Cabela’s Binocular Harness
Michael Arnold for TTAG

I guess it may be a good, or possibly sad indicator of my character that I keep writing ‘Things That Don’t Suck’ reviews about models of products that were replaced long ago by newer versions. It’s highly likely that the newer models have modifications that improve their usefulness and performance.

However, if a certain thing works for me – car, firearm, toaster, laptop, or, in this case a Cabela’s binocular harness – I don’t even consider looking for a newer iteration.

Cabela’s Binocular Harness
Michael Arnold for TTAG

Predictably, when I went to the Cabela’s site and typed in ‘binocular harness,’ up popped a number of products, none of which was exactly the harness that has given me fantastic service for  about 20 years.

Cabela’s Binocular Harness
Michael Arnold for TTAG

There is a similar model called the Cabela’s Hybrid Binocular Harness. As far as I can tell the current form differs little from my cherished harness. Thus, if mine ever fails, I’ll gladly invest the $19.99 Cabela’s charges for this near-twin.

Cabela’s Binocular Harness
Michael Arnold for TTAG

Each time I use my harness – when climbing into a tree stand, still-hunting a woodlot, or doing that incredibly tiring crouch-jog that African PHs seem to love – I am reminded of my pre-harness days and the beating I took from my wildly-swinging optics.

The beating was only suspended if I used my free hand to hold onto the binoculars steady. Of course, that’s tough to do while attempting to 1) climb a ladder, 2) push silently through brush, or 3) continue that debilitating crouch-jog.

My Cabela’s harness has been there on every hunt I’ve taken since its purchase; that includes scores of outings near my home in Northeast Georgia, several hunts for big game in Western North America . . .

Cabela’s Binocular Harness
Michael Arnold for TTAG

…and even my sole African safari in 2018.

The harness will head back to Africa with me in 2020 for a second safari, this time in Mozambique. Between now and then, it will continue to be used on forays after large and small game, and this December it will support my combination binocular-rangefinder on a tactical training course at the Government Training Institute.


Mike Arnold writes about firearms and hunting at his blog Mike Arnold, Outdoor Writer.


  1. Bass Pro is ruining Cabelas. They might know fishing in the South but they don’t know squat about hunting in the West. When they opened the big Bass Pro in Colorado, I went in and asked them where their reloading supplies were. They looked at me like I was speaking Mandarin at them. All the old line Cabelas good stuff is disappearing, being replaced by cheap disposable crap.

  2. Looks like a great binocular harness.

    Also looks like it would not be compatible with a shoulder holster for a handgun.

    And it definitely looks like it would not be compatible with a chest rig for a large revolver such as a Ruger Super Redhawk with 7.5-inch barrel.

    • You make it difficult dont you. why use a super redhawk when a 9×19 with modern powders and advanced bullits is just more better

    • “Also looks like it would not be compatible with a shoulder holster for a handgun.”

      Uhm, why not?

      A bit of retrofitting and a Kydex retention holster, that might be just the trick for when crouched over the handlebars…

    • Maybe a little, but not nearly as much as they do on a standard neck strap. I’ve used a pair on elk hunts for years, and they are every bit as good as the author states.

  3. With all of the products on the market today for hunters and shooters that truly SUCK. “Things that don’t suck” is a good hook for product reviews

  4. Actually if you’d just try a bino harness from the last decade you’d realize how much those do suck. Get on your hands and knees and crawl and tell me how much you like them when your eyecups are full of dirt and sand. They’re cheap and barely a step up from a neck strap, but they still suck.

    • Michael,
      binocular harness obviously helpful when going to outdoor i.e. birding ,hiking , wildlife viewing etc.. but it sometimes may be extra load for regular usage…


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