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…And that reason is that there’s nothing to say. And similarly nothing to show off. I’ve posted about the inability to get a single picture of the rifle, and according to sources within the two companies (as well as some helpful people who were part of the groups) Remington and TrackingPoint still haven’t decided on the final form of the thing. Everything from the functionality of the scope to the rifle being used, and even the caliber of choice, is being tested out in focus groups before the rifle is released to the public for even a brief glimpse. And honestly, I’m very happy about that. This is the first time I can remember where a gun company actively reached out to average shooters to find out what they want in a gun, rather than making wild-ass assumptions and “preaching from on high.” More details as they come, which may take some time.

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    • +1 Dat!

      I have purchased several things since, and passed over Remi every time!

      “Who makes this?”
      “Show me something else”

      I also preemptively got them by going MOSSBERG lol

  1. This is the first time I can remember where a gun company actively reached out to average shooters

    Inasmuch as this rifle combo will sell for the price of a new Fiat 500, I’m guessing that The Freedom Group doesn’t give a damn about the thoughts of average shooters unless they have above-average trust funds.

  2. The entire marketing idea here is for the scope tech to get picked up by the military and national police, I mean state law enforcement market, not civilian. The only civilian market for this will be the same a-holes that can afford to shoot endangered species over in Africa for 15k+ a trip.
    I imagine 90% of the gun loving public could not afford this system and zero shooting competitions will allow anything like this. So where is the actual civilian market? It’s easy, there is none.

  3. I’d prefer “average shooters” continue to be amazed by those of us who practice. Douchebags at Remington are trying to suck the life out of shooting.

    • Guys in the 1700s probably said the same thing about breechloaders. Now, I’m not saying that we should allow these things into F-class competitions, but I see nothing wrong with letting someone shoot one who would otherwise have no chance in hell of hitting anything past 300 yards.

      Plus, I’m looking forward to this technology trickling down into lesser scopes. Imagine a BDC scope with a dynamic reticle; you could tailor the hold-overs for your specific load, rifle, and even altitude. That is something I could get into.

  4. Meh. I don’t have fifteen grand to spend on something like this, but even if I did, it would break my rule against purposely sending money into the state of New York.


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