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Normally, the Al Jezeera TV network is as unbiased as you wanna be. Not this time.¬†Children most at risk from US gun violence is the worst anti-gun agitprop sandbag job I’ve ever encountered. It’s based on the assumption that Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms doesn’t exist. It ignores the benefits of law-abiding armed Americans. It waves the bloody shirt like Kim Kardashian waiving her right to remain silent (at any point, ever). I’m a little confused how this context-less crap found its way to air but I suspect the recent influx of Al Gore-appointed staff into Al Jazeera’s U.S. ops may have had something to do with it. Anyway, major suckage. Major bummer that a major net joined the disarmament dark side.


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  1. I seem to remember promenent progs lauding Al Jazeera years ago. Which tells you all you need to know about their stance on civilian disarmament, recent Current TV purchase staff or not.

  2. So, what do you suppose their policy is on randomly shooting AKs into the air is for any country in which AJ is taken seriously…

  3. Its a conspiracy by the TV companies. You see, they make money every time a gun owner shoots their TV after watching this crap.

  4. This isn’t shocking at all. It’s always been like this. The news reports that tried to show how bad “cop killer bullets” were were all fabricated bs, lets not forget the CNN report of course where they shot a WASR-10 with a bayonet lug and one without and the one with the bayonet lug was just SOOOOOOO much more powerful. The media is so far in the tank for gun control its barely worth talking about anymore except in cases like this where it’s extraordinarily bad…

    • Really? I have not seen that one. On that note, I have a car with some hail damage, er, I mean speed divots in it that I can sell that reporter for about $200k. It is a Hyundai Accent, but it’s SOOOOO much more powerful with those “bump things that go down”

  5. This article was just a list of bloody statistics, with little to no supporting data.

    It will be a shame if Al Jazeera loses its reputation for straight down the middle reporting. (Could you imagine me saying that sentence 20 years ago?)

    • That reputation has already been lost, as a majority of Al Jazeera bureau chiefs have recently quit, most noticeably in Europe. The reputation was intentionally built in order to lend credence to the intended flow of islamist propaganda they hoped to float upon the barge of that reputation.

      Al Gore merely carried on a tradition with his network sale: Al’s father was known by many as “the Senator from Libya” for his advocacy in favor of permitting a dictator’s oil trading with US corporations, notably Occidental. There be gold in them thar shills.

      In one day I’ve been offered Mikey B and Al Jazeera? I’d rather read tax forms.

  6. did anyone check into whether Bloomberg provided any financing or “assistance” in making the Gore sale go forward?

  7. Yet we see video upon video of teenage “kids” in the middle eadt with fully-auto AK’s that could never, did never originate in the US, yet from their neck of the woods.

    I’m not saying teenage youths should not be using such weapons, just not in the theater of war.

  8. “They can’t regulate guns”.

    I think that is hilarious, if she would continue the statement to be factually correct it would be “they can’t regulate guns because there is no support for any changes”.

  9. When I want to watch the great American time sucker, Al Jazeera doesn’t even bubble up into my consciousness….

  10. I’ve seen that reporter a total of three times in the last year on AJ. Always with some far out story. I think he’s either a stringer of their Village Idiot.

  11. It is nothing but propaganda b.s. from our enemies. It is no different from Tokyo Rose etc. Al Gore should be arrested for treason for selling this oil scum a t.v. station in the U.S. Why people ever let this terrorist funded garbage suck them in is an enigma to me. Tokyo Rose would have had a field day.

    People always cry about Al Gore losing the election in 2000 because of Florida. The real reason was that he lost his home state of Tennessee or Florida wouldn’t have mattered. Tennessee figured this douche bag out.

    • The real reason was that he lost his home state of Tennessee

      True. Had Al won his own state, hanging chads wouldn’t have mattered.

  12. Someone should tell that old bag that the Consumer Product Saftey Commission doesn’t regulate cars either, NHTSA does that. The CPSC regulate car seats for babies. The ATF regulates guns and ammunition. They are shamelessly trying to exploit common folk’s ignorance of the roles played by the alphabet soup agencies that make up the federal government.

    I’ve watched reports from Al Jazeera, and yes, Iran’s PressTV many times. I am totally willing to hear what they have to say. Sometimes it is genuinely interesting and they even raise legitimate points, when they aren’t nodding along with one of Lyndon LaRouche’s androids. But on the issue of guns they always falter and go totally lefty. I think it obviously stems from how much they hate and fear the American military industrial complex, which they do not really understand.

    What is disturbing here is that the American left is so keen to collaborate with these foreign media outlets. Qatar and Iran have nothing to offer the USA in terms of media coverage and their work is typically half assed at best. Conversely, the US media is completely orchestrated theatrics, but at least they are good at pretending.

    The bottom line is that American leftists are willing to literally betray this nation in order to get their way and this trend will continue until Hanoi Jane Fonda looks patriotic in comparison (they have already rehabilitated her long ago). Beware the blue helmet.

  13. The whole argument that “the CPSC certifies all these other things, but not guns” is so much bunk. The CPSC testing and certification is in regard to “unreasonable risks of injury or death from thousands of types of consumer products.” They are looking for things that are unreasonably dangerous coincident with those items’ standard uses. Things that are dangerous due to their mere construction, to shoddy materials or workmanship. Like a space heater that melts and burns its own housing. That would be like a gun that blows the tip of your trigger finger off occasionally when you’re firing it. They’re looking for things that would not be reasonably expected to happen when using an item. That doesn’t apply to things like accidental/negligent shootings. You don’t expect your space heater to catch fire because it’s built like crap. You do expect a bullet to come out of the end of that gun. You do not expect the gun to grenade in your hand. The gun industry (and gun consumers) are pretty good at self-policing “grenade-like” problems, and they don’t need a government agency to tell them how to do it.

  14. Ideology usually trumps honesty and truth. Of course, ignorance helps.
    Since “How can we fool them today?” is their political creed, expecting
    anything resembling an honest conversation is, for most parts, unlikely.
    That’s not how they roll. Lies and deception have served them so well.

    Did you notice the length of this “report?” It’s 2 minutes 11 seconds.
    That probably represents the current attention span of Americans who,
    as a percentage of TV viewers, comprise the ranks of the easily fooled.
    What percentage do they represent? Too large of a one, for my liking.


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