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I don’t suppose he’d fancy staying there for an entire mag . . .

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  1. I was thinking the same thing Blammo, because if this fool had put all three shots in the same place the other fool would be pushing up daisies.

  2. If any gun was shooting at you I promise you, you would flinch too. Also I’m sure if someone was shooting at me, I wouldn’t be just sitting in one spot for a full mag.

  3. I don’t trust a guy that wears flip-flops while demonstrating something this deadly serious. I felt he needed a Hawaiian shirt and some Jimmy Buffet playing to complete the effect.

  4. I’m usually the last one to point this out, but Mr. AK forgot to wear his safety glasses. Then again, if I got a free pass to shoot at my boss, I might get a little excited too!

  5. Jeez. I wouldn’t volunteer to demonstrate the bullet resistance of an earthen berm, unless it was at least fifteen feet thick.

  6. Agreed Patrick. It really bothered me that the kid did not put on safety glasses.
    Also, the ricochet room reference is correct and funny.


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