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Gun control advocates are dedicated to the cause of civilian disarmament. They cling to their anti-gun jihad with frightening fervor. As their crusade flies in the face of facts, history and common sense, maintaining their righteous indignation against determined, informed and active opposition can be a real challenge. While I don’t want to help them in that effort, here are three things they must not do to avoid seeing the light on the right to keep and bear arms.

Don’t shoot a gun
Support for gun control is strongest in urban population centers. Cities where gun control has held sway for decades. Where inhabitants have no more experience with firearms than they do catching lightning bugs in a jar. Guns are extra-special bad because they have no idea how they operate.

If a gun control advocate shoots a gun, their belief system can undergo a seismic shift. For one thing, they experience the fun of shooting. But guns are bad! They should not be fun! How can they be fun? How can I be having fun?

For another, they finally grasp the fact that a responsible person can handle firearms responsibly. A gun is fired and no one is hurt! And the people they’re shooting with aren’t insane. Again, that does not compute.

Don’t get mugged/raped
It’s all well and good to be against gun ownership — right until you need one. At that point, you really want one.

Yes, some survivors of mass shootings become gun control advocates. I put that down to the fact that they’re not facing a deadly threat in a one-on-one situation. The event is so overwhelming that they can’t conceive of mounting a successful armed defense.

If, however, a violent attack is entirely personal, the survival instinct to counter-attack comes to the fore. That’s what happened to me in downtown Providence back in the day, when this former gun control advocate faced a knife-wielding attacker and realized the error of his ways.

Don’t study history . . . or current events
As the son of a Holocaust survivor, I am keenly aware that gun control precedes mass murder. Again, it took a personal attack to connect the dots, but connect them I did.

From that point on, the more I learned about what happened to a disarmed populace in Nazi Germany, Wounded Knee, Stalinist Russia, Armenia, etc. the more I realized that “never again” applies to all people — and demands armed protection against government tyranny.

Equally, the more I survey the agonies experienced by the peoples of Mexico, Venezuela, China, etc., the more I know that gun control is the weapon of genocide. After that, it’s simply a matter of logistics.

Those who support our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms can hope that gun control advocates can be turned. We can use logic and facts and common sense to make our case.

But until and unless a person who favors civilian disarmament encounters one or more of these three experiences there’s little chance that a true believer will abandon their attack on our firearms freedom. And, indeed, our very existence.

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  1. Well, they got her to shoot a shotgun. But there is so much wrong with that video, Sawed off shotgun? She says she is right handed, yet they still have her shoot lefty. Two people telling her what to do. No hearing or eye protection. Start with a .22, so much less intimidating. But hey, they got her to shoot at least 1 round.

    • Oof, yeah. I’ve shot many a gun, many a time, and I think I know less about shooting after watching that. Their hearts are in the right place, but their execution was bad.

    • Well, I would vote that the guys are morons but left handed or right handed is immaterial. What is important is right eye or left eye dominant.

  2. I would never start a novice with a shotgun. A .22 of some sort would be much more appropriate.

    • Agreed. I started with a .22 single shot my dad has. the first time i shot a shotgun though i landed on my ass. i have a good laugh when i think about it. (and yes i still had proper control of the gun and kept it pointed up)

  3. The gun was locked and loaded while they were explaining to her how to hold it, WTF is wrong with them? Wrong in so many ways. Teach them safety as part of their first experience.

  4. Only an idiot chooses a 12 ga. shotgun for someone who has never shot a gun before. And only an idiot shoots one without hearing protection.

    And when idiots like this post videos of them acting like idiots on youtube, well, it really doesn’t help the cause.

  5. Well, what can I say that has not been mentioned above? Vids like this actually hurt us as the kid in the striped shirt is clearly not an instructor and has no idea what he is doing. No eye or ear pro, completely wrong mount, shooting on the “wrong” side of the gun etc etc etc.
    And why is this clown handing his “student” a loaded gun? Terrible, just terrible.

  6. “Arms.” The right to self defense is about arms.

    Guns, particularly personal side arms are the current instance – except for the arbitrary laws about pocket knives, the Brits orchestrating an intermittent jihad on kitchen knives, and everybody banning evil numchucks every time there’s a Bruce Lee film festival.

    The point is, peaceful, responsible, *lawful* citizens shouldn’t be restricted from arming themselves with the same tools as random thugs, crazies, and organized enforcers will.

    Swords aren’t the best choice lately, but laws banning “carry” of machetes – we have that too under Proconsul Cuomo the Younger – don’t stop crazies from hacking people up when they decide to.

    That and I want a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range when they come out.

    Pew! Pew! Pew!

    • Those explicit nunchuk bans crack me up. They’re literally everywhere. The bans, that is, not nunchaku. It’s a perfect example of hoplophobic hysteria. Maybe there was a time when evil Eastern martial artists roamed the land extracting tribute from all who had no nunchuk skills…but if so, I totally missed it.

  7. The safety concern trolls are out in high numbers this Monday morning. We agree and we got it the first time.

  8. I would also point out the two pets that were briefly shown as well. I’ve never been comfortable shooting when someone has their pets out and about. Especially with a new shooter around. If it’s a gun dog I’ve seen in action before, fine.

  9. Wow-this is soooo wrong.NO- not shooting for the 1st time. No eyes,no ears and certainly some of the worst instruction ever. Maybe she’s the skinny hillbilly’s girlfriend. She seems kinds’ large so we didn’t see “girlfriend gets knocked on her azz” that is all over You-tube. Sigh…and a handgun/AR is even more :funner:..

  10. “Where inhabitants have no more experience with firearms than they do catching lightning bugs in a jar.”

    Are there any ‘lightning bugs’ left in the USA?

    Had ’em in North Carolina in the late 60’s when I was a kid, but I don’t recall ever seeing them since…

  11. That video makes me mad as hell. Here is a young lady who has taken the biggest step; deciding that she wants to shoot a gun. Us gun guys had a golden opportunity to get another person on our side. Instead a couple of jackholes blew it for us. She needed some eyes, ears, a .22 rifle and an instructor that wasn’t a ball draining moron. Her first experience with a firearm should have been some weapons familiarization along with Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules. This should have been done before she ever went to a range. When at the range with her competent instructor she could have done some confidence drills like shooting a splatter target at a few yards all the while making her experience fun, safe and not overly long.

    • Looks like she enjoyed it. You sound like the the type of guy that could take all the fun out of first time sex. This is how many of us learned to shoot.
      We learned to swim without lessons or a lifeguard and we learned to ride without helmets or training wheels.

    • Thanks Don, I’ve been wondering who the old guy at my range was, the one screaming “SAFETY” at everybody, even though we are shooting safely.

      • Dude and Michael, you two should sell your firearms now before you hurt yourself or someone else. Being a little too dense to understand what’s wrong in this video is the best clue you’re unfit to possess guns.

      • I shoot at my own range behind my house. Too many ball draining retards like you and Michael in GA at the public range. Please don’t pollute the minds of new shooters with your mindless drivel.

  12. At least it wasn’t as bad as the “Foreign Exchange Students From Germany” vid where they refer to the spent casing as the “bullet”.

  13. Robert, honest question for you, especially in light of the third point. You’ve made it clear in the past that your mother is a Holocaust survivor. You’ve also mentioned a number of times that she’s virulently anti-gun. How does she reconcile the two? How do YOU reconcile the seeming contradiction between the two?

  14. Watching videos like this always reminds me of the cultural gulf between “us” and “them”. Although I should know better after all these years, I admit I’m still more than a little surprised at the almost total ignorance many people have about even the most basic technologies, which guns certainly are. There are millions of Americans who have lived to be adults and who lack the knowledge to make even the most simple repairs. They’ve never changed a tire in their lives, have no idea how to lubricate a lock or a hinge, and have never been closer to a gun than a photograph or a movie. Not only that, they often come from families where nobody has repair skills and where nobody has even held a gun let alone actually fired one. No wonder these sorts of folks are so easily frightened by gun hysteria. While I might fault these young guys instructional techniques, the big success in this video is that the young woman just a had an experience that demystified a gun for her. And, once something is demystified, it is never quite as scary as before.

  15. “Gun control is THE weapon of genocide”! What a great vort–thank you for spreading it onward !!! דמד

  16. Well, a few folks beat this video to death. The good thing is that a non-shooter got to try a gun, and it didn’t phase her. (All credit to the lady .. the guys were like a couple of panting cocker spaniels and way too eager to please.)

    I’ve tried to teach my lady to shoot, and it … sorry, fellows … doesn’t work. If you want to introduce a new shooter, get someone who is experienced and knowledgeable and whom you can trust to not muck it up.
    Step two … go away. When intruducing a new shooter to a gun, if you have TWO guys trying to tell you what to do, that makes people nervous.

    Yes, several ‘dry fires’ would be a good idea before actually handing her a loaded gun. Don’t push it. Let it just happen. She was a right hander and was coaxed into a left-hand grip. No biggie, it just shows that the guys were trying to put the experience into a youtube video, so they rushed the important ‘familiarization’ process.

    Yes, it was a 20 guage, not a 12 guage. That’s one of the very good choices made there. The other was that the shotgun doesn’t seem to have been too long for her. I’m assuming the guy shown on the video had a shotgun which was appropriate for his build.

    Having said all of that, I give great credit to the lady who accepted the attention with good humor. Especially I give her credit when the lesson was over; she didn’t pat both the guys on the head and say “Good Boy”.

    It always helps when there’s at least one adult on the range.

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