      He’s an idiot commie, but a remarkably honest one.

      • An honest fool is still a fool.

        The damage he would do on accident would make Obama’s presidency seem like minor vandalism.

        • +1

          If Sanders got elected, our economy would go in the crapper faster than Spain’s.

          And those people kept lauding Denmark. I’ve lived there. That country can suck it.

        • “I know this country is further in debt than it’s ever been, and has risen in debt tremendously in the past 6 years, but let me tell you about some entitlement programs!”

        • 1. Take more money from the job creators .
          2. Take children from their parents at the age of 6 months for proper programming , common core style .
          3. Take away peoples rights to defend themselves and their families .
          4. Impugn the police and law enforcement all over the country .
          5. Create more regulations on job creating industries .
          6. Create more entitlement programs for those jobless people created by your job destroying policies .
          7. Increase drug entitlement while increasing drug interdiction programs .
          8. Stop American exploration and extraction of fossil fuels from USA while sending soldiers to die for imports
          9. Shut down Coal energy before alternatives are ready to fill the void .
          These are just some of the great policies proposed in the Communist debate ,

  12. Hmm.. on the issue of firearms, Webb is the only democrat up there worth anything.

    Too bad someone didn’t fix the idiotic premise that “We respect their hunting traditions”, as if the 2nd has ANYTHING to do with hunting. Webb ALMOST did it.

    Plus it irks the shit out of me when someone goes “I believe in the second”, as if it’s some quasi-imaginary thing that either you believe exists or not.

  13. Doesn’t much matter who or when, trajectory is unchanged of more taxes, more laws and less freedom. Any win you think you’ve had with gun laws you’re overestimating in the grand scheme. They’ll take away everything but your 6-shooter, but they’ll let you open carry it(so they can keep an eye on you) and you’ll conjure a win out of it. It’s kind of a Stockholm syndrome where teeny things gain a disproportionate importance because of how horrible everything else is. I keep coming back in my mind that all of the worlds troubles are caused by, or at least majorly exacerbated by, overpopulation. There may be about 7.9billion too many people for everyone to have a good time.

  14. Why was the first topic gunz and not the lies, obfuscations and outright crimes of the Hildebeast? Seems the easiest path for any of the others would be to go ahead and put the beast out of our misery.


    • The first rule of democrat party is that no one $h!t$ on democrat party. Oh would that the $h!tb@gs in the GOP had such discipline.

      • …and I’m a member of the stupid party that lets the opposition party operatives run their debates.

    • Bernie practically endorsed Clinton by giving her a pass on that. It is shameful the way they make obstruction of justice, and abuse of power, sound like a trivial thing.

  15. Guns: the issue that drove me away from the democrats after I was first driven away from the republicans.

  16. I think they need a few more words to make it: common sense gun rules safety legislation regulations rulings acts bills statutes enactments ordinances.

  17. Waiting for the first whiner to state, “But…but…but the Republicans are just as bad!”

    No. They. Are. Not. Yes, you can point to many times the Repubs have screwed up. Starting with their total failure to change the trajectory of this country since gaining a majority in both houses. And yes, they have made missteps on gun control.

    But a vote for any Democrat is a vote for gun control. Period. Full stop.

    As well as a vote to have big government trample on more and more of our liberties. If you do not believe that after watching tonight’s debate, there is no hope for you.

    • Republicans on the national level are worse. Bush and the Patriot (abomination) Act. NDAA. No Child Left Behind. The Drug Benefit. Most are on board for amnesty. Most voted to continue the Patriot Act and NDAA.

      At least the Democrats are honest about wanting bigger government. The Republicans make lip movement for smaller government, but give them a majority in both houses and the presidency, we get bigger government.

      Republicans = statist/facist
      Democrats= statist/communist

      Both = bigger government and less personal freedom.

      • You can chew that turd if you want, you don’t have to try to choke it down hole there TR.

        (D)head congress gave us the Patriot Act – (D)s also gave us the supposed ‘need’ for it.

        Ted Kennedy just another satan’s evil blue house of liberal (D)head (D)bag like all POS (D)s everywhere, wrote the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND legislation, AND POS EVIL COMMUNISTIC (D)s WERE STILL NOT SATISFIED WITH ITS SOCIALIST / COMMUNIST provisions.


        • The next time someone ask one of us , that is a gun owner , why we need to have a gun , just smile broadly and point your index finger at them .

  18. The only place to find common ground will just get the Tea Party pissed at the NRA: La Pierre said we need to improve mental health care, and he’s right. But the Tea Party believes in cutting budgets and to hell with whomever it harms!

    Fvck the Tea Party: establish mental health centers in every city above 20k population, drop-in and live-in with mental health professionals and volunteers. Get NAMI in to describe what they’ve done, and let them lead the way in finding the places and getting the professionals — they know what they’re doing better than any politician or psychiatrist!

    And if it costs $50 billion, it will be money well spent. To fund it, start with a 15% tax on unearned income except savings account interest. And for symbolism, if mentally ill people are judged to be not fit to have guns, but they already do, hold a raffle for the guns and give the owners the money (no “buy-back” prices — real value!).

    Oh — since we’ve been talking about compromise, in return for supporting this mental health program, the federal government drops ALL automatic designations of people as unfit to own guns, and makes it retroactive.

    • Screw that ie. taxpayers footing the bill for rejects. If YOU sire or birth a mental defective YOU pay for it, it ISN’T my duty to finance the care for YOUR genetically inferior progeny. And “yes” I support the TEA Party

      BTW Nutcases usually target their own family members AND they typically use knives, you want to ban them too while you’re at it?

    • The right to keep and bear arms is a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right. Can anyone point out to me where in the language of the Second Amendment it authorizes the government, ANY government, to determine which of “the people” are not allowed to exercise their RKBA? I thought not. “…shall not be infringed.”

      To repeat my constant refrain (until hopefully some of you understand): If you agree to give the government the authority to establish, maintain and enforce a list of persons THEY deem unfit to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep YOUR name off their list?

      • “To repeat my constant refrain (until hopefully some of you understand): If you agree to give the government the authority to establish, maintain and enforce a list of persons THEY deem unfit to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep YOUR name off their list?

        Yep, Cliff H, you nailed it, and very nicely phrased. That is exactly the problem with the “mental health” aspect. Any process designed to “stop the crazies” is as likely to be abused to declare anyone/everyone “crazy”, particularly if controlled by the Government.

  19. CNN is about to do a fact check of the debate. Let’s see if they call out the gun-related lies.

    Lol, as if.

  20. tl;dr, it doesn’t matter what any of them say, they are all known to be the enemy of our natural and constitutional rights. Beyond that, all politicians lie. It does not matter what any politician says, only what they have DONE, and in the case of all these candidates they have done very much to curtail our freedom.

  21. Yes, these wackos want to blame the gun manufacturers and the retail gun shops when someone buys a gun and then uses it to hurt or kill someone. In what world does that make sense ? Only in the fantasy world of someone that refuses to blame the person that pulled the trigger, or set the bomb or knifed someone. How can anyone with any common sense or logic buy into their asinine statements ? It boggles my mind that anyone listens to these losers, much less puts any stock in what they say.

  22. A minimum 40% of the country will vote for one of these people, doesn’t matter who as long as there’s a D by the name. I already have to fight the urge to yell at the TV when “Republicans” talk on Fox. I’d likely be rolling on the ground screaming into a couch cushion watching this garbage.

    • Actually, a minimum 40% of the country will vote for one of these people, doesn’t matter who as long as there’s a $ by the name. It’s the party of free sh!t.

      Except it isn’t free when you personally have to pay for somebody else’s free sh!t.

    • Check your current events. (D) head pres has essentially opened the borders prior to the election.

      A N D

      (D) H E A D JERRY BROWN (D)HEAD GOV OF (D)BAG CA just approved a voter registration tied to issuance of CA drivers licenses. HE IS EFFECTIVELY GIVING AWAY AMERICA, AND IT’S NOT HIS TO GIVE AWAY


  23. It’s always the NRA that makes the dumb American public want to keep their guns; we’re too naive and/or stupid to make up our own minds, apparently, yet these debates exist for our non-popular election of the president.

  24. Anyone else notice that facebook was guiding everyone that came on today to go and view the democrat debates and how to get info on them?

    • Yes I picked up on that. Don’t remember that happening during the Republican debates. As it is they are both more like dog shows than debates.

      • The dogs are a lot cuter and the winner is the one that obeys its master best. None of these guys obey the people. Guess it says who the masters are.

    • Facebook is first and foremost a marketing agency. They are in the business of selling advertising, and gathering consumer meta-data.

      The adds will changes based on what’s in your profile, and what groups and pages you view. Also the amount a organization pays Facebook will affect the scope of who sees their advertisements.

      • Well, I’m somewhere between a constitutionalist and a libertarian and I read all sides of a story and backtrack the sources, but I definately don’t do that through facebook, it has a very one-sided search engine.

  25. One thing is certain, put in another progressive and we will all need to give life memberships to GOA, NRA, SAF to save the Constitution. These people are delusional.

  26. I fahqing hate Martin Omalley.

    I live on the Maryland eastern shore. We all hate him and hate that stupid gun law. Since his beloved gun law passed, murders have INCREASED. Meanwhile, he made Maryland a sanctuary state for illegals, giving them benefits that even I cannot get as a homeowner and taxpayer here. The schools are overburdened with illegals in the classrooms. My kids complain about it. Also did I mention the crazy taxes and tolls and fees he created? The toll for the bridge by my house went from 1 dollar to 6 dollars during his term. Fahq that guy. He can talk about legislation but he cannot talk about positive results because all he did was further ruin this state.

        • For Joe R.
          I think I’m a Prepper and I’m proud ,
          I’m part of an original crowd ,
          and if you look around these days ,
          There seems to be an I”m a Prepper craze .
          I’m a Prepper , he’s a Prepper , she’s a Pepper ,
          Wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper too .
          Be a Prepper , be a Prepper , be a Prepper .
          The SHTF song .

        • Or, don’t buy ammo.

          At least you’ll never hear me say I’m going to prevent you from buying weapons or ammo.

          Hold up the first finger of your right hand. If you are a bona fide U.S. Citizen, you’ll always = that # of citizens until you claim you equal more, or that I equal less. In which either case, I will waste more of my time making sure you are unable to extricate that digit from your a_ _.

        • the government seems determined to accelerate the shift for kids from public/private schools to homeschooling. The mandatory vaccination laws popping up are forcing the shift.

  27. Come on guys! Let’s light some fires and get some people signed up for the NRA! I know you know a few folks that have and love guns but won’t get off their duffs and join. Let’s hit them where it hurts. It really works.

    • BS – The NRA wants to be part of the on-going debate, not the reason we get to stop having one on these same stupid infringement issues.

      Since 1871 we’ve been convinced by many NOT to take up arms to defend our arms, and our Constitution from our A-HOLE NEIGHBORS NEEDING JOBS (a/k/a: our government).

      We can get rid of the 2nd Amendment by getting rid of the Constitution but anyone’s ability to regulate my ‘arms’ will sunset long before then.

  28. At these pre-primary debates, the candidates, whether R or D, always pander to the most radical element in their parties. Let’s see how that pans out. Granted he has done an amazingly poor job as President, but Obama made one very smart move; nominating Biden as VP. Radical though he is, this move made him appear middle of the road. In contrast, McCain went for Palin, the darling of the anti-abortion wing. Turned out well for the Republicans. Same playbook in 2012. A damaged and discredited Obama wins as the R’s turn to Paul Ryan, yet another darling of the far right anti-abortion wing. Let’s go local. In Virginia, the useless Tim Kaine wins an election that he should have lost because Cuccinelli goes far right anti-abortion, and gets a viable Libertarian challenger as well as gets the NoVa crowd up against him. Kaine blabbers stuff about common sense regulations and “I’m a hunter” until it is sickening. Contrast all these to North Carolina where Pat McCrory did a great job positioning himself as a middle of the road Republican, stayed away from the loud anti-abortion wing, and the R’s now have the governorship, both state houses, and both US Senate seats. While I know that this bothers the many of you readers who are as strongly anti-abortion as O’Malley is anti-2A, the worst thing that the R’s can do in 2016 is to pander to the anti-abortion platform. It will guarantee Hillary as President, embolden the lesbian feminist women’s collective and Bloomberg as well, and then many bad things will come. None of us wants that.

    • Hillary is moving so far left , she snuck past Bernie and is very close to falling off the stage . She really should start wearing fatigues for these appearances , and the crowd would go wild .

    • If any of these POS’ was even an option, you haven’t been paying attention to the last 200 years of U.S. or World histories. We could give you a pass if you are under 19 years of age, except that’s what your school history teachers have already done so, sorry tough tit.

  29. As Ralph pointed out, “a minimum 40% of the country will vote for one of these people”. California, New York. Illinois, New Jersey and a few others are likely to go Democrat, all of whom have committed to the National Popular Vote. These States amount to 169 Electoral College Votes. Add-n Florida with 29 ECV and you get 198 ECV pretty much guaranteed to the Democrats. If voters in other States don’t vote or vote on principle for Nominees with no chance of winning, then last night you looked at the next POTUS. Unless, Joe Biden jumps in.
    Remember, it IS the Electoral College Vote that wins the Presidency. Think carefully about what you are going to do. The Election of 2016 might be the most critical Presidential Election we will see in our lifetimes.

    Reference,_2012 {Map of Blue Red Siates from 2012}

  30. It’s completely ridiculous to sue gun stores for what their customers may do.

    1) Every criminal has a first crime, which they may not have committed or been caught doing yet. How is the seller supposed to know if the buyer has passed a NICS check?

    2) Would you sue Budweiser and Ford if someone drank a six pack of beer and killed someone in a drunk driving collision?

  31. Marylander here…I hope O’Malley wins the nomination…just so I can vote against him again. (In all seriousness I don’t want him to win)

    Notice one thing they all had in common. They all went after NRA. I see a lot of NRA bashing on this site. A lot of it may be deserving. But I do know they are by far the most effective group. Not trashing the other groups, they all do some part. But it’s time all of them got together. I’m sure you can join all of them online. I always post the link I used to join because it has a discount.

    • I think you are confusing NRA bashing with constructive criticism. Mostly of us agree that the NRA is the strongest, and most effective organization currently defending gun rights out there. And they are making efforts to reach the millennial generation, we just wish the NRA spokesmen and board members would remember that audience before making brash statements that play right into the image of the NRA that is being fed to that generation by CSGV and the like.

      • It is very easy to be branded a hypocrite through one thoughtless comment. Let CSGV and the Bloomberg groups take that prize.

        Don’t try to pander, just be honest and rational.

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