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 TeamGLOCK's ToriNonak Area 6 (courtesy Stefan Wendland)

Production Class High Lady sounds like a bad translation from English to Japanese and back (with some dyxslexia thrown in for good measure). But it’s actually an enormous honor that the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) has bestowed upon Glock Team teen queen Tori Nonaka, who continues to kick major league you-know-what in shooting’s major leagues. Tori took the title at the USPA’s Area 6 Championship (only 47 more areas to go before it gets seriously weird) held at the Ancient City Shooting Range (right?) in St. Augustine, Florida on April 19-21. I’ve asked Glock if Ms. Nonaka would blog her matches for TTAG. I think they thought I said “nachos.” We’ll see . . .

Following two consecutive years of competing in the USPSA Area 6 with her G24 Limited GLOCK, Nonaka competed with her new G34 Production GLOCK from SJC Customs. Switching from the Limited Division to the Production Division forced Nonaka to show her skills in the more restrictive division. After two years away from that division, Nonaka took home the High Lady title in her first USPSA Area competition for 2013 using a nearly stock-model GLOCK.

“With the new G34 Production GLOCK, I performed well with all my steel hits for most of the match, going 1-for-1,” shared Nonaka. “Everything came together in this match; my GLOCK ran flawlessly.”


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  1. Way to go!
    Yeah I know the engrish doesn’t do it justice, but dang, it is good to see she is getting recognition. Who knows this might promote shooting sports in Japan… One can only hope.

  2. ” G34 Production GLOCK from SJC Customs”

    Not being familiar with these competitions, I’m a little confused. A “production” gun sourced from a custom shop? Is this similar to how the “stock cars” in NASCAR aren’t actually stock cars?


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