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Lauren Leal (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Kentucky Gun Company graciously provides TTAG with test firearms from time to time. For that, and the scenery at their booth, we remain eternally grateful.

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  1. Somebody’s going to say it so I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way:
    What EOTech? What rifle?
    OK, that’s done. Onward.
    Looks backwards from here.

  2. You guys look at the hardware all you want. I’m looking at the lack of a wedding ring & packing up to move to Kentucky!

  3. She has such pretty blonde hair. Why would she dye her roots dark? That’s gotta be really difficult to do…

  4. She must be a petite girl, because that rifle looks almost comically large. Maybe it’s just the camera angle.

  5. …bought a shirt from that booth on Sunday. I can honestly say the picture does not do her justice.


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