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Tommy Thacker is one heck of a good shooter. Formerly a member of Team FNH USA and most recently shooting for Loudon Guns, he’s consistently ranked among the best 3-gun shooters in the United States (and really, therefore, the world). Tommy was actually the 1st place winner of the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series in 2012, and his teammate Greg Jordan followed in that tradition with his own 1st place win this last year. But now, only a couple years since he left FNH USA, he’s moving into a shiny new office at Armalite as their new president . . .

Press release from Armalite:

ArmaLite, Inc. announces the appointment of Tommy Thacker as new corporate President.

Tommy brings nearly 20 years of top-level management, sales and firearms experience to ArmaLite.

Tommy previously served as Director, Product Management for FNH USA, in McLean, Virginia. There, he supervised the LE and Commercial product team responsible for testing, qualifying and launching firearm lines including the SCAR 16S, SCAR 17S, FNX pistols, and the complete line of FNS Pistols. At FNH, Tommy founded Team FNH USA. As captain, he led his team to its first ever national title and was himself crowned the 3 Gun Nation National Champion in 2012.

More recently, Tommy worked with Loudoun Guns, Inc. of Leesburg, Virginia where he was the Vice-President of Business Development and Co-owner. Loudoun Guns is the largest privately owned stocking firearms retailer in northern Virginia.

Since 2006, Tommy has been the managing partner of Northern Virginia Tactical, a privately held training and tactical company. There, he is responsible for all federal and commercial sales, training and consulting. He is an expert instructor of handgun, rifle and shotgun courses.

On joining ArmaLite, Tommy says he will use his knowledge of sales, management and firearms to lead the company to new success.

“I am excited about the opportunity to take ArmaLite to the next level. With our history of innovation the sky is the limit and I am ready to push those limits.”

John Spurrier, President and COO of Strategic Armory Corps, the company that owns and operates ArmaLite, as well as Surgeon Rifles, McMillan Firearms, and AWC Silencers, states that the appointment of Tommy Thacker to the role of President at ArmaLite completes the executive leadership team for SAC’s family of companies.

“We are thrilled to have Tommy on board, and we are looking forward to focused growth and continued development of ArmaLite’s industry leading product line.”

Armalite was recently purchased by a company that seems to be cobbling together a high-end version of the Freedom Group, bringing together the likes of McMillian and Surgeon Rifles (which, ironically, are used by TrackingPoint which is aligned with Freedom Group). It will be exciting to see what Tommy’s competition background can bring to Armalite’s product line.

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  1. Maybe he will do better than the previous prez. I still remember Armalite selling out post sandy hook.

  2. Armalite – they’re still in IL I believe… and if I remember correctly they were one of the fence sitters during the big 2013 push for gun control. They make nice firearms, but their politics don’t make me a buyer. Maybe the new guy will change that.

  3. Now bring back the Widowmaker. With a metal receiver, shorter barrel, and a proper folding stock.

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