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I ran into these guys at NDIA this year, but promptly lost their business card along with my notes. The good news is that I found them again, and now I’m trying to get one of these for T&E. Its a little device that sits behind your optic on a rifle, and it has a one-way mirror that lets you shoot around corners without changing the setup of your gun. Which is cool, but what I’m really interested in is if it can be used as a training aid for new shooters – like if an instructor can stand next to you and watch your red dot through it, giving you advice. Or, even better, if it can be used with a scope. Rest assured we’ll find out.

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  1. Eotech (or maybe somebody else) promoted a 45-degree corner aiming device a few years ago, but it had to be mounted on a flip-to-side clamp because it blocked normal rearward vision. It was also restricted it to LE/Military sales.

    For recreational shooters, the risks of shooting around corners usually outweigh the benefits unless you’re in a well-regulated shooting area like a 3-Gun stage. For SWAT entry teams and soldiers patrolling Kandahar, the risks of sending errant rounds downrange is greatly outweighed by the risks of getting your head shot off sticking it around a corner.

    Remember that 1-way mirrors aren’t magic photon portals: they’re just partially reflective mirrors and the light that’s reflected off the partial silvering won’t be seen from the other side. I expect that both the straight-line and angled views will be significantly darkened. If you get one be sure to test it in gloomy conditions, like after you check your 401(k) balance.

  2. We carry these products and yes they can be used with scopes. We’ve run rounds through guns with them and although there is a learning curve, it’s a pretty basic device to employ.

  3. Are the $30 Chinese ones as good as the Accutact brand $300 ones!? I can see the reflective quality being a lot fuzzier or something. I’m really interested in this thing, but even the $30 dollar ones say accutact. Therefore I’m wondering if cut act is a Chinese brand and they’re all the same just American companies thinking they’re the only ones with it. LEMME KNOW!

    • I believe what you are talking about is the airsoft version made of polymer. It’s definitely something else than the metal one because the weight given in the manual is different. It’s okay though concerning optical quality in my opinion. The problem I have with it is that it started clapping soon so I opened it and found that it is made of two more or less high quality prisms glued together. I put insultaing tape around them and now it sits tight. Optical quality is good but it has a slight paralaxe error and some angle dependet chromatic aberation. On the other hand it has a small field of view and I think paralaxe error is irrelevant with normal use. Also even if you turn the side opening downwards you have some ghosting if you look into dark rooms from bright day light. I don’t have the metal version though, but I doubt that it will not have that issues.


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