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As we highlighted the other day, this past weekend’s observance of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington turned into a Christmas tree for just about every fringe/left group under the sun from which to hang their pet causes. That included those advocating ‘stand your ground’ law reform and enhanced, Manchin-Toomey-style background check legislation. We’re guessing no one took the time to ask the gun-related marchers if they’ve thought about what happens when prospective gun buyers fail to get the ATF’s go-ahead – whether they’re actual bad guys or victims of false positives. Cause as the NRA’s Dom Raso will tell anyone who will listen, no one at the Justice Department or ATF really seems to give a damn.

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  1. What I find the most disgusting is that Dr. King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” and it seems like we’ve been careening headlong in the opposite direction.

      • “The dream is now to live in a nation where no one is judged.”

        Except for hard working Americans who care about their famlies and neighbors, who have values and protect what they work for. They will be judged without question. All others please get in line to collect your food stamps that the former has provided for you from their earned and well deserved pay.

  2. Sadly, the minorities are being duped into giving up their rights, on the expectation that the people that _follow_ the rule of law will make things better for the people that _don’t_… Wake up America, we’re not pigeons pecking on birdseed. It’s time you stand up for yourself and start living to your own potential — that’s the real Martin Luther King Dream… no one’s holding you back but yourself…

      • I’m using a rudimentary understanding of the language and am spelling phonetically — which Russian tends to be. I’m the (rather limited) translator.

        Also, some stuff doesn’t translate well. Russian is notoriously free of prepositions, for instance.

        Anyway, what’s wrong with “the Chernobyl…?” It’s one way of saying the Chernobyl district.

        Sorry to displease.

        • No displeasure on my part. I generally enjoy your posts. Just nitpicking. If you wrote, “Chernobylskia oblast”, that would be correct.
          spokoinay nochi.

        • BTW, isn’t a district a subunit of an oblast? Can’t remember the right word for that…

          Oh, and good night y’rself.

  3. The dream was just that. Great character cannot thrive in Chicago or New York any more easily that wildlife can thrive in Чернобыльская.

    It happens, but not with any great frequency.

  4. MLK speech was some of the best words a man could say. History shows no coin can be made off “character”; only institutional poverty, My dream and hope it happens in my lifetime, that there’s no prefix to the word American.

      • As a Lutheran, I am offended. As a German Lutheran, I am even more offended. As a German-American Lutheran, omg, are you awful. As a married, father, home-owning, gun-owning, TTAG-reading, German-American, Scot-Irish-(err American), Cherokee (-American by default?) Lutheran ….

      • When people call me white, I politely correct them by letting them know that I am “European American.” If they take that seriously, then its pretty obvious that the whole PC thing has hijacked their thinking.

        • That is too good Accur81, I may steal it! Occasionally (if i’m suspicious) I’ll point out that I’m actually Irish-American and perhaps they should like or dislike me based on that. (Their Choice)

  5. Pft! Nothing new. In CT, they had a total of 173 state level violations and they only took 39 to court.

    Somehow all the new laws in CT are going to magically create more arrests LOL! please! Just as in the Federal level, they will not even bother. It is all for a political agenda to make believe they are doing something.

    Just an excuse to create more laws that will not be enforced.

    Who believes that criminals don’t already know this???? The guns laws have no teeth unless they are actually enforced and the law enforcement and the justice system is already taxed with stupid, useless and nuisance law suites.

    We all know that we have a system where many crooks are simply let back out on the street. They know how to game the system which is why all these laws are meaningless and more laws will do zero!

  6. Dom Raso is a more bumbling wannabe con-artist than Colion. Dom actually said only 13 of the 76,000 were prevented from buying a gun. Obviously, he confused the two ideas, I presume in a purposeful attempt to obfuscate the fact that 76,000 people being denied a firearm purchase is an astounding success for the background check system. The other question of charging them for a paper crime of lying on a federal form really has little to do with it.

    • That “paper crime” is a federal felony. You crow about the 76,000 people “prevented from buying a gun” but were they actually prevented? Or did they just have recourse to other means? In order to actually prevent them from obtaining a gun and committing another crime with it, you need to take them off the street for their “paper crime”.

        • Actually thanks to cops and criminals everywhere, in addition to WW2 and the post Cold-War vomiting of small arms from the Communist Bloc, small arms will never go away. Ever. No “loophole” is necessary to steal an old German STG from a vet, or to buy a bunch of “fell off the truck” from some crooked cops, or to get a frikkin’ shipping container full of AK’s from some scumbag “importer” or to just buy a piece that has floated from criminal to criminal for years or even decades.

          This “loophole” you speak of accounts for such a small percentage of crime used firearms as to be statistically insignificant. You can remain in denial for as long as you like, so long as you do it over there in that festering cesspit some folks call Europe. I understand that the fact that criminals are not beholden to your will is very scary, and that fear drives you to further attempt to control those willing to be controlled. But you need to know that no matter what you do there will always be those uncontrollable people, and nothing you do will stop them from doing what they do. The best part is I think you know this, and actually think it is ok, as long as you get your paper utopia. Ultimate newspeak, the bodies under strict gun control don’t matter, because we did everything we could on the paper.

        • Jake, I see you don’t read my blog. Otherwise you’d know those surveys that show a small percentage of guns used in crime coming from private sales are bogus. They say the vast majority of criminals get their guns from other criminals on the black market.

          What it fails to address is where did those guns come from. The important thing is not the very last transfer, but the first one, the one in which the gun passed from lawful ownership to criminal ownership. I explained it clearly here:

  7. This isn’t about the convictions, it’s about denial of Rights!I have pointed this out before.

    As I stated; My State Rep said in 2010, approximately 50% of denials of BCG’s were false positives.

    That is a TERRIBLE accostment of a Constitutional Right!

    The denials of libertied should be all that is needed for evidence enough for even the lowest of courts to throw out BGC’s.

    Lets see, in tha year, ~40k individuals denied their Rights, yet only 8 people who were committing a “Crime” were convicted of any wrong doing.

    Oh yeah, that’s so much proof the system is funcrional & fair… B.S.!

    If it was any other Constitutionaly penned Right this would have been turned over a long time ago.

    Gay marriage is more protected than the 2nd(!) Amendement?

  8. I had this very argument with a gun-grabbing liberal on my Facebook page a while back. She’s a horse friend so I indulged her.

    She wanted exactly zero to do with answering why make new laws when we don’t enforce the ones we have? Zero.

  9. It’s ironic how the Left honors the memory of Dr. King by forgetting who he was — a Christian, a Republican, and gun owner, who stood on principle for justice and equality. If MLK were alive today, he would be subject to the same vicious attacks as Clarence Thomas or Allen West.


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