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Love it or not (and I love mine) the GLOCK 43 made the biggest splash in the EDC pistol market last year. The slim, easily concealed piece of Perfection has found its way into the hearts and holsters of millions of People of the Gun. So much so, that you voted it the Handgun of the Year. That’s GLOCK’s Kie Wagner accepting the spoils on the SHOT Show floor.

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  1. This is so unfair to TTAG. We gave Glock an award and, unlike everybody else, we didn’t get a bribe in return.


  2. I wouldn’t say the G43 made a splash… It was too little (of pistol), too late (of an enterance into the market.) At least, by my measure.

    Shield > G43, in every way, and I’m saying that as a guy carrying the G19.

    • I used to carry a G19 exclusively. Wanting a smaller option I bought a Shield. After the 43 was available. I agree the Shield is a better gun than the 43. (For me, at least.)

    • But…. G26>Shield>G43… Leaving the poor Shield kind of jack of all, master of none. Limited to one CCW gun, I’d say Shield as well (of those three). But if one can have two? I’d say the Shield is either too small, or too big. Team Perfection’s strategy of surrounding it, worked, IOW.

      Funny enough, I felt exactly the same way about the M&Pc versus the 19 and 26, back before single stack mania. The perfect compromise, unless 2 is allowed….

    • Every Day Carry, i.e. your default concealed (or open now in TX if you have a CHL and choose to do so) carry handgun.

      • Electronic dance concert. Glock is branching out into the day-glo and neon colored rave gun market.

        • A correction, sir – that is the Electric Daisy Carnival held in Las Vegas each year at just about the time in the Spring when it is confortable for the young female participants to attend with the minimal amount of (don’t arrest me for indecent exposure) clothing.

          I know this because I live in Las Vegas, not because I have ANY idea why it is a daisy carnival.

  3. Regarding the Glock 43 vs. the Shield, I have both, like both, and carry one or the other everything I go out. The Shield is noticeably larger than the Glock 43, which makes the Glock 43 easier to conceal than the Shield. The Glock 43 has noticeably more felt recoil than the Shield, which makes the Shield easier to shoot than the Glock 43. If there is a difference in weight, don’t notice it. If there is a difference in thickness, I don’t notice it.

  4. Shield any day, actually M&P compact. Almost the same difference a few more ounces for a huge gain in rounds. Smith needs to invest in prettier models.

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