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Well, it’s official. I will soon be the owner of a Sharpe’s Bros. Jack lower receiver for my new custom AR15. I have placed my order and submitted the FFL number from the local gun store via fax, and I am still excited. When entering the gun store yesterday to make my purchase, I couldn’t stop smiling. I have been wanting one of these lowers since I first saw one. They aren’t cheap . . .

At $300 they are some of the most expensive stripped lowers on the market. But I paid more than $300. I paid $345 with taxes and shipping to California. It also won’t ship for two more weeks because of this lower’s popularity with custom gun builders.

Once it does arrive, then the hard part begins. As Kenny, the gun store owner said “now you wait. This is the easiest part of buying a lower online.” I will still have to pay for my own background check in CA, pay to register my “weapon” and  wait ten days after the Jack lower arrives at Kenny’s gun shop before I can even touch it.

“California has changed so much just since I opened this store,” Kenny said shaking his head. I couldn’t tell him that I was moving to Wyoming because of that, but I completely understand his frustration. Owning a gun store is California is about as easy as selling beach front property in Antarctica.

The good news: Kenny still had many customers in his store. He was still upbeat and cordial for being subjected to the newest rash of ridiculous laws placed upon his business.

As we discussed how amazing the Jack lower looked while staring at the picture on my phone, he also mentioned that he thought it was great that a woman desired this finely crafted lower. “It’s not generally something we see. Women tend to not pick out lowers, and if they do, they tend to just get whatever we have.”

Kenny told me that it’s nice to see women actually care about the products used on their guns. Not that all women don’t, but most tend to gravitate toward small pistols or the standard Glock in his experience.

I was flattered that Kenny thought my choice was optimum, I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about the Jack since purchasing it. Not for very long anyway. I cannot wait to sit at the computer with Kenny and discuss the options available to me to make this into a truely unique, completely custom, one-of-a-kind rifle. Suggestions?

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  1. Godspeed in your departure from the land of the fruits, nuts and flakes.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. Can’t imagine the paint job.

  2. This needs a bone-shaped ambi safety lever.

    Whoever might be considering tooling-up to make one, remember you could probably also sell them to owners of the pirate-themed lowers.

  3. What are you using it for? Im guessing all-around/ Home Defense/plinker, so fill it with good parts . Wifey likes the Moe+ and Hogue grips because they are squishy. She’s made me a convert. Magpul pro buis are thin and light. PSA has CHF barrels from FN for MUCH less than most other places. Ranier Arms has a forged stripped upper for $70 right now. Fill the lower with a Giesslle 2 stage. Handguards are infinite, but check out UTG Pro SuperSlim keymod (I know – UTG?!? Yup and made in America) for a light weight quality slim guard. Wifey likes the fact that it is not so bulky in hand. Grabagun has good prices on them. Aim Surplus NiB BCG is $99 and have worked great for me over the years.

    Have fun and I bet it will look awesome when u are done.

    • Oh, Hell yeah! That paint job would be awesome!

      eBay sells tiny Tritium vials for less than 20 bucks each with shipping.

      Get 2 red ones, carefully extract the vials and mount ’em in the eyes for a real evil look…

      • Blacked out eye sockets with red Tritium inserts would make it look like Iron Maiden’s Eddie! I think I might have to get one of these and do just that…

    • The AR-15 has a bad reputation with the anties, partially because it’s black, and ugly, so to speak. This isn’t going to help it’s reputation any.
      With the right paint job. I think it would look cool, but then again, I’m not an anti gun person.

      • Nothing will help the “reputation” of the AR among gun grabbers. The Hello Kitty AR? “How dare they make a killing machine cute and friendly!” Screw it. They say guns are death machines and they’re correct — they’re for neutralizing aggressors with the threat or reality of death. So I say put the message up front, just like nose art or dragon heads on Chinese warships.

  4. With an AR built on that lower receiver, she’ll be so goth that her black will be blacker than anyone else’s black. Hell, I’d bet Marilyn Manson doesn’t even have one of those.

    • I think she mentioned before that she’s staying behind to sell their house. People aren’t exactly flooding into California (people with money, anyway). Plus, rural property can be lengthy to sell.

  5. Not quite my style, but to each his own. As long as it’s of sufficient quality to perform as designed and as advertised, then it’s all you. Do your thing and rock it out. Congrats on the custom build.

  6. That looks amazing Sarah, I have personally built quite a few of the spikes lowers that are done up like the Warthog and there’s a couple other ones as well But that looks really really Exotic. I’d go with a really good trigger Like a Timmy Or if you like Two stage trigger go with the Geissele And spend some money on a good lower parts kit I’m guessing that’s a milled receiver? What upper receiver are you going to go with I would go with the Young Manufacturing bolt carrier group. And get yourself a really nice barrel

  7. Forget goth, I’d totally rock a pirate build on this one.

    Anyone know of a flash hider shaped like a flared cannon barrel?

  8. I’m NOT into skulls at all BUT IF it were mine, I’d OPEN Up (aka: Mill out) the EYEs, making EYE Holes there might be cool, with a clear mag., you could see the rounds being fed into battery…? LOL
    Might be the last thing one would see if you didn’t use a camera…??

  9. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I always warn my students of the potential risk they face if an overeager DA presents an exotic looking firearm to a jury. Just as body art and piercings do not a criminal make, neither do they endear you to a jury. I am curious, are you going to put one of those dragon head muzzle brakes on your goth rifle?

  10. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, and surely beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m proud to live somewhere that’s at least still free enough for people to express themselves in whatever way they choose, including how they dress up their guns.

    That said, that is the dumbest-looking firearm I’ve ever seen. Just straight-up dopey.

    I hope you enjoy building it out, but if you’re really moving to Wyoming, why didn’t you just wait and get it then? Then you wouldn’t have to pay all the extra California fees (thus feeding the disarmament bureaucracy there), and you can build it out however you wish, instead of worrying about making it CA-compliant.

  11. “Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, my client was just trying to remind herself and everyone in her household that guns are dangerous, sometimes fatally so.”

    Honestly, it’s HER gun, she can make it look like anything she wants (so long as it still looks like a gun). Lighten up, Francis.

  12. I’m a woman and a full time instructor. Men like taking lessons with me for a few reasons. (Aside from the fact that I know my shit, I’m a great teacher, and the best shooter around). They don’t get the “macho” vibe from me and are more comfortable asking questions.

    • I can’t believe how many people got upset about a scope on an ar-15 lower. It’s just artistic rendering that’s all it is some people will like it some people will not If you don’t like it don’t buy it this easy is that. Get over yourselves lighten up you’re going to give yourself a hernia.

  13. I am waiting for my Jack from Buds due in next week.. I already ordered parts so I can build #7 AR. Seems to be a bunch of jacks in the market now so I thought I’d better do it.

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