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Kirsten Joy Weiss, Performance Shooter (courtesy The Texas International Firearms Festival)

The fight for gun rights is a legal battle. And a political struggle. But make no mistake: the fight for firearms freedom is, at its root, a culture war. As long as the culture accepts the idea that guns are bad, that the people who possess them are bad, that cops and the military are the only “good guys” who should have them, our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms are under threat. And just as the only cure for hate speech is good speech, the only cure for a negative image of gun owners (as crazies and criminals) is a positive image of gun owners (as happy, law-abiding folk). In this conflict, comeliness counts. In other words, good-looking people are good for gun rights. Here are three of the best . .

Kirsten Joy Weiss (above) is an NRA small-bore champion shooter. Since retiring from competition, Ms. Weiss has launched a YouTube channel for her performance shooting (a.k.a., trick shots). KJW’s keeping the wolf from her door by organizing and promoting the Texas International Firearms Festival, held November 8,9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Austin.

There’s no bull where our next shooter is concerned . . .


On her Facebook page, Team Taurus Captain and First Lady USPA Grand Master Jessie Duff identifies herself simply as “athlete.” That she is. As you can see above, Ms. Duff is about as far away from the “Old Fat White Guy” gun owner stereotype as you can get – save the fact that she’s white (which no one holds against her). More than that, Jessie’s a tireless ambassador for the shooting sports and the Second Amendment. The often-interminable Friends of the NRA TV show doesn’t do justice to Ms. Duff’s sparkling wit, personal charisma, unstoppable will to win and obvious physical charms.

And our third shooter represents the next generation . . .


Tori “Top Gun” Nonaka’s been on Team GLOCK since 2011. During her tenure there, the svelte teenage pistolera’s racked up some major wins, including the IDPA Indoor Nationals championship. According to the Team GLOCK website, Ms. Nonaka’s shooting success hasn’t come at the expense of her schooling; she maintains a 3.8 GPA. Gaston’s mob also reveals that Tori’s taken up modeling [as above]. I’m guessing that you might agree that in this she may have a future. No doubt Gun Guys 2.0 will be watching.

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  1. Breaking news: Hotties with guns spark debate about whether Katie Couric should be allowed to open her mouth…ever:

  2. Kirsten is awesome.

    The other two have been involved in way too much drama for me to ever be a fan.

        • He can wear a Borat style mankini and show us how fast he can shoot his marine magnum!

          But will the finish hold up to the salty spray? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • By rights, no list of ‘top shooters’ is really complete without Jerry. Even this one. He’s kind of the Chuck Norris of shooters.

    • Jerry Miculek is a dude so not an option for me, but Lena Miculek should be on the list, unless you are afraid of a girl whose dad knows his way around a shotgun.

      • I agree! Lena may have the “model” looks of the three featured in this post, but she’s sweet and good looking and seems to have a good personality and family. If she’s in the market I’d consider her a very eligible bachelorette.

        I love Ms. Weiss and would probably marry her if she asked me (not gonna happen), but even as a single 24 year old male I feel a little weird about these kinds of posts. Obviously Ms. Weiss is well aware of her sex appeal and utilizes it to attract viewers and readers, yet I can’t be the only one who feels a little pervy ogling her in the family-friendly content she posts. I’m sure she doesn’t mind, or she would present herself differently, but even though I’m cleared to ogle I find it a little uncomfortable to do so when she’s looking sexy in a totally non-sexual context. Is it OK to ogle Kirsten Joy Weiss in her tight clothing when she’s making an announcement or filming a cute kid-friendly video? Ms. Weiss isn’t doing anything wrong. Maybe it’s just that growing up I was conditioned to be self-conscious about “objectifying” women and avoid (or at least avoid admitting) ogling. I almost feel like I’m doing something wrong when I look at her butt, even over the internet. She’s just such a nice girl. Her glamorous attractiveness isn’t the reason I watch her videos, I’d find them fun even if she was a man, but it’s an undeniable part of her appeal. Anyway, I sometimes wonder if it’s a little unseemly for every man in the gun community to turn their heads in her direction whenever she walks by, virtually speaking, even if we’re very polite about it. Some of you old-timers have got to have mixed-feelings about the appropriateness of your actions when you gush over this twenty-something (not that us youngsters aren’t singing her praises as well).

        • You’re not wrong, at least from where I’m standing. There’s just something… unseemly… about how some find it necessary to mention her looks every friggin’ time her name comes up. We get it already.

        • 24 yo Guy: Kirsten wants what you’re giving her, so “keep it up”!

          Seriously, do you think any girl would under-dress as much as that, wear make-up and pose hawt if she didn’t want the attention? How about the BAR video of that firm jigglyness?

          Kirsten: You’re the bomb! Don’t stop being you.

          But if Lena and Kirsten both proposed to me, I’d take the one who doesn’t need mass man attention! I’m only saying this to benefit the younger guys: Pick the girl who’s content.

  3. I assume this post will be followed by the Three Hottest Male Shooters, for equality sake.

  4. Jessie cranks my tractor!!

    Second by Tori. I don’t know her but I’m sure she will be in my google history and NSA file.

  5. I wouldn’t mind Jessie granting me access to her gun safe, if you know what I mean…

  6. There’s no shortage of attractive women in shooting.

    It’s our job to bring even more into the sport.

    Now gents, get busy. Take a hottie or three to the range. Teach them basic gun safety rules then let them have fun with mild-recoiling guns. Make it fun and you’ll have created the next easy-on-the-eyes shooting enthusiast.


    • “Take a hottie or three to the range.”
      Sure thing. I’ll tell my wife it’s my duty as a gun owner.
      That’ll work.

  7. Remember when Mrs. Duff was Mrs. Abbate? Her ex-husband was Ms. Nonaka’s (who was a minor at the time) shooting instructor and they had an affair that basically caused the destruction of Team Glock when Dave Sevigny was capitan and killed her marriage. A good friend on Team FN confirmed this a few years back and I’m surprised it’s not been reported.

      • When I was 15 I dated a 21 year old and to this day in my 30s I still maintain I knew exactly what I was doing and know that I asked her out, not vice versa. Some of you folks forget what it was like to actually be 15… but I digress. Those of you who feel it was different because I am male and the situation was not vice versa are sexist as hell. Women are not dumb.

        A little google-fu into that whole SNAFU will shed some light into the situation and make one realize that pretty much everyone was at fault (in my opinion).

        For instance, I still don’t understand why the minor in question’s guardian (who was a woman) was never charged with anything.

        Last but not least, Jessie’s x went to jail, but the only charge that he was actually convicted of (out of 40+) was buying the minor a dildo. So he went to prison for buying a sex toy for a minor. I have a problem with that. A minor can pretty much walk into a Sharper Image and get the same exact thing 100% legally.

        • @TheBear, fuck around with a minor, go to jail. For a very long time. That’s a good thing. If while in jail, dude meets his demise, that’s an even better thing. Lesson: don’t be a douche and fuck with a minor.

        • I’ve read that the minor’s vibrator had 5 people’s DNA on it – if that is true, why did only one person go to jail? I am 100% for people going to jail for any kind of rape – statutory or otherwise. Hell, let’s stone them while we’re at it (serious here).

          However, did you even read what I wrote above?

          Also, just within the last 100 years, people got married at 13 years old. I find it interesting that on a site where we rail against laws with arbitrary numbers (like 7 rounds in a mag), there are posters who believe in arbitrary numbers for other things hook, line, and sinker.

          The laws vary by state too. Last I wrote a paper on this subject which was 7 years ago or so, Mississipi’s age of consent was lowest – 13 for non virgins and 15 for virgins. Most other states in the US have 16 as an age of consent. Not all states have a “Romeo and Juliet” exception.

          That means that if a 17 year old boy is dating a girl who is 1 year younger than himself and the parents don’t like him, the day he turns 18 they can file charges against him in a state that does not have an age of consent (like Texas). What’s more, this happens /all the time/. It’s a travesty of justice because the boy can still be convicted and go to jail at 18 if the girl (honestly) says she loves him and it was consensual. I personally have known a girl who ended all ties with her family because they put her boyfriend in jail within this exact scenario.

          They thought they were “protecting” her (how this is possible when she was 6 months from being 18 I don’t know) but all they did was hurt someone she cared about for the rest of his life.

          You can’t regulate morality – it just isn’t possible.

        • There’s a great documentary on Netflix called “Are All Men Pedophiles?”. It will shed some light on these victorian minded zealots about when it is naturally proper for humans to have sex. (Spoiler) In most areas of the world, the age of acceptable relations is between 12 and 15.

          • @Rambeast, well there you go. If the rest of the world is doing it, that makes it right. Right? Riiiiiiight…….

        • Hopefully the message is that us gun crazies believe that more laws don’t make things better for pretty much anything.

          And the poster above me is correct. Most other countries do not have the same hardcore statutory rape laws that the US does… but then again the US is one of the most prudish countries in the world and was founded by Quakers. 😉

        • Not to split hairs……………..but I’ve never seen a Purple Double-headed Dildo in a Sharper Image store. Do they keep them in the back?

        • Sorry I got my terminology mixed up as I am generally not the target market for female sex toys. 😛

          I meant vibrator.

        • TheBear, when I was 12, I was in heat for the neighbor’s 19-yr-old strawberry blonde daughter, but she wouldn’t give me the time of day. Now I know why! She was afraid of the law! I feel so much better.

          More to the point, I think the laws are a bit overzealous at “protecting” youngsters, since fewer than half of boys or girls reach 18 without having sex. Maybe 15 would be a better choice.

        • @Larry

          Exactly. Nobody is saying we should not protect children or that anyone who rapes anyone should not be hung, but statistically kids are having sex at younger and younger ages. What exactly are we protecting a 15 year old from if he/she has already been sexually active for 2 years?

          Sure, it’s icky to think about teens getting down with 40 year olds (consensually), but I don’t believe everything I personally find repugnant should be illegal. As for where the hard line should be drawn (12,13,14,15 etc), I think that should be studied and we should use science as opposed to arbitrary numbers or feelings to determine the minimum average age a minor would be able to enter a physical relationship.

          …or we could do it like Japan. “The Japanese Penal Code sets a minimal age of consent of 13.[38] However, all prefectures and districts have (largely similar) “obscenity ordinances” (淫行条例) that forbid “fornication” (淫行) with anyone under 18 years of age, but exempt sex in the context of a sincere romantic relationship or with parental approval.[39]

          The age of marriage is 16 for girls and 18 for boys, with parental consent, or 20 otherwise.”

          I think the exemption for romantic relationships would be a good way to prevent all the 18 or 19 year old boys being sent to jail vindictively by a gf’s family who doesn’t like them.

  8. good-looking people are good for gun rights

    If you really want to hammer the point home, display pictures of these and other pulchritudinous shooters next to photos of representative female gun-grabbers. For the first representative of the gun-hating brigade of harpies, I suggest rape expert Evie Hudak. Damn, that’s one fugly woman.

  9. Though my favorite is “Kirsten Joy Weiss”, I saw a firearms instructor on the Outdoor’s Channel “Handguns and Defensive Weapons”, Jessica Nyberg.

    I was impressed!

  10. Man, RF, you messed this one up, big time.
    The title of the post should have been “The Twenty Hottest Women Shooters.”

    Why stop at three?

  11. I love a pretty girl that can shoot too. But I’d have to draw the line at sitting on the hood off my car with boots and metal objects. Scratches.No.Bueno.

  12. Cory is going to be UPSET that Erika did not make the list! All that effort he put into showing her off for page hits…just wasted!!! 🙂

  13. I guess us hideous chuds should just hide in a closet til our gun rights are rescued by the ladies.

    • So I was just recently introduced to the show and have to admit that I was more than a little disturbed by how “hot” I found the characters…

      So, yea… +1

    • Glad you threw her into the mix. Fate gets cuter the more of her videos I watch. And a sucker I may be, but I think she seems genuinely into firearms.

  14. Gawrsh, wimmen who are purty kin shoot, too! I hearn tell that one of ’em done even writ a book oncest.

    I suppose that you never considered that this sort of thing, treating women shooters as aberrations to ogle, that they really serve best as eye candy for male shooters and are valued more if they look good to male shooters, might just be a problem, and might serve to NOT attract more women to our numbers?

    So, maybe scoop-necked lightweight tops do not good shooting with auto pistols make? And ridiculous ‘female action-movie-combat-chic TDU’ are not normal range wear? The only one that I’d want to see on a range is the professional. The others I could see on MTV, or network television on a bad cop show. You know, the ones where the male stars wear full combat kit with heavy uniforms whereas the women are required to show much sweaty skin, T, and occasionally A while in combat. . .

    This sort of thing makes all of us look sexist, misogynist, and foolish. Might as well post one of those calendars or those ‘broads and bullets’ videos.

    • Somebody beat cowgirlup to the punch.

      I’m sure somebody else will bring the bras, go grab the lighter fluid…

      • I don’t think you guys understand what pisses people like Cowgirlup off. This article is not one of those things.

        • Cowgirlup was one of one of those folks who look for stuff to be offended at. Diligently. So it’s no surprise when they find it. She went off the deep end when someone here said a mother shouldn’t try to turn her son (that’s a male child, you know) into a girl (as in female, something a male is kind of naturally ill-equipped to be). So if it wouldn’t be this, it would be–and was–something else.

    • She’s very funny, seems to be extremely self-aware and she’s infectiously enthusiastic. KJW is one of the best ambassadors to the sport we’ve ever had, and probably one of the best to any sport.

  15. KJW all the way. She’s a sweetheart. At least in her videos and whatever. I’ll never meet her in real life. I base most of my opinions on the internet. Which is pretty sad. Still, KJW all the way.

  16. Kudos to Jessie Duff for becoming the first lady USPSA Grand Master. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  17. I’ve retired from competition? Lol! This is news to me…. but I am having a fantastic time sharing the positive reality of shooting in other ways, like youtube of course. Thanks so much for the kind article, humbled to be next to two skilled, beautiful shooters. 🙂

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