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Meet Illinois State Representative Fred Crespo. He likes to tout how he fights back against NRA-backed politicians.  Furthermore, he supports legislation to “prohibit the sale and possession of high capacity magazines which turn regular firearms into fully automatic weapons.”

Really. Here’s a photo of a letter Crespo sent to one of his constituents.

Unfortunately, Rep. Fred Crespo doesn’t have a corner on the market for weapons-grade legislative ignorance. Crespo’s 44th district rests entirely within Cook County – home of Mayor Rahm’s Paradise by the Lake where generations of gun control have burnished Chicago’s reputation as a safe, crime-free utopia.

Meanwhile, we should all ignore the more than 1000 people shot and nearly 198 homicides in the Windy City to date in 2018. No doubt Rep. Crespo would blame the National Rifle Association for that rather than the city’s emboldened criminal class.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2020 Democrat presidential and vice-presidential ticket.

    Kevin ‘3,000-Rounds-Per-Second’ DeLeon for president, Fred ‘Hi-Cap-Full-Auto’ Crespo for vice president.

    They can’t miss.


    • Kevin is currently challenging DiFi for her Senate seat. She must be worried: for the first time EVER I heard, just today in fact, a political advertisement touting her gun control record. There is usually a Republican candidate of some sort, but with DiFi’s stranglehold on the seat lo these many years, the State Republican Party will not even provide financial backing for a candidate, recognizing it as a lost cause. I have a feeling Nancy will be feeling the heat next time she has to run, as it seems her mind has run out of gas and she has become the laughing stock of the House. Yet she callings mightily to her power…how sad.

      • Pelosi is running this year as every seat in the House of Representatives is up for election every two years. Given the district she’s in the only threat she would face is from someone to the left of her. How scary is that? But frankly I consider her a gift to the Republicans. I hope her and Hillary campaign for every Democrat running this year.

        • Won’t be a gift anymore if they win the House back in 2018 (though that seems a bit less likely that it did before). As speaker of the house, her dementia and insanity become real issues again.

      • “Good ‘ol Kev” has the backing of a big majority of the munnie hunnies who’ve backed DiFi all these decades. Democrats are tired of “Dear Sweet Dianne” not being left enough. Califailure is getting ‘thisfrigginclose’ to going full-on statist.

        Some real ‘fun’ will go down when – not if – when ‘the big one’ hits. Arizona is already staging for it….. “Preparing For Post-Earthquake Inflow Of 400,000 Californians” —

      • Pelosi’s real damage is done through her control of huge campaign donations to democrat candidates. If they don’t toe the Marxist line they get no money.

        I don’t know how she get to control the donations but she does.

  2. You would think these morons would have their letters fact checked on such a hot and technical issue. Unfrikken believable!

    • I know. It’s absolutely insane that the people who want to write & implement laws on these things have no fucking clue about the very things they wish to regulate. How about a little due diligence. You’d think it’d be part of the job to research, study, & educate yourself on the topics of which you seek to legislate. It’s incompetence of the highest order.
      There’re two kinds of people in the gun control/2A debate: those who support gun control, & those who are actually educated on the subject.

  3. I have lived and worked in Cook County for almost 20 years. Somehow, the stupidity of our politicians never ceases to amaze.

  4. More “Want- to -be -Self Proclaimed Authoritarians.” Playing to the “low information voters, marching morons and the unwashed masses…” The type and style of a corrupt 3rd world 🌎 nation-state…Now all we need it 3rd world “illegal aliens” to really for it to have a “peasant class”. Oh, there they are…..Thanks corrupt DemoCommies…!

  5. So, that’s all I gotta do?
    Just buy some 30 round clipazines so I can have a machine gun?
    I’m off to my local Cabela’s.

  6. These people know exactly what they are doing. Feeding lies and half truths to a Uneducated/Indoctrinated electorate. They follow the doctrine of “If you tell the same lie long enough.” People who live by their Emotions rather than Intellect will believe it. This tactic of Fake Facts and Emotions has convinced enough of these Low Information Emotion Driven voters over the last several decades. To resulted in the war against the Bill of Rights on many fronts most of all the 2nd Amendment. Make no mistake this is a war on everyone’s Freedom. Including those people who are to Ignorant to know it.

    • BINGO! It’s exactly what I thought. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing. They’re not ignorant at all. They KNOW it’s a lie. And, they ALSO know that the useful idiots will lap it up and help them with the agenda of disarmament.

  7. The NRA banning automatic firearms doesn’t even placate those who want to ban automatic firearms. Thanks Wayne!

  8. What are you going to do with a stupid man? You can’t legally kill him and you can’t keep him from breeding. Of course, the idiots that keep sending him back to office bear some responsibility.

  9. He clearly put little to no research or thought into this stupidity-laden letter. It should be embarrassing to so badly mangle simple facts not only as an adult but as an elected official.

  10. Let’s hope this legislation becomes law exactly as written in this letter. It would then have zero effect.

  11. This is common sense gun reform I can get behind. Let’s compromise: you guys drop all your background check and other bills, and we will sign on to this one. In the true spirit of compromise and common sense.

  12. Oh, the magazine clips! I thought those were supposed to have been fired and removed from the market.

  13. It is impossible for anyone to honestly achieve an elected office and still be this stupid. This is proof he was placed into this position by handlers who have been busy with other election rigging just long enough for this fool to proceed without supervision with this line of legislation.

    • It is impossible for anyone to honestly achieve an elected office and still be this stupid.

      Hank Johnson. I rest my case.

      • There REALLY needs to be an I.Q. test for politicians who run for elective office. It doesn’t have to be high, say 80 or so which would allow about half the democrats to still stay in office.

      • Danny, Hank was an easy pick. I think there are dumber politicians, its just that he really stands out.

        Guam flipping over. Man that’s an awesome amount of stupid.

      • Was Maxine the one who while present at the landing of a Mars rover who asked how far was the rover from the Apollo 11 flag?

        • NASA should have replied, “About 140 million miles, on average, dumbass.”

  14. ..probably not stupid…probably just trying the Barack Obama “throw everything against the wall, and see what sticks” method of politicizing, to see how many people are stupid enough to believe the drivel he says, and vote against a conservative pro-gun candidate…

  15. If I knew the best way, I’d encourage this guy all I could. I want him on TV and radio constantly. The face (and brains) of “common sense regulation”.

  16. Representative Fred Crespo should be tested of drugs, and have the results published, so that we can see what materials affect his thought patterns.

  17. It would be nice if this kind of shit made someone unelectable but let’s be honest, in Cook County, it makes him MORE likely to win.

  18. If they craft the legislation accurately (yeah, I know) they will ban precisely zero magazines. So, go ahead, ban away!

  19. Probably some unpaid pajama boy intern “repurposed” an old Word document regarding bump stocks and just replaced a few words.

  20. All right all you bump stock quislings;

    I said banning magazines was the actual purpose of Trump’s ban on bumpstocks. The regulation isn’t even changed yet and we have politicians explaining how they will expand and abuse it to make magazines contraband.

    These politicians aren’t idiots, they are simply dogged in their determination.

    You’ve got until 6/27 to voice your opposition. I’m not sure why TTAG isn’t doing a daily reminder about this like they did for the M855 ban. There’s about 20000 comments up now, and anti gunners are attempting to stack the deck. They understand how important of a win this regulation is, it’s time gun owners take this seriously.

  21. Democrats.
    Can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em.
    (Apologies to Tom Arnold in “True Lies” for the paraphrasing)

  22. This is the chosen cream of the crop of democrats. They have no excuses and no where to hide. These are their best of the best. The smarted and the brightest of the democrat party.

  23. In all fairness to Crespo, one of his aids messed up. They are clueless and inserted talking points over bump stocks with high capacity magazines. They could have just as easily said he supports banning bump stocks that hold more than 10 rounds.
    Either way, it makes him sound like he’s a few cards short of a full deck and wholly clueless….which he probably is anyway.

  24. let this idiot BAN ALL MAGAZINES that turn semi-auto rifles into fully automatic rifles, but only those magazines that have this magical power. Publicly support this ban while pointing out this ban is similar to various cities attempts to ban di-hydrogen oxide.

  25. So Freddy is a crispy critter. He must have sucked little rhamies dinkus to get a position
    In the socialistic state of Illinois. Seems to me these pukes who are trying to distroy Illinois have an agenda to match or equal the lunacy of NY or CA. If you’re in Illinois move out as fast as you can!!!! If you’re thinking about moving to Illinois…seek mental help.

  26. The bitter fact that sub-genius, deranged, venal, too stupid to be Bolsheviks, too low to be whale poop, drooling clowns like Lumpy Crespo/Tiny Dancer IDF veteran Emmanuel/Cryptkeeper Chertoff/Clintons/Bushes/Feinstein/Willy The Worm Schiff/Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer/ Moonbeam Brown/Maxmouf Waters/Kamala Da Ho/Booker, son of Obongo/Rhinestone Cowgirl Hat sow from Opa-Locka/Guam Tipover Chimp Johnson from Apelanta etc.
    are in The Halls of Power of this scum afflicted nation…
    is reason enough for Civil War 2.0

  27. LOL, what an idiot! Does this clown realize just how dumb he looks? I want to see the loser take an IQ test.

  28. So enlightening! A magazine makes my rifle fully automatic! Using the same magical thinking, I’m going to put some wide tires on my Nissan Rogue so that it will be transformed into an Indy race car.

  29. I don’t blame the Democrats for putting forth such insane ideas.
    A stupid idea could be put for by a Republican as well.

    Here is the problem.
    Both parties equally push forth a BIG government and more government control.

    Big government destroys the liberties of everyone.
    Little governments can only destroy the liberties of the people in their own jurisdiction.

    This is why Thomas Jefferson preached for smaller governments of
    the Sovereign States and only a weak central government.

    Governments govern best when they are under the watchful eye and control of
    the people who delegated their powers.

    But a Big government in Washington DC does not have to have your interest at heart.
    It seeks only to look out its interests and the financially-connected interests.

    When President Trump who is supposedly pro-2nd Amendment
    became influenced by the idea of banning Bump-Stocks, it was only a hop and a skip
    away of banning the “Large Capacity Magazines”.

    If you ban the Large magazine, the gun is essentially a Single-shot rifle.

    There are Demoncrat congressmen from outside MY State who want not only large magazines banned in their State, they want them banned in
    MY State.

    They will also want ALL so-called Assault Weapons banned
    in all the States as well.

    How should a congressman from outside MY State have a say of what goes on in MY State?

    If congressmen want them banned in just their State, I say let them.
    Let the voters in their States suffer the consequences for allowing their government to have more and more control of their lives.

    I no longer care what goes on in other States because I have to vote in other States.
    I only care what goes on in MY State.

  30. I know this is an old article, but I just saw it. I believe this to be a missed opportunity to find common ground with our liberal friends. I think we should agree to a ban on the kind of magazine that turns a gun full auto if the liberals agree to stop there.

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