The Volkmaster posted this video of a young ‘un shooting a BAZ45. In case you’re wondering what that might be, tactical-life.com gives us the 411 on the grease gun: “To achieve functionality with .45 ACP, the BAZ45 combines a Bazooka Brothers-designed lower receiver manufactured by REO Engineering and an RMW Extreme direct impingement upper receiver, both assembled into a complete weapon at the Bazooka Brothers shop in Russiaville, Indiana. Though unique in its design, the BAZ45 follows the familiar setup of an M4 and other AR-15 platforms and is available in both semi- and full-auto models. Its lower receiver is CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061 stainless steel that has a Type III hardcoat-anodized finish. It includes DPMS parts, which are interchangeable with all Mil-Spec lower kits, and requires no specialty pieces.”


    • Hey AR guys, you don’t need the fancy lower from Bazooka Brothers. RMW Extreme sells the complete 45acp uppers and modified magazines that fit right in your standard AR lower. Uses the standard mag release, but no bolt hold open.

    • I totally agree. I’m a mechanical engineer at a manufacturer that makes heavy weldments for the construction and the oil and gas industries. There are many pieces we spec out as forgings because they have to be for strength. Could we make them out of a billet? Yes, it’s physically possible to make them that way but not without sacrificing strength and/or durability.

      The benefit I always hear for making them out of a billet is that you can make them look better/better control the finish. If you buy an over-sized forging, you can still leave plenty of stock left for clean up all around and not sacrifice any of the strength. I’m sure that’s not appealing since it seems as though AR lower style forgings are more of a commodity part than typical forgings are (in my business, our forgings tend to be proprietary and come with high minimum orders)

      The fact of the matter, in my opinion, is it’s cheaper, logistically, for the company to call up a metals service center and order aluminum bar stock as needed than it is to buy forgings by the ton. That’s when the marketing people come in and try to spin it to be a benefit for the consumer when it’s definitely not that clear cut.

  1. I like the idea of a .45 carbine with M4 styling, but it seems like a much better idea for manufacturers to use popular pistol magazines, like Kel Tec did.

    • I agree. It would be more useful if the carbine used 1911 or Glock magazines.
      Living in New Jersey, that 32-round magazine would get me thrown in prison for quite a while.


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