Much to the chagrin of certain writers who work for a certain service provider, TTAG has moved to Go Daddy. Sorry guys but I just saved a bundle on car insurance. I mean server costs. And GD’s ads have a certain je sais quoi. Our man Malenshek labored through the night making the switch (we also upgraded to the latest version of WordPress). As you might expect, we’ve had a few glitches along the way. The comments section has been repaired—and improved! Comments will no long nest down to single syllables. If you experience any issues with the site over the next few days, please list them in a comment below (including your browser). Meanwhile, thanks for your patience and patronage. And yes I know: she has WAY too much finger on that trigger.


  1. One thing I’ve noticed so far is your RSS feed that I view with Google Reader is abbreviated and doesn’t display the full article like it used to (which made it immeasurably easier to read on my phone). Now it simply gives the first few sentences of the article and gives the option to “continue reading”.

    I hope this isn’t the intended RSS feed as it’s going to make it a real pain to use on my phone and during down time at work.

    • The RSS feed does not count as a page view. The more page views we get the more money we make. The more money we make the more we can invest in content. At the moment, thanks to this cost-cutting measure, TTAG is . . . still working towards break-even. I apologize for the inconvenience. Needs must.

      • That’s a legitimate, good reason to do it. The first few sentences are enough to get an idea what it’s about. This actually annoys me greatly on some sites I read (because actually loading the sites is pretty slow due to poor design, ads, blah blah blah), but TTAG loads fast and clean enough that I usually end up loading it anyway.

  2. Cheaper yes @ GoDaddy, but the customer service is horrid in my experience. Couldn’t take it anymore and moved all my sites off a year ago. For me, the extra cost of my new host has been well worth the increased uptime and vastly reduced CS frustration. Good luck!

  3. I don’t know if it’s my problem or with the new server but I have to click on the back arrow twice to return to the previous page.

  4. The migration fixed whatever was keeping me from commenting before. Can’t seem to edit/delete my comments though.

    • I appreciate that the pciole officer is trying to explain things from his perspective. What’s galling is that the oly choice one is left with in Chicago is to die a glorious law abiding death at the hands of criminals. If you are attacked by 3 men, you are required to be helpless and to pray that either you are rescued by someone that is armed (i.e. a cop or a citizen that does not obey Chicagos mandatory helplessness laws), that somehow you don’t die, or that maybe your death will be quick and painless.What kind of evil hell is Chicago? One where you would be punished and thrown in jail for not waiting to be subjected to those horrible choices? Where it should be common sense that a person should not have to make this kind of decision. I would ask this officer, would he want his family to have to make that choice? I think we all know what the answer is, good for thee for not for me. I’m sure the cops and political leaders families carry guns illegally (or legally via some special permit only issued to special friends of the power elite) and aren’t faced with this horrible choice of living through a violent assault and joining to prison or obeying the law and dying a violent painful death.What an evil corrupt and insane place Chicago is where violent assaults like this one happen and anyone that defends themselves is treated as the criminal. Sheer madness.

  5. I just spent several minutes typing up a rather long comment – about 250 words I guess. When I clicked post comment, I got this response (not the exact words), and my comment was gone (I think):
    “You’re posting comments too fast! Slow down!”

    Robert, This is not an improvement.

  6. Sorry, just read your response to another above.

    I just want to add that I am more likely to visit your page and comment based on the content I read in an RSS feed, than if I just read a snippet. Others mileage may vary, but I know from experience with other blogs that that is the case for me.

    • Let me see if traffic is increased this [new] way or not. Say two weeks from now (ping [email protected] if I forget.) If it don’t make no never moind, I’ll reset the system. Meanwhile, rest assured that your objection has been note and logged. FWIW.

      • No problem. It is your servers after all. And I fully admit that my reading habits might not reflect the majority of your readers. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

  7. “…she has WAY too much finger on that trigger.”

    I’d also prefer seeing that she’s actually *aiming* at something, rather than ‘splitting the difference’ with her non-dominant eye.

  8. Roughly about half of people’s gravatars aren’t loading for me, so half the commenters have a little “broken image” box next to their name. I’m using Chrome, if it matters. It’s not a big deal, just aesthetics.

  9. Also, since the move, my edit and request delete button are gone and my posts often get spaced oddly after I hit post comment. This is with Firefox, haven’t tried it with IE or Chrome.

  10. Err.. the death penalty and a DGU deffir in that someone who is being executed is not an immediate threat to another’s life while in a DGU, there is an immediate threat. Poor logic in comparing the two scenarios, IMO.Also, needs killing ? The objective is to stop, not kill.

  11. UUW is Unlawful Use of a Weapon. It covers a lot of grunod. Anything from a loaded gun to shooting it off to just transporting it incorrectly.All three times I was arrested, it was Downstate Illinois. The first time was a County sherriff, then Town cops, and a different County Sherriff the third time.All traffic stops. Two in parking lots, and I only gave consent to search the first time. For a short time UUW was a felony. I was indicted by a grand jury on a felony charge. It was dropped, but the indictment is still on my record.I had the law and even the page number of the law memorized, and none of the deputies would open the book to read it. (The copy of the book was in the squad car)There is what is written, and there is what makes the police warm and fuzzy while doing their jobs.


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