Mary Peltola
Mary Peltola, D-Alaska (AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades)
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By Larry Keane

Firearm safety doesn’t have to be the partisan issue that too many, unfortunately, make it out to be. Just ask U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola (D-Alaska).

“I just appreciate the opportunity to put a plug in for the many, many, many Americans who are responsible gun owners,” Congresswoman Peltola said. “You look at some of the tragedies that are occurring, and those aren’t hunters, those aren’t kids that have grown up with hunting and the good values that, I think, hunting and hunting families provide.”

Despite President Joe Biden’s repeated off-based talking points about the firearm industry, or how loudly national gun control groups shout for more gun control, it’s the criminals that don’t follow the laws and aren’t held accountable for their crimes.

Firearms and The Last Frontier

Rep. Peltola offered those comments at a House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee hearing.

“So I just … like the opportunity to give a plug for Second Amendment rights and good values,” Rep. Peltola concluded.

The topic was the Pittman-Robertson Act and how it’s the firearm and ammunition industry that contributes to conservation projects and wildlife management in the states. Gun and ammunition manufacturers pay excise taxes into the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund and are supported by hunters and recreational shooters when they purchase firearms and ammunition. To date firearm and ammunition manufacturers have paid over $25.38 billion into the fund since its inception in 1937, when adjusted for inflation.

Alaska wilderness

Alaskans know a thing or two about firearms and Rep. Peltola now speaks as their voice in Congress after the passing of long-time Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young a year ago. Since 2020, more than 1,731,000 firearms were purchased by Alaskans, according to NSSF adjusted-NICS data. Industry surveys also suggest between 30-40 percent of those buyers are first-time gun owners and about 30 percent are women.

Rep. Peltola’s praise for early hunter education and the values and traditions that go along with it are common in the most northern state. Gov. Mike Dunleavy attended SHOT Show in 2022, offering his support for the firearm industry and encouraging firearm manufacturers to make Alaska home.

The state is already home to more than 1,100 firearm-related jobs with approximately $122 million in economic impact. That firearm industry footprint places Alaska in the Top Ten of states for both Growth in Economic Output, as well as Federal Excise Taxes generated, per capita.

The Kids Are Alright

Rep. Peltola’s support for firearm training and education is welcomed, and a stark contrast to another state further south. In California, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom attacked organizations or businesses that even mentioned youth hunting or recreational shooting activities.

Gavin Newsom
California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

In a state where hunters have already long been the target of an anti-hunting, anti-science legislature, Gov. Newsom forced through AB 2571 that imposes $25,000 civil fines on “firearm industry members” for advertising “any firearms-related product” in a way that could be seen as “appealing to minors.”

The consequences were quickly felt. The California State High School Clay Target League shuttered. “As a school-based activity serving students from 6th-12th grade, these provisions serve to outlaw the very name and existence of the California State High School Clay Target League,” the group said.

League president John Nelson criticized the governor. “The League is the safest sport in high school. Over 1,500 schools across the nation have approved our program. Hundreds of thousands of students have participated, and there has never been an accident or injury,” Nelson told media.

Empire State Example

Far across the country from Alaska and California, New York, for all its own gun control follies, is another example of how youth firearm education and training is beneficial. The Democratic legislature implemented a special youth hunting season and it has completed two of the three pilot years. If critics of the program had pause or reservations, New York youth hunters demonstrated they shouldn’t.


Over 9,400 12-and 13-year-old hunters in New York participated during the recently completed youth season. The data from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, as well as other media reports about New York hunters’ exemplary record of safe hunting, made clear there is no “inherent danger” with youth hunting, as some feared.

“DEC’s review of data collected shows youth hunters followed safety guidelines and showed both respect for wildlife and their fellow hunters while afield. I’m proud to see that New York’s environment is in good hands with this next generation of environmental stewards,” DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said.

Keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not possess them is critical to ensuring communities are safe. It is just as important as holding criminals accountable. One thing is clear to anyone who examines the data – properly supervised youth involvement in hunting traditions and recreational shooting activities that teach safe and responsible firearm handling is critical for future generations.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. I don’t buy it democRat…You still belong to the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. And now another democRat calls for Reparations hoping no one singles out and holds the democRat Party monetarily liable for any and all Reparations.

    You’ll have to do much, much better. Until you do take your smooth talking demoCarp and put where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • Yep. There are democrats, and then there are cynical politicians who crave power so much that they’ll sell their soul for the (D) that gets them elected in blue places like Washington. What they have in common is utter contempt for civil rights.

      There *may* have been some good democrats at some point in history, but there are none now. ADAB

  2. Just a cynical attempt to farm future Fudds since all the Fudds that helped them pass bullshit in the past are dead or dying.

    • Ultimately yes but having seen a few of the classes/programs these kids are even more pissed than I am that they can’t own cool stuff so I don’t believe they will get the next crop of fudds like they are hoping.

  3. Sadly, what there really are, are democrats who have not yet figured out that their party has left them.

    I Figured out the democrat party was lost in 1990, when I was 23, but I did figure it out. Some just haven’t yet, some, believe it or not, actual conservatives, probably never will crack the code and will die voting democrat. I know several.

    Kinda sad really. To here people talk about what the believe and then vote for someone that will actively work against everything that person believes.

      • Right after Carter was elected, I decided, as a matter of personal survival, to vote for the strongest supporter of the 2nd and 4th Amendments in any given state or national election.

        Have not been able to vote for a Democrat since…

  4. While it is correct, and possible for Peltola to link firearms with hunting, it is completely missing our Founders’ point to connect the Second Amendment with hunting. This is an obvious ploy for someone in a position of responsibility to try to have things both ways.

    I hope Alaskans are not taken in by this, as the democrat platform is rife with planks limiting and banning both firearms, and the right of people to defend their lives with what ever means are readilly available, and at hand, at the time.

    • True- this chick might be ‘ok’ on guns, but a vote for her is a vote for the Democrat agenda. She isn’t gonna derail that with her mild platitudes.

  5. “Democrats Who Support the Second Amendment”

    Is that an oxymoron like ‘Military Intelligence’ and ‘Joe Biden has a duty to protect and preserve the constitutional rights of all Americans’?

    A democrat saying, basically, ‘hunting is good’ is not enough to claim the title ‘Second Amendment Supporter’. We have had many democrats say they support the second amendment and own guns or hunt or in some other aspect, then vote to remove or restrict the right and even call for the Second Amendment to be repealed.

  6. The majority of Americans both Republicans and Democrats (90 per cent) all support Universal Background Checks and most support Red Flag Laws and Safe Storage Laws.

    More than 8 in 10 gun owners said they are in favor of universal background checks for all gun sales, including private sales and at gun shows. That’s similar to the almost 9 in 10 of all Americans who say so in other surveys.

    Roughly two-thirds or more are in favor of raising the minimum age to buy an assault-style weapon to 21 (72%), raising the age to buy any kind of gun to 21 (67%) and red flag laws (65%).

    • Polls, like you, have never told the truth. Polls are designed to give the answer the person paying for the poll wants. And since I know that even a mentally ill person such as yourself understands this then it shows that once again you lie to support an invalid cause.

      You are a fascist and we expect nothing less from you.

    • darcydodo…You speak solely for the democRat Party and look desperately dumb trying to include the Party of Lincoln.

      Americans who know what they are looking at see read flag laws as nothing more than backdoor Gun Control. Red Flag, Green Flag, Yellow Flag, Black Flag roach killer would not have done a thing to stop the cutsie sticker girl inNashville. Her/the perp’s Gun Control supporting democRat parents claimed they were unaware of anything Gun, etc. What would have stopped her is a secure school and an in-house armed response during the 14 minutes it took for the police to arrive.

      What you bring to the table reeks of the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party brought to the table and what the Gun Control third reich bought to the table. That said…you know where you can put your sheets and swastika flag Gun Control.

    • Another worthless poll based solely on conjecture due to. To small of a sample size of less than 1200 respondents. which equates to .0000075% of the potential 160,000,000 voters in the country. Which in no way can be considered an accurate representation of the entire population of the nation. Pools such as this are little more than a way to gain talking points to promote the preconceived ideology of the person, group or institution paying for the poll.

    • Dacian, your politifact source can make up statistics all day long. In point of fact, the universal background check isn’t going to make any difference. People who shouldn’t have guns get background checks, and walk out the door with their guns – because background checks aren’t working. How ’bout that ex-Air Force fruitloop who got a dishonorable discharge? And, NICS approved him for a gun purchase.

      Now, on to other matters. I saw a gay bird up the page, named Newsom. You’re another gay bird. Kweer cuckoo birds, both of you.

  7. Democrats vote in lockstep on the overwhelming majority of issues; if they do break ranks it is in cases where their vote wouldn’t have mattered either way and their refusal is symbolic. When the chips are down they toe the party line and the Democrat party at large gets what it wants.

    Republicans do the same thing, but on issues where they want to “lose” to Democrats. When Mitch and Lindsay want a Democrat initiative to pass they’ll calculate how many votes they can afford to lose and still have their uni-party bill make it to the President’s desk, and those symbolic objection votes are rationed out according to who is next up for re-election and who is in danger of being primaried.

    The best example in recent years was Obamacare. Republicans voted to repeal that several times, secure in the knowledge Obama would veto.. the moment Republicans had control of the House, Senate and Presidency… they did nothing.

    Never vote Democrat. Never trust Republicans. Try to primary the Republicans at the local and state level. Once they get to Washington they join Lindsay and Mitch’s club and they’re not on your side anymore.

  8. “There are still Democrats who repeat their party’s ‘2A=Hunting’ lie while supporting a policy that singles out an enumerated right for taxation, and NSSF agrees with them because we’re Fudds.”


  9. There are still Democrats who support the Second Amendment? How many, three? Four?

    What I have seen are a few Democrats who support certain people (who they like/approve) being able to own certain firearms (which they like/approve) and being able to carry them in certain places (which they like/approve). Their mindset thus significantly restricts the Second Amendment. And that means they do not support the Second Amendment at all.

    In case you object to my last sentence, does a person support the First Amendment if they will only allow certain people (who they like/approve) being able to use certain speech methods (which they like/approve) on certain topics (which they like/approve)?

  10. Don’t be fooled by Peltola and her claims of supporting the second amendment.

    All of her specific statements are specifically about hunting and guns in that aspect and that aspect only.

    She is very vague to nothing on the second amendment. For example, she says ‘hunter safety’ classes for kids and hunting in terms of guns, but then endorses a ‘common sense’ dodge of the democrat line for their ‘common sense’ legislation claims which includes gun control which includes bans and making gun ownership and carry a ‘privilege’ by permits with heavy draconian tyrannical restrictions and then calls for ‘common sense’ gun control with ‘bi-partisan’ interaction. That very term ‘common sense’ in relation to her desires betrays her, we have had a taste of the democrat ‘common sense’ rights control they call gun control and it is no where near ‘common sense’. If she were a true supporter of the second amendment she would not be trying the same old ‘common sense’ dodge and trying to pigeon hole gun ownership into a hunting role only. When asked about specifics of her claimed support for the second amendment she is very vague and non-committal in her responses.

    The Second Amendment right she supports is the one controlled and granted by government as a privilege then done away with.

  11. The 2A is only one facet of many that make diamond.

    What difference does it really make to be pro-gun while also being a communist? It isn’t simply about guns. It’s about protecting freedom and the American Constitution. Truth is being manipulated by the left.

    The leaders of Russia and China both like firearms too.

  12. A gun owner supporting the dems would be the same as a jew supporting the not=zees or a black man joining the klan.

    If you vote dem you are part of the problem.

    • There ARE pro-2A Dims who support gunn owners. And not just hunting. There’s a few in southern/central ILLannoy. That being said they vote Dim in everything else. So they still suck🙄

  13. Mary Peltola (D) on an “assault weapons” ban: “I support the creation of a bipartisan congressional committee tasked with bringing common sense gun legislation to Congress that helps prevent tragedies in our communities, preserves the subsistence lifestyle that many people depend on, and respects our 2nd amendment rights.”

    Sounds like she’s nothing but a mealy mouthed political hack to me. If the gun control crowd got their panties in a twist over “long range sniper rifles”, like your average bolt action hunting rifle, she’d be for banning them too…for the children.

  14. Okay, so she talks like she supports the Second Amendment, but in the end allI heard was Fuddspeak. Count on her to vote against the 2nd because she is nothing but junior Dem in what they view as safe territory, and congress critters run in packs like lemmings.

  15. true
    but theyre on a list
    the endagered species list
    it wont be long until theyre exinct
    unless we can figure out a way
    to get them to breed in captivity
    the biggest obstacle:
    their looks

  16. Unfortunately this commie is my representative. She is only saying this because even the liberals own guns up here. I have no doubt she would vote to ban everything if she thought she could still get re-elected. She has been absolutely terrible on every vote so far. She only got elected because of the new ranked choice voting bs. Alaska is a pretty conservative state outside of Anchorage and the native villages.

  17. I will believe it when I see it. Peltola easily won her run for the House in 2020 because there were way too many stupid Republicans vying for now-deceased, long-time House Rep. Don Young’s seat. She was a shoe-in, because the R’s could not get their acts together, and stick with just one candidate to run against her. Between that, and the rank-choice voting, of course, which all but guaranteed an easy, Peltola win. This is her first year in Congress, so she has to put her money where her mouth is. She is all talk but I want to see her voting record. So far, she is voting straight-Democrat. I would expect nothing less out of her, but gun control votes until she shows otherwise.

    • There were only 2 Republicans in thr general election. The 2 Republicans got almost 1k more 1st round votes, but still not the majority. She almost got the majority after the Libertarian votes were redistributed. When one Republican was eliminated, 7.5k votes went so the Democrat, of which 3K could have been 3rd choice Libertarian, so at least 4.5k Republicans would rather have the Democrat than a Republican. Additionally, 21% of the losing Republican left their choice blank instead of picking the other Republican (not that it would have gotten her the majority). The never-Trump/only-Trump/fraud wings of the Republicans need to keep this in mind when Biden wins re-election because they skip the 2024 general election when their candidate didn’t win the primary or they’ve been convinced their vote doesn’t count.

  18. In the current political climate why would anyone trust anything a democrat says. They are the democratic/communist party and no longer represent anything containing American values.
    I no longer believe America can recover from the last two years of democratic control. I have a new slogan: “Revolution is the only solution” I honestly think nothing else can save America. I no longer believe the voting process can solve anything; the entire process is corrupt.

  19. Did I miss the part about her voting record, regarding gun control and the rest of the anti-value agenda Dims support?

  20. Well, as an ex-KKKalifornian (Thank God, Buddha, Zoroaster, Allah, and the spirits of Shinto), I will just say . . . don’t accept what this person says at face value. I know for a fact that Peltola has frequently supported gun control measures. If she’s not QUITE as deranged as most other KKKalifornia Dims, that does NOT mean she is rational.

    Not sure there ARE any sane Dimocrats left, in KKKalifornia or anywhere else. They are objectively insane, by Einstein’s definition.

  21. “There Are Still Democrats Who Support the Second Amendment and Hunter Education”?

    That’s a f***ing lie, they’re “Democrats” ergo they are gun-grabbing pieces of *hit, they only claim to support the 2nd Amendment and Hunter Education in order to pander to voters and get elected.

  22. Yeah, so long as you tell a Democrat that the 2A is a hunting right and government can run door to door confiscating everything not required for hunting… Democrats are all on board. Of course, what’s needed for hunting will be decided by the most anti gun folk around.

    They’ll start by taking the dreaded “assault weapons” which means semi autos that look scary. Then they’ll point out that semi autos are just as dangerous as the guns they just banned and take those. Then they’ll come after pistols “afterall, do you really hunt deer with a pistol?”. Then they’ll question whether you really need to have a lever action that holds 5 rounds “If you can’t kill a deer in 3 shots, then you need more range time, not more lethal firearms”. Then they’ll impose fees on gun ownership, restrict how much ammo you can buy, impose a registry, impose mandatory inspections for safe storage laws where cops can just come into your house, raise the minimum age of purchase. Then they’ll wait until someone uses one of the few remaining guns to commit a crime and claim it’s because they didn’t go far enough.

    There’s never been a stronger supporter of the 2A than Democrats. They just get down on their knees and beg “govern me harder daddy!!!!” while they give up your rights.

    • The only really Pro-2nd Amedment Democrat was Mike Dukakis, hell he showed us all we could own our own tanks to defend ourselves and our loved ones from the “Willie Horton”-types he set free to terrorize our neighborhoods and rape and murder our wives and daughters. Lol!

  23. She isn’t pro-Second Amendment, she is pro-hunting and those are not the same thing.

    She is the type who think we should ban semi-automatic rifles because hunters don’t use them for hunting (even though they do.)

    linking her words with pro second amendment politicians does us all a disservice.


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